List of the Best Gift Ideas for Women

Best Gift Ideas for Women: Finding the Perfect Gift

This list will cover the best gift ideas for women. Yes, flowers and chocolate are nice. If pressed, though, most women would admit that it’s nice to receive a gift with a little more thought sometimes. However, if flowers and chocolates are off the table, what is left? 

This list of the best gift ideas for women will highlight 25 gift ideas that you can choose from to help you find the perfect gift. From personalized gifts to electronics to so much more, this list of the top gift ideas for women will have you covered. 

After you’ve browsed through this list, take a look at our lists of the best makeup brands, best Etsy shops, and the best perfumes for even more gift ideas for the women in your life!


Top 25 Gift Ideas for Women:



Personalized Map Jigsaw Puzzle

1. Personalized Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $39.99

Gift Suggestions: For even more fun, don’t let them see what the puzzle makes out before they put it together. It will be fun as they reveal the map of one of their favorite locations.

About Gift Idea: This custom map puzzle is going to cover the geographic area of your choosing. For a significant other, why not make a map of where you first met? For a family member, you could create a map of your family home or favorite vacation spot. The Map Jigsaw Puzzle is a custom gift that is sure to impress.


Ring Holder

2. Ring Holder

Price: Varies

Gift Suggestions: If the girl in your life has a favorite animal, this gift idea will mean even that much more.

About Gift Idea: If the woman in your life is continually misplacing her rings, why not buy her a ring holder? There is a ring holder out there for every taste and style, so you will have a large selection to choose from. One of our favorites is this cute elephant ring holder. It’s the perfect way to keep her rings organized, and a cute little addition to her dresser as well. It’s also a great companion gift to go along with any ring you gift her.



Picnic Backpack Set

3. Picnic Backpack Set

Price: $48.84

Gift Suggestions: Plan a fun picnic outing right after you reveal this picnic basket gift for even more meaning to the present. This is the perfect gift to bring along to any spontaneous outings, camping trips, and so much more.

About Gift Idea: A picnic basket set is a fun gift idea, especially when accompanied by food and a forthcoming outing. Depending on the quality and size, though, picnic basket set prices vary considerably. This picnic basket set is actually going to be a backpack for more comfortable carrying. So rather than holding a basket in your hands, you will be able to carry this picnic set on your back much easier. 



Free-Standing Hammock

4. Free-Standing Hammock

Price: $269

Gift Suggestions: Pre-build the hammock and walk her out as the reveal. For added effect, have a table with her favorite drink, book, etc. waiting for her besides the hammock as well. For added ambiance, string lights around the yard to transform it into a beautiful setting that she’ll always remember.

About Gift Idea: Does the woman in your life enjoy relaxing outdoors? A free-standing hammock may be just what you are looking for. For a reasonable price, this free-standing hammock is a good choice. And, as a bonus, you will be able to enjoy it as well! This is the perfect addition to your backyard for your special lady to spend warm days and nights in.



Personalized Alphabet Art

5. Personalized Alphabet Art

Price: $59.95

Gift Suggestions: This gift allows for different framing options, so pick a frame that best matches the style of her home. This is an excellent option if you are looking for something meaningful to give to the women in your life

About Gift Idea: For a custom, personalized gift, consider buying the woman in your life framed alphabet art. You could use the piece to spell out something meaningful to her. Each letter is a high-quality picture of one-of-a-kind objects found in their natural environment and is a unique art piece.



Tea Sampler Set

6. Tea Sampler Set

Price: $10.92

Gift Suggestions: If you are looking to pair this gift up with something a little bit more substantial, a unique teacup or tea set would be an excellent gift as well. This would also make a great stocking stuffer during the holidays, and with over twenty varieties in the package, it can be divided up and gifted to more than one special lady.

About Gift Idea: With 24 herbal loose-leaf tea varieties, this prettily packaged tea sampler set is a great gift. She will never get bored with so many options to choose from, and can even incorporate trying a new flavor into her daily routine. Consider buying this tea sampler set as a gift for the discerning tea drinker in your life. They will be able to enjoy this gift for a long time to come.



Terrarium Kit

7. Terrarium Kit

Price: $21.99 (This is Only for the Case)

Gift Suggestions: You can either assemble the gift before you give it, or assemble it together after opening for more fun.

About Gift Idea: For both green thumbs and black thumbs alike, a terrarium kit is an easy way to bring the outside in. It is an ideal gift for both the home decorator and the gardener in your life. If you do decide to go with this gift, make sure you also grab the terrarium materials and a succulent to place in it as well.



Makeup Sample Kit

8. Makeup Sample Kit

Price: Varies

Gift Suggestions: This makes an excellent gift for any girl in your life that enjoys trying different makeup brands and makeup items. She will be overjoyed to receive this kit and dabble with new items that will add to her daily makeup routine or help her explore her creative side.

About Gift Idea: Is the woman in your life a makeup lover? A sample makeup kit like this one is a great way to try a number of high-quality makeup pieces — all without having to make a substantial monetary commitment.

Another gift suggestion for the avid makeup enthusiast in your life would be a monthly beauty subscription service. While this is a bit more costly, you could gift her an entire year with a monthly service you think she’d enjoy. There are plenty to choose from, and prices vary.



Cookie Gift Basket

9. Cookie Gift Basket

Price: $32.95

Gift Suggestions: This gift shows more effort than traditional chocolates, but will still be much enjoyed by those with a sweet tooth.

About Gift Idea: What could be better than Biscotti cookies? How about Biscotti cookies covered in chocolate. This gift will be sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. And who knows, maybe if you are around when the gift is opened, you will get to try a couple of the cookies as well! For a more long-term option, there are also monthly subscription services for the dessert lover in your life. The perfect way to keep their sweet tooth at bay!



Stylish Shawl Wrap

10. Stylish Shawl Wrap

Price: $23.80

Gift Suggestions: This is the perfect gift idea for the woman in your life that loves to be both comfortable and stylish at the same time.

About Gift Idea: Both stylish and warmth-giving, this Urban CoCo women’s shawl is sure to impress as a gift. This shall also is offered in over 30 different style patterns as well. So you will be able to pick out the perfect pattern for the girl you are thinking of. She’ll love receiving a new addition to her wardrobe. A shawl is the perfect clothing item to gift because it is such a versatile piece that goes with anything and everything.



Birthstone Bangle Bracelet

11. Birthstone Bangle Bracelet

Price: $11.99

Gift Suggestions: This can be an ongoing gift as you will be able to continue to give more charms to add to the bracelet over time. Every addition will truly be meaningful as each charm will be personal to her in some way. Shop around for the one you think best suits her. There are thousands of charms in different finishes and makes that are bound to please her.

About Gift Idea: This bracelet is going to allow you to better personalize your gift by choosing a birthstone. It is also going to come with three stamped charms and the ability to add more charms to the bracelet. This birthstone bangle bracelet is a personalized gift that is sure to make the woman in your life smile.



Herb Garden Kit

12. Herb Garden Kit

Price: $27.97

Gift Suggestions: This is a gift that will continue to give as they will be able to tend the plants and use the fresh herbs in different recipes. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to expand their green thumb or cut down a little on their grocery bill.

About Gift Idea: This unique gift is going to allow the owner to plant and grow basil, cilantro, chives, and parsley. It comes with everything needed and doesn’t require very much gardening expertise either. It is an excellent gift for whatever the occasion and will be sure to impress with the uniqueness of the present.



Coffee Sampler

13. Coffee Sampler

Price: $28.00

Gift Suggestions: This is a great gift idea for anyone in your life that loves coffee. The box comes with a variety of blends that are certain to spice up their everyday cup of joe. You can also split the samples among other recipients or use them as stocking stuffers around the holiday season.

About Gift Idea: Enjoying a great cup of coffee can set the day off to a great start. If the woman in your life enjoys coffee, get them this coffee sampler gift box. They will be able to enjoy four different hand-picked roasts that are sure to awaken the senses and taste buds of even the pickiest of coffee drinkers. Also, for even more coffee options, visit our list of the best coffee brands



Yoga Mat

14. Yoga Mat

Price: $15.98

Gift Suggestions: Perfect for fitness lovers, especially those who enjoy working out at home. If she isn’t already an avid yoga participant, consider gifting her a few classes to get her started and learn some new yoga poses.

About Gift Idea: If the woman in your life enjoys working out, the gift of a yoga mat is going to be the perfect gift. Whether they are specifically into yoga or not, the mat will allow them a better workout experience than lying on the hard floor. The yoga mat is also easily portable and comes with straps and a carrying bag.


Unbreakable Wine Glasses


15. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Price: $22.99

Gift Suggestions: The perfect gift for any wine lover or for the avid glassware collector. These novelty gifts will be a hit among the women you care for. For an added bonus to this gift idea, try pairing it with her favorite wine.

About Gift Idea: Great for outdoor events or being packed into a tight cooler or backpack, these shatterproof wine glasses will come in clutch. These glasses are perfect for tailgates, camping, picnics, and more. They will make an excellent gift for the woman in your life that enjoys a glass of wine and also the outdoors.

Another great wine-related gift might be a wine decanter. So make sure to take advantage of our list of the best wine decanters for even more great gift options.



Cork Hardcover Notebook

16. Cork Hardcover Notebook

Price: $12.99

Gift Suggestions: This gift is perfect for anyone who enjoys recording their thoughts on paper. Try pairing this gift up with a couple of quality writing pens as well.

About Gift Idea: Know someone that enjoys writing down their thoughts or reminders in a notebook? This stylish, cork hardcover notebook will be perfect for them. They will be able to carry around this durable notebook with them or leave it on their desk for when needed. The premium paper is also going to allow for excellent writing and note-taking as well.



17. Fitbit Wristband

Price: $124.99

Gift Suggestions: If the woman in your life loves fitness, this is the way to go. Also, there are different colored bands that you can choose from as well.

About Gift Idea: Being able to track steps, monitor heart rate, and better measure calorie burn are all things that are going to help improve fitness levels. So if you have a woman in your life that enjoys being fit and healthy, this Fitbit wristband is going to make a great gift.



Facial Mask Combo Pack

18. Facial Mask Combo Pack

Price: $14.24

Gift Suggestions: This gift is perfect for women that enjoy self-care and a little home pampering from time to time. This is another gift that can be split up and given to multiple people if you’re looking to minimize your gift search and get the best bang for your buck. To add to this gift, a scented candle or two would be a great option.

About Gift Idea: Who doesn’t enjoy a little pampering? This gift is going to come with 16 different facial masks. These masks will allow for a healthier, clearer, and more elastic face. So pamper the woman in your life with this gift of facial masks.



Knitted Throw Blanket

19. Knitted Throw Blanket

Price: $69.80

Gift Suggestions: This warm, beautifully knitted blanket will please any special woman in your life. Try pairing this gift up with aromantic comedy movie night where the blanket can be fully maximized. You could even throw in a pair of fuzzy socks or a new pajama set for added comfort.

About Gift Idea: There is nothing quite like a really comfy blanket. This knitted throw blanket is going to be used time and time again to warm up and get cozy with. Along with being cozy, it is also very stylish as well. Get the woman in your life a gift that they will forever be thankful for on a cold or rainy day.



Essential Oil Diffuser

20. Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: $29.99

Gift Suggestions: This gift idea is perfect for anyone that enjoys taking care of their health. Try adding in a couple of her favorite essential oils as well with this gift. There are many affordable sets to choose from that will make a great companion for this beautifully unique diffuser.

About Gift Idea: Is there a woman in your life that enjoys using essential oils? If so, this aromatherapy diffuser is going to be the perfect gift. With different settings and features, this essential oil diffuser is not only very functional, but it is also stylish.

Another reason why this is one of the best gift ideas for women is because of the health benefits that come with it. Not only will it look good and smell good, but it can provide the health benefits of essential oils as well.



Bath Bombs

21. Bath Bombs

Price: $26.80

Gift Suggestions: Bath bombs are a fun, affordable gift for the woman in your life, from the youngest to the oldest. Try pairing these bath bombs up with the facial mask gift listed above or a couple of her favorite scented candles. Both would make a great add-on to this gift.

About Gift Idea: Bath bombs are a game-changer when it comes to taking a bath. Give the woman in your life this gift, and she will thank you every time that they use one of these 12 bath bombs. On the downside, though, you may not be getting into the bathroom anytime soon. 



Tool Set

22. Tool Set

Price: $29.99

Gift Suggestions: This is perfect for women who enjoy figuring things out and being handy, or as a housewarming gift for any woman who is moving into a new place. To go along with this gift, you may want to start a combined DIY project so that she can use her new tool set right away.

About Gift Idea: If you know a girl that likes to roll up their sleeves and fix things themselves, this pink toolset is going to be the perfect gift. With 39 pieces altogether, this toolset is ideal for basic around-the-house needs. These tools will allow for the freedom to fix and build different projects.


Wireless Speaker

23. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $74.93

Gift Suggestions: Plan a beach day or an outdoor day along with this gift. That way, the new wireless speaker can be fully maximized and put to good use right away.

About Gift Idea: It has never been easier to take your music with you than with a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Great for hanging out at the beach, sitting around a fire, tailgating, and so much more. This wireless speaker is going to keep the good times rolling with quality sound on the go.

Also, with the ability to choose from different colors, you will be able to pick her favorite color as well. All of this combines to make this one of the best gift ideas for women and a gift that she will treasure.



Portable Cell Phone Charger

24. Portable Cell Phone Charger

Price: $23.99

Gift Suggestions: This gift is perfect for anyone that seems to always be struggling with battery life on their different electronics. Pair it with a new set of earbuds or a phone case to give her cute accessories that will compliment her phone.

About Gift Idea: If you know someone that always seems to have a dead phone, this portable cell phone charger is going to be the perfect gift. Only the size of a lipstick container, this portable charger won’t take up much space. It will, however, come in clutch with an emergency charge when needed. It is cute and stylish and even fits right in your pocket. She’ll never leave the house without it.



Burt's Bees Moisturizers

25. Burt’s Bees Moisturizers

Price: $26.11

Gift Suggestions: This gift idea would go perfectly with both the bath bombs and the facial masks (both listed above).

About Gift Idea: This gift of moisturizers will allow the woman in your life a little pampering from head to toe. With multiple different moisturizers from Burt’s Bees, they will be able to keep their skin hydrated, healthy, and feeling good. You can never go wrong with products that will help her pamper herself.


Best Gift Ideas for Women Conclusion

Now that you have seen all of these great gift ideas for women, it is up to you to decide what gift (or gifts) is best for the woman in your life. You may even be able to plan out the next few birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with the gifts on this list.

If you ever find yourself in doubt, just refer back here for a refresher on what to get your special lady. There are so many routes you could go with! Another excellent way to customize a gift is by learning how to hand embroider. This will allow you to provide a handmade gift that you spent time working on.

This list of the best gift ideas for women is handy for finding just the right present for all the women in your life – your mom, sister, aunt, grandma, daughter, wife. You’re bound to find something that suits everyone. And, if you need something for a guy in your life, make sure to visit our list of the best gifts for men.

We would love to hear what gift you decided on in the comments below, so please feel free to leave some feedback.