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In an ideal world an interior designer would perfectly arrange every square inch of your home, but for real world living having a few great decorating tips is enough to turn your space from ho-hum to spectacular.

In this list of the best decorating tips, we have compiled ten great decorating tips that will give new life to your space and ensure that you have a comfortable, yet stylish space to call your own. So, before you move or provide your home with a much needed refresh, take a look through these tips. Who knows, you may just become an interior designer after all!

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List of the Best Decorating Tips





Float Your Furniture (link)

Most homeowners simply push all of their living room furniture against the walls, thinking it make the room look bigger. Designers know better, however. Floating furniture away from walls actually makes a room feel bigger. Also, for balance and easier conversation, try floating the furniture in an H-shape (two chairs directly across from a sofa with a coffee table in the middle).






Change Up Your Accessories (link)

For a new look and feel for a room, simply change your accessories. Throw pillows, blankets, area rugs and art are all pieces that can dramatically change a room, usually at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Accessories are also a great way to incorporate color, making it easy to change up your living spaces with the seasons.






Paint the Back Wall of Your Bookcases (link)

Everyone knows paint is an easy way to bring a much needed pop of color to a room. But, have you ever painted the back wall of your bookcases? Painting the back wall several shades deeper than the room color is a nice way to add some visual interest yet still keep with the theme of the room.






Use Texture (link)

Neutral rooms are in right now, but in the hands of an inexperienced decorator, an all neutral room can be flat and boring. To avoid this malady, include a variety of textures and materials in your decorating. Pieces like sisal rugs and silk drapes can help break up the monotony of a room, and ensure that neutrals are anything but boring.






Create an Art Gallery (link)

For a truly professional looking art arrangement, group a variety of pictures together using the same color frames or mats. Spray painting inexpensive frames all the same color lends a cohesive look to your arrangement and ensures that you don’t spend a lot.





Vary Your Scale and Grouping (link)

Just because that extra-large chandelier looks great in the lighting showroom doesn’t mean it will look great in a tiny dining room. Interior decorators know that the scale and proportion of furniture and accessories should adapt to the size of the room. Similarly, when grouping objects together, odd numbers make for more visually appealing arrangements, so be sure to vary your groupings.






Start a Map Collection (link)

Starting a map collection is a great way to decorate a room – they can serve as art, or blown up, they can act as wallpaper. Maps can also instantly personalize a room if the map reflects the region or some place near and dear to the owner. Old maps also add a bit of history to a room, and can be found in a wide range of prices online.






Use Plates as Wall Art (link)

Have some pretty, unused plates that are just gathering dust? Why not put those plates to good use in a wall arrangement? With wire plate hangers, plates can easily be arranged on a wall. Try incorporating a variety of sizes, textures, and similar hues for an eye-catching wall plate arrangement.






Paint Your Front Door (link)

Curb appeal is just as important as interior appeal, so why not spruce up the outside of your space by painting the front door a fun, vibrant color. Reds, oranges, and yellows are all bright, cheerful colors for a front door, while blues and pastels also make a great first impression.






Mix Up Your Place Settings (link)

For a fun alternative to stuffy, matched dining sets, mix up your place settings. As long as your place settings share similar hues and sizes, your table scape will look curated, rather than hodgepodge. Plus, mismatched place settings can usually be done on the cheap – look online and in thrift shops for inexpensive, quality individual pieces.



Best Decorating Tips Conclusion

A house isn’t a home until it has been decorated in a way that best fits your personality. This list of the best decorating tips has hopefully provided you with some great ideas that you can mold into the way that best fits you and your house that is becoming a home.

Please feel free to share any feedback in the comments below to help out our other readers.


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