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We all have stuff that needs stored or displayed. A standard shelf will get the job done, but if you want a more custom piece, then this list of the best shelving ideas is for you. Some of these shelving ideas are simple revamps of existing shelving, while others are true DIY projects.

Thankfully, detailed instructions are provided for all of these shelving ideas, ensuring that even someone with two left thumbs can knock out some quality shelving. And, whether you are looking for a large shelving unit for your living room or a small shelf for your bathroom, this list has you covered.

For more DIY lists, check out our list of the best IKEA hacks. With just a few of these projects, your home will be a stylish and practical space that you will enjoy coming home to. What are you waiting for? Get started today!


List of the Best Shelving Ideas



Mounted Shelving Unit


Mounted Shelving Unit (link)

Mounted on six upright twin tracks, this custom mounted shelving unit is perfect for a living room. Easily customizable, these instructions allow for different lengths of shelving in different arrangements. Have the wood cut to size at your supply store, and then stain the pieces in the stain of your choosing. With a little effort, you will have a large, practical, and stylish shelving unit.




Leather strap shelves


Leather strap shelves (link)

Unique and fun, these leather strap shelves are perfect for narrow spaces. Make the shelves as long or short as you want, hang them with L brackets, and then use inexpensive leather straps found at most craft stores to add an element of style.




Pipe Shelving


Pipe Shelving (link)

Industrial shelving has become very popular in recent years, making it pretty pricey when bought in stores. However, these DIY instructions show you how to build your own industrial pipe shelving for a fraction of the cost of premade models. And thankfully, just a quick trip to the hardware store and some simple assembly are all you need to do for this project.




Honeycomb Shelves


Honeycomb Shelves (link)

While this honeycomb shelving project should be reserved for experienced DIYers who know their way around a few tools, it is a true statement piece. The instructions for these shelves will provide you with a three-comb shelf, but you can easily add more if you like. If you want a functional conversation piece, this is a shelving idea you should definitely check out.




Gold and Marble Shelves


Gold and Marble Shelves (link)

A quick revamp of store-bought shelves produces these stylish gold and marble shelves. Gold spray paint instantly glams up the shelves, while natural marble contact paper provides an elegant looking top. Inexpensive and easy, this shelving idea is perfect for first-time DIYers.




Rustic Hanging Shelving


Rustic Hanging Shelving (link)

Perfect for rentals, or other places where you can’t install permanent shelving, this rustic hanging shelving is fun and unique. The manila rope used in this shelving idea can easily be bought at most home improvement or craft stores, and is also inexpensive. Vary the lengths of the boards and the length of the rope for a truly custom shelving project.




Dresser Drawer Shelves


Dresser Drawer Shelves (link)

Have an old dresser that you don’t use anymore? Why not turn the dresser drawers into a fun, new dresser drawer shelving installation? Cleats and drywall anchors keep the shelves secure to the wall, while fun paint and accessories make the shelves a statement piece.




Apple Crate Display Shelving


Apple Crate Display Shelving (link)

This large-scale apple crate display shelving project is a fun way to display a number of different items. Easily removable screws and tie plates hold the crates together, making this shelving idea ideal for shelving that needs to be moved often. Plus, depending on your needs, you can scale up or scale down the number of shelves.




Frame Shelves


Frame Shelves (link)

If you have some scrap wood for small picture boxes and some old frames, you are well on your way to completing these fun frame shelves. These shelves add a nice decorative element to any room, and depending on the depth of your boxes, they can also be quite functional.




Zig Zag


Zigzag Shelves (link)

Great for small spaces, these zigzag shelves are probably best done by someone with some carpentry skills. The instructions call for 45 degree angle cleat system, so no drill holes are visible on the shelves. For a unique shelving idea, this is a great option.



Best Shelving Ideas Conclusion

For some reason it seems that there is never quite enough storage room or places to put things in a home. Well with these shelving ideas you will not only allow yourself some more great storage space, but you will also have an eye catching piece that will pull the whole room together.

Please let us know what your favorite shelving idea is below in the comments.


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