Baby Shower Games: The Top 20 List

Best Baby Shower Games


Baby Shower Games: Getting the Party Started

We’ve all participated in boring party games before. Not with this list though! These baby shower games will make sure that your baby shower is anything but boring. In this list, we detail 20 easy games that need minimal supplies and are a load of fun to play.
The games on this list are also a nice mix of active and stationary. This will ensure that all your attendees can enjoy the party. So, if you have a baby shower to plan, or if you want to provide some helpful “hints” to a party planner, check out this list for some great baby shower games.
For even more party ideas, check out our list of dessert recipes and appetizers. Happy party planning!


Top 20 Baby Shower Games:



Baby Jeopardy Game


Baby Jeopardy

Baby Jeopardy is a customizable game that works for both large and small crowds. Post-it notes are going to cover the answers and categories will range from “Nursery Rhymes” to “Baby Items.” This game could also be played in one sitting or throughout the baby shower.




Tinkle in the Pot Baby Shower Game


Tinkle in the Pot

A fun game that is reminiscent of the constant need to tinkle during pregnancy. Tinkle in the Pot is a fun co-ed party game that will provide some good laughs. Participants must start with a balloon under their shirt. They will then hold a quarter (or another small object) between their knees. They must then waddle towards a pot and attempt to drop the object in the pot.




Decorate a Onesie Baby Shower Game


Decorate a Onesie 

More of an activity than a game. Decorating a Onesie is a fun activity that lets attendees showcase their crafty side. Bundles of white onesies can usually be purchased on the cheap. And, if you have a craft cabinet. You will probably be able to find enough paint and markers to let your attendees create a fun and cute onesie.




Guess the Baby

Guess the Baby

This is a game that requires a little bit of planning before the actual baby shower, but it will be worth it. Guests must bring a baby picture of themselves. You will then place the pictures on a board, number them, and then allow guests to guess which baby is what guest. To help make this game smoother, you may want to provide a numbered sheet as well. This will help to keep the guesses more organized and easier to read at the end.




Nursery Rhyme Game




Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

This game is a blast from the past, or present depending on if you have small children. Start by selecting ten different popular nursery rhymes or children’s songs. You will then take a line of lyric from each and write them all down on a single sheet of paper. Guests must then try and come up with as many of the matching titles as they can.





Blindfolded Diaper Changing


Blindfolded Diaper Changing

The description of this game is right in the title. It is an easy game to set up and can be loads of laughs. Each participant will be blindfolded and must take a diaper and put it on a baby doll. Judge the participants on how quickly and accurately they can place the diaper on the baby. This could get interesting for those who do not have a lot of baby changing experience.





Draw the Baby


Draw the Baby

This game is going to start with everyone to taking an index card and marker. They then must do their best to draw a baby, but hold on; there is a twist. Drawers must place the card on their forehead while they draw the baby. Some of the drawings should turn out pretty interesting, and some may even resemble an actual baby.





Babies Against Parenthood


Babies Against Parenthood

This game is going to be a twist on the popular Cards Against Humanity game. You play Babies Against Parenthood the same way, but baby themed. This game will provide a large number of laughs. You can make your own cards, or print out the cards offered here.





Mom or Dad


Mom or Dad?

Before the party starts, you are going to come up with 15 or so questions that can either be answered with “mom” or “dad.” Questions could be, “Who has never changed a diaper?” “Who gets at least 8 hours of sleep a night?” Each participant in the game will get their own sheet of paper with all the questions on. They must then do their best to answer each question with either “mom” or “dad” correctly.





Know Your Baby Shower ABC’s


Know Your Baby Shower ABC’s

Each player in this game is going to receive a piece of paper with the alphabet going vertically down the left side of it. The goal of the game is for each participant to think of and write down as many baby related words as they can for each letter. Set a timer and let the writing begin!





Oh Baby, A Playlist


Oh Baby, A Playlist

This game is simple and easy to set up. All you are going to need to do is provide each guest with a blank piece of paper and a writing utensil. When the game starts, the participants must write down as many song titles as they can think of that have the word “baby” in it (real song titles). You can decide how long you want the timer to go for, but typically 3-5 minutes is plenty.





Diaper Derby


Diaper Derby

This game is going to help your guests get out of their comfort zone a little bit and liven up the party. You are going to divide your guests up into teams (can be more than two teams). Teams will choose a member of the group to be the baby. Each group will then get a roll of toilet paper to start. The team with the most creative toilet paper diaper is the winner.





Bobbing for Baby Bottle Nipples


Bobbing for Baby Bottle Nipples

You may have bobbed for apples before, but have you ever bobbed for baby bottle nipples? This game is going to allow your guests to get interactive and share a good laugh at the other participants. Participants must try to grab as many baby bottles out of a bucket of water as they can while only using their mouth. Set up several buckets in a line and have multiple guests go at the same time to increase the competitiveness and number of laughs. You can also decide to blindfold participants if you want to increase the difficulty.





Tie Your Shoes Baby Shower Game


Tie Your Shoes 

This is a Minute to Win It inspired game. The simple task of tying your shoes is complicated by having to sit and have a large balloon under your shirt. The participant that ties their shoes the quickest (without popping the balloon!) wins.




Baby Shower Charades Game


Baby Shower Charades

Great for a large crowd, a baby shower themed charades game is a fun group game. For help choosing words to act out, this site provides everything from easy charades like “drool” to harder words like “car seat” and “nesting.” Once you have selected your words. Write them down on slips of paper and have participants draw them from a container.




Don’t Say Baby Game


Don’t Say “Baby” Game 

A fun game that lasts the duration of the baby shower, the one rule of Don’t say Baby is simple – participants can’t say “baby.” Start by giving every guest a clothespin or another small object. If a participant says the word “baby” and another participant catches them, they must give up a clothespin. In the end, the participant with the most clothespins wins the game.




Baby Scattergories Game


Baby Scattergories

Most people have played Scattergories before. In this Scattergories game though, all the categories are baby themed. You can create your own lists for this game or use this Etsy seller that provides beautiful baby Scattergories lists. Ensuring that you spend less time planning the party and more time to enjoy it.




Frozen Baby Game


Frozen Baby Game

In the Frozen Baby game, tiny plastic babies are frozen inside ice cubes and given to guests to use in their drinks. Once the ice melts and the baby is released (reminiscent of water breaking), the first person to say “My water broke!” wins the game.




Fishing for Pacifiers Baby Shower Game


Fishing for Pacifiers

While this game does need a bit more preparation than the other games on this list, the payoff is worth it. In this game, paper clips are affixed to pacifiers which are then dropped in a kiddie pool filled with several inches of water. Balloons are then going to be dropped in to cover the floating pacifiers. Contestants will have one minute to ‘fish’ for the pacifiers with magnets that are attached to the end of a string/line. The participant with the most pacifiers after one minute wins.




The Price is Right Baby Shower Game


The Price is Right 

If you have always fancied yourself to be a Price is Right professional, this is the perfect game for you. In this Price is Right game, all the items are baby inspired. If you don’t want to make your own lists, this Etsy seller provides some great instant downloadable lists. 



Best Baby Shower Games Conclusion

We wanted to do our best to provide some great games, but games that also don’t need a ton of work to set up. So hopefully you can find a few great games from this list that you can use to help get the party started for you!
If you have tried any of these games, we would love to hear your feedback or tips below. Think we may have missed a great baby shower game? Please share the description below so that other readers can enjoy them.


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