Best Etsy Shops

Best Etsy Shops

Connecting people with unique finds from around the world, Etsy has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. With everything from crafts to jewelry to clothing and more, Etsy lets you discover items you can’t find anywhere else.

While there is a multitude of quality Etsy shops, this list of the best Etsy shops details ten shops that are a cut above the rest. The shops on this list are all highly rated and feature special and unique items that you just can’t find in most brick and mortar stores.

So, whether you are looking for a special gift, or just want something unique and fun for yourself, take a look through this list at some of Etsy’s best.

If you are looking for a gift and are unable to find it with one of these great Etsy shops, try out our list of the best gift ideas for women and best gifts for men list.


List of the Best Etsy Shops



Sweetheart Lane Etsy Shop


Sweetheart Lane (link)

Specializing in heirloom-quality antique and vintage lockets, Sweetheart Lane is a one-stop shop for all things locket related. All lockets come with a chain, gift pouch, and care instructions, making them perfect for gifts or personal wear. And, with close to 600 five star reviews, Sweetheart Lane will leave you fully satisfied with your purchase.




AFabulousFete Etsy Shop


A Fabulous Fete (link)

Featuring hand-lettered and handcrafted party décors like invitations and printables, A Fabulous Fete will help turn your next celebration into something truly special. Everything in the shop is customizable, so if you want something in a particular color or text, A Fabulous Fete will make it happen. Be sure to visit A Fabulous Fete when you start planning your next event.




Bikiniboo Etsy Shop


BikiniBoo (link)

Swimsuit shopping is not always fun, but BikiniBoo’s vibrant prints and fun retro styles make swimsuit shopping a little less intimidating. Over 700 five star reviews prove that woman love BikiniBoo’s creations, so next time you are in the market for a fun, unique bikini, be sure to check out BikiniBoo first.




Novel Brand Etsy Shop


NovelBrand (link)

For a truly unique and custom art piece, you should definitely check out NovelBrand. This shop turns your favorite books into beautiful, folded book art that is sure to inspire conversation. Other shop offerings include fun mobiles and flowers, so if you want something unique and decorative for your home, a NovelBrand is a must visit.




Endeceramics Etsy Shop


ENDEceramics (link)

With a distinct urban design aesthetic, ENDEceramics specializes in unique teacups, coffee mugs, and sculptures. High-quality materials and great execution set ENDEceremics products above the rest, and the shop’s 600 plus five-star reviews testify to that fact. For a memorable impression, ENDEceremics is a definite must.




Cuckoos Etsy Shop


The Cuckoo’s Boutique (link)

With a variety of wedding accessories like creative paper boutonnieres and bouquets, as well as personalized ornaments, The Cuckoo’s Boutique has you covered for almost every special occasion. If you want something unique and custom for your wedding or holiday celebration, The Cuckoo’s Boutique should be your first stop.




Miniture Sweet Etsy Shop


Miniature Sweet (link)

With close to 300,000 sales, Miniature Sweet is the biggest shop on this list. This KAWAII shop sells everything from miniature sweet molds to jewelry charms and bead and is highly rated. Miniature Sweet also tends to offer a number of discounts and freebies, making it an economical choice.




Demestiks Etsy Shop


Demestiks New York (link)

Featuring contemporary, classic clothing designs with a dash of vintage style, Demestiks New York makes full use of NYC’s Garment District fabrics and production facilities. Creative fabrics and fun looks make this one Etsy clothing shop that is truly special.




Rue Etsy Shop


Rue de Louves (link)

If you want a little bit of France in your home, Rue de Louves may be just what you are looking for. This shop features French home decor from the last century, lovingly brought back to life by Rue de Louve’s owner. For charming and unique home decor, Rue de Louve is a great choice




I Love NP Etsy Shop


I Love NP (link)

With more than 3000 five star reviews, I Love NP is the place to shop for indie nail polish. Known for their holographic polish, I Love NP also has a number of other unique shades and hues of nail polish. If you love nail polish, you have to check out this shop.



Best Etsy Shots Conclusion

Your online shopping routines will never quite be the same after fully experiencing Etsy. The products and shops that they offer are quite unique and this appeals to a lot of online buyers.

Our goal with this list of the best Etsy shops was to one, hopefully provide you with a few good starting points with your own Etsy search, and two hopefully inspire you to give Etsy a try if you haven’t already.

Let us know in the comments below if you have a great Etsy merchant that you think should be on this list.


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