Top 10 Party Themes

Best Party Themes: Finding the Perfect Party Theme for Your Next Get Together

There are a lot of moving parts in play when it comes to throwing a great party. And while a lot of them are important, one of the most important is the theme of the party. Having the right theme or party idea can provide energy and excitement before the party even begins, and that is precisely what this list of the best party themes is designed to do. 

This list of the best party themes will help you find the perfect party theme for your big night (or day) and know that your guests are in for a good time. Some of the party know-how will come from knowing your guests, but with this list, you should be able to find the perfect party theme for any party. 

So whether you are looking for a birthday party theme or just a fun house party, make sure to look through this list and find the perfect party idea for you. 

Also, when you finish this list, make sure you visit our lists of the best appetizers, best mixed drinks (adults only), and best snack ideas for all of your food and drink party needs. 


Top 10 Party Themes:



TV Show and Movie Party Theme

1. TV Show and Movie Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Costumes, photo booth, red carpet 

About Party Theme: Lights, camera, action! Everyone has a favorite TV show or movie. And everyone also has a favorite character from that show or movie. So give your guests the chance to dress up as their favorite leading star with a TV or movie theme.

The stars will be out when you open your home to the best actors and actresses to cross the screen. So show your guests the full Hollywood treatment by rolling out a real red carpet. In addition, you can set up a photo booth for people to show off their costumes on their favorite social media sites.



Black and White Ball Party Theme

2. Black and White Ball Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Masquerade masks, suits, champagne

About Party Theme: On November 28, 1966, author Truman Capote hosted the Black and White Ball in New York City. It was a masquerade party that has since been called the “best party ever.” So it’s only natural that this is one of the best party themes ever! Dress in your fanciest high society evening wears for this party.

While Truman spent $13,000 on the original Black and White Ball (over $100k today!), yours doesn’t need to cost that much. Some cheap champagne (Capote served 450 bottles) and shiny confetti will set the mood perfectly. You’ll also want to arrange an era-appropriate playlist.



Roman Toga Party Theme

3. Roman Toga Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Bedsheets, punch bowl, cheap beverages

About Party Theme: Even though you might not be in Italy, a Roman toga party can still be a ton of fun. College movies like Animal House are responsible for popularizing this frat party classic. However, that doesn’t mean this can’t be a fun idea for guests whose school days are behind them.

On the contrary, toga parties are an easy theme that everyone will recognize. For that low-budget college atmosphere, provide a punch bowl and some cheap adult beverages. This is one of the best party themes for adults who may find themselves reverting to their less-inhibited younger days.



Decade Party Theme

4. Decade Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Depends on the decade

About Party Theme: Who doesn’t love a throwback? A decade party is easy to plan and fun for guests of any age. Best of all, you can tailor this theme to any crowd. Your guests will have a blast reliving an era they grew up in, and many of them may still have outfits from that time!

For example, they can break out the hair spray and bright leggings for an 80s party or baggy ripped jeans for an early-90s theme. This can be one of the best birthday party ideas as you take a time machine back to the guest of honor’s birth year.



Heroes vs Villains

5. Heroes vs. Villains Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Capes and masks

About Party Theme: Whether you are a hero or a villain, this theme is super. Guests will get to don the uniform of their favorite good (or bad) guy. But watch out because this could lead to some lighthearted tension. For instance, you might want to keep Batman out of the same room as the Joker.

Of course, any super battles that arise will be all in good fun. Groups of friends can even pre-arrange their costumes to work together. One example is to get a couple of people dressed up as the Avengers. Luckily, no one will have the superpowers to destroy your living room trying to fight off Thanos.



Mascarade Party

6. Mascarade Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Masks, beads, jazz music

About Party Theme: The original Black and White Ball is credited with setting off the trend of masquerade parties. But today, these parties can take on different styles from the original theme. While you could dress up in a tux like the Great Gatsby, most modern masquerade parties look a bit more colorful.

Mardi Gras is a great example of a masquerade theme. In fact, there aren’t many better party ideas than modeling yours after New Orleans’ annual bash. So grab some beads and masks (purple, green, and gold are the traditional colors of Mardi Gras) and get ready for everyone to have a fun time!



Casino Party Theme

7. Las Vegas Casino Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Dice, cards, poker chips

About Party Theme: Roll the dice and bet big because what happens at this party stays at this party. A Las Vegas theme is easy to set up. All you need is a few tables for poker and some cards. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can rent or build a roulette wheel. And fortunately for your guests, all the drinks at this casino have been comped.

So feel free to serve a couple of cocktails and bet it all on red! However, since kids aren’t usually responsible gamblers, this is a good party theme for adults. And if this party theme ends up inspiring you to visit Vegas, make sure to check out our list of the best hotels in Las Vegas to find the perfect place to stay. 



Bollywood Party Theme

8. Bollywood Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Indian decorations and food

About Party Theme: Bollywood is the nickname for India’s film industry, and its name is a combination of Bombay and Hollywood. Bollywood classics are known for combining several genres. Usually, this means a blend of musical numbers, romance, comedy, and action. These films are a cultural staple in India, and they should be given appropriate treatment.

Also, if you have the time, look up some authentic Indian recipes to serve. Classic dishes like chicken tikka masala and mango lassi (a type of sweet smoothie) are great for this dinner-and-a-show event. But keep your guests’ spice tolerance in mind because many of these authentic recipes can be very hot!



Wild West Party Theme

9. Wild West Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Cowboy boots, cowboy hats, toy guns, country music

About Party Theme: This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, but this party has plenty of room for everyone. Some of the best party ideas transport the guests to a different time. So put on your favorite country western playlist and set the atmosphere of a true wild west saloon.

For entertainment, you can set out some playing cards for a card game of Texas Hold ‘Em. But if anyone gets caught cheatin’, it might need a high noon showdown to settle. In case this happens, keep a couple of Nerf guns around for players to settle disputes. Or, play the role of the strict sheriff in town and disallow any funny business. Yippee-ki-yay!



English Garden Party Theme

10. English Garden Party Theme

Recommended Party Supplies: Tea, light snacks, fancy dress

About Party Theme: This is one of the best party themes if you don’t want things to get too wild. A proper English garden party is no crazy affair. In fact, it is usually a quiet afternoon social gathering. Serve some light snacks and break out the fine china for a cup of tea.

It’s essential to maintain etiquette at this sort of party, so remember not to clink your spoon against the side of your teacup. Instead, put on some light music and enjoy the polite company as if the Queen herself might walk through the door at a moment’s notice. Also, maybe some of these gardens in our list of the best gardens in the world will help to inspire your party decor. 


Best Party Themes Conclusion

Parties are so much fun! Especially if they are unique, interesting, and full of fun! With this list of the best party ideas, your parties will be the ones that people always bring up and talk about.

Also, these party ideas are not written in stone and can be adapted as much or as little as needed. So if one of these party themes gets the ball rolling for something else that comes to mind, go with it! You will be able to make one of these party ideas your own, and it will be all the better for it. If you do come up with a new or slightly adjusted plan, we would love to hear about it in the comments below. 

So enough talk, start getting that party started!