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Best Movie Websites

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie, especially when you can conveniently pull one off of the Internet? In this list of the best movie websites we have compiled ten different movie websites for your viewing pleasure. While some of the sites are free and some are paid, all of the websites on this list provide quality movies that you can enjoy time and time again.

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List of the Best Movie Websites






Amazon Prime (link)

Amazon Prime is more than just free shipping – the membership offers a host of other extras, including access to a variety of new and popular movies. If you already use Amazon, purchasing a Prime membership definitely makes sense, not just for the free shipping, but also for the great movies you will gain access to.




IGLO Movies


IGLO Movies (link)

With hundreds for new movie titles, IGLO Movies provides free movie streaming. All of the content is free, ensuring you can watch the movies you want without breaking the bank. Movie night here you come!



Netflix (link)

With a number of membership packages that fit every budget, Netflix is well-known for its vast array of movies and television shows. Netflix exclusive shows add to the site’s appeal and with multiple users able to use one account, the whole family can enjoy their own perfect movie.




Just Moviez


Just Moviez (link)

A movie streaming site, Just Moviez allows you to watch the movies you want for free. The site also offers additional content like upcoming movie trailers, reviews, and release dates. If you want to stay on top of all of the new movies on the market, Just Moviez is the site for you.






Vumoo (link)

Featuring a number of HD movies, Vumoo also offers phone and iPad support. Movies also contain no advertising, ensuring that your movie watching is not interrupted. For on the go watching, Vumoo is a great option.






Hulu (link)

Not just for television shows, Hulu also offers a number of acclaimed movies. Unlimited streaming is available on a number of devices, including Xbox, PS3, and Apple TV. If you want a large variety of movies and streaming options, you should definitely check out Hulu.







PrimeWire (link)

Updated constantly, PrimeWire is a great online streaming movie site. All of the content is free and a number of links for streaming movies are included. Be sure to check back weekly so you can gain access to all of the new movies being uploaded.






Alluc (link)

A streaming movie site, Alluc provides a video link search engine to help you find the movie you are looking for. If you prefer not to download movies, Alluc is great choice. Alluc’s search feature also makes it easy to find that off the beaten path movie.




Popcorn Flix


Popcorn Flix (link)

With every movie less than two clicks away, Popcorn Flix offers a variety of movie selections. All movies offered are also free, ensuring that you and your wallet are on good terms.




iMovie Tube


iMovie Tube (link)

With a large number of HD movies available, iMovie Tube is great for those looking for high quality movies. Movies can be searched by genre or through a video search bar, and all movies are available for streaming.



Best Movie Websites Conclusion

We live in a day and age where we have access to pretty much everything right at our fingertips, and entertainment is no different. Regardless of your movie preferences or taste, this list of the best movie websites should provide you with everything that you need to enjoy your favorite movies and find new favorites.

Let us know which is your favorite movie website in the comments below.


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