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Fashion Blogs: Classic Looks, Trends, and More

From trendy west coast fashion to classic Parisian looks, fashion bloggers are at the heart and soul of the fashion industry. But, with so many fashion blogs to choose from, finding quality a fashion blog that speaks to you may be harder than you think. That’s why we have scoured the Internet and compiled this list of the best fashion blogs.

Take a look at the fashion blogs we have compiled below– we have tried to do a good mix of well-known and lesser-known blogs, as well as North American and international blogs. If you know of a fashion blog that deserves mention on this list, post it in the comments, and we will check it out.

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Top 25 Fashion Blogs:




Caroline Blomst Fashion Blog


Caroline’s Mode (link)

Probably best known for her street style section (Stockholm Streetstyle), blogger Caroline Blomst also features her own personal blog, as well as up and coming fashion bloggers on her site Caroline’s Mode. If the street style of major European cities appeals to you, Caroline’s top-notch street photography is a no-brainer.





The Man Repeller Fashion Blog


Man Repeller (link)

The brainchild of blogger Leandra Medine, Man Repeller’s humorous name was born from the realization that “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic.” While humorous, Medine’s blog showcases some serious fashion and is so well-done that it has received several blog awards.





Gal Meets Glam Fashion Blog


Gal Meets Glam (link)

With the goal of adding a little glam to everyday life, Julia Engel’s blog Gal Meets Glam covers everything from fashion to beauty to home and travel. Julia also occasionally collaborates with the popular fashion and travel blog The Londoner, making for fun posts. Typical posts include posts like the best products for healthy hair, daily looks, and favorite warm weather destinations.





Wendy's Lookbook Fashion Blog


Wendy’s Lookbook (link)

Offered by U.S. blogger Wendy Nguyen, Wendy’s Lookbook is Wendy’s fashion diary. The blog features wearable, but unique pieces, as well as great photography and an appealing layout. As Wendy notes in her bio, she finds inspiration in art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people, and music – all things that make their way into this blog.





The Sweetest Thing Fashion Blog


The Sweetest Thing (link)

A fashion, beauty, and travel blog, The Sweetest Thing also has a strong Instagram presence. While blogger Emily Gemma is based in Tulsa, many of her posts are shot in other cities and countries, providing a wide range of interesting posts. Typical posts include things like makeup routines, airport/travel style, and season must-haves.





The Sartorialist Fashion Blog


The Sartorialist (link)

One of the significant better street style blogs, Scott Schuman’s Sartorialist is a creative and edgy masterpiece. While based in the U.S., Schuman’s street style photos cover the globe. The site covers men and women’s street fashion, as well as fashion shows and style profiles.




Olivia Rink Fashion Blog


Olivia Rink (link)

Created with the petite woman in mind, the Olivia Rink blog was created by 4’ 11’’ former cheerleader Olivia. Based in Chicago, the blog centers on personal stories, daily outfits, and décor and styling tips. If you are a petite girl that struggles to find clothes that flatter and fit, this is the blog for you!




The Blonde Salad Fashion Blog


The Blonde Salad (link)

The Blonde Salad is the creation of Italian fashionista Chiara Ferragni. Ferragni, known for her shoe line and collaborations with major fashion houses, began the blog in 2009 and is today a major blogger, not just in Italy, but worldwide. The blog features Ferragni’s looks, as well as travel photos, stories, and fashion inspiration.






We Wore What Fashion Blog


We Wore What (link)

The brainchild of native New Yorker fashion influencer Danielle Bernstein, We Wore What began as a showcase of daily outfit inspiration and now covers everything from fashion to interior design to menswear. With more than 1.5 million followers, We Wore What is a prominent fashion website for those who love all things fashion related.





What my boyfriend wore Fashion Blog


What My Boyfriend Wore (link)

A men’s fashion blog, What My Boyfriend Wore began with outfit documentation on Instagram and has since evolved into fashion for the ordinary guy. The where, what, and how of men’s style is featured on the blog, as well as the glimpses into a gentleman’s life on the tip of Africa. If you already have a great sense of men’s fashion (or need some), this is the site for you.





Hello Fashion Blog


Hello Fashion (link)

Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire, to name a few, fashion blogger Christine Andrew’s Hello Fashion blog is a one-stop shop for all things fashion related. Begun in 2011, the site initially showcased Christine’s favorite sales, buys, and fashion finds, but now features everything from family and travel to fashion, beauty, and home decor.





Amlul Fashion Blog


Amlul (link)

Run by Gala Gonzalez, a London based stylist, and creative director, Amlul is a fashion blog that features an effortless style that is documented regularly. Gala also features other content including travel, fashion weeks, DJ sets, and parties. With the goal of displaying, sharing, and learning, Amlul is a sophisticated fashion blog for the Renaissance man or woman.





Barefoot Blonde Fashion Blog



Barefoot Blonde (link)

Amber Fillerup Clark, the creator of the Barefoot Blonde blog, has a huge Instagram presence and a popular blog following as well. Detailing all things beauty, fashion, and fitness, Amber also has a line of clip-in hair extensions that she provides hair tutorials for. With two young kids, Amber’s blog serves as a fashion inspiration for young mothers.




Song of Style Fashion Blog


Song of Style (link)

With content by Aimee Song, a New York Times bestselling author of Capture your Style and a Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, Song of Style features fashion, design inspiration, DIY and more. Aimee also does a number of YouTube videos focused on fashion and interior design, making Song of Style an excellent choice for those who want both video and text.





Harper and Harley Fashion Blog


Harper and Harley (link)

Created by Sara Crampton, one of the premier style bloggers in Australia and star on the reality show Fashion Bloggers, Harper and Harley is one of the best fashion blogs for minimalism in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Those looking for timeless wardrobe essentials will love Harper and Harley and its “less is more” philosophy.





Nadia Aboulhosn Fashion Blog


Nadia Aboulhosn (link)

With blog posts going back to 2009, Nadia Aboulhson’s namesake blog features engaging fashion, beauty, and travel pieces. A Wilhelmina model, Nadia’s blog provides unique content. Nadia also offers a “Shop by Nadia” online shop for curated clothing and jewelry.





Sincerely Jules Fashion Blog


Sincerely Jules (link)

One of the top lifestyle and fashion influencers, Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules has been blogging since 2009. Featuring Julie’s personal style and daily inspiration, Julie is also the owner and Creative Director of the clothing line Shop Sincerely Jules. For inspirational and achievable fashion ideas, Sincerely Jules is the blog for you.





Atlantic Pacific Fashion Blog


The Atlantic Pacific (link)

The creation of Blair Eadie, a former Gap Inc. merchandiser, The Atlantic Pacific features the always evolving and inspiring fashion of Blair. Blair’s fashion has been featured in print and online publications including Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, and Blair’s timeless yet quirky style is something to aspire to. If you love all things feminine, including a bold lip and a high heel. The Atlantic Pacific fashion blog is the blog for you.





The Frugality Fashion Blog


The Frugality link)

Created by Alex Stedman, a London based freelance fashion stylist, The Frugality is not about living off of toast (as Alex puts it), but is instead a blog devoted to spending your money where it counts. The blog features Alex’s fashion, but also provides city guides and living columns.





Advanced Style Fashion Blog


Advanced Style (link)

A fashion blog about the sartorial savvy of the senior set, Advanced Style shows that style has nothing to do with age. The blog’s creator, Ari Seth Cohen, a photographer, and author, compiles fashionable street style images from the older crowd. If you need some fashion inspiration (no matter your age!) check our Advanced Style.





Olivia Palermo Fashion Blog


Olivia Palermo (link)

Both an e-commerce website and a blog, the Olivia Palermo website is the brainchild of NYC socialite Olivia Palermo. Known for her chic and seemingly effortless style, Palermo’s blog features photos from fashion weeks around the globe as well as her own personal fashion. The blog also features a lifestyle and tips section, as well as a boutique curated by Palermo.





Memorandum Fashion Blog


Memorandum (link)

Designed for the professional woman, blogger Mary Orton features looks appropriate for the office. As Orton relates, “You don’t have to dress like a man or your Aunt Ethel to get ahead…[but] you can have a lot of fun with fashion within the confines of professional appropriateness.” For a classy, polished look Memorandum is the place to go.





Camila Coelho Fashion Blog


Camila Coelho (link)

Perhaps even better known for her Youtube makeup channel “Makeup by Camila,” Coelho’s blog features both fashion and makeup looks, all in large picture format. As a Brazilian blogger, Camila Coelho’s blog is featured in both Portuguese and English and is popular in both Brazil and the U.S.




Carly the Prepster Fashion Blog


Carly the Prepster (link)

Run by Carly Heitlinger, Carly the Prepster is precisely what you would expect from the name – cute and preppy looks. In addition to featuring preppy fashion styles, This fashion blog also features a lifestyle section, as well as documentaries and shopping links.




Fashion Toast Fashion Blog


Fashion Toast (link)

Originally started as an eBay shop full of vintage finds, Fashion Toast now features creator Rumi Neely’s personal style, an ever-changing west coast/vintage look. Neely’s blog also often features another well-known blogger, Bryan Boy, and together these two produce some fun and unique fashion looks.



Best Fashion Blogs Conclusion

Finding your unique style, or the clothing and accessories that match your personality can sometimes be a challenge. Add in the changing seasons, and you are sometimes left with more than you can handle when it comes to finding the right clothes and accessories on your own.

Whether you are a fashion expert or simply looking at some new designs for the upcoming season, we believe that this list of the best fashion blogs is going to provide you some great resources to get you started.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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