Best Cell Phone Providers

Best Cell Phone Providers: Finding the Right Cell Phone Provider for You

Staying connected with friends and loved ones has never been easier with all of the technology available to us. With the right device and the touch of a screen, you can instantly connect with people all over the planet. And while it is important to find the right cell phone for you, it is also vital to determine which cell phone provider best fits your needs as well.

This list of the best cell phone providers will allow you to select the perfect cell phone plan for you. With this list, you can find a plan for you based on service, deals, and whatever else is important to you when it comes to selecting the right cell phone provider for you. 

Some providers offer deals for families of healthcare workers, unlimited plans, international usage, and so on. Along with deals, different cell phone companies also have different feature highlights. Some provide a more broad coverage area, while some have faster data in certain regions. So whether you use your phone for apps, videos, etc., or are looking for more calling and texting in rural areas, it is essential to figure out your needs. The better you can do this, the easier it will be to find the right fit for you.

Once you have done this, you will be free to stream music, message friends, and connect with people all over the world. So make sure to take advantage of this list of the best cell phone providers and find the perfect fit for you.


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Top 15 Cell Phone Providers:


Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Provider

1. Verizon Wireless

Highlights: Offers an extensive network and access to top speeds, provides a reasonably priced international calling add-on, and excellent unlimited plans.

About Cell Phone Provider: When you think of top cell phone providers, you can’t get very far down the list before Verizon Wireless makes an appearance. With a network that not only provides a broad coverage area but also supports some serious speed, it is easy to see why so many people love Verizon. Along with a vast network, Verizon also offers several different phone plans that include unlimited data, international calling, and more.


AT&T Cell Phone Provider

2. AT&T

Highlights: Very reliable, ample coverage and fast speeds, and offers discounts to veterans and their families.

About Cell Phone Provider: As one of the top phone carriers, you would expect AT&T to offer broad coverage, a fast network, and plenty of neat features, and you would be right. With over 160 million customers, AT&T has a reliable network trusted by millions. Also, as a bonus for those in the military, AT&T is one of the best cell phone providers when it comes to offering discounts to veterans and their families.


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Sprint Cell Phone Provider

3. Sprint

Highlights: Reasonably priced unlimited plans, free Hulu membership, and a growing coverage area.

About Cell Phone Provider: Sprint Wireless has a lot of different features that it offers, but one of the best to note is the unlimited plans that they provide. If you are interested in making sure that you have unlimited access to data, talk and text, and mobile hotspots, Sprint might be the right cell phone carrier for you.

Also, Sprint has partnered up with Hulu (a video streaming service) so that all of their unlimited plans come with a free Hulu membership. All of these features come together to make Sprint Wireless one of the best cell phone providers.



T-Mobile wireless Cell Phone Provider

4. T-Mobile

Highlights: Excellent coverage and fast speeds, discounts for seniors, veterans, and first responders.

About Cell Phone Provider: With one of the fastest networks and excellent nationwide coverage, T-Mobile is a trusted cell provider for many. They are especially trusted with those in the 55+ club, first responders, and veterans as they offer added savings to anyone that falls into those three categories. Even if you don’t fall into one of these categories, though, T-Mobile offers very reasonably-priced budget plans and unlimited plans as well.


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Metro by T-Mobile Cell Phone Provider

5. Metro by T-Mobile

Highlights: Excellent prepaid plans, access to T-Mobile’s network, and the Music Unlimited feature.

About Cell Phone Provider: Metro by T-Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network for service but provides some different plan options for its users. They take advantage of T-Mobile’s high-speed network, while also offering several excellent prepaid plans.

Metro by T-Mobile provides several different unlimited plans that come with a set amount of hotspot data, access to Amazon Prime, and a Music Unlimited feature. The Music Unlimited feature allows you to stream music from 40+ services without it counting against your data for the month.



US Mobile Cell Phone Provider

6. US Mobile

Highlights: Customizable plans for more savings, and access to Verizon and T-Mobile’s networks.

About Cell Phone Provider: One of the best things about US Mobile is that it is very customizable to what you are looking for in a cell phone carrier. With the ability to pick and choose what you want in a plan, there is an opportunity for significant savings.

Also, US Mobile uses Verizon and T-Mobile’s networks, so you can trust that you are going to have fast and dependable cell phone coverage. US Mobile will even allow you to bring your current phone with you to use, which will add up to even more savings.


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Cricket Wireless Cell Phone Provider

7. Cricket Wireless

Highlights: Operates on the AT&T network, and offers several well-priced prepaid plans.

About Cell Phone Provider: Cricket Wireless is owned and operated by AT&T and comes with all of the fantastic cellular services that AT&T offers. What makes Cricket different from its parent company is that they offer several different prepaid plans that members can sign up for.

The savings that they provide while still being on an excellent network are very appealing to a lot of different cell phone users. Cricket also offers a large selection of phones to choose from, so you can make sure to get the phone that you want.

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Boost Mobile Cell Phone Provider

8. Boost Mobile

Highlights: 99% nationwide coverage, unlimited features, and no annual fees.

About Cell Phone Provider: Offering great value and access to Sprint’s network, Boost Mobile is one of the top phone carriers out there. With no annual fees, taxes and fees included, mobile hotspots, and 99% nationwide coverage, it is easy to see why so many people enjoy Boost.

Also, if you love hearing the word “unlimited,” Boost Mobile also offers unlimited data, talk and text, and music streaming. All of this is going to add up to excellent savings on a network that is dependable and fast.

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Mint Mobile Cell Phone Provider

9. Mint Mobile

Highlights: Savings friendly, customizable, and access to T-Mobile’s network.

About Cell Phone Provider: With a passion for eliminating “overpaying” when it comes to cell phone plans, Mint Mobile will allow you to maximize your savings. Some of the ways that they do that is by only operating online, no overages, choosing your data needs, and more.

They also offer you the ability to bring your phone with you and provide a 7-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. All of these savings come with access to T-Mobile’s network coverage and data speeds as well.



Straight Talk Wireless Cell Phone Provider

10. Straight Talk Wireless

Highlights: Excellent coverage, no contracts, and no activation fees, and the ability to bring your phone with you.

About Cell Phone Provider: If you a looking to ditch your contract and be a part of one of the top cell phone companies, Straight Talk Wireless is going to be an excellent option. Along with no commitments, they also offer customers the ability to bring their phone or purchase a new one, excellent coverage (share networks with the top carriers), and several unlimited plans to choose from. Straight Talk Wireless is all about providing its customers with more while charging them less.



Total Wireless Cell Phone Provider

11. Total Wireless

Highlights: Access to Verizon’s network, no contracts, and excellent unlimited plans.

About Cell Phone Provider: Total Wireless is another excellent cell phone provider for those who are looking to avoid contracts and all of the extra fees that come with them. Users can find the plan that best fits their needs, bring their phone with them (if they want), receive access to unlimited plans, and do it all while having access to Verizon’s network.

As a Total Wireless user, you can also add data anytime for a very reasonable one-time fee, and that data won’t expire. This is going to be significant for making sure that all of your data needs are covered from month to month without having a big contract hanging over your head.

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Google Fi Cell Phone Provider

12. Google Fi

Highlights: Easy to sign up for, provides access to Wi-Fi hotspots, offers flex plans, and unlimited plans.

About Cell Phone Provider: With both flexible plans and unlimited plans to choose from, Google Fi is looking to reimagine how cell phone providers operate. They also offer users the ability to join from your home (with no contract), bring their cell phone number with them, and don’t charge any activation fees.

Also, if your phone is designed for Fi, you will be able to take advantage of millions of Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. Your phone will seamlessly shift from Wi-Fi hotspots to provide you with fast and dependable service.



Tracfone Cell Phone Provider

13. Tracfone

Highlights: No contracts, Unlimited Carryover of data, texts, and minutes.

About Cell Phone Provider: If you are looking for flexibility in your cell phone provider, Tracfone may be the right choice for you. Not only will you be able to find a plan that fits your needs, but you can flex that plan from month to month as well. Also, Tracfone offers Unlimited Carryover as long as you are a member.

This means that any unused data, texts, and minutes that you purchase will always be yours until they are used. Tracfone has partnered up with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile to use their network as well, so you can trust that you will have access to fast speeds and reliable coverage.

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Republic Wireless Cell Phone Provider

14. Republic Wireless

Highlights: Large potential savings, no contracts, and 99% coverage across America.

About Cell Phone Provider: Republic Wireless is one of the top cell phone companies when it comes to offering savings to its customers. Their goal in everything that they do is to provide more “bang for your buck.” They do that by providing innovative features like Wi-Fi calling, HotSpot capabilities (at no extra cost), spam call-blocking features, and more.

With no contracts, no overage fees, and 99% coverage across America, Republic Wireless was a natural addition to this list of the best cell phone providers and is used and trusted by many.

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Visible Wireless Cell Phone Provider

15. Visible Wireless

Highlights: Uses Verizon’s network, no contracts, and swap out your old phone for a new one.

About Cell Phone Provider: Visible Wireless is going to take advantage of Verizon’s network and all of the speed and coverage that comes with it. They will also allow you to do this without signing up for any contracts, no hidden fees, or going to a store.

From the comfort of your home, you can join Visible Wireless. You can also use your current phone or swap it out for a new free one. Visible Wireless was designed to make things as easy as possible for the customer while also providing an excellent service at a reasonable price.

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Best Cell Phone Providers Conclusion

Technology is something that continues to amaze as it continues to develop and progress. Never in the history of the world has it been easier to connect with people, and cell phones and cell phone providers have a lot to do with this.

If you want to maximize your level of enjoyment when using your smartphone, it is critical that you find the right provider for you. That is why we wanted to make sure that we provided a list of quality cell phone providers for you. From budget to coverage to speed and more, this list has it all. And for anyone that needs cell phone financing for bad credit, there are services out there that can help you get the financing you need.

So use the resources above and make sure to find the cell phone company that best fits your needs.

If you do select one of the cell phone providers above, we would love to hear about it in the comments below. So please feel free to share any feedback that you may have.