Best Tablet for Kids

Best Tablets for Kids: Finding the Perfect Tablet Kid’s Tablet for Your Children

When it comes to finding the best tablet for kids, there are a lot of factors to consider. With so many different devices on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for your child.

This list of the best tablet for kids will feature the top options and will help you find the perfect tablet for your children to use and enjoy. Whether you are in the market for your first tablet or are looking to upgrade an existing device, this list will have you covered.

When you finish with this list of the best tablet for kids, check out our lists of the best kid’s books, the best educational apps for kids, and the best kid’s games. All of these lists will provide even more valuable content for you to take advantage of as a parent.


Top 10 Tablets for Kids:



Amazon Fire HD Kids Tablet

1. Amazon Fire HD Kids Tablet

Price: $199.99

Highlights: 3GB of RAM, access to all the safety features you need, and a vivacious 1,900 x 1,200 display.

About Tablet: Equipped with an octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, vivacious 1,900 x 1,200 display, your child will experience incredible performance with no lags or pauses. As if all this wasn’t enough, it comes with a one-year Amazon Kids+ subscription and a comprehensive 2-year warranty – so you can have complete peace of mind when investing in this powerful yet kid-safe tablet.

With access to all the safety features you need as well as tons of entertainment options from amazing apps to educational programs – this tablet has it all.



Apple iPad mini

2. Apple iPad mini Tablet

Price: $469.00

Highlights: Long battery life, a powerful A13 Bionic chip that provides smooth gameplay, and a 12MP front-facing camera.

About Tablet: The iPad mini not only looks great but is packed with features that make it the best tablet for your kids. On the outside, they’ll love its vibrant display, long battery life, and solid design. But beneath the surface lies a powerful A13 Bionic chip that provides buttery smooth gameplay and snappy performance.

Plus, it has an amazing 12MP front-facing camera with Apple’s Center Stage technology to give your little ones crystal-clear video calls.

It gets even better. The iPad mini comes with plenty of utility apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to kick start their creativity; Accessibility features like VoiceOver to empower everyone regardless of physical limitation; security features like Face or Touch ID for extra privacy; and helpful parental controls.



Samsung Galaxy Tablet

3. Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Price: $149.00

Highlights: Optional parental controls, a sleek mature design, and perfect for older children and teenagers.

About Tablet: Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab: one of the best tablets for kids. Built with a sleek, mature design and packed with awesome specs, this tab is perfect for older children and fashion-conscious teens. But that’s not all; parents can add in optional parental controls, so you always have peace of mind.

Rest assured, your teens won’t outgrow the Galaxy Tab 8 any time soon, as these parental controls can be easily removed when necessary. Plus, why settle for anything less than perfect? Samsung is known for its quality and design expertise that you can trust to keep up with ever-changing technology trends.



North Bison Kids Tablet

4. North Bison Kids Tablet

Price: $49.99

Highlights: 32GB storage that can be upgraded to 128GB with an SD card, a 1024×600 IPS Eye Protection HD touch screen, and a battery life of 6.5+ hours.

About Tablet: This tablet has an advanced Android 11.0 operating system to ensure maximum protection and fast processing speed, along with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage that can be upgraded to 128GB with a single SD card.

With a 1024×600 IPS Eye Protection HD touch screen, this tablet ensures superior display quality and eye protection at all times. Also, it has dual cameras so that kids can have fun and make memories by clicking pictures which they can later store on the tablet.

The best feature of this tablet is its Parental Control Mode so that you can stay completely assured about the safety of your kids while they use this device. Plus, the battery life of more than 6.5 hours makes it perfect if you plan to take long trips with your little ones since they can keep themselves entertained while on the go.



Pritom Kids Tablet

5. Pritom Kids Tablet

Price: $49.99

Highlights: Preinstalled with iWawa Kid’s software, top security controls, and Apps recommended and categorized by age groups.

About Tablet: Every parent wants to provide their children with the very best, so why not invest in a tablet specifically designed for kids? Not only does it come preinstalled with iWawa Kid’s software and apps perfect for learning and playing, but parents also have peace of mind knowing that top security controls are in place to keep little ones safe and out of trouble.

Your kids can browse through kid’s apps recommended and categorized by age group as well as access multimedia content in an environment tailored just for them – providing hours of learning and entertainment.



Okulaku Kids Tablet

6. Okulaku Kids Tablet

Price: $89.99

Highlights: 38 different languages, a high-performance quad-control processor, and a 1280×800 IPS HD display.

About Tablet: With a kid-friendly interface, access to age-appropriate content, 38 different languages, and more, this top kid’s tablet will give them hours of fun and provide them with key developmental benefits.

And the best part? With its high-performance quad-core processor, Android 11.0 OS, 1280×800 IPS HD display, Wifi, Bluetooth dual camera, touch screen, 3GB RAM, and 64GB ROM (expandable to 128 GB), you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re getting all these awesome features as well.



Jren Kids Tablet

7. Jren Kids Tablet

Price: $129.00

Highlights: Easy-to-use parental controls, a preinstalled kid-proof case, and up to 512 GB of additional storage available through a microSD card.

About Tablet: Discover an excellent tablet for your young one with the JREN Kids Tablet. This state-of-the-art device is specifically designed to keep your kid engaged with top-of-the-line technology and entertainment.

Equipped with easy-to-use parental control, you’ll never have to worry about what your child is viewing on their tablet. The JREN kids tablet has advanced parental control technology to select the most age-appropriate content – whether it’s educational videos, games, or learning material. So you can rest assured that while they’re entertained, they’re also learning.

And its long battery life ensures that their tablet won’t quit mid-way through storybook time. And with 32 GB of internal storage and up to 512GB of additional storage available through a microSD card, you can trust that the fun keeps going for hours at a time. Plus, the special kid-proof case comes preinstalled, so there will be no unfortunate accidents.



Echo Show Kids Tablet

8. Echo Show Kids Tablet

Price: $44.99

Highlights: Operated with voice commands, bedtime and video time limit parental controls available, and activity can be checked at any point.

About Tablet: This tablet is an excellent item for parents hoping to give their children age-appropriate content, as well as tools that make studying easier. The bright chameleon design of this tablet will add some flair to any room.

With Alexa, kids can play videos, get help with their homework, and make video calls to approved contacts–all with just a few voice commands. Parents can rest easy knowing they can set parental controls like bedtimes and video time limits and filter content, so their children are only viewing what’s suitable. Plus, you can check activity at any point.



Veidoo Kids Tablet

9. Veidoo Kids Tablet

Price: $44.98

Highlights: Android operating system, parental controls app with password protection, and an HD 1024*600 display screen.

About Tablet: The Veidoo Kids Tablet offers not only the best technology with its quad-core CPU and Android operating system but also comes with special features specifically designed for kids. This tablet includes an iWawa app which provides parental control with password protection, remote video control, and more.

Plus, it’s preloaded with learning tools and fun games that allow children to expand their knowledge in different areas like art and smarts. And if that weren’t enough, you’ll get a free kid-proof silicone case that makes the tablet extra durable, plus an adjustable plastic stand so your kids can enjoy their tablet hands-free.

This tablet is not only safe and secure but super fun too. With its HD 1024*600 display screen and easy-to-use technology, children of all ages will be able to use this device without any issues.



Topelotek Kids Tablet

10. Topelotek Kids Tablet

Price: $49.99

Highlights: Preinstalled with hundred of free apps, intuitive parental control mode, and the ability to set separate profiles for multiple users.

About Tablet: This tablet is equipped with all the features you need to ensure your kid can explore their world safely and responsibly. The intuitive parent control mode makes it easy for parents to set separate profiles, lock their toddler tablet device, filter contents, add or block apps, and set screen time limits.

The powerful multi-featured design makes it ideal for any type of activity; this toddler tablet is preinstalled with hundreds of free applications such as Youtube, Facebook, Google Play, puzzle games, books, music, videos, and art learning.


Best Tablets for Kids Conclusion

Overall, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a tablet for kids. Whether you are looking for durability, ease of use, or the latest features and technologies, there is definitely something on this list of the best tablets for kids that will fit your child’s needs.

With one of these top kids’ tablets, you can allow your child to learn while also knowing that they are staying safe and protected.

If you have tried any of these tablets before, we would love to hear your feedback below in the comments.