Educational Apps for Kids

Best Educational Apps for Kids

Like it or not, kids today are more proficient on a tablet or phone than many adults. For many of these children, playing on a tablet or phone is as much a babysitting tool for Mom or Dad as it is an exercise in technological play. If you are going to let your kids ‘play’ on your tablet or phone, however, why not have some apps downloaded that are both fun and educational?

In this list of the best educational apps for kids, we have sourced educational apps for kids from ages 2-11+. Be warned, however, that “kid’s game” you just downloaded may become your new favorite game!


List of the Best Educational Apps for Kids



Eli Explorer App


Eli Explorer App (link)

Priced at 1.99 and suitable for children ages 2-5, Eli Explorer helps children learn 100 different words and phrases. Ten different languages are also offered in the app, a great feature for children learning an additional language. With the interactive free-play nature of the game, however, the game is as fun as it is educational.



Barefoot World Atlas App


Barefoot World Atlas (link)

Boasting an interactive 3D globe, the Barefoot World Atlas app allows children to explore the world and learn about animals, people, and geography. Made for ages 9-11, this $4.99 app is also narrated so younger children could also use the app.



Toontastic App


Toontastic (link)

Designed for children six years and older, Toontastic is a creative and fun app for creating personalized animated films. Depending on the features desired, Toontastic runs from free to $9.99. However, when all features are enabled children can create high-quality animated films complete with characters, settings, musical scores, and dialogue. The app also offers in-app support for kids, parents, and teachers, making it very user-friendly



Threes! App


Threes! (link)

At just $1.99, Threes! was the game of the year for 2014. Part math, part strategy, Threes! is suitable for both kids and adults. If you or your child like Sudoku or Bejeweled, Threes! is a great alternative.



Puzzlejuice App


Puzzlejuice (link)

Best suited for ages 11 and older, the $1.99 Puzzlejuice app is a Tetris inspired word game. To win, players must arrange colored block shapes into rows which can then be converted into letters and words. Dictionary definitions can also be found for each spelled word, enhancing the educational nature of the game.



Cut the Rope App


Cut the Rope (link)

With over 500 million downloads this $2.99 app star is a monster named Om Nom who must solve puzzles to score candy. Suitable for both kids and adults, Cut the Rope features 400 levels that challenge your ability to think outside of the box.



Super Why! App


Super Why! (link)

If your child is a fan of the popular PBS show Super Why! this $2.99 app is a no-brainer. Like the show, this app helps younger children (ages 3-6) with the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, reading, and writing all while being thoroughly entertaining.



The Sight Word Adventure App


The Sight Word Adventure (link)

Made for ages 5 and under, The Sight Word Adventure app allows kids to practice 320 built-in high-frequency sight words with the option to add your own words into the gameplay. At just, $1.99 this fun and interactive app features 11 different games that children will love playing.



Winky Think Logic Puzzles App


Winky Think Logic Puzzles (link)

At $2.99 WinkyThink Logic Puzzles game is best suited for children ages 6-8. With 180 puzzles that gradually become more difficult, each puzzle helps with problem-solving, memory, and hand-eye coordination.



Flow Free Bridges App


Flow Free: Bridges (link)

A slightly easier version of the traditional Flow Free game, the $.99 Flow Free: Bridges game is puzzle and strategy game that is probably best suited for children 8 and older. With the modified platform, Flow Free: Bridges encourages problem-solving but is less frustrating for younger users than the original app.



Best Educational Apps for Kids Conclusion

Smartphones are a part of culture and kids are starting to use them at a younger and younger age. So if you are going to allow your children to use a smartphone, why not allow them to be learning? The educational apps on this list are great because they are going to have a perfect balance of both fun and learning.

If there are any educational kids apps that you believe should be on this list, please let us know in the comments below so that we can check them out.


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