Kitchen Tools: The Top 25 List

Best Kitchen Tools


Kitchen Tools: For All your Cooking and Baking Needs

Whether you are just starting out in the kitchen, or have been cooking and baking for years, this list of the best kitchen tools is going to have everything that you need. We have spent time researching kitchen products that are going to be of excellent quality, look great, and won’t break the bank.

From measuring spoons to the right pots and pans to everything in between, we have you covered. Also, if you are looking for a new recipe to try, make sure that you checkout some of our different recipe lists like the best dessert recipes and best gluten free recipes.



Top 25 Kitchen Tools:



Measuring Beaker Set


1. Measuring Beaker Set (link)

Made out of durable plastic, these measuring beakers are going to be ideal for measuring liquids such as water, milk, oil, stock, etc. The funnel shape at the top of the beaker is going to allow for easy pouring, and the nesting design allows for minimal storage when not in use. The stable base of the measuring beakers will also help to prevent accidental spills.




Kitchen Sheers


2. Kitchen Shears (link)

A great pair of kitchen shears is a must for any kitchen. They help to save time when it comes to snipping vegetables, opening food packaging, and breaking down poultry. Kitchen shears are a must-have multipurpose tool. These specific kitchen shears come with sharp blades and a non-slip handle grip. They also are able to separate if needed, making them easy to clean.




Internal Infrared/Thermocouple Thermometer


3. Internal Thermometer  (link)

Making it easy to tell when chicken, steak, and other meats are fully cooked, this internal thermometer will allow you to cook like a professional chef. With this thermometer, you will be able to measure both the surface and internal temperature of the food you are cooking.





Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons


4. Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons (link)

This set of 6 stainless steel measuring spoons is going to allow you to precisely measure out ingredients, making sure that your recipe turns out exactly as planned. With measuring spoons from 1/8 TSP to 1 TBS, you will be able to easily measure out the small increments of different ingredients that are sometimes needed when it comes to cooking and baking.




Slow Cooker


5. Slow Cooker (link)

A lifesaver in the kitchen when you need to prepare something for later or are looking to make a great tasting soup; the slow cooker is going to allow you drop in a bunch of different ingredients and then step away. You will be able to come back to it later and find something delicious waiting for you. This slow cooker can hold up to 6 quarts and comes with latches for the top, making it easily portable if needed.





6. Knives

Having the right knife in the kitchen can make all the difference. With different brands, price ranges, and types of knives, it can be hard to figure out precisely what knives should make your list of must-have kitchen tools. Here are three knives that we think every kitchen should have.




Chef's Knife


Chef’s Knife (link)

Lightweight and precisely balanced, this chef’s knife is going to be perfect for slicing and dicing everything from meat to vegetables. This high-tech stainless steel blade retains it’s razor sharp edge exceptionally well, which means quality cutting every time. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against defects and breakages.






Pairing Knife


Pairing Knife (link)

The pairing knife is going to give you a little bit more maneuverability than the chef’s knife and is ideal for paring (obviously), peeling, and coring. It comes with a molded handle that makes it easy to grip, and a blade that allows you to cut smoothly.






Bread Knife


Bread Knife (link)

A bread knife is going to come with a serrated edge that will allow you to smoothly saw through bread. Along with bread though it is great for melons, tomatoes, chocolate, etc. This knife is sharp and very balanced and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.





Knife Sharpening Steel


Knife Sharpening Steel (link)

If you are going to purchase a good chef’s knife, it is important that also you take care of it. And although the chef’s knife already holds its sharpness well, this sharpening steel will help to keep the knife blade balanced, and at its peak sharpness. So make sure to add this kitchen product to your list of kitchen must-haves.





Lodge Season Cast Iron Skillet


7. Lodge Season Cast Iron Skillet (link)

There is just something about eating something that was prepared with a seasoned iron skillet. You can add a whole new level to your stovetop cooking with this kitchen tool. This 12 inch cast iron skillet comes pre-seasoned and is made in the USA.




Garlic Press


8. Garlic Press (link)

Not the most important kitchen tool on this list, but if you are cooking with garlic you are going to be glad you had this tool. Even with unpeeled garlic, you are going to be able to press it into exactly what you need. Also great for ginger, this press is a great kitchen basic.





Pressure Cooker


9. Pressure Cooker (link)

This pressure cooker is going to allow you to take your cooking skills to the next level. Perfect for making rice and steaming vegetables, it is also going to allow you to do soup/broth, eggs, porridge, and so much more. You also can set delays and timers, which makes it perfect for setting something up to cook for later in the evening when you come home from work. 






Can Opener


10. Can Opener (link)

Have you ever tried to open a can without a can opener? It can be very frustrating. So even though it is not one of the biggest kitchen products on this list, a can opener is a definite must-have. This specific can opener is reasonably priced, very effective, and built to last with a 5-year guarantee.





Steel Tongs


11. Steel Tongs (link)

Perfect for both cooking and serving food after it is ready, these steel tongs are going to allow you to maneuver your food easily when it comes to picking it up or turning it over. These tongs are also safe for non-stick and coated cookware as well, so you can make sure that your pans are staying protected.





12. Baking Pans and Sheets

From casseroles to cakes to muffins, these baking pans and sheets are going to have everything you need to take your baking to the next level. There are a lot of different great brands out there when it comes to pans and sheets, but these are some of our favorites.




Bakeware Set


Bakeware Set of Pans (link)

This six piece bakeware set is going to allow you to bake pretty much whatever you want when it comes to cakes, bread, cupcakes/muffins, etc. And it is up to you whether you want to be healthy or not. The nonstick coating is going to allow for effortless food release and easy cleaning as well.




Ceramic Baking Dish


Ceramic Baking Dish (link)

This baking dish or “casserole dish” is going to allow you to put together dishes like lasagna, roast vegetables, and bake a cake. Made from fine-quality porcelain, this dish is not only going to be good for baking but also look great when serving the food. Fridge and microwave safe, you will be able to store and eat leftovers with ease.




Broiler Pan with Grill


Broiler Pan with Grill (link)

The broiler in your oven is basically like an upside down grill. A broiling pan is going to allow air to circulate under the food while cooking, making it the perfect kitchen tool for cooking delicious steaks, chicken, fish, and more. Made in the USA, this broiler pan can withstand heats up to 1025 Fahrenheit.




Baker's Half Sheet


Baker’s Half Sheet (link)

Perfect for baking your favorite cookies, or roasting vegetables (if you are inclined to be healthy). This baker’s half sheet is made of pure aluminum which allows for even baking and great tasting results. It also makes it very durable and easy to clean as well.




Mixing Bowl Set

13. Mixing Bowl Set (link)

Mixing your ingredients has never been easier or looked better than with these mixing bowls. They are stainless steel, come in different sizes, and have lids for easy storage if needed. The stainless steel is going to allow for long-lasting use and easy clean up after you have created your food masterpiece.




Processing Station


14. Processing Station (link)

Including tools to; shred, slice, and mix, your food prep time just became a lot shorter. No more taking hours to do things by hand, this all in one processing station is going to allow you to focus on the fun parts of cooking and to simplify the prep time.





15. Stove Top Pans and Pots

With different pans and pots for various purposes, it is essential that you have the right kitchen tool for what you are cooking. All of these pans and pots look great, are high quality, and made to last.




Frying Pan


Stainless Steel Frying Pan (link)

Your frying pan is going to carry a lot of the workload in the kitchen, so you want to make sure that you have a reliable pan that is going to stand up to the regular use and will continue to give you a nice even cooking surface. This stainless steel frying pan looks great, works great, and will be a great addition to your kitchen.






Stainless Steel Saute Pan


Stainless Steel Saute Pan (link)

The saute pan’s higher sides are going to allow you to make sauces and other foods that require a deeper pan. You will also be able to sear and braise meat easier with a saute pan. Choose from four different sizes of pans to find the exact right pan size for your needs.





Sauce Pan


Stainless Steel Sauce Pan 1 Quart (link)

Perfect for small portions of soups, pasta, sauces, etc. this 1-quart pan is going to allow you to quickly heat up smaller portions. This easy to handle saucepan also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from All Clad.





Stainless Steel Sauce Pan 3 Quart


Stainless Steel Sauce Pan 3 Quart (link)

This medium size saucepan is going to be your go-to pan for a majority of your boiling and heating up needs. It has nothing but great reviews and will be a welcome addition to your kitchen.





Stainless Steel Stockpot 6 Quart


Stainless Steel Stockpot 6 Quart (link)

A little bit larger, this 6-quart stockpot is going to allow you to easily be able to handle generous portions of soups, pasta, and more. If you enjoy making enough for leftovers, this is the pot for you.





Stockpot 12 Quart


Stainless Steel Stockpot 12 Quart (link)

If you have a big family or enjoy entertaining, this 12 quart “large pot” is a must. This pot will allow you to easily handle the volume of food needed to feed a large group. Whether it is soups, stews, pasta, or sauces, you will be able to handle it all with ease. Checkout our list of the best soup recipes for some great recipes to try out with this pot.







16. Versa Blender (link)

From smoothies to sauces to dips to so much more, a blender can increase the capabilities of your kitchen. There are a lot of different blenders out there and some that are just downright pricey. This Versa brand blender is well made and won’t break the bank. As far as blenders go this is our top pick for quality and price.




Cutting Board


17. Wood Cutting Board (link)

As stylish as it is useful, this cutting board is a cut above the rest… sorry for the pun. It really is a great cutting board though that is going to allow you to get all of your chopping, slicing, and cutting done. Known for durability and longevity, this cutting board would be the perfect addition to any kitchen.




Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

18. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups (link)

Allowing you to measure dried goods and liquids very precisely, these measuring cups are high quality, great looking, and long-lasting (won’t bend or break). They are also easy to grip and have a flat bottom for setting down if needed. Along with all these things they are also easily stored allowing for less drawer clutter.




Glass Food Storage Containers


19. Glass Food Storage Containers (link)

One of the best parts about cooking is the leftovers the next day. All the great taste without having to repeat the hard work of making the dish. These glass storage containers look great and are going to keep your food fresh. The lids snap on the bottom for storage as well when not in use, making it easy to keep track of both lid and container.





Stainless Steel Colander


20. Stainless Steel Colander (link)

A colander is an essential kitchen utensil when it comes to washing, rinsing, and draining. This colander is well built, very functional, and made to last. You will be able to drain pasta and wash vegetables and greens with ease. Available in both a 3 quart and 5-quart size you will be able to find the perfect colander for your needs.




Fruit and Vegetable Peeler


21. Fruit and Vegetable Peeler (link)

A good vegetable peeler can improve your prep time and allow you to get to the cooking rather than spending all your time on prep. This peeler is going to allow for quick and easy peeling, is dishwasher safe, and will stand the test of time. A small but much needed and valued kitchen utensil.




Stainless Steel Potato Masher

22. Stainless Steel Potato Masher (link)

Made for quick and effortless smashing when it comes to potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados, and more, this potato masher looks great and works great. It also is able to swivel on a hinge at the top where the grate is. Allowing for the folding flat of the grate, making it easier to store when not being used.




Salad Spinner


23. Salad Spinner (link)

It has never been easier to keep your salad fresh and crisp after washing. This salad spinner is going to allow you to wash your salad and also keep it from getting soggy afterward. After you strain the salad, you can turn around and use the bowl for serving as well.




Stainless Steel Wire Whisk


24. Stainless Steel Wire Whisk (link)

Ergonomically made, this wire whisk is going to be a kitchen tool that is used very regularly when it comes to making sauces, desserts, eggs, etc. With a comfortable grip to absorb pressure, you will be able to whisk away. Also dishwasher safe, you can make sure that the handle and whisk don’t become warped over time.





Cooking Mitts


25. Cooking Mitts (link)

You could fold a towel up and use it to carry hot things, but it is always safer and easier to have a great pair of cooking mitts readily available for taking hot things out of the oven or off the stove. These cooking mitts are made out of non-skid, non-slip silicone for heat resistance, and a 100% cotton padded liner for comfort.



Best Kitchen Tools Conclusion:

Creating the perfect kitchen and finding all of the kitchen supplies and utensils to go with it can be quite the undertaking if you aren’t sure where to start. Our goal with this list of the best kitchen tools was to help get you on the track with knowing what to get, and also to provide a list of high-quality products that wouldn’t break the bank.

So whether you are just starting out as a cook or have been owning the kitchen for years, we hope that you were able to find at least a couple of products to improve your kitchen. Remember, these kitchen tools also make great gifts!

Have you tried one or a few of these different products? Let us know how you liked them in the comments below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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