Best Cooking Sheets

Best Cooking Sheets: Finding the Perfect Cooking Sheets for You

Who doesn’t love a good home-cooked meal? Even better is when that meal is cooked on your own trusty cooking sheet and not in a dirty old pan. We all know cheap cookie sheets result in blackened or partially cooked foods. And the last thing you want to do is present two-dozen cookies, buttery croissants, or fragrant roasted veggies with burnt bottoms. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best cooking sheets on the market.

In this list of the best cooking sheets, you will find a range of top cooking sheet options. This list will highlight different sizes, thicknesses, and materials so that you can choose the best one for your cooking and baking needs. So grab one or two of these baking sheets and start enjoying all of your tasty creations.

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Top 12 Cooking Sheets:



Nordic Ware Cooking Sheet

1. Nordic Ware Cooking Sheets

Price: $24.99 (2 Count)

Highlights: Made of 18-gauge commercial-quality material, features generous rimmed edges, and has a nonstick aluminum surface.

About Cooking Sheet: This uncoated aluminum half sheet pan is constructed of 18-gauge commercial-quality material, making it sturdy and durable. It also features generous rimmed edges to keep crumbs and spills contained.

Plus, the natural aluminum surface is nonstick, so you won’t have to worry about food sticking to the pan. Whether baking cookies or roasting vegetables, the Nordic Ware Cooking Sheet is an ideal choice for any kitchen.



Farberware Ceramic Cooking Sheet

2. Farberware Ceramic Cooking Sheet

Price: $12.43

Highlights: Non-stick, oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and available in Aqua Blue or Lavender colors.

About Cooking Sheet: The Farberware Ceramic Cooking Sheet is one of the best cooking sheets on the market. It features a textured design that allows for better airflow and even baking. Also, the ceramic coating is nonstick and easy to clean.

The sheet is also oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Available in Aqua Blue or Lavender, the Farberware Ceramic Cooking Sheet is a great addition to any kitchen.



Chicago Metallic Cooking Sheet

3. Chicago Metallic Cooking Sheet

Price: $21.73

Highlights: Withstands warping and buckling, features a coated surface, has a fine-grained texture, and cooks faster than traditional baking sheets.

About Cooking Sheet: This top-quality option from Chicago Metallic is designed to withstand warping and buckling and features a coated surface with a fine-grain texture that helps prevent cookies from spreading and flattening. Plus, it browns cookies and veggies faster than traditional baking sheets, so you can get the perfect results every time.



Vollrath Cooking Sheet

4. Vollrath Cooking Sheet

Price: $84.99 (2 Count)

Highlights: 10-gauge aluminum construction, sturdy one-rim design, and open edges.

About Cooking Sheet: This 10-gauge aluminum cooking sheet is built to last, with a sturdy one-rim design that promotes even airflow and consistent cooking results. Plus, the open edges make it easy to grab and rotate in the oven. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just getting started, the Vollrath is sure to become your new go-to pan.



OXO Cooking Sheet

5. OXO Cooking Sheet

Price: $25.95

Highlights: Aluminized steel, high sides, dishwasher safe, and golden nonstick ceramic coating.

About Cooking Sheet: This heavy-duty sheet pan is made from aluminized steel and features high sides and a textured surface. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so you can easily clean it after use. Best of all, the OXO Cooking Sheet looks great in any kitchen with its golden, nonstick ceramic coating.



USA Pan Cooking Sheet

6. USA Pan Cooking Sheet

Price: $19.71

Highlights: Made in the USA, has a BPA-free nonstick coating, and features a unique ridged surface.

About Cooking Sheet: Made in the USA from durable materials, this baking sheet is built to last. It features a BPA-free nonstick coating that ensures easy food release, plus a unique ridged surface that promotes even airflow for perfect results every time. Whether baking cookies or roasting vegetables, this sheet will become your new go-to kitchen essential.



Good Cook Cooking Sheet

7. Good Cook Cooking Sheet

Price: $27.00 (3 Count)

Highlights: Durable, efficient, made with a heavy-duty nonstick coating, and easy to clean.

About Cooking Sheet: Made with heavy-duty nonstick coating, this cookie sheet is ideal for baking all sorts of goodies like cookies, cakes, and biscuits. And because the coating is nonstick, your treats will slide right off the tray- making cleanup a breeze. Durable and long-lasting, this cooking sheet is a must-have for any baker who values efficiency and quality.



AirBake Cooking Sheet

8. AirBake Cooking Sheet

Price: $16.47

Highlights: Made of 100% aluminum, features Micro-dome technology, and improves baking time by up to 15%.

About Cooking Sheet: Made of 100% aluminum, this cooking sheet is designed to provide the best baking results every time. It features Micro-dome technology to decrease bake times by up to 15%, making it a great choice for busy households.

Additionally, the two heavyweight aluminum sheets work together to create an overall enhanced baking performance. So if you’re looking for a top-notch cooking sheet that will make your life easier in the kitchen, choose AirBake.



Winware Cooking Sheet

9. Winware Cooking Sheet

Price: $20.34 (2 Count)

Highlights: Made from 20-gauge aluminum, it is tin-thin and warp-resistant, and has a low price point.

About Cooking Sheet: Made from 20-gauge aluminum, this cooking sheet is tin-thin and warp-resistant, meaning it will withstand high heat without breaking down. The nonstick surface means that your food will come off easily, and the pan will maintain its integrity even after multiple uses.



Nutrichef Cooking Sheet

10. Nutrichef Cooking Sheet

Price: $17.93 (3 Count)

Highlights: Includes three sizes, comes with red silicone handles, is dishwasher safe, and has a carbon steel construction.

About Cooking Sheet: This 3-piece set includes small, medium, and large cookie pans, each with red silicone handles. The carbon steel construction and nonstick coating make these pans durable and easy to use. They’re also dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze. Whether you’re baking, roasting, or toasting, the Nutrichef Cooking Sheets are a great choice for all your cooking needs.



Anolon Cooking Sheet

11. Anolon Cooking Sheet

Price: $17.49

Highlights: Heavy gauge steel, oven-safe up to 450 degrees, and a unique silicone handle design.

About Cooking Sheet: This heavy gauge steel baking sheet is durable, warp-resistant, and oven-safe up to 450 degrees – making it perfect for roasting, baking, and more. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

The unique silicone handle design provides a comfortable grip, making it easy to transfer in and out of the oven. With its superior performance and sleek design, the Anolon Cooking Sheet is a must-have for any kitchen.



G & S Cooking Sheet

12. G & S Cooking Sheet

Price: $8.32

Highlights: Nonstick coating, professional-grade steel construction, and a Teflon Xtra finish.

About Cooking Sheet: This pan is perfect for everything from baking cookies to making sheet pan dinners. The nonstick coating ensures easy food release and effortless cleanup, while the professional-grade steel construction ensures even heating with no hot spots. Plus, the Teflon Xtra finish is designed to withstand everyday use.


Best Cooking Sheets Conclusion

Whether you’re baking cookies, roasting vegetables, or grilling meats, these cooking sheets will help you cook your favorite meals with ease. With any of these pans, you will say goodbye forever to burnt foods and low-quality cooking sheets that never seem to get clean.

So go ahead, give yourself or your favorite cook one of these tested and true cooking sheets! And for more cooking inspiration, take a look at our list of the best cooking blogs.

And for even more excellent cooking-related lists, visit our list of the best baking pans and best kitchen tools. Both of these lists will provide even more kitchen essentials.

Is there a cooking sheet that you think should be on this list but isn’t? Please feel free to share it below if so.