Best Cooling Sheets

Best Cooling Sheets: Finding the Perfect Cooling Sheets for You

Staying cool while you sleep can feel like mission impossible when the temperature is soaring. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. With this list of the best cooling sheets, you can stay nice and cool throughout the night – no matter the weather.

This list of the best cooling sheets will highlight the top options and will allow you to find the perfect sheets for you. Whether you need sheets that are breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, or just soft and luxurious, this list has it.

Take a few minutes to check out our lists of the best pillows and best mattresses. They will pair up nicely with this list of the best cooling sheets and will provide even more value to you.


Top 15 Cooling Sheets:



Yaasa Sheets

1. Yaasa Sheets

Price: $79.00

Highlights: Woven with a vertical technique for optimal comfort, a moisture-wicking technology, and designed to create unbeatable softness and sheen.

About SheetsGet the luxurious sleep experience of high-end hotel quality with the superior quality and comfort of these signature bamboo sheets. You’ll never want to leave your bed.

These sheets are designed to create unbeatable softness and sheen, woven with a vertical technique that brings you optimal comfort. These signature cooling sheets wick away moisture so you can stay snuggled up in bed all night long.



Sleepgram Sheets

2. Sleepgram Sheets

Price: $99.99

Highlights: Carefully treated bamboo material, more breathable than traditional cotton, and hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

About SheetsThese innovative sheets are made with carefully treated bamboo material that is not only softer than silk but also more breathable than traditional cotton. At Sleepgram, they know how uncomfortable it can be to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why they designed these sheets to keep you cool while still offering incredible softness. It’ll almost feel like floating on clouds as soon as you lie down.

And don’t worry about allergies or any sensitivity issues because these sheets are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so you won’t have to worry about intense washing cycles anymore.



Saatva Sheets

3. Saatva Sheets

Price: $245.00

Highlights: 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, deep pockets to fit mattresses up to 16″ high, and machine-washable.

About Sheets: Crafted from the most luxurious, organic fabrics, these sheets have been designed with comfort and style in mind. These sheets are 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, so you’ll enjoy a softness that is unrivaled.

Every set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases — perfect for getting a good night’s sleep. And speaking of sleep, these sheets feature deep pockets to fit mattresses up to 16″ high – no matter how high you like to stack them up. Plus, Saatva Sheets are easy to care for – just machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low.



Nuzzie Sheets

4. Nuzzie Sheets

Price: $72.00

Highlights: A blend of French flax linen that gets softer with use, is incredibly sustainable, and comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors and designs.

About SheetsPerfectly crafted with a blend of French flax linen, these luxurious sheets are not only breathable, but they are also incredibly sustainable. Coming in a wide variety of beautiful colors and designs, you can elevate your bedroom with the utmost sophistication. In addition to being wonderfully stylish, these sheets will get softer as they are used more often, so you can enjoy the sublime comfort night after night.



BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets

5. BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets

Price: $188.10

Highlights: Made from 100% bamboo rayon, hypoallergenic, and a smart choice for the environment – lasting twice as long as traditional cotton sheets.

About SheetsMade from 100 percent bamboo rayon, these luxurious soft sheets offer features you won’t find in other products. Not only are these sheets lightweight and cozy, but they’re also hypoallergenic and a smart choice for the environment. Plus, they typically last twice as long as traditional cotton sheets – ensuring long nights of peaceful rest.



SHEEX Original Performance Sheets

6. SHEEX Original Performance Sheets

Price: $198.75

Highlights: A combination of polyester and spandex, offers incredible breathability and moisture-wicking, and gets softer with each wash.

About SheetsThese sheets combine polyester and spandex for incredible breathability and moisture-wicking. They are just as soft and comfortable as they are luxuriously lightweight, perfect for all seasons. Not to mention, they get softer with each wash. They also remain looking new longer than conventional fabrics due to their resistance to wrinkles, pilling, and fading.

And, of course, no bed is complete without a matching set of pillowcases. With nearly a dozen solid color options, you can effortlessly match your SHEEX sheets to your bedroom decor.



Gokotta Bamboo Rayon Sheets

7. Gokotta Bamboo Rayon Sheets

Price: $92.99

Highlights: Provides breathability and a cooling effect, 100% bamboo-rayon fabric, and moisture-wicking to keep you dry throughout the night.

About SheetsExperience the sleep of your dreams with Gokotta’s Bamboo Rayon Sheets. Perfect for hot sleepers looking to stay cool at night, these sheets provide breathability and a cooling effect so you can wake up refreshed.

Made from luxurious 100% bamboo rayon fabric, you’ll be blown away by how soft and lightweight they feel on your skin. Plus, it wicks away moisture to keep you dry all night.



Layla Bamboo Sheets

8. Layla Bamboo Sheets

Price: $99.00

Highlights: Two times the thread count of cotton, provides exceptional temperature control, and uses 20x less water to make than cotton.

About SheetsMade from two times the thread count of cotton, Layla Bamboo Sheets are the best cooling sheets you can find. It not only ensures an exceptionally luxurious feel but also provides temperature control better than any traditional cotton fabric.

This allows you to sleep cooler with no sweaty or clammy feeling as your night passes by. The best part is that it uses up to 20x less water to make compared to cotton, making it one of the most environment-friendly sheet sets on the market.



Comfort Spaces Coolmax Sheets

9. Comfort Spaces Coolmax Sheets

Price: $22.69

Highlights: CoolMAC microfiber, pulls away moisture and prevents sweat, and gives unparalleled cooling comfort throughout the night.

About SheetsThese exclusive and affordable sheets are specifically tailored to give you unparalleled cool comfort. They’re made with CoolMAX Microfiber, which will pull away any moisture and keep you sleeping like a baby all night long – no more sweaty frenzies.



Mellanni Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

10. Mellanni Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

Price: $37.97

Highlights: Extra-deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 21 inches deep, high-quality microfiber construction, and available in dozens of patterns and colorways.

About SheetsThese extra deep-pocket sheets are designed to fit any mattress up to 21 inches deep, including double pillowtop mattresses, deep memory foam toppers, extra-thick mattress toppers, air mattresses, and more.

The high-quality microfiber construction helps keep you cool all night long, so you can enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep like no other. Plus, they’re available in dozens of different patterns and colorways, making them a perfect fit for any bedroom décor.



Olive + Crate Eucalyptus Cooling Sheets

11. Olive + Crate Eucalyptus Cooling Sheets

Price: $99.99

Highlights: A blend of Tencel and Eucalyptus lyocell, temperature-regulating to keep you cool all night, and available in eight different colors.

About Sheets: Perfect for hot sleepers, these sheets are made from a blend of Tencel and eucalyptus lyocell, which is both breathable and temperature-regulating to keep you comfortably cool all night long. Available in 8 beautiful colors, you can easily upgrade your bedroom aesthetic without breaking the bank.



Cozy Earth Driftwood Bamboo Sheets

12. Cozy Earth Driftwood Bamboo Sheets

Price: $327.00

Highlights: Cooling properties, ethically produced, and utilizing industry-leading innovations in the luxury bedding market.

About SheetsSay goodbye to overheated, stuffy nights and say hello to drifting off in pure comfort with Cozy Earth’s Driftwood Bamboo Sheets. These are more than your run-of-the-mill sheets; they showcase superior quality and luxurious feel. Plus, they have the added benefit of cooling properties that help you get a good night’s rest.

We know you want only the best when it comes to how you sleep, which is why their team spent countless hours creating these cozy Driftwood Bamboo Sheets – none of which is outsourced or hidden from us. The close relationship with their suppliers also gives us an incredible advantage: they’re able to bring you ethically produced sheets that utilize industry-leading innovations in the luxury bedding market.



Sol Organics Percale Organic Sheets

13. Sol Organics Percale Organic Sheets

Price: $89.99

Highlights:  A percale fabric, crisp and cool to the touch, and a lightweight weave that keeps air circulating throughout the night.

About SheetsThese Sol Organics Percale Organic Sheets combine effortless breathability and lightweight comfort. If you’re looking for the best cooling sheets to get an inviting, restful night’s sleep, these are an excellent choice.

The percale fabric is crisp and cool to the touch, adding a refreshing feel against your skin throughout the night. These cotton sheets boast a matte finish and lightweight weave that keeps air circulating even on the warmest summer nights.



Brooklinen Classic Core Sheets

14. Brooklinen Classic Core Sheets

Price: $189.00

Highlights:  100% long-staple cotton, a 270-thread count weave, and an OEKO-TEX® certification with no harmful flame retardants.

About SheetsMade from 100% long-staple cotton and featuring a 270-thread count weave, they’re perfectly suited for hot sleepers who need some extra cooling comfort. What’s more, the “long” and “short” side labels make making the bed a breeze.

Instantly upgrade your sleeping situation with these high-end sheets, which feature OEKO-TEX® certification for chemical safety – no pesky or harmful flame retardants here. Available in a range of neutral colors, these hotel-grade sheets have got what it takes to have you sleeping in luxurious style – every single night.



California Design Den Cotton Sheets

15. California Design Den Cotton Sheets

Price: $54.99

Highlights: 400 thread-count, pure natural cotton that filters out impurities, and comes in a range of color options.

About SheetsThese California Design Den 400-thread-count cotton sheets offer both luxury and comfort for the ultimate bedroom experience. Experience a truly luxurious sleep with pure natural cotton designed to filter out impurities for maximum strength and sustainability.

These sheets are carefully crafted from 100% long-staple cotton yarns, delivering an irresistibly soft feel that will have you sleeping soundly every night. Plus, they come in a range of colors, so you can easily refresh your living space or find an excellent elegant essential to match any home décor.


Best Cooling Sheets Conclusion

At the end of the day, finding the best cooling sheets for you is all about personal preference. With this list of top 15 options, though, you can easily find something that fits your needs and offers an ideal level of comfort and temperature regulation.

This will allow you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, which equals a much better night’s sleep.

Is there a pair of cooling sheets that you think should be on this list but isn’t? Please feel free to share it below if so.