List of the Best Vodka Brands

Best Vodka Brands: Finding the Perfect Vodka Brands for You 

This list of the best vodka brands will highlight the drink of choice for many, and a drink that has been around for centuries. In some places, vodka is even akin to a national beverage. It originates from Poland and Russia and actually means “water” as it derives from the Russian word “voda.” There is a bit of controversy as to which country it was first produced in, but it’s more than likely that both countries were producing the beverage around the same time.
In this list of the best vodka brands, we have assembled the best choices from all around the world. From classics to up-and-comers, this list is sure to help you pick out the perfect vodka for you. Many of the vodkas on this list also come in a variety of flavors, ensuring that you always have something new to try.
So if vodka is your drink of choice, this list is for you. Also, make sure to check out our list of mixed drink recipes. The vodkas on this list would go perfectly with some of those mixed drink recipes.


Top 25 Vodka Brands:


Purity Vodka Brand

1. Purity Vodka

Distillery Location: Malmö, Sweden

Vodka Highlights: Made from Winter Wheat and Barley, Certified Organic, Distilled 34 Times

About Vodka Brand: A premium vodka brand out of Sweden, Purity Vodka consists of winter wheat and barley. Certified organic and distilled 34 times, Purity is an aptly named vodka.

Within each bottle of vodka, Purity focuses on “Character, complexity, and sophistication.” This is all made possible by Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen. So give the award-winning taste of Purity Vodka a try the next time you are in the mood for a smooth-tasting vodka.



Chopin Vodka Brand

2. Chopin Vodka

Distillery Location: Krzesk-Majątek, Poland

Vodka Highlights: Made from Potato, Rye, or Wheat Vodka (Three Different Options), Chocolate Infused Vodka

About Vodka Brand: Based out of Poland, Chopin Vodka only uses raw hand-selected ingredients. They are on the smaller side of distilleries, but their quality is right up there with any on this list. They are a 100% family-owned business currently in their second generation.

Unlike some of the other companies, Chopin owns a distillery and produces 100% of its alcohol from carefully selected materials. With several different options of vodka as well, you will be able to choose between potato, rye, and wheat vodka. And, if you are really adventurous, they even offer chocolate-infused vodka.



Crystal Head Vodka Brand

3. Crystal Head Vodka

Distillery Location:Newfoundland, Canada

Vodka Highlights: Made from Peaches and Cream Corn, No Additives, Filtered Seven Times

About Vodka Brand: Crystal Head Vodka consists of the highest quality peaches and cream corn. Along with the quality ingredients, the distilling process is top of the line as well. It is distilled four times, blended with water from Newfoundland, Canada, and then filtered seven times.

The filtering process is where Crystal Head gets its name from, as it is filtered through crystals known as Herkimer diamonds. This award-winning Vodka contains no additives as it tries to be one of the purest vodka brands in the world. Also, how cool would this crystal head bottle look in your liquor cabinet?



Wheatley Vodka Brand

4. Wheatley Vodka

Distillery Location: Frankfort, Kentucky

Vodka Highlights: Made from Wheat, Distilled Ten Times and Triple Filtered

About Vodka Brand: This artisanal American vodka was a natural choice for this list of the best vodka brands. With 200 years of distillery experience in the bag, and having the honor of being one of the world’s most awarded distilleries, this is a spirit producer you can trust. 

Wheatley Vodka is distilled ten times, triple filtered, and bottled at 82 proof. The finished product is a crisp and intense drink that has a slightly spicy taste that is sure to impress. Also, Wheatley Vodka only does small-batch brewing in their unique micro-stills. This will allow consumers to be able to trust the quality of each bottle.


Absolut Vodka Brand

5. Absolut Vodka

Distillery Location: Åhus, Sweden

Vodka Highlights: Made from Wheat, Very Popular Flavored Vodka Line

About Vodka Brand: Another Swedish vodka brand, Absolut, is famous worldwide. Along with their original vodka line, their flavored line is also popular and results in several unique flavors. Some of the flavors are lime, citron, peach, raspberry, and wild tea. Each of their great flavors will leave you wanting to try another one. So if you enjoy a good flavored vodka, you cannot miss Absolut’s line of great-tasting flavored vodkas.



Russian Standard Vodka Brand

6. Russian Standard Vodka

Distillery Location:St Petersburg, Russia

Vodka Highlights: Made from Winter Grains, Rich History, Russia’s Number One Premium Vodka

About Vodka Brand: Russian Standard vodka takes the science of making vodka to a whole new level as they have been perfecting vodka since the 1800s. Some of their bottles of vodka go through the distillation process an incredible 200 times.

Russian Standard is not only Russia’s number one premium vodka, but it is also a favorite around the world. So make sure that you give Russian Standard Vodka a try the next time you are in the mood for premium vodka.



Morrisons Five Times Distilled Vodka Brand

7. Morrisons Five Times Distilled Vodka

Distillery Location:Bradford, United Kingdom

Vodka Highlights: Made from Grain, Pure Tasting Vodka

About Vodka Brand: Morrisons Five Times Distilled is an English vodka that comes from one of the oldest distilleries in Brittain. Along with a great history, it has also received a number of awards as well. Clean and straightforward, this vodka is perfect for the purity lover. Their distilling process will “remove any harsh alcohol notes for a pure, clear vodka that’s a cut above.”



Sobieski Vodka Brand

8. Sobieski Vodka

Distillery Location:Gdański, Poland

Vodka Highlights: Made from Rye, Extremely Smooth Tasting

About Vodka Brand: Made from the finest rye, this vodka produced in Poland has a rich taste that goes down smooth. The process of making Sobieski Vodka shows why this is such a smooth-tasting vodka.

The process features Dankowski Rye from the fertile Mazowse fields, crystalline water from Oligocene springs, and a top-of-the-line distilling process. Also, like several of the other vodkas in this list, Sobieski offers differently flavored vodkas as well. You can choose from flavors like citron, vanilla, orange, and raspberry.



CÎROC Vodka Brand

9. CÎROC Vodka

Distillery Location:Cognac, France

Vodka Highlights: Made from Grapes, Highly Rated Flavored Vodka Selection

About Vodka Brand: Made more famous as of late by media icon P Diddy, CÎROC is a vodka that has roots all the way back to the 15th century. Also, CÎROC is one of the few vodkas out there that use grapes to make its vodka. The grapes are French and give CÎROC vodka a unique taste and flavor all its own.

You can try out the great CÎROC smooth taste with a variety of different flavors as well. French vanilla, mango, apple, pineapple, red berry, and peach highlight some of these flavors. So whether the traditional CÎROC taste piques your interest or one of their flavored bottles, give them a try the next time you are in the mood to drink vodka.



Belvedere Vodka Brand

10. Belvedere Vodka

Distillery Location: Żyrardów, Poland

Vodka Highlights: Made from Rye, Rated One of the Best Rye Vodkas in the World

About Vodka Brand: A top-of-the-line vodka brand out of Poland, Belvedere is one of the best rye vodkas in the world. Add in the well water and the four distillations used to make it, and Belvedere is in an elite class.

Belvedere vodka gets its name from Belweder, the Polish presidential palace located in Warsaw, Poland. This is the illustrated building shown on the front of the bottle. Introduced in 1993, Belvedere has been providing world-class vodka ever since.



Tito's Vodka Brand

11. Tito’s Vodka

Distillery Location: Austin, Texas (USA)

Vodka Highlights: Made from Yellow Corn, Each Batch is Taste Tested, Uses Old-Fashioned Distilling Pots

About Vodka Brand: An American brand located in Austin, Texas, Tito’s sells itself on being handmade. They use old-fashioned distilling pots to make their vodka, and their motto is, “if you are going to do something, do it right.” They also guarantee that each batch is taste-tested before distribution.

This is going to allow for excellent quality control on every batch of vodka that they make. Tito’s also uses their status to help the less fortunate out. So if you believe in supporting companies that give back, this is a great one to support.



Reyka Vodka Brand

12. Reyka Vodka

Distillery Location: Bogarnes, Iceland

Vodka Highlights: Made from Wheat and Barley, Filtration System Uses Water that Runs Through a 4,000-Year-Old Lava Field

About Vodka Brand: What separates Reyka vodka from the competition is the filtering system that they use. Their filtering water comes from an arctic spring that runs through a 4,000-year-old lava field. Hard to beat that when it comes to a filtration system. They also use a Carter-Head still, which allows for fantastic smoothness in the vodka. For a world-class vodka that is enjoyed by millions around the world, give Reyka vodka a try.



Grey Goose Vodka Brand

13. Grey Goose Vodka

Distillery Location: Picardy, France

Vodka Highlights: Made from Soft Winter Wheat, Offers a Variety of Different Flavored Vodkas

About Vodka Brand: A barroom staple, Grey Goose vodka hails from France and is easily one of the best vodka brands in the world. Grey Goose consists of distilled French wheat and a hint of cognac. Smooth and mixable, Grey Goose also offers a number of refreshing flavored vodkas. Some of the different flavored vodkas are L’Orange, Le Citron, Le Melon, and Cherry Noir. Grey Goose is going to be able to satisfy even the most discerning vodka drinkers.



Finlandia Vodka Brand

14. Finlandia Vodka

Distillery Location: Koskenkorva, Finland

Vodka Highlights: Made from Barley, One of the First Brands to Offer Fruit Flavored Vodka

About Vodka Brand: One of the leading imported vodka brands in Europe, Finlandia, is aptly named for its country of origin, Finland. It is also one of the first brands to produce fruit-flavored vodka. Today Finlandia offers several fruit-flavored vodka options that you consumers can choose from.

Flavors like mango, raspberry, coconut, and several others are all provided. So decide on your favorite flavor or the original and enjoy a bottle of Finlandia Vodka.



Hangar 1 Vodka Brand

15. Hangar 1 Vodka

Distillery Location: Alameda, California (USA)

Vodka Highlights: Made from Grapes and American Wheat, Seasonal Flavors Available

About Vodka Brand: Based out of California, Hangar 1 offers traditional vodka flavors, as well as seasonal flavors. The seasonal flavors consist of local ingredients that are unique to the area. They even have vodka made from “Californian Fog.” Along with offering great-tasting vodkas, they also provide tours of their distillery. So if you ever find yourself in California, make sure that you set aside time to visit the Hangar 1 distillery.



Smirnoff Vodka Brand

16. Smirnoff Vodka

Distillery Location: Several Locations Around the World

Vodka Highlights: Made from Corn, Rich History, Offers a Huge Selection of Flavors

About Vodka Brand: One of the world’s largest vodka brands, Smirnoff, offers several classic and flavored vodkas. And, its reputation as a house pour has led to worldwide popularity. If you have a home bar, Smirnoff definitely should be a staple.

Smirnoff began in Russia in 1864, but having to leave because of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir Smirnov settled in France. In France, he was able to revive the Smirnoff vodka brand and make it more prominent than ever. With a fascinating past and a great taste, Smirnoff is an excellent vodka.



Three Olives Vodka Brand

17. Three Olives Vodka

Distillery Location: Jersey City, New Jersey (USA)

Vodka Highlights: Made from Winter Wheat, Water is Sourced from England, More than 20 Different Flavors

About Vodka Brand: Three Olives Vodka is made out of quality grain and originates from the country of England. It is an affordable, quality vodka that is enjoyed all around the world. The vodka also has a pretty cool history as well.

The water that is used to make each bottle of vodka comes from a lake in Wales that is from a dam that flooded in 1888. Along with the original flavor, vodka drinkers can enjoy Three Olives Vodka in over 20 different flavors as well.



Ketel One Vodka Brand

18. Ketel One Vodka

Distillery Location: Schiedam, Netherlands

Vodka Highlights: Made from Wheat, Owned by 10th Generation Distillers

About Vodka Brand: Dutch conception, Ketel One is one of the cleanest vodka brands on the market. Ketel One is owned by 10th generation distillers that use a distillation process that has been perfected over the years. Their distillation process is going to focus on “fragrance, flavor, feel and finish.” So for pure, clean vodka, Ketel One is the way to go.



Luksusowa Vodka Brand

19. Luksusowa Vodka

Distillery Location: Zielona Góra, Poland

Vodka Highlights: Made from Potatoes, Pronounced LOOK-SOO-SO-VAH, One of the Oldest Polish Vodkas

About Vodka Brand: Made from potatoes, which in their opinion is “the manliest of all the vegetables,” Luksusowa means “luxurious” in Polish. It is triple distilled, filtered through charcoal, then blended with Artesian well water.

This premium vodka brand has been around since 1928 and has been receiving awards ever since. It is one of the top-selling potato vodkas, as well as one of the fastest-growing spirits brands in the world. So, whether you enjoy your vodka straight or in your favorite mixed drink, Luksusowa is one of the best vodka brands and is worth a try.



Skyy Vodka Brand

20. Skyy Vodka

Distillery Location: Pekin, Illinois

Vodka Highlights: Made from Grain, One of the Top Vodka Brands in the US

About Vodka Brand: With its distinctive blue bottle, Skyy vodka is one of the top domestic vodka brands in the US. Worldwide it also does well as it consistently ranks in the top ten for premium worldwide vodka sales. It is one of the “first vodkas made from American grains and water.”

The company uses an innovative distillation and filtration process that sets them apart from other vodka brands. So see if the masses have good taste and give it a try for yourself. Also, try one of Skyy’s flavor-infused bottles for a little added flavoring. Some of their infused flavors are pineapple, California apricot, citrus, and blood orange.



Stolichnaya Vodka Brand

21. Stolichnaya Vodka

Distillery Location: Riga, Latvia

Vodka Highlights: Made from Wheat and Rye Grain, Offers a Variety of Vodka Flavors

About Vodka Brand: Stolichnaya, or Stoli, is a classic Russian vodka. They are an international brand that offers a variety of flavored vodkas, as well as traditional clear vodka. Some of their different flavored vodkas are orange, blueberry, cucumber, and jalapeno.

These exciting flavorings are sure to help spice up your drink and your night. So whether you are looking for a traditional vodka flavor or a new flavored vodka to try out, look no further than Stoli.



Van Gogh Vodka Brand

22. Van Gogh Vodka

Distillery Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

Vodka Highlights: Made from Combinations of Wheat, Corn, and Barley, Offers Peanut Butter and Jelly Flavored Vodka

About Vodka Brand: A Dutch vodka, Van Gogh is one of the best vodkas in the world and offers a quality drink. Add in the unique flavor combinations (PB & J vodka, anyone?), and Van Gogh will keep you coming back for more. Tim Vos is the Master Distiller for Van Gogh and has taken the brand to a whole new level on the global market.

Their vodka is created from a premium blend of wheat and is double infused to bring out their signature flavor. For unique flavors and smooth, authentic taste, Van Gogh is going to be tough to beat.



Prairie Organic Vodka Brand

23. Prairie Organic Vodka

Distillery Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vodka Highlights: Made from Vintage Corn, Offers a Cucumber Flavored Vodka, Chemical Free

About Vodka Brand: With the motto of “nature leads, we follow,” Prairie Organic Vodka is all about doing things the natural way. Prairie Organic Vodka comes from organic corn that is free of gluten, harmful chemicals, and GMOs. Only the highest quality ingredients are going to be used.

This will allow you to know everything that you are putting into your body. The company currently supports organic farming and donates 1% of its sales to the Spirit of Change Fund. Their original flavor is excellent, but for an added kick, give their cucumber-flavored vodka a try.



Svedka Vodka Brand

24. Svedka Vodka

Distillery Location: Lidköping, Sweden

Vodka Highlights: Made from Wheat, 80 Proof, Comes in Multiple Flavors

About Vodka Brand: Distilled in Sweden, Svedka Vodka takes four pounds of locally grown winter wheat to make each bottle. Svedka Vodka began in 1998 and quickly became one of the largest imported vodka brands in the US.

What has led to this rapid growth and popularity is the quality and consistent taste in each bottle. So whether it is their traditional vodka or one of the many flavored vodkas that they offer, make sure that you give Svedka Vodka a try.



Jean-Marc XO Vodka Brand

25. Jean-Marc XO Vodka

Distillery Location: Cognac, France

Vodka Highlights: Made from Four French Wheat Grains, Only Vodka to Receive a Five Star Diamond Award

About Vodka Brand: Jean-Marc XO Vodka is one of the highest-rated and most awarded vodka brands out there. It has a 97 rating and is the only vodka ever to receive a Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Science.

Jean-Marc XO Vodka is made in France by master distiller Jean-Marc Daucourt. The vodka is distilled nine times and goes through a winemaking technique that allows it to achieve its award-winning taste.


Best Vodka Brands Conclusion

There are a lot of different vodka brands out there. So it can be hard to determine what is worth your purchase or not. This list of the best vodka brands will remove all of that confusion. You will be able to immediately know what vodka brands are going to be for you. Whether you’re new to vodka and looking for the best brand to try, or you’re an experienced connoisseur of the beverage, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with this list!
So grab a bottle of vodka from this list that best appeals to you, and enjoy a relaxing drink or an exciting night with friends. You could even have your own tasting party! Pick a few vodkas from the ones suggested above and let your friends decide for themselves which brand appeals to them most. Also, if you enjoy whiskey as well, make sure to visit our list of the best whiskey brands as well.
Do you have a favorite vodka brand that isn’t on this list, but you think it should be? Let us know in the comments below. We would be glad to check it out.