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Best Apps for Kids

Every parent with a smartphone or tablet knows the all too familiar question – “Can I play on your phone?” For these parents, having a good selection of kid’s apps is crucial, especially if a long trip is in order. In this list of the best apps for kids we have compiled quality apps that will keep your kids happy and busy, and when kids are happy that means mom and dad are happy!

While all of the apps on this list are fun and entertaining you can also check out our list of the best educational apps for kids for even more ideas! The apps on this list will still have your kids clamoring to play, but while they play they can learn a thing or two from a wide variety of subject areas.


List of the Best Apps for Kids



The Amazing Quest, The Forgotten Treasure


The Amazing Quest, The Forgotten Treasure (link)

Best suited for children ages 6 to 10, The Amazing Quest, The Forgotten Treasure allows children to create the scenes of various adventures (the Old West and ancient Egypt for example) all while trying to reach a treasure. The app rings in at $4.99.




Fun for Kids – Puzzles


Fun for Kids – Puzzles (link)

With a variety of puzzles, graphics, and levels Fun for Kids – Puzzles is a free app that offers in-app purchases. Best for younger children this app is for fun only – no scores or times are displayed. Be warned, however, you may just be playing this app when the kids are not around.




Mrs. Potato Head – Create & Play


Mrs. Potato Head – Create & Play (link)

Ideal for kids ages five and under, the Mrs. Potato Head app provides hours of mix and match creation time and is great at encouraging creativity. At $4.99 the app is little pricey, but it is high quality. Kids who enjoy creating things will definitely get a kick out of this app.




Princess Fairy Tale Maker


Princess Fairy Tale Maker (link)

The Princess Fairy Take Maker app is a dream come true for younger, artistic children. In the app kids create their own fairy tale by choosing a scene and character and then drawing on the scene and creating their own voices and noises. The app is reasonably priced at $1.99 and allows your budding movie producer a chance to showcase his or her talents.




Toca Kitchen 2


Toca Kitchen 2 (link)

Better than ever, Toca Kitchen 2 allows children (suggested ages 6-8) to be creative in a virtual kitchen using all of the ingredients and tools found in most kitchens. Creations can even be fed to characters (complete with reactions) and the app is reasonably priced at $2.99.






LEGO DUPLO Train (link)

Perfect for inquisitive toddlers, the free Lego Duplo Train app allows kids to drive Lego trains from station to station, all while loading and unloading, refueling, and building new tracks and bridges. If you have a toddler who loves repetition this is a perfect game.




Disney Animated


Disney Animated (link)

While the Disney Animated app is a bit pricey ($9.99), it is an extremely high-quality app that provides a hands-on educational glimpse into Disney’s storied animation history. Best suited for older kids, the only caution is the file size (1.78 GB) – those with space concerns will probably want to avoid this app.




Talking Magic Rabbit


Talking Magic Rabbit (link)

A free ‘talking’ app, kids will delight in interacting with the talking magic rabbit. Kids can interact, dress, and provide different backdrops for the Talking Magic Rabbit, but be careful of the in-app purchases. And, if you aren’t ready to make the commitment to get a pet yet, Talking Magic Rabbit may be able to stave off pet requests from your kids for a little while longer.




Crossy Road


Crossy Road (link)

Ideal for older children (and adults!), the Crossy Road app is a simple app that is a lot of fun. The point of the game is get a chicken to cross various obstacles (highways, rivers, etc.) without being scooped up by a renegade eagle or other impediments. The game is free, but does offer in-app purchases.






DragonVale (link)

Best suited for kids ages 6-9, Dragon Vale is an app that lets kids take care of pet dragons. Kids can “breed”, collect, and name their dragon pets and even compete in dragon races. The app is free, but there are in-app purchases.



Best Apps for Kids Conclusion

With smartphones becoming more and more a part of life and being used by younger and younger children, we thought it was important to provide a list of apps that were going to be a good fit for your kids. With this list of the best apps for kids, we wanted to provide a variety of quality apps to choose from for both age and style of gameplay.

Hopefully, you were able to find a couple of quality apps from this list that will fit what you are looking for with your kids. If you have used any of these apps already, we would love to hear your personal feedback on them in the comments below.



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