Best House Pets: The Top 25 List

Best House Pets


Best House Pets: Finding the Perfect Companion and Friend

Whether you are looking for a house pet based on space or just not sure what type of pet you would like to get, this list of the best house pets is going to provide you a variety of house friendly pets to choose from.

In this list, we have showcased a variety of pets, including tried and true pet favorites and some more exotic pets. So hopefully you will be able to find your next furry, scaly, or slimy best friend!

Also, if you have personal experience with one of the house pets on our list, please provide us with your pet perspective – you may just help someone find his or her perfect friend!


Top 25 House Pets:




Persian Cat


Persian Cat (link)

Docile, yet playful, the Persian Cat gets along quite well with children and other pets. Persians also enjoy human attention, making them an ideal house pet for owners who like to spoil their pets. The long hair of the Persian, however, does require regular grooming.







Ferret (link)

Looking at a ferret you will quickly realize that along with being cute; they are also very intelligent. Not only cute and intelligent, ferrets can also be very sociable, friendly, and affectionate if trained correctly. Ferrets will require some ferret-proofing to your house, but they can be litter trained, are easy to feed, and are able to get the needed exercise running around your home.




Siamese Fighting Fish


Siamese Fighting Fish (link)

One of the easiest house pets on this list, Siamese Fighting Fish make a beautiful house companion. With a variety of different colors and patterns, these fish can be stunning to look at. Unfortunately though, these fish do not get along well with each other and males cannot be kept in the same tank without a divider.






Hedgehog (link)

When you think of a hedgehog, you may not immediately think house pet, but if you are looking for something different than a guinea pig, gerbil, etc. a hedgehog is going to make a great option. Weighing between 6 ounces and 2 pounds, hedgehogs are not going to be large and will not need an expansive cage to live in. They do have prickly needles but are able to be held with a little bit of training.




Hermit Crab


Hermit Crab (link)

Hermit crabs can make the perfect housemate as they are small and easy to take care of. They do require a heated cage and do best with several other hermit crab roommates, but outside of regular feeding and an occasional cage cleaning, Hermit crabs are pretty low maintenance.




Sugar Glider


Sugar Glider (link)

It may surprise you to learn that sugar gliders are in the same family as the kangaroo and the koala bear. Sugar gliders are not part of the rodent family and are considered to be as smart as some dog breeds, which means that if appropriately trained, they will come when called and can even do tricks. Sugar gliders are also known to bond with their owners and even other pets that you may have.








Gerbil (link)

If you are looking for a smaller pet that is also very sociable, a Gerbil may be the right choice for you. After gaining their trust, you will be able to pick up and handle your gerbil. Gerbils do not require a large cage space either. As long as you have an exercise ball in the cage so that they can let out all of their energy, they will be good to go.







Rabbit (link)

Rabbits are going to require a little more maintenance than some of the house pets on this list, but they are very social and enjoy human interaction. So if you are looking for a pet to consistently interact with that is of a smaller size, a Rabbit may be the perfect choice for you.






Parakeet (link)

If you are thinking of parakeets as a stay in the cage bird, you would be wrong. After bird-proofing your home, of course, you will be able to let out your parakeet, and they will be able to get all the exercise that they need inside your home. They are also very sociable and after a while may prefer to sit on your shoulder. Parakeets are also very smart and can mimic a variety of words as well.







Chinchilla (link)

The Chinchilla is an interesting pet that requires a minimal amount of maintenance. They have a soft plush fur and do not put off an unpleasant smell as some rodents do. Chinchillas are also very inquisitive. Chinchillas do need a little bit larger of a cage to live in, but they are easy to entertain, feed, and take care of, if done the correct way.




Teacup Pig


Teacup Pig (link)

Just looking at a Teacup Pig it is hard to imagine how anyone wouldn’t want one, they are so cute! Teacup Pigs are smart too, they can be litter box trained, and some even enjoy watching TV. Teacup pigs are also able to get along with other animals as well, so their best friend may be your cat or dog.

Ragdoll Cat (link)

More interested in their human owners than many other cat breeds, Ragdoll Cats are ideal house pets. Ragdolls are also low maintenance and well-behaved, and with their striking blue eyes, they are truly handsome house pets.





Pomeranian Dog


Pomeranian (link)

Intelligent, affectionate, and lively, the Pomeranian is a lovable house pet. Its small size and thick coat make it well-suited for indoor living, and although small in size, the Pomeranian also makes an excellent watchdog. For even more great dog breed options, make sure you checkout our list of the best dog breeds.




Syrian Hamster


Syrian Hamster (link)

A first-rate house pet for both children and adults, the Syrian Hamster is one of the most common hamster breeds. While most active during the night, the Syrian Hamster can be playful and energetic during daytime hours as well. The Syrian Hamster can be territorial; however, so a home away from other hamsters is ideal.





Bearded Dragon Lizard


Bearded Dragon Lizard (link)

The Bearded Dragon Lizard does very well in captivity, and with its easy-going disposition, it makes an ideal house pet. The “Beardie,” as it is sometimes affectionately referred to, is also an omnivore, making feeding time easier. Its small size also means it can be comfortably housed in a medium-sized terrarium.





Small turtle isolated on a white background


Painted Turtle (link)

A beautiful and colorful animal, the Painted Turtle is an aquatic turtle. As such, the Painted Turtle requires a larger tank with both wet and dry areas. With proper accommodations and care, however, the Painted Turtle can provide many years of enjoyment.





Guinea Pig


Guinea Pig (link)

Social and active, guinea pigs are usually good family pets. Although they require larger cages than most hamsters, guinea pigs are often quite tame. Guinea pigs also have a lifespan of 5-7 years, making them a relatively hardy house pet.






Canary (link)

Because they do not require much care, canaries are an ideal bird choice for new pet owners. Canaries are also not very social birds, so a solitary canary will be just fine. For better quality singing choose a male canary.






Pug (link)

Loyal, animated, and well-behaved, the Pug is a great house pet. While Pugs are sometimes prone to health problems, they are not high maintenance in regards to exercise and grooming. Pugs also tend to adapt well to children and guests.





Ball Python


Ball Python (link)

Much smaller than other pythons, the Ball Python is docile, making it an ideal beginner snake. Ball Pythons also typically only need to be fed once a week, making them very low-maintenance.



Best House Pets Conclusion

Whether you are looking for something furry or slithery, this list of the best house pets should have you covered. Our goal with this list was to provide some different animals that would not only be good housemates but also on the easier side to take care of.

The animals listed above have different personalities, tendencies, and needs, so hopefully, one of these house pets is going to fall into exactly what you are looking for in a new roommate. If you have had experience with one or more of these house pets, please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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