Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers: Finding the Perfect Mattress for You

With the right mattress, it’s possible to provide your body with cushioning and support to ensure a comfortable sleep experience while helping to maintain good posture. It all starts with finding the right mattress, though, and that is where this list of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers can help you out.

This list of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers will highlight the top options and will allow you to find the perfect mattress for you. Whether you are looking for a certain type of material or a specific brand of mattress, this list will have what you need. 

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Top 12 Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers:



Lull Mattress

1. Lull Mattress

Price: $499.00

Highlights: Premium materials and advanced construction, an excellent balance between firmness and softness, and added edge support.

About Mattress: Boasting a unique design, these mattresses are made to provide the deep sleep and comfort that you’ve been missing. With premium materials and advanced construction, Lull creates an excellent balance between firmness and softness for optimal spinal alignment that adapts to your sleeping posture and helps reduce pressure points.

Plus, added edge support allows for the full utilization of the sleeping surface so you can rest peacefully night after night.

Say goodbye to tossing and turning with Lull Mattress. This one-of-a-kind design provides everything that stomach sleepers need for maximum comfort and relief all night long. And, with their convenient ordering process and hassle-free delivery experience, all that is left to do is start enjoying your new sleep sanctuary.



Loom and Leaf Mattress

2. Loom & Leaf Mattress

Price: $1895.00

Highlights: Crafted from renewable oils, an exclusively nationwide manufacturing network, and plush layers of memory foam.

About Mattress: Introducing Loom & Leaf—one of the best mattresses for your stomach sleeping needs. Not only is this mattress beautiful and comfortable with its plush layers of memory foam, but it’ll also have you feeling great about spending eight hours a night in your own bed, knowing that you’ve made an eco-friendly choice.



Leesa Mattress

3. Leesa Mattress

Price: $1099.00

Highlights: An exclusive top layer that keeps you cool, premium memory foam, and GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US Certified material.

About Mattress: Designed specifically for stomach sleepers in mind, this top-of-the-line mattress features an exclusive top layer that keeps you cool throughout the night. With premium memory foam that automatically molds to your body shape and relieves pressure points, it’s like being enveloped in a cloud of luxurious comfort.

Plus, its GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US Certified material means it’s not only incredibly comfortable but also environmentally friendly and safe for your family.



Dreamcloud Mattress

4. Dreamcloud Mattress

Price: $899.00

Highlights: A dreamy blend of memory foam and individually wrapped springs, cashmere-topped, and eight layers of high-quality materials.

About Mattress: The cashmere-topped mattress is designed with master craftsmanship, yet without the expensive markup. Perfect for stomach sleepers looking for a plush surface to rest upon, this mattress provides all the support and comfort for a great night’s sleep.

Its unique construction features eight layers of high-quality material specifically designed to help alleviate pressure points, creating a superior sleeping environment. Sink into your own perfect cloud of heavenly bliss known as the DreamCloud mattress. Not only does it provide superior support for stomach sleepers, but it promises to make your sleeping experience more enjoyable than ever before.



Awara Mattress

5. Awara Mattress

Price: $1099.00

Highlights: Natural Dunlop latex, individually wrapped coil springs, and tested several times throughout the production process.

About Mattress: This is one of the most luxurious mattresess for stomach sleepers. Not only does it feature premium materials from leading manufacturers around the world, such as natural Dunlop latex and individually wrapped coil springs in a hybrid design, but each and every material is hand-selected, tested several times throughout the production process, and inspected carefully before being shipped out.



Amerisleep Mattress

6. Amerisleep Mattress

Price: $1299.00

Highlights: At least two inches of foam, a latex hybrid option, an extra bit of buoyancy and bounce, and crafted with quality materials.

About Mattress: These hybrid mattresses feature at least two inches of foam that provide a contouring and cradling feel. That means you get the bounciness of a traditional innerspring mattress – which many stomach sleepers find comforting – plus the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam for maximum comfort.

And if you’re looking for something with an extra bit of buoyancy and bounce, they also offer latex hybrids. At Amerisleep, finding the ideal mattress is made simple. This state-of-the-art mattresses are crafted with quality materials so that they last longer while providing better support.



Molecule Mattress

7. Molecule Mattress

Price: $899.00

Highlights: MOLECULEedge foam encased coils, a copper-infused gel for superior breathability, and keeps motion transfer to a minimum.

About Mattress: Join the many stomach sleepers who have found a world of comfort and support in the CopperWELL Hybrid Mattress. Its combination of MOLECULEedge foam encased coils, and copper-infused gel provides superior breathability and advanced edge support while keeping motion transfer to a minimum, resulting in more restful sleep.

Plus, its open-cell construction keeps you cool all night. Rest assured you’ll never feel like you’re rolling off this mattress.



Nectar Mattress

8. Nectar Mattress

Price: $699.00

Highlights: Layers of premium cooling materials, a 365-night trial available so you can test through all of the seasons, and a Forever Warranty™.

About Mattress: Nectar is setting the standard for long-lasting comfort and support. This award-winning memory foam mattress was designed with stomach sleepers in mind, featuring layers of premium cooling materials that ensure you’ll find just the right balance between cushiony comfort and necessary support.

Unlike other mattresses, they offer a 365-night trial to make sure their product is right for you. You can rest assured knowing that they stand behind their construction and craftsmanship for as long as you own your mattress with their Forever Warranty™.



Nolah Mattress

9. Nolah Mattress

Price: $1599.00

Highlights: A 12-inch AirFoam construction, complete neck, hip, and shoulder support, and delivered right to your door in a compressed box.

About Mattress: This revolutionary bedding option is an excellent choice for stomach sleepers, providing luxurious comfort with its 12 inch AirFoam️ construction. With advanced layers of innovative AirFoam™ foam, this mattress provides complete neck, hip, and shoulder support to keep your spine properly aligned.

Plus, it’s delivered right to your door in a conveniently compressed box. The Nolah Mattress is also 20% thicker than other plush mattresses due to its core base and features an unbleached cotton cover with a diamond pattern that is 300% more durable – helping you stay cool under heated conditions.



Puffy Mattress

10. Puffy Mattress

Price: $999.00

Highlights: An added layer of pocketed coils, a contouring foam for superior spine support, and ultimate cooling comfort with breathable foams.

About Mattress: With an added layer of pocketed coils and contouring foam to promote superior comfort and spine support, this mattress has also been endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association and received multiple industry awards for back pain relief.

Experience restful nights ahead with the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress. It provides ultimate cooling comfort while keeping your spine aligned and reducing any back pain or discomfort you may be experiencing. An array of breathable foams helps maintain an optimal temperature, while its individually pocketed coils give extra cushioning as well as promote pressure point relief that lasts throughout each sleep session.

Thanks to the unique firmness level grading system, you never have to worry about whether the mattress is too hard or too soft because it’s just right. A custom alignment layer also ensures sensitive areas are supported correctly for maximum comfort during slumber no matter what sleeping position (whether it’s face down or face up) adds even more luxury and indulgence to this already extraordinary mattress.



Saatva Mattress

11. Saatva Mattress

Price: $1495.00

Highlights: Three inches of plush, cushiony Euro pillow top material, a dual-coil design made of recycled carbon steel, and Lumbar Zone® Technology for spine alignment.

About Mattress: This mattress is designed with three inches of plush, cushiony Euro pillow top material, providing pressure-point relief while you lay down on your stomach. To ensure support that lasts, the mattress boasts a dual-coil design made of recycled carbon steel – tempered three times for incredible durability.

But that’s not all… Saatva also features Lumbar Zone® Technology, which helps to deliver healthy spinal alignment and back support regardless of your sleeping position.

All of this comfort comes without overheating – thanks to the naturally breathable organic cotton cover, as well as the mattress’ dual-coil design, which helps to disperse body heat, allowing for a cooler night’s sleep.



Siena Sleep Mattress

12. Siena Sleep Mattress

Price: $349.00

Highlights: Provides the ultimate support for your body, high-quality materials, and helps you sleep soundly through the night.

About Mattress: If you’re a stomach sleeper looking for an excellent mattress, look no further than Siena Sleep. These mattresses are designed to provide the ultimate support for your body and make sure you sleep soundly, night after night.


Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers Conclusion

When it comes to finding the best mattress for stomach sleepers, there are plenty of options on the market. From memory foam mattresses to hybrid and innerspring mattresses, there are a lot of choices to sift through. The key is to find a mattress that provides sufficient support while cushioning your body to avoid spinal misalignment.

This list of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers highlights some of the top options, which will help to save you time and will help you find the perfect mattress for you. With the right mattress in place, you’ll enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience with improved posture.

If you have tried any of these mattresses before, we would love to hear your feedback below in the comments.