Swiss Ball Exercises: 21 Exercises You Need To Try

Swiss Ball Exercises


Swiss Ball Exercises: Strengthening and Stabilizing

If you are a regular gym goer there is a good chance that you have used a Swiss ball or stability ball before, but you most likely are unaware of all the different cool exercises that you can do with them. They are great for core strengthening, stretching, working out specific body part, working on stabilizer muscles to help prevent injury, and more.

Whether you are a fitness expert or not, this list of Swiss ball exercises will provide you with some great exercises to try next time you workout.

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21 Swiss Ball Exercises You Need to Try:





Swiss Ball Ab Rollout

Similar to using an ab roller wheel, the Swiss ball ab rollout exercise is going to allow you to tone and strengthen your core. This is a great exercise because you are able to adjust the difficulty of the exercise by how far you roll out each time.





Swiss Ball High Knees Crunch

Great for working on cardio and improving your core, the Swiss ball high knees crunch is going to allow you to get your body moving. This is a great exercise to do at the beginning of a workout to help you get loose and warmed up. You can adjust the difficulty of this exercise by how far you lower the Swiss ball each time. Also, try speeding up the high knees to work more on cardio.




Swiss Ball Oblique Leg Raises

Similar to the high knees crunch exercise, this Swiss Ball exercise is going to work on your obliques and your cardio. Also great as an exercise to help start get your workout going, you may want to consider doing them back to back. For this exercise you can either execute all of the repetitions for one side of your body and then switch, or you can alternate each time.




Swiss Ball Feet Up Crunch

A take on the traditional ab crunch exercise, this Swiss ball exercise is going to allow you to incorporate some foot movement into the exercise and really allow you to isolate your abdominal muscles. Make sure that you are using your core to help lift your back up off of the ground, don’t jerk yourself up.





Swiss Ball Ab Toe Touches

You may have done toe touches while on the ground, but with the Swiss ball you are really going to be forced to develop those stabilizer muscles as you go through the exercise. If you are looking for those sometimes elusive six pack abs, this is one Swiss ball exercise that should definitely be added to your workout.





Swiss Ball Pike Ups

Another great full core exercise, the Swiss ball pike up is going to allow you to strengthen and tone your entire midsection. This is a little bit more of an advanced Swiss ball exercise, but if you are looking to challenge yourself in the gym, give this exercise a try and you will definitely start noticing the difference in your abs.





Swiss Ball Hold Toe Touches

If you are a regular gym goer you most likely have already seen someone doing this Swiss ball exercise, that is because of how well it works! A big key to this exercise is nice and controlled movements. You are going to start with your back flat on the ground with the Swiss ball above your head (image A). Bring the Swiss ball forward, and at the same time, use your core to lift your back up off the ground and bring one of your legs straight up in the air to meet the ball. Now lower yourself back down to image A and then repeat, switch legs each time.




Swiss Ball Reverse Pike Ups

If done correctly, this is one Swiss ball exercise that is really going to help you develop those killer six pack abs. Once again though, it is all about having controlled body movements and not jerking yourself upwards. Add the Swiss ball reverse pike up exercise to your workout plan and your abs will thank you, well when they are done being sore that is.




Swiss Ball Oblique Crunch Twist

Another pretty common Swiss ball exercise at the gym, and one that is definitely worth adding to your workout. The oblique crunch twist on the Swiss ball will really allow you to isolate your obliques and help you get that nice toned V that leads down to your waist. Along with toning, this exercise is great for working on strengthening your core, which will help to protect your lower back.



Swiss Ball Toe Touch Planks

Traditional planks can get pretty boring at times. This Swiss ball exercise is going to take the common plank exercise and put a twist on it that is not only going to keep it more “fun” but also really help to tone and strengthen your core. By taking one leg off of the Swiss ball you will really have to use your core and other leg to help stabilize yourself, which is what makes this such a great exercise.






Swiss Ball Push Ups

When you think push ups you think chest. However, with the Swiss ball push ups exercise you are really going to be focusing on your shoulders primarily. When doing the push up motion, the Swiss ball is going to force you to help stabilize it. This is really going to allow for developing added strength and improving muscle tone. This exercise is also going to help work on core as it is an elevated plank as well.




Swiss Ball Bridge

Toning your glutes and hamstrings has never been easier than with the Swiss ball bridge exercise. As you get up into the bridge position you will be forced you use your legs and core to help you stabilize the ball. So not only will you be holding yourself in the bridge position, you will also be developing all of your stabilizer muscles as well.




Swiss Ball Alternating Bridge

Feeling like a challenge? This is an advanced version of the previous exercise that will really force your muscles to work overtime. Having only one foot on the Swiss ball at a time will really force your muscles to work hard when trying to stabilize the Swiss ball. This just means though that your legs and core are getting that much more of a workout.





Swiss Ball Superman Exercise

Great for strengthening your lower back, the Swiss ball superman exercise is really going to allow you to isolate your lower back muscles. This superman exercise is traditionally a yoga pose, but by adding in the Swiss ball and using your legs to squeeze it tight as you go through the exercise, you will add in that extra level of difficulty.





Swiss Ball Lower Back Raises

Focusing on your lower back and hamstrings, this Swiss ball exercise is going to help you elongate and then strengthen the muscles involved. This is not a very difficult exercise, but it is great for helping to strengthen and protect your lower back. When doing this exercise really focus on nice and controlled movements as you raise and lower yourself. Try a pause at the top between repetitions to make this exercise a little bit more difficult.





Swiss Ball Lower Back Stretch

Don’t underestimate the power of stretching, especially when it comes to your back muscles. Anyone that has ever experienced back tightness and stiffness knows how easily it can lay you low. So whether you are finishing a good workout with a stretch, or taking advantage of getting a good stretch at home, make sure you add in this lower back stretch.





Swiss Ball Hamstring Stretch

If you have already mastered being able to touch your toes on the ground, try adding in a Swiss ball to stretch your hamstrings. The added elevation will increase the difficulty and the need to help stabilize the ball will also help with improving the traditional seated hamstring stretch.




Swiss Ball Side Hamstring Stretch

With this Swiss ball exercise you will be able to stretch your hamstrings, hips, and back in all directions. This Swiss ball stretch is going to help assist you with being able to stretch forward and side to side. You may have done this stretch while sitting on the ground before, but adding in the Swiss ball is a game changer.




Swiss Ball Supine Stretch

Another great back stretch, this Swiss ball supine stretch is really going to allow you to improve your back flexibility. If you commonly experience back stiffness, this is a great exercise to add your workout routine. This stretch pairs well with the next Swiss ball stretch on this list, so make sure that you checkout that one as well.





Swiss Ball Rollover Stretch

This stretch is pretty easy to do as you simply roll your feet over your head and allow gravity to do the rest. Just because this stretch is easy to do though doesn’t mean that it isn’t highly beneficial. This stretch is going to be great for elongating your back muscles and for allowing your back to get a nice relaxed stretch.





Swiss Ball Reverse Bridge Stretch

After doing all of the great Swiss ball ab exercises in this list you are going to want to stretch out your core. This reverse bridge stretch is going to allow you to do just that. You will be able to gently relax your body on the Swiss ball and allow gravity to help stretch your abs and your lower back out.



Swiss Ball Exercises Conclusion

The Swiss ball is an exercise tool that everyone should be using on a regular basis. They are not expensive or bulky, so you could literally pull a Swiss ball out and do a workout while watching TV at home. Spend time a few days a week with some of these different exercises and your body will be thanking you in no time.

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Also, if there are any Swiss ball exercises that you love and think should’ve made this list, please let us know in the comments below so we can check them out .



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