Best GPS Tracking Collars

Best GPS Tracking Collars: Finding the Perfect GPS Tracking Collar for You

GPS tracking collars are becoming increasingly popular as a way to keep tabs on your furry friend. With this list of the best tracking collars and the technology that they offer, you can locate your pet in the event of them going missing and track their whereabouts when on an adventure.

This list of the best GPS tracking collars will highlight the top options and will allow you to find the perfect collar for you. With this list, you can have better peace of mind as to where your pet is at all times and can make sure that they are safe and sound.

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Top 10 GPS Tracking Collars:



Tractive GPS Collar

1. Tractive GPS Collar

Price: $49.99

Highlights: Lightweight and waterproof, real-time updates via a compatible iOS and Android app, and alerts you if your pet leaves their designated safe zones.

About GPS Tracking CollarDo you stress out when your pet is roaming too far away? With Tractive GPS LTE, that worry can be a thing of the past. The lightweight, waterproof tracker will help you keep a watchful eye on your furry friend. You’ll get real-time updates via the compatible iOS and Android app or browser, plus alerts if your pet leaves their designated safe zones.



Spot On GPS Collar

2. Spot On GPS Collar

Price: $1295.00

Highlights: It lets you create an invisible fence around your home, real-time tracking, and battery life that lasts up to 7 days between charges.

About GPS Tracking CollarDesigned to make it easier to keep track of your dog’s movements, this revolutionary collar is packed with advanced GPS technology that lets you create an invisible fence around your home. With the SpotOn collar, your pup can roam freely and safely without worrying about getting lost or into mischievous situations.

The SpotOn remote allows you to stay updated at all times, too – with real-time tracking, a range that covers up to 1 km, and battery life between charges up to 7 days – without being too intrusive or difficult to use.



Whistle GO Explore GPS Tracker

3. Whistle GO Explore GPS Tracker

Price: $109.53

Highlights: Real-time updates on your pup’s location, immediate notification if they leave their designated safe space, and features that track your dog’s health and behavior.

About GPS Tracking CollarThis top-of-the-line tracker utilizes AT&T’s powerful wireless network and Google Maps to provide you with real-time updates on your pup’s location. With Whistle, you can now rest assured that if ever your furry family member wanders off their designated safe space, you’ll be immediately notified.

But Whistle Go Explore isn’t just about keeping tabs on your pals’ whereabouts – it also excels at helping them reach their physical activity goals. With features meant to track and improve your dog’s health and behavior, this tracker makes monitoring your pup a breeze – something only experienced by Rover testers first-hand.



Fi Smart Dog Collar

4. Fi Smart Dog Collar

Price: $149.00

Highlights: GPS and LTE antennas, quick escape detection, and a durable construction that offers reliable performance and long battery life.

About GPS Tracking CollarThis collar is designed to provide you the ultimate in peace of mind. With its improved GPS and LTE antennas, Fi offers precise location tracking and quick escape detection. Its durable construction offers reliable performance and long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it all the time.

Plus, it features plenty of health and social features that let you keep tabs on your furry friend from anywhere.



Jiobit GPS Tracker

5. Jiobit GPS Tracker

Price: $129.99

Highlights: Equipped with AI learning capabilities, it alerts you if their routine looks different, and is lightweight enough that your pet won’t notice it.

About GPS Tracking CollarThis amazing device is so lightweight that your furry friend won’t even notice it, making it perfect for pets of all sizes. It comes with a shorter battery life than many other pet trackers on the market, helping you ensure that your buddy never goes too far.

Not only does the Jiobit track your pet’s whereabouts, but it also equips them with AI learning capabilities. That means it can remember and understand your furry friend’s routine, alerting you if something looks different. In other words, you can easily stay in the loop about your pet’s behavior and have peace of mind if they end up wandering off.



FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

6. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

Price: $99.95

Highlights: Lightweight and waterproof, compatible with any flat collar up to 1.5 inches wide, and tracks sleep quality, calories burned, and skin conditions.

About GPS Tracking CollarThis lightweight and waterproof device is perfect for adding peace of mind when you can’t be there with your pup. Compatible with any flat collar up to 1.5 inches wide, the FitBark provides accurate location tracking as well as important insights into your pup’s overall health, such as sleep quality, calories burned, and skin conditions.

It also boasts an impressive 10-20 day battery life, so you won’t have to worry about changing batteries too often. And with its alarm system, you’ll get alerts when your dog leaves the designated safe area (a Wi-Fi network).



Apple AirTag

7. Apple AirTag

Price: $29.00

Highlights: A GPS tracker that can track things miles away, a quick whistling sound when used near your iPhone or iPad, and a secure Bluetooth connection.

About GPS Tracking CollarThrough its cutting-edge technology, AirTag will make a quick whistling sound to give you a precise location when used nearby with your iPhone or iPad. And if your pup is more than 30 feet away from you? Don’t worry — thanks to its secure Bluetooth connection with other iPhones in the area, you’ll be able to easily find exactly where they are.



Link Pet Tracker

8. Link Pet Tracker

Price: $119.00

Highlights: A selection of vinyl wraps in vibrant patterns and pastel colors, allows you to use vibration and sound cues to help shape behavior, and app-based remote connection.

About GPS Tracking CollarMake the most of life with your four-legged friends with the Link pet tracker. Bringing together style and smarts, this innovative accessory tracks your pet’s movements while offering easy access to training tools. For a chic touch, choose from a selection of vinyl wraps in vibrant patterns and pastel colors – no compromises necessary.

Much more than just a GPS tracking collar, the Link allows you to use vibration and sound cues to help shape the behavior of your pup. With an app-based remote connection, you can easily reward these good behaviors with treats or toys for miles.



Garmin GPS Dog Collar

9. Garmin GPS Dog Collar

Price: $299.99

Highlights: Embedded into a collar, you can locate your pup up to nine miles away, and only one handheld device is needed for multiple pets.

About GPS Tracking CollarThis incredibly sophisticated tracking device is embedded into a collar, equipped with an antenna that can locate your pup up to nine miles away. No wifi or cell network is required for its use – perfect for those living in areas without access to service.

Best of all, if you have multiple furry friends, you only need one handheld device to keep track- making it a great investment.



GeoZilla GPS Tracker

10. GeoZilla GPS Tracker

Price: $59.99

Highlights: An easy slide-on punch that fits medium and large collars, lightweight and small to not bother your pet, and reasonably accurate readings.

About GPS Tracking CollarGeoZilla knows your pet is part of the family, and thanks to this revolutionary technology, you can now ensure their safety with ease. Thanks to the easily slid-on pouch that fits medium and large collars, this lightweight, small tracker won’t be a bother to your furry friend either. Their mission was to make sure this tracking device checked all the boxes.


Best GPS Tracking Collars Conclusion

The great thing about GPS collars is that they don’t have to be expensive. There are a variety of options, from low-cost ones with basic features to more advanced models with a wide range of features. No matter what your budget is, you can find the perfect collar for your pet on this list and keep them safe.

Overall, a GPS-tracking collar is an invaluable asset for any pet owner. With the right collar in place, you’ll be able to ensure that your pet is always safe and sound, no matter where they are.

If you have tried any of these GPS tracking collars before, we would love to hear your feedback below in the comments.