Best Restaurants in NYC

List of the Best Restaurants in NYC


New York City – the largest city in the US has plenty to see and do, but perhaps the best part of NYC is the food. With everything from upscale, four-starred restaurants, to fun and casual hangout spots, NYC delivers big time on everything food related. In this list of the best restaurants in NYC, we detail several of the many great restaurants in NYC.

While some of the restaurants on this list will set you back a pretty penny (it’s oh so worth it!), others are affordable enough for a repeat visit. And thankfully, since NYC is such a multicultural city, the restaurants on this list provide top-notch cuisine that hails from across the globe.

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List of the Best Restaurants in NYC:



Del Posto Restaurant New York City


Del Posto Restaurant (link)

The creation of celebrity chef Mario Batali and Joseph and Linda Bastianich, Del Posto consistently delivers exquisite Italian food night after night. Chef Mark Ladner’s pastas are to die for, and the restaurant’s marble and mahogany trimmings make you seem like you are in another world. While pricey, if you enjoy Italian food, Del Posto is worth the splurge.




Cosme Restaurant New York City


Cosme Restaurant (link)

A fun, stylish Mexican restaurant, Cosme delivers quality Mexican food made with local ingredients. Bring friends to help you finish the share plates, and be sure to get tortillas – Cosme makes them in-house from several corn varieties grown in Mexico. For a full-course meal, be prepared to fork out some cash, but know that every penny you spend will be worth it.




Le Bernadin Restaurant New York City


Le Bernadin Restaurant (link)

A mainstay of NYC, Le Bernadin offers delicious fare in a three-star Michelin atmosphere. Seafood is king here, with almost every type of fish and crustacean available. For a classy and classic dining experience, Le Bernadin should not be missed.




Mission Chinese Food Restaurant New York City


Mission Chinese Food Restaurant (link)

Located on the Lower East Side, Mission Chinese Food is a refined bistro that offers a variety of traditional and unique Asian food offerings. The service is top-notch, and the restaurant’s house chicken is not to be missed.




Katz’s Delicatessen Restaurant New York City


Katz’s Delicatessen Restaurant (link)

This famous, down to earth, cash-only deli will not cost you much, but it will definitely deliver one of the best sandwiches you’ve ever eaten. Katz’s has been family owned for over a hundred years, the deli takes the best cuts of beef and slow cures them, producing out of this world corned beef, pastrami, and brisket.




Balthazar Restaurant New York City


Balthazar Restaurant (link)

If you want French food done right, Balthazar Restaurant is the place. Located between Broadway and Crosby, the restaurant serves bistro style food breakfast through late dinner. Balthazar’s bakery also pumps out delicious breads and pastries, ensuring that you get the full French experience.




Estela Restaurant New York City


Estela Restaurant (link)

Mediterranean with a twist, Estela delivers perfectly flavored, bold food. The burrata with salsa verde is second to none, and the restaurant’s extensive wine list and intimate dining space ensure that dinners are a wonderfully delicious and enjoyable time.




Daniel Restaurant New York City


Daniel Restaurant (link)

Daniel Boulud’s flagship restaurant, Daniel is an opulent and elegant French restaurant. Just like the food, the service is impeccable and precise, ensuring that you feel like a one-percenter with every visit. If you can afford it, Daniel is not to be missed.




Rubirosa Restaurant New York City


Rubirosa Restaurant (link)

This cozy Nolita pizzeria delivers top-notch thin-crust pizza. With a rustic-chic style and a fun atmosphere, Rubirosa is the place to be for casual Italian fare. Try some oh-so-delicious meatballs with your thin crust pizza for a truly special night out.




Per Se Restaurant New York City


Per Se Restaurant (link)

Home to three Michelin stars, Per Se is the East Coast sister of The French Laundry. Classic French cuisine is mixed with seasonal American ingredients, making the end product delicious and creative. Try the oysters and pearls (pearl tapioca, that is) for a truly sensational meal.




The Spotted Pig Restaurant New York City


The Spotted Pig Restaurant (link)

A fun and casual eatery, The Spotted Pig serves up seasonal British and Italian specialties. Most dishes use local ingredients, and the restaurant’s brunch menu delivers fun and tasty dishes.



Best Restaurants in NYC Conclusion

If you live in NYC there is no reason why all of these restaurants shouldn’t be on your bucket list, but if you are located somewhere outside the Big Apple, you can still plan to eat at one or two of these great restaurants on your next trip to the big city.

Have you already eaten at one of these restaurants? We would love to hear your personal experience in the comments below.


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