Best Restaurants in the World

List of the Best Restaurants in the World


Calling all foodies – this list is for you! In this list of the best restaurants in the world, we detail ten over the top, once in a lifetime restaurants that are sure to impress. Narrowing it down to just ten restaurants was a feat in and of itself, but with a variety of different restaurants featured from across the globe, the real feat will be to try all ten restaurants.

With everything from traditional Japanese cuisine to exotic Amazonian fare, to contemporary Italian dishes to classic French dining, all of the restaurants on this list are truly special and worthy of a visit.

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List of the Best Restaurants in the World:



El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant - Girona, Spain


El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant – Girona, Spain (link)

Featuring modern Spanish cuisine in a tranquil setting, El Celler de Can Roca has received high praise from food critics across the globe. Traditional and cutting edge menu choices, coupled with outstanding wine, make El Celler de Can Roca an unforgettable dining experience. For truly great food, El Celler de Can Roca is not to be missed.




The Fat Duck Restaurant - Bray, United Kingdom


The Fat Duck Restaurant – Bray, United Kingdom (link)

Located in the village of Bray, The Fat Duck is tucked away in a 16th-century pub. With three Michelin stars, the restaurant features a variety of playful dishes, resulting in a “journey” through food. For a unique take on modern British food, The Fat Duck is definitely worth a trip.




Martin Berasategui Restaurant - Lasarte, Spain


Martin Berasategui Restaurant – Lasarte, Spain (link)

A fan favorite among Trip Advisor members, Chef Martin Berasategui’s restaurant is well-deserving of its three Michelin stars. Beautifully executed and styled modern Spanish haute cuisine is at its finest here, and the lovely Basque hillside location adds to the appeal.




Per Se Restaurant - NYC, New York


Per Se Restaurant – NYC, New York (link)

Led by chef Thomas Keller, Per Se is a standout NYC restaurant that features New American and French cuisine. The seasonal tasting menu and large wine collection make every experience unique and showcase all that this three Michelin star restaurant has to offer. Fan favorites, however, include the vegetable tasting menu and the “Oysters and Pearls” dish.




Central Restaurant - Lima, Peru


Central Restaurant – Lima, Peru (link)

This avant-garde Peruvian restaurant serves up native ingredients sourced from a variety of Peruvian altitudes. The urban garden and in-house filtration system make for fresh and inventive creations, allowing guests to sample delicacies found nowhere else in the world. For a truly unique dining experience that pushes the boundaries, Central is a great choice.




Mizai Restaurant - Kyoto, Japan


Mizai Restaurant – Kyoto, Japan (link)

Japan abounds with stellar restaurants, but Mizai, located in Kyoto, is a truly special restaurant. This intimate, 16 seat restaurant only has one sitting each evening, but the traditional Japanese kaiseki kappo dining features exquisite dishes well-deserving of their three Michelin stars.




Osteria Francescana Restaurant - Modena, Italy


Osteria Francescana Restaurant – Modena, Italy (link)

Nestled in northern Italy, Osteria Fracescana features contemporary Italian food. Both classics and revamped classics comprise the menu here, with the local cheese and produce serving as standout ingredients. Contemporary tasting menus are also offered at Osteria Francescana and feature exquisite snacks that highlight all the region has to offer.




Maison Troisgros Restaurant - Roanne, France


Maison Troisgros Restaurant – Roanne, France (link)

Located in southeast France, Mason Troisgras has held three Michelin stars since the 1960s. Attention to detail reigns supreme here and the inventive appetizers, delicious main courses, and simple, yet strong desserts make for a truly delicious dining experience.




Alinea Restaurant - Chicago, IL


Alinea Restaurant – Chicago, IL (link)

The only three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Chicago, Alinea features a constantly changing tasting menu. The New American dishes are highly creative and feature a variety of fresh and unique ingredients, making Alinea the go-to spot for foodies.




D.O.M. Restaurant - Sao Paulo, Brazil


D.O.M. Restaurant – Sao Paulo, Brazil (link)

A contemporary Brazilian restaurant that features Amazonian ingredients, D.O.M. features both a la carte and tasting menus. Unique Amazonian ingredients like jambu, a tongue-tingling herb, and priprioca, an Amazonian root, make for unique and tasty dishes that won’t soon be forgotten.


Best Restaurants in the World Conclusion

Most of these restaurants are located in big cities, so even if you aren’t currently living close to one of these amazing restaurants, next time you plan on visiting one of these cities make sure that you mark an evening away. I would be willing to bet that you won’t be disappointed that you did!

Have you already eaten at one of these restaurants? We would love to hear your personal feedback in the comments below.


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