Best Pizza Places in the US


Pizza – no matter how you slice it up, tops many a person’s favorite food list. In this list of the best pizza places, we detail ten outstanding pizza places in the US. A variety of pizza styles are showcased, including Neapolitan, deep dish, Detroit square, and New Haven-style.

As the unofficial pizza capital, NYC and the surrounding New England area represent well in this list, but some great West Coast locations are also featured here. So if nothing makes you happier than a hot slice of pizza, take a look through this list and begin planning your next pizza adventure.

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List of the Best Pizza Places in the US:



Pepe’s Pizza - New Haven, CT


Pepe’s Pizza – New Haven, CT (link)

Started in 1925 by Frank Pepe, Pepe’s is now run by Frank’s grandchildren. The style of pizza served here, known as New Haven-style ‘apizza’ is renowned among pizza lovers. Pepe’s has expanded into several locations, but the New Haven location still reigns supreme. Try a classic like the original tomato pie, or something more unique like the white clam pizza.




Al Forno Pizza - Providence, RI


Al Forno Pizza – Providence, RI (link)

Topped with original and fresh ingredients, Al Forno’s thin-crust, grilled pizzas have garnered a cult following. While all the pizzas are delicious, the delicious simplicity of the margarita pizza, complete with house-made Pomodoro, two kinds of cheese, olive oil, and fresh herbs is truly special.




Franny's Pizza - Brooklyn, NYC


Franny’s Pizza – Brooklyn, NYC (link)

With locally sourced ingredients, this Brooklyn pizza joint is an NYC favorite. Light and crispy pizzas are worth the long lines and the commitment to organic, sustainable ingredients makes Franny’s a guilt-free choice.




Una Pizza Napoletana - San Francisco, CA


Una Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco, CA (link)

After a successful run in NYC, Una Pizza Napoletana is now located in scenic San Francisco. Fresh ingredients and a perfectly executed crust make the Neapolitan pizzas here truly special, and ensure that guests come back time and time again.




Pizzeria Bianco - Phoenix, AZ


Pizzeria Bianco – Phoenix, AZ (link)

Founded by Chris Bianco, winner of the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest, Pizzeria Bianco is known for its artisanal pizza. Wood-fired pizza crust, coupled with house-smoked mozzarella make for a truly delicious pizza and ensure that Phoenix is known for more than just southwest cooking.




Di Fara Pizza - Brooklyn, NYC


Di Fara Pizza – Brooklyn, NYC (link)

Another Brooklyn favorite, Di Fara has been in business since 1964. New York and Sicilian style pizzas are offered here, and the organized counter chaos ensures that you have a fun and memorable ordering experience.




Buddy’s Pizza - Detroit, MI


Buddy’s Pizza – Detroit, MI (link)

Since 1946 Buddy’s has been serving up Detroit’s signature square pie. This iconic location serves up a number of different square pies, all delicious. For a fun, community supported pizza place, Buddy’s is not to be missed.




Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria - Chicago, IL


Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – Chicago, IL (link)

No visit to the Windy City is complete without sampling some Chicago deep dish pizza, and Lou Malnati’s serves up some of the best deep dish around. Founded in 1971, Malnati’s signature is the thick, buttery crust. You may not be able to finish your pie, but you can sure enjoy trying!




Osteria Pizza - Philadelphia, PA


Osteria Pizza – Philadelphia, PA (link)

Philly is more than just great cheesesteaks – one visit to Osteria will prove that. Chef Michaud, a James Beard award winner, serves up classic Neapolitan and Roman style pizzas. Try the Lombarda pizza, complete with a baked egg, bitto, and mozzarella cheese, and cotechino sausage, for a truly special pizza experience.




Apizza Scholls - Portland, OR


Apizza Scholls – Portland, OR (link)

A pacific northwest favorite, Apizza Scholls dishes out a variety of 18-inch pies. The classic Apizza Amore features cured pork shoulder and is a favorite of many, all while providing a nice spicy kick. If visiting Portland, Apizza Scholls is a must-do.



Best Pizza Places Conclusion

You would be surprised at how hard it is to write a list like this around lunchtime, but we knew that you would like it so we powered through! And then got some pizza afterward.

If you are anything like us here at Lists For All we are sure you are hungry at this point of reading, so make sure that you first eat some pizza closely located to you, and then secondly figure out how you are going to cross all of the rest of these amazing places off of your bucket list!


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