Best Beaches in the World: The Top 25 List

Best Beaches in the World


Best Beaches in the World: Discovering Paradise

An overwhelming choice for most people’s vacation plans, beaches are famous for a reason: the lull of the waves, the warmth of the sand, and all of the activities associated with the beach keep vacationers coming back year after year. In this list of the best beaches in the world, we have compiled a list of 25 beaches that are in a class of their own.

From the Pacific to the Atlantic, this list showcases some of the best pieces of real estate in the world. Put on your sunblock, and pack your best swimsuit, because these beaches will have you headed for the shores in no time! Once you have finished checking out this list, make sure you visit our list of the best travel sites to help you plan your trip.


Top 25 Beaches in the World:




Ipanema Beach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (link)

For killer views (both of the beach and the people!), and for a fun, party atmosphere, Ipanema Beach is where it is at. The waterfront also boasts a number of galleries, boutiques, and restaurants, earning the area the moniker “Little Paris.”





Angaga Island, Maldives (link)

With warm waters full of tropical fish and pristine sandy beaches, the whole of the Maldives is a beachgoer’s dream. However, while almost every beach in the Maldives is top-notch, Angaga Beach is ideal for those looking for a luxury resort experience on a secluded island.





El Nido – Palawan, Philippines (link)

Ranked by Conde Nast Traveler as the most beautiful beach in the world, El Nido is known for its natural beauty and ecosystem. White-sand beaches, coral reefs, and limestone cliffs abound, providing stunning views at every turn. And, as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago, El Nido is the perfect base for exploring the many stunning islands of the area.





Paradise Beach – Mykonos, Greece (link)

With some of the best sand on the Aegean and a world-famous party scene, Paradise Beach is definite bucket list item for young and young at heart beachgoers. The area also boasts top-rated beach bars and aqua blue waters to satisfy the pickiest of vacationers.





7 Mile Beach – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (link)

Surrounded by popular island destinations like the Cayman Turtle Farm and the capital city of Georgetown, 7 Mile Beach is a haven for both sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts. The area is also brimming with hotels, luxury resorts, and prime diving and snorkeling spots, making 7 Mile Beach a great place to be year round.





Maya Bay – Ko Phi Phi, Thailand (link)

The setting for the movie The Beach, Maya Bay is one of the most scenic beaches in the world. The small and sheltered shores of Maya Bay also boast exceptionally clear water, allowing visitors to see an array of colorful coral and fish.





Nusa Dusa – Bali, Indonesia (link)

While Bali as a whole is a surfer’s paradise, Mengiat Beach on Nusa Dusa island is protected by an offshore reef, which keeps the surrounding water relatively calm and peaceful. Add in a scenic backdrop of temples and rolling hills, as well as a number of top-notch oceanfront hotels, and the beaches on Nusa Dusa island are some of the best in the world.





Navagio Beach – Zakynthos, Greece (link)

Navagio Beach is located on Zakynthos Island and is not only one of the best beaches in Greece but the world. Because of steep limestone cliffs, it is only accessible by boat. Speaking of boats (ships), this beach is also nicknamed “Shipwreck Beach” because of the smuggler’s ship that sits stranded on the beach from the 1980’s. With a one of a kind beach feel, stunning views, and some cool history, Navagio Beach was a natural choice for this list of the best beaches in the world.





Anse Source d’Argent – La Digue Island, Seychelles (link)

Having the title of “most photographed beach in the world,” you know there is going to be some stunning beauty. Anse Source d’Argent is located in Seychelles and includes soft white sand, crystal clear water, and a reef that makes the snorkeling and scuba diving something to dream about. With a background of rock outcroppings and tropical foliage, you will be able to relax in paradise on the island of La Digue and Anse Source d’Argent beach.






Champagne Beach – Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu (link)

Getting its name from the bubbles that come to the water surface from below water volcanic activity (don’t worry, it is safe), Champagne Beach is located on the island of Espiritu Santo. Espiritu Santo is part of the Vanuatu Islands and is located near Australia. Despite being popular worldwide, Champagne Beach does not have the feel of being overdeveloped. So if you want to get the natural island beach feel, Champagne Beach is a great option.





Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia (link)

You have most likely already heard of Bondi Beach in Australia (especially if you are a surfer). This beach though is worthy of its worldwide recognition with its soft sand and beautifully clear waters. If you enjoy festivals, markets, and events as well, you will like Bondi Beach because they offer a ton of great events and activities throughout the year.





Ora Beach – Maluku, Indonesia (link)

Backed by cliffs and a rugged forest, Ora Beach is going to allow you to have a quiet beach experience surrounded by stunning views. With just as much beauty in the water with coral and sea life as well, you will be able to take in beauty above and in the water as you enjoy Ora Beach. If you want to get the full experience try out a stilted bungalow over the water, you will really be living the island life.





Nissi Beach – Ayia Napa, Cyprus (link)

When you picture a stunning beach in your mind with crystal clear water and pristine white sand, there is a good chance that it very closely resembles Nissi Beach in Cyprus. One of the things that highlight Nissi Beach is the small islet that splits the beach. The shallow waters allow for walking and exploring the islet and plenty of different water sports as well. Also, with plenty of resorts and amenities out of the water as well, you will always have something to do at Nissi Beach.





Oludeniz Beach (Blue Lagoon) – Mugla Province, Turkey (link)

Also known as the Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz Beach located on the coast of Turkey and is a travel destination for beach lovers from all around the world. Highlighted by an inlet that features turquoise and azure blue waters, world-class resorts, and plenty of shops and restaurants, Oludeniz Beach is a destination that beach lovers of all kinds will love.





Cala Deia Beach – Mallorca, Spain (link)

Located just a short distance from the old village of Deia in Mallorca, Spain, Cala Deia Beach is situated between rocky outcroppings that add to the beauty of the beach. Not a large beach filled with vast expanses of sand, Cala Deia Beach is a unique experience that is great for relaxing and swimming in the crystal clear water.





Piha Beach – North Island, New Zealand (link)

Piha Beach is going to have a little bit different of a look with black sand, but if anything this adds to the uniqueness and overall beauty of the beach. Located in New Zealand, Piha is known as a surf beach that can at times be “wild and mysterious.” One of the highlights of the beach is “Lion Rock” that stands guard over the beach and the wild waters. The beach is also backed by protected parkland that consists of sub-tropical forest and plenty of wildlife.





Tofino Beach – Vancouver, Canada (link)

When you think of Vancouver, Canada, you most likely don’t picture a world class beach. However, Tofino Beach stands in defiance of that thinking and offers a beauty that makes it worthy of being on this list of the best beaches in the world. Great for surfing as well as exploring, Tofino Beach consists of several smaller beaches that are each worth spending time at.





Clearwater Beach – Florida, USA (link)

Consistently ranked one of the best beaches in the United States, Clearwater Beach located in Clearwater, Florida offers soft, clean sand, typically calm waters, and plenty of activities on and off the water. Great for locals and tourists alike, Clearwater Beach is going to offer something for all ages. With an aquarium, fishing charters, and plenty of other activities, you will be able to choose between a relaxing beach day or keep your days filled with fun activities.





Flamenco Beach – Culebra, Puerto Rico (link)

Located in the Caribbean on the island of Puerto Rico, Flamenco Beach is special in many rights. From the clarity of the water to the stunning views to the great island feel, you will truly be able to enjoy paradise. One of the great highlights of Flamenco beach is the shallow crystal clear waters that allow for exploring and a safe swimming environment. Outside of the water, the background is set by rolling hills filled with vibrant vegetation.





Fig Tree Bay – Protaras, Cyprus (link)

Another great beach located on the beautiful island of Cyprus, Fig Tree Bay is a large beach that stretches about 500 meters. With resorts and hotels backing the beach, you can enjoy staying right on the beach in comfort and enjoying the breathtaking views all throughout the day and night. With a small islet that can be reached by swimming or boat, there is plenty of room for exploring as well at Fig Tree Bay.





As Catedrais Beach – Galicia, Spain (link)

One of the more unique beaches on this list, As Catedrais Beach or Beach of the Cathedrals, is going to offer stunning views and some of the best exploring you could hope for. The waters over time have chiseled out different formations in the rock and have made natural passages and arches that can be walked through and explored depending on the tide. A truly unique beach experience in Spain, As Catedrais Beach is a one of a kind experience.





Tulum Beach – Tulum, Mexico (link)

With some of the whitest sand and bluest water in the world, Tulum Beach is a must visit. Add in the breathtaking views of different Mayan ruins, and you have an over the top beach experience. Along with plenty of history, there are also a number of shops and restaurants, as well as water activities in the area, ensuring that visitors are never bored.





Mauna Kea – The Big Island, Hawaii (link)

Postcard-Worthy, The Big Island’s Mauna Kea beach is a safe and fun beach for all ages. With plenty of palm trees, clear water, and white sand, Mauna Kea is sure to appeal to the most discerning beachgoer.





Rabbit Beach – Lampedusa, Italy (link)

Accessible only by boat, Rabbit Beach is a TripAdvisor member favorite. Rabbit Beach’s crystal clear water also showcases great diving spots, as well as a number of playful dolphins and other marine life. Rabbit Beach was a natural choice for this list of the best beaches in the world.





Whitehaven Beach – Whitsunday Island, Australia (link)

The largest of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays, Whitehaven Beach is an untouched, pristine beach that showcases Mother Nature’s handiwork. While there are no hotels on the island, campsites are available, making Whitehaven Beach a year-round choice for nature lovers.



Best Beaches in the World Conclusion

If you are anything like us, you have probably already started daydreaming about being on one of these amazing beaches. Unfortunately, though you are still reading this article, that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your trip today!

We hope that this list of the best beaches in the world has inspired you to add a few of these destinations to your bucket list.

Have you already been to one of these beaches? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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