Soccer Gifts: The Top 25 List

Best Soccer Gifts


Soccer Gifts: Perfect for Giving or Receiving

It doesn’t matter if you call the game “soccer” or “football,” finding the perfect gift for one of the most popular sports in the world has never been easier. This list of-of the best soccer gifts is going to have everything that you need.

We have included a variety of soccer gifts for players, coaches, and fans of the game in this list, so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for. The soccer fan in your life (or yourself) will love a gift from this list.

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Top 25 Soccer Gifts:



Adidas Smart Soccer Ball


1. Adidas Smart Soccer Ball (link)

Technology is changing the game when it comes to training. This Adidas smart soccer ball is going to sync up to a player or coaches smartphone via Bluetooth and allow them to track strike point, speed, spin, and trajectory on every kick. Having this information will allow for the player to adjust and improve on different techniques.




Portable Soccer Goal

2. Portable Soccer Goal (link)

Playing a game of soccer with friends or turning an empty field into a soccer field for practice has never been easier. This portable soccer goal is perfect for putting up and taking down with ease. You can purchase it in 3 different sizes as well, so perfect for backyards or practices with a team.





Bungee Cord Soccer Training Ball


3. Bungee Cord Training Soccer Ball (link)

Quality repetition is key when it comes to practicing a sport, and kicking a soccer ball is no exception. This bungee cord training ball is going to allow the player to practice kicking the ball without having to have a partner. The cord will keep the ball coming back to the player which will allow for more training time and less ball chasing.





Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball


4. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball (link)

There are a lot of great soccer balls out there, but one of our favorites is the Select Numero 10 Ball. It has a great feel with its synthetic leather panels and is approved by both the NCAA and NFHS. It is the “optimal price/performance soccer ball.”




Soccer Ball Bracelet

5. Soccer Ball Bracelet (link)

This gift isn’t going to be used for helping someone become a better soccer player or coach, but this stylish soccer bracelet is perfect for anyone that loves soccer. The bracelet is handcrafted and already comes in a gift bag.




6. Soccer Books

There are a lot of great soccer books out there, but here are five soccer books that we believe are must-reads for all true fans of the game. We have included two biographies about the two best players in the world, two skill development books, and a book on soccer strategy. All five are definitely worth reading.




Soccer IQ: Things that Smart Players Do


Soccer IQ: Things that Smart Players Do (link)

Where some of the soccer gifts on this list are going to work on a player’s physical skills, this book is going to help develop a player’s mental skills. The author Dan Blank is going to help players think and better understand the game of soccer.




The Flea - The Amazing Story of Leo Messi


The Flea – The Amazing Story of Leo Messi (link)

Arguably one of the best players ever to play the “beautiful game,” this book about Lionel Messi is going to cover his amazing journey from playing soccer in the streets of Rosaria, Argentina to playing on one of the biggest stages in the world for FC Barcelona.




Soccer Smarts for Kids: 60 Skills, Strategies, and Secrets


Soccer Smarts for Kids: 60 Skills, Strategies, and Secrets (link)

Geared for youth soccer players in their pre-teens and early teens, this book by Coach Latham is going to break down different skills, strategies, and secrets of the game. Coach Latham does a great job of explaining these different areas in an easy to understand and apply way that is perfect for all levels of players.




Christiano Ronaldo The Rise of a Winner


Christiano Ronaldo The Rise of a Winner (link)

It is hard to mention Lionel Messi without also mentioning Christiano Ronaldo and vice versa. Both players have done something truly inspiring and incredible in the game of soccer. This book is going to cover the story of the Christiano Ronaldo and his journey to greatness.




Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics


Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics (link)

If you know someone that enjoys the strategy and tactics behind soccer, this book is the perfect gift. The author is going to take you through different changes to the game throughout history and how we got to where we are today with the game. A fascinating read for coaches, players, and fans of the game.



SKLZ Soccer Ball Return Trainer


7. SKLZ Soccer Ball Return Trainer (link)

Similar to the bungee cord training ball, this SKLZ training tool is going to allow the player to wrap the cord around their waist instead of using a base on the ground. This is another excellent training option for working on kicking the ball when a partner is not available.




Hover Soccer Ball


8. Hover Soccer Ball (link)

Soccer indoors has never been easier, or safer. Geared more for younger kids, this hover soccer ball is going to allow for the ball to be kicked while it stays safely on the ground. It can be used both inside and out, and an LED light allows for use at night as well.




Popsocket Soccer Ball


9. Popsocket Soccer Ball (link)

Popsockets are the latest craze when it comes to cell phone accessories. So why not get the soccer fan in your life a pop socket that looks like a soccer ball? This gift will be the talk of their team and will allow them to proudly display in public that they love soccer.




Soccer Training Cones



10. Soccer Training Cones

A simple but a very useful gift. Training cones are a must for coaches and a great tool for players. They can be used to set up boundaries for games or be used for different ball control and agility drills.





Quickplay Soccer Goal


11. Quickplay Soccer Goal (link)

This soccer gift is a little bit bigger than most on this list, but if you are looking for a quality soccer goal that also folds down for storage, this Quickplay Goal is a great option. It is durable with a 2-year warranty and works great for practice, games, or in your backyard.





Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goals


12. Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goals (link)

Small goals are perfect for training and playing small field games with friends. No more using two shoes to create a goal or whatever else is lying around. With this soccer gift, the players will be able to use actual goals. As a bonus, this gift also comes with cones that will allow the player to set up boundaries for a game or work on different drills.





Soccer Hair Accessories


13. Soccer Hair Accessories (link)

What girl doesn’t like hair accessories? Now add in that they are soccer-themed and any girl that loves soccer is going to love these soccer hair accessories. If you are looking for a smaller gift or maybe a party favor, these soccer hair accessories are a great choice.





Soccer Rebounding Net


14. Soccer Rebounding Net (link)

Another great training tool, this rebounding net is not only going to allow the player to work on their passing, but it is also going to allow them to work on their trapping and ball control. This net is great for all levels of players because the harder the ball is kicked at the net, the more difficult it will be to trap the ball. A player will be able to get hours and hours of training in with this rebounding net.





15. Soccer Movies

Movies just like books can be used to inspire. Not only will these movies be entertaining, but they will also inspire. Here are four of our favorite soccer movies.




Goal! The Dream Begins


Goal! The Dream Begins (link)

Working two jobs to help provide for his family, Santiago Munez’s true passion is the game of soccer. When he is spotted by a scout for Newcastle United and offered a tryout in England, he must decide whether he is going to risk it all for a chance to play the game he loves.




Bend it Like Beckham


Bend it Like Beckham (link)

This movie shows that sports and soccer transcend culture and religion. As the daughter of strict orthodox Sikhs, Jess must rebel against her parents if she wishes to play the game that she loves. Follow her story and her love of the game in this movie.





Golden Shoes


Golden Shoes (link)

With his dad missing in action and his mother in the hospital, young Christian believes that he can inspire both of them by playing soccer. After being given a pair of special soccer shoes and believing in something greater than himself, Christian begins to inspire the world.






Gracie (link)

After her brother a star soccer player dies in a car crash, Gracie decides to fill her brother’s cleats and play in his place on the guy’s high school soccer team. Met with adversity around every corner, this movie is going to showcase perseverance, love, and belief.





Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball


16. Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball (link)

Just because it gets dark out doesn’t mean you can’t play soccer. This glow in the dark soccer ball is perfect for players. It will allow for fun even when the sun goes down, and for a unique soccer playing experience with friends or on your own.





SKLZ Soccer Goal Shot


17. SKLZ Soccer Goal Shot (link)

This gift is going to require access to a soccer goal, but it is a great training tool for working on placing different shots. The SKLZ net will take up a good portion of the soccer goal and will only allow for the ball to go into different openings in each corner, allowing for working on shooting accuracy.




Custom Soccer Necklace

18. Custom Soccer Necklace (link)

This custom necklace is the perfect gift for the soccer girl in your life. You will be able to customize the number on the necklace, and it also comes with a soccer ball charm and “love” charm as well.




Play Like Grass Friction Soccer Ball


19. Play Like Grass Friction Soccer Ball (link)

This ball may look a little funny, but it is designed to help simulate grass or turf on smooth surfaces. So whether you are kicking the ball on the gym floor or out in the street, you will be able to simulate how a regular ball would move on a field.




Nike Classic 2 Soccer Socks


20. Nike Classic 2 Soccer Socks (link)

Soccer socks are a must when it comes to playing the game. These specific Nike socks are some of our favorites because of the look, comfort, and durability. They also come in a variety of different colors as well, so finding the perfect color is no problem.




Nike Ordem 4 Official Match Soccer Ball


21. Nike Ordem 4 Official Match Soccer Ball (link)

This official match soccer ball is going to allow for playing like the pros. The ball is 100% synthetic leather with panels that will help with ball control and touch. A little bit on the higher end when it comes to price, this ball is a great option for serious soccer players.





Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards


22. Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards (link)

The perfect pair of shin guards needs to protect your shins while also not being too bulky that it messes with ball control. These low-profile shin guards are going to allow for great ball control, and the durable shell and dense foam will help with impact diffusion to keep the player safe.




Adidas Stadium Team Soccer Backpack


23. Adidas Stadium Team Soccer Backpack (link)

When it comes to carrying a pair of cleats, shin guards, jersey, socks, and soccer ball, you want to make sure that you have enough room. You also want the bag to be stylish and comfortable to carry. This Adidas backpack is geared specifically for soccer and is going to accomplish all of those things. It would be the perfect gift for a soccer player.




Soccer Agility Training Poles


24. Agility Training Soccer Poles (link)

These agility training poles are going to be perfect for working on dribbling a soccer ball or working on a player’s agility. Whether you are a looking to get these for a coach to use with their team, or for a player to use on their own, these agility training poles are a great gift for anyone series about player development.





Fifa 18


25. Fifa 18 (link)

As a disclaimer, this gift is not going to help anyone improve at the game of soccer, but it is really really fun to play. If you have a soccer fan in your life that enjoys video games, look no further than Fifa for PS4 or Xbox One.



Bonus Soccer Gift Idea:


Soccer Mug with a Goal


Soccer Mug with a Goal (link)

We have all heard the phrase, “don’t play with your food,” but when it comes to mini marsh mellows and a cup of hot chocolate with a soccer goal backstop, I think an exception can be made. This soccer gift is perfect for kids, but really for all ages.


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