Best Soccer Movies

Best Soccer Movies: Finding the Perfect Soccer Movies for You

Whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or just enjoy watching a good sports movie, there’s no doubt that this list of the best soccer movies will provide some serious entertainment value.

This list of the best soccer movies will highlight the top options and will allow you to find your new favorite soccer movie. With all of the great soccer movies on this list, you can start at the top and watch your way down or start with the movie that most appeals to you. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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Top 20 Soccer Movies:



Bend It Like Beckham

1. Bend It Like Beckham

Released In: 2003

Main Actors: Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

IMDb Rating: 6.7

Highlights: About a young woman’s journey to follow her dreams, explores themes of gender stereotypes, and is relatable.

About Movie: Bend It Like Beckham is a heartwarming story of a young woman’s journey to follow her dreams. Despite being from a traditional Indian background and being forbidden to play soccer by her family, she persists and eventually joins a local women’s team.

The film explores themes of gender stereotypes, sexuality, and cultural traditions in a relatable and entertaining way. It is sure to leave viewers inspired to pursue their passions regardless of what others may say.



Maradona - the hand of god

2. Maradona – the hand of god

Released In: 2007

Main Actors: Marco Leonardi, Juan Leyrado, Julieta Diaz

IMDb Rating: 5.6

Highlights: Follows the life and story of Diego Maradona, based on a true story, and features one of the best soccer players of all time.

About Movie: This incredible sports movie tells the incredible story of a man who, coming from humble beginnings, achieved greatness on and off the pitch. Follow his remarkable journey as he goes from childhood to his first heart attack and his eventual recovery. Witness how he became one of the top soccer players ever, having been awarded ten different titles, which solidified his place in history.



Goal The Dream Begins

3. Goal! The Dream Begins

Released In: 2006

Main Actors: Kuno Becker, Stephen Dillane, Anna Friel

IMDb Rating: 6.7

Highlights: An inspiring underdog story featuring Santiago Munez, an illegal immigrant living in Los Angeles, who puts it all on the line to achieve his dream.

About Movie: This is the heartwarming story of Santiago Munez, an illegal immigrant living in Los Angeles who develops a real love and talent for football, despite all his hardships. Santiago’s talents catch the attention of a scout, who gives him the opportunity to try out for Newcastle United in England.

Santiago knows that if he doesn’t make it, he won’t be able to go back to the United States. So he gives it his all, hoping to achieve his dream. Goal! is an inspirational story about following your dreams and never giving up. It’s a great watch for any soccer fan or anyone who loves a good underdog story.



Green Street Hooligans

4. Green Street Hooligans

Released In: 2005

Main Actors: Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunnam

IMDb Rating: 7.4

Highlights: Explores the world of soccer hooliganism, excellent characters, and provides an excellent portrayal of hooliganism from many different perspectives.

About Movie: Green Street Hooligans is a film that explores the world of soccer hooliganism. Elijah Wood stars as Matt, a young man who is forced to leave Harvard after being wrongfully expelled. He moves to England to live with his sister, and it is there that he is introduced to the world of soccer and hooliganism.

Through his interactions with the culture, Matt learns a lot about himself and the world around him. The film provides an excellent portrayal of hooliganism from many different perspectives, and it is sure to engage and enlighten viewers of all ages.



Football Factory

5. Football Factory

Released In: 2004

Main Actors: Danny Dyer, Frank Harper, Tamer Hassan

IMDb Rating: 6.8

Highlights: Based on John King’s novel, follows Danny Dyer’s descent into extreme paranoia, and has a brutal pitched battle between Chelsea and Millwall.

About Movie: Welcome to the Football Factory, where the dark side of soccer is celebrated. Based on John King’s novel. Here you’ll find stories of hooliganism, petty theft, and more, all set against the backdrop of the Chelsea firm.

This is the place for fans of Danny Dyer’s descent into extreme paranoia after an encounter with rival hooligan Tamer Hassan. And, of course, no visit to the Football Factory would be complete without a brutal pitched battle between Chelsea and Millwall.



The Game of their Lives

6. The Game of Their Lives

Released In: 2005

Main Actors: Wes Bentley, Jay Rodan, Gavin Rossdale

IMDb Rating: 6.1

Highlights: Based on a true story, the movie follows the 1950 US men’s national soccer team, and it covers one of the biggest upsets in soccer history.

About Movie: The Game of Their Lives is the true story of the 1950 US men’s national soccer team, who, against all odds, beat England 1-0 in one of the biggest upsets in sports history. The movie tells the tale of the team’s journey to that game and the passion and determination that fueled their victory. The Game of Their Lives is an inspirational underdog story that will motivate anyone who sees it.



7. Pelé

Released In: 2016

Main Actors: Diego Boneta, Rodrigo Santoro, Colm Meaney

IMDb Rating: 7.1

Highlights: It covers the story of Pelé, shows his rise to becoming an international icon, and is a captivating journey.

About Movie: If you’re a soccer fan, then you’ll definitely want to check out Pelé. This movie is all about a poor boy from Brazil who becomes an international icon due to his talents and skills in the sport. You’ll be captivated by his journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most celebrated soccer players in the world. Pelé is an inspiring story that will leave you cheering for the underdog.



Mean Machine

8. Mean Machine

Released In: 2002

Main Actors: Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham, and David Hemmings

IMDb Rating: 6.4

Highlights: Action-packed, lighthearted, and is the story of a former England captain and a group of inmates.

About Movie: Looking for a great soccer movie to watch? Look no further than Mean Machine. This action-packed film follows the story of a former England captain who finds himself in prison after an assault charge.

While in prison, he befriends a group of inmates and helps them train for a big soccer match against the guards. This underdog story is full of great action and lighthearted fun -ideal for any soccer fan.



There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble

9. There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble

Released In: 2000

Main Actors: Lewis McKenzie, Jane Lapotaire, Gina McKee, and Ben Miller

IMDb Rating: 6.6

Highlights: The story of a shy Manchester schoolboy, involves special shoes, and is a great example of how believing in yourself can take you far.

About Movie: This heartwarming story follows the journey of a shy Manchester schoolboy who discovers his talent for football. With the help of some special boots, Jimmy gains the confidence to lead his school football team to the final of the local school’s cup.

This movie is a great example of how believing in yourself can take you far. The boots that Jimmy finds have no real magical powers, but they give the character the confidence to believe in his own abilities. Football is often seen as an escape from the harsher realities of life, and this movie is a good example of that.



Fever Pitch

10. Fever Pitch

Released In: 1997

Main Actors: Colin Firth, Ruth Gemmell, and Luke Aikman

IMDb Rating: 6.7

Highlights: Covers the story of Arsenal’s league title win, stars Colin Firth (a huge Aresenal fan), and has a gripping plot.

About Movie: This 1997 classic follows the story of Arsenal’s league title win in the 1988/1989 season. Colin Firth stars as a huge Arsenal fan who finds himself in a tricky situation trying to balance his fandom and his new relationship with a woman he loves. With its gripping plot and exciting soccer action, Fever Pitch is a must-watch for any soccer fan.



Looking for Eric

11. Looking for Eric

Released In: 2009

Main Actors: Eric Cantona, John Henshaw, and Stephanie Bishop

IMDb Rating: 7.1

Highlights: Gritty and realistic, it is about a man struggling in life, and shows how everything changes after he meets French soccer legend Eric Cantona.

About Movie: The film is about Eric Bishop, a man who is struggling in life. His son is involved with a local drug dealer, his ex-wife doesn’t want anything to do with him, and he has a dead-end job. However, everything changes when he sees the movie’s namesake, French soccer legend Eric Cantona.

Cantona helps Bishop get his life back on track, and the film follows their journey together. The film is gritty and realistic but also inspiring and uplifting.



Mike Bassett England Manager

12. Mike Bassett: England Manager

Released In: 2001

Main Actors: Ricky Tomlinson, Amanda Redman, and Bradley Walsh

IMDb Rating: 6.8

Highlights: Focuses on English soccer, follows the fictional search for a new England manager, and will provide plenty of laughs.

About Movie: This film follows the fictional search for a new England manager after the previous one has a heart attack. While most of the likely candidates have the good sense to turn it down, outspoken Mike Bassett steps in and is convinced that England will win the World Cup. You can expect plenty of laughs thanks to Tomlinson’s comedic talent, and it’s a hugely enjoyable film overall.




13. Offside

Released In: 2006

Main Actors: Sima Mobarak-Shahi, Shayesteh Irani, and Ayda Sadeqi

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Highlights: Story of a group of women in Iran, their passion for seeing their country’s team play in the world cup qualifier, and how they manage to get in the stadium despite being banned.

About Movie: This 2006 movie tells the story of a group of women in Iran who are passionate about their country’s team and desperate to see them play in a World Cup qualifier – even though they’re not allowed in the stadium because of their gender.

Despite the ban, the women find a way to get into the match, and what ensues is a funny, heartwarming, and ultimately inspiring story about defiance and following your dreams. Offside was actually filmed during an Iran qualifying match, so the game’s outcome was uncertain when the director Jafar Panahi started shooting. This adds an extra layer of tension and excitement to the film.

This film is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It’s sure to leave you cheering for the underdogs – both on and off the field.



The Damned United

14. The Damned United

Released In: 2009

Main Actors: Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall, and Colm Meaney

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Highlights: Follows legendary English manager Brian Cloughtells, based on a true story, and covers the 44 days he spent as manager of Leeds United in 1974.

About Movie: The Damned United tells the story of the 44 days Clough spent as manager of Leeds United in 1974, an era that has gone down as one of the most infamous, controversial spells in football history. Michael Sheen is a force of nature in the main role, exploring both sides of Cloughie’s persona and giving us a glimpse into the mind of one of the greatest managers of all time.



When Saturday Comes

15. When Saturday Comes

Released In: 1996

Main Actors: Sean Bean, Emily Lloyd, and Pete Postlethwaite

IMDb Rating: 6.0

Highlights: Follows the struggle of Jimmy Muir, his dream of becoming a football star, and how he gets a chance to fulfill his dreams.

About Movie: The film follows the struggle of Jimmy Muir (Sean Bean), a hard-drinking brewery worker who dreams of becoming a football star and playing for his beloved Sheffield United. He is spotted by a scout while playing for his local pub team and eventually gets the chance to fulfill his dream.

It’s an inspiring story of following your dreams and overcoming obstacles, set against the backdrop of one of the most popular sports in the world. Sean Bean is terrific in the lead role, and fans of the sport will love all the action on the pitch.



Zidane A 21st Century Portrait

16. Zidane: A 21st-Century Portrait

Released In: 2006

Main Actors: David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane

IMDb Rating: 6.1

Highlights: Follows Zidane during a Liga match against Villarreal in 2005, is shot with 17 synchronized cameras, and has the perfect soundtrack.

About Movie: Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait is a fascinating and unique documentary that captures the great French footballer in a way that has never been seen before. The film follows Zidane during a Liga match against Villarreal in 2005, where he was famously sent off for his part in a brawl. The entire match is shot with 17 synchronized cameras, giving you an intimate and unrivaled look at the player in action.

Mogwai provides the perfect soundtrack to this visually stunning film, creating an atmosphere that is both powerful and serene. Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait is a great film that provides a truly unique perspective on one of the greatest athletes of all time.



The Match

17. The Match

Released In: 2020

Main Actors: Armand Assante, Franco Nero, and Filip Tallhamn

IMDb Rating: 5.8

Highlights: World War 2, a match between the Nazi guards and prisoners, and a true story of courage and defiance.

About Movie: Step into the amazing story of courage and resilience that took place in the spring of 1944, when Nazi guards forced a football match between an inmate team at a concentration camp and the Nazi’s elite squad on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

This movie contains scenes that will make you feel every emotion imaginable as you follow one of the most incredible tales packed with amazing displays of strength and unwavering determination. Each scene has been carefully curated to give you an authentic glimpse into a daring plot – from terrible tragedy to outstanding triumph.


Diego Maradona

18. Diego Maradona Documentary

Released In: 2019

Main Actors: Diego Maradona, Dalma Maradona, Pelé

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Highlights: Behind-the-scenes story of Diego Maradona, put together from over 500 hours of footage, and plenty of great stories.

About Movie: Directed from over 500 hours of rare footage, Diego Maradona is the definitive movie on one of the world’s most famous football players – a must-watch for all soccer fans. Follow the great Diego Maradona as he takes the pitch for S.S.C. Napoli in the 1980s, playing an unforgettable brand of football.

With stunning visuals and captivating commentary from coaches and teammates alike, this documentary captures his life in vivid detail. For an intimate, informative look into one of history’s greatest soccer players and eras, look no further than Diego Maradona.



The Big Green

19. The Big Green

Released In: 1995

Main Actors: Steve Guttenberg, Olivia d’Abo, and Jay O. Sanders

IMDb Rating: 5.5

Highlights: Childhood classic, about a team of underdog children, and shows their ups and downs.

About Movie: The Big Green is a fun movie to watch, especially if you are a fan of soccer movies. This one is all about a group of kids who team up to try and be the best soccer team around. There are ups and downs and plenty of misfits, but in the end, they find some success.

If you are looking for a childhood classic to rewatch, or if you want to see what all the fuss was about, The Big Green is worth checking out.



Lady Bugs Movie

20. Lady Bugs

Released In: 1992

Main Actors: Rodney Dangerfield, Jonathan Brandis, and Jackee Harry

IMDb Rating: 5.2

Highlights: Full of laughs, plenty of great characters, and a unique and fun twist on a soccer movie.

About Movie: Go for gold with Lady Bugs, one of the best soccer movies ever made. If you love sports comedies, then this delightful romp will have you in stitches. The story follows a young man on an unlikely journey to find success. Desperate to move up in his career, he agrees to coach an all-girls soccer team but finds that his biggest challenge is managing the precocious group of players.

With the help of his fiancee’s son and lots of hard work, they come together as a team and strive for victory. Laughs abound as they discover unexpected obstacles along their way to the top. It’s fun for everyone, as Lady Bugs shows us just how far determination can take us.


Best Soccer Movies Conclusion

There you have it, our list of the best soccer movies of all time. We hope you enjoyed reading and that you’ll be able to find a few new favorites to watch.

And if you know someone that loves soccer, one of these movies would also make a great soccer gift as well.

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