List of the Best Football Gifts

Best Football Gifts: Finding the Perfect Football Gifts

Know someone that loves football, but you aren’t quite sure what you should get them? If so, this list of the best football gifts is for you and will help you with all of your gift-giving needs.

This list of the best football gifts will highlight the top football gifts and help you find the perfect gift for any football lover in your life. So whether you are looking for a gift for a football player, coach, or fan of the game, there is something for everyone on this list of top football gifts.

With a lot of gifts for football players that will also help them work on their skills as well, it will really be like a double gift! You may give them the gift that inspires them to pursue their dreams of playing football at the next level.

And, if you are looking for a gift for a fan of the game, the tailgating gifts on this list will make their tailgate the envy of all of their friends. From team logo cornhole boards to football serving dishes to so much more, all of the football tailgating needs are going to be taken care of. Also, hopefully, you will be at the tailgate getting to take advantage of the gift you got them; that sounds like a win-win to us.

We also offer a gift ideas list for a few other sports as well, so check out our list of the best soccer gifts, best softball gifts, and best hockey gifts.


Top 25 Football Gifts:



Wilson Composite Leather Football Gift

1. Wilson Composite Leather Football

Recommended For: Football Players

Gift Price: $29.99

About Football Gift: There are a lot of great footballs out there, but one of our favorites is this Wilson football. It is full size and perfect for the high school level and up. It is a composite leather football that will provide a quality feel and make it easier to throw and catch. Having a quality football makes all the difference when it comes to playing catch, practicing, or playing a game.


Fathead Football Wall Decals Gift

2. Fathead Football Wall Decals

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: Know someone that is a die-hard fan? Get them a Fathead Decal that will allow them to show off their team support. One of these decals would go perfectly in a bedroom or a decked-out team-themed basement. There are a variety of different players, graphics, and team logos to choose from as well. You could even get them a life-sized Fathead of their favorite player!



Football Agility Hurdles Gift

3. Football Agility Hurdles

Recommended For: Football Coaches and Players

Gift Price: $44.99

About Football Gift: Regardless of the position that a player plays in football, they need to have good footwork. These agility hurdles are one of the best football gifts and perfect for a player looking to improve their agility. They are also an excellent gift for a coach that is looking to develop their players in practice. These portable and durable agility hurdles will stand the test of time too. So that means that this football gift will continue to give year after year. 



Football Kickoff Tee GIft

4. Football Kickoff Tee

Recommended For: Football Players

Gift Price: $9.99

About Football Gift: Primarily used by kickers, a football tee can also be fun for a backyard game of football or practicing kickoffs with friends. This orange football tee will provide a useful tool for serious kickers, as well as fun for football players looking kickoff with their friends.


Quarterback Football Touchdown Game Gift

5. Quarterback Football Touchdown Game

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $59.99

About Football Gift: This football gift is more geared towards youth-age players, but it can also be an entertaining tailgate game as well. The goal is to land the mini footballs in the netting and to be as accurate as possible. Even though the footballs and the netting are smaller, the competition will still be big with the different games that you can come up with. Football tic tac toe anyone?


6. Football Books

These football books are going to provide a little bit of everything. From training to football stats to coaching techniques, these books will cover it all. This will allow you to find the perfect sports book for the person you are thinking of.



Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness Football Book Gift

Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Recommended For: Football Players

Gift Price: $14.16

About Football Gift: This book is going to provide everything that a player needs to work on their athleticism. It is also an excellent fit for a coach or parent that is going to be helping players improve their speed, agility, and quickness. Along with the book, you also are going to get access to an online video library of drills as well.



Big Book of Who Football Gift

Big Book of Who: Football

Recommended For: Football Players and Fans

Gift Price: $13.87

About Football Gift: Filled with stats from both the past and the present. This Sports Illustrated book for kids is going to feature 101 football stars from over the years. Written in an easy-to-navigate form, this “BIG” book of great football players is going to keep young football players inspired and in awe of their heroes.



Playing Through the Whistle Football Book Gift

Playing Through the Whistle

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $11.99

About Football Gift: This book is going to cover the town of Aliquippa in western Pennsylvania. After the collapse of the steel market, the town fell on hard times. For some reason, though, they were still able to produce a list of great football players, including Mike Ditka, Ty Law, and Darrelle Revis. This is an inspiring book that provides a narrative for both inside the lines and out; Playing Through the Whistle is a great read.



The Art of Smart Football Book Gift

The Art of Smart Football

Recommended For: Football Coaches

Gift Price: $9.99

About Football Gift: How would you like to get a peek inside some of the best minds in the game of football? With this book, you are going to be able to do just that! It is going to cover the strategies and schemes for some of the best coaches to ever be a part of the game. If you know a coach or someone that enjoys the details and strategy that goes into the game of football, The Art of Smart Football would be a great gift.



Ceramic Football Bowls Gift

7. Game Day Ceramic Football Bowls

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $19.54

About Football Gift: Gameday dip is just going to taste so much better coming from a ceramic football bowl. Perfect for tailgating, this is one of the best football gifts for showcasing different side dishes, appetizers, dips, salads, and more. Give this gift to a friend or loved one that enjoys tailgating or hosting football parties. There is just something about eating guacamole out of a football-inspired dish that makes it taste that much better at a tailgate.



Nerf Vortex Football Gift

8. Nerf Vortex Football

Recommended For: Football Players and Fans

Gift Price: $39.24

About Football Gift: No childhood is complete without having played with a Nerf Vortex football. The light weight of the ball and the tail on the end will allow the player to launch the ball and feel like a pro quarterback. The ball also howls as it travels through the air as well, making it feel even cooler to launch the ball as far as possible.



Football Tumbler Gift

9. Football Tumbler

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $20.99

About Football Gift: This football tumbler is the perfect tailgating gift or gift for everyday use. It will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, and it will allow the drinker to show off their love for football. And, since this gift is very durable, it will be a gift that will make it through multiple tailgating seasons. For an added bonus, consider personalizing the tumbler with the gift recipient’s name on it.



Football Training Cones Gift

10. Football Training Cones

Recommended For: Football Coaches or Players

Gift Price: $19.95

About Football Gift: An excellent gift for a coach or a player, these training cones can be used for a variety of different purposes. Whether they are used for drills or to mark boundaries for a game of football, these cones are one of the best football gifts and will prove invaluable for a football player or coach. They will allow for an average field to be quickly turned into a makeshift football field or a football training area in no time flat. 



NFL Team Logo Football Cornhole Boards Gift

11. NFL Team Logo Cornhole Boards

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: No tailgate is complete without the game of cornhole. These team logo boards are going to make a great gift that will be used over and over again at tailgates. And who knows, maybe you will get invited to the tailgates from now and get to use these boards yourself. 



Adjustable Weight Football Sled Trainer Gift

12. Adjustable Weight Football Sled Trainer

Recommended For: Football Players and Coaches

Gift Price: $79.99

About Football Gift: Speed, speed, speed. If a player can improve their speed, they will be able to set themselves apart from the competition. This adjustable weight sled trainer is going to allow a player or team to work on developing their sprinting speed and leg strength. With being able to adjust the weight of the sled, this football gift is going to be perfect for all ages.


Nike Vapor Jet Football Gloves Gift

13. Nike Vapor Jet Football Gloves

Recommended For: Football Players

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: A great pair of football gloves can really set a player apart from the competition. They will make it easier to catch and control the football, and also look great. There are a lot of great gloves out there, but one of our favorites is these Nike Vapor Jets. These gloves are breathable, have an adjustable closure for a custom-feeling fit, and the magnigrip palms help with gripping the ball.


Quarterback Football Target Trainer Gift

14. Quarterback Football Target Trainer

Recommended For: Football Players and Coaches

Gift Price: $149.99

About Football Gift: This SKLZ training tool is one of the best football gifts and is perfect for working on throwing accuracy. It will allow a player to work on getting quality throwing reps as a quarterback. A great thing about this training tool is that it doesn’t require a partner. This will allow a player to be able to practice on their own. This is an excellent gift for a player or for a coach to use with their team.


15. Football Movies

A great football movie is filled with action and a story that is going to inspire. We believe that we hit the nail right on the head with these five sports movies. A few of them are even based on true stories, which makes them even that much more remarkable! And, as they are all classics, they will be able to be enjoyed time after time.



Facing the Giants Football Movie Gift

Facing the Giants

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $9.39

About Football Gift: Never give up, never back down, and never lose faith. This football movie centers around a high school football team that discovers what winning is really about. They discover that it comes from a daily pursuit of greatness and giving God your best. This football movie is not only going to be entertaining but will be filled with plenty of life lessons as well. 



Invincible Football Movie Gift


Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $5.99

About Football Gift: Based on a true story, Mark Wahlberg brings to life the story of Vince Papale and his pursuit to play for the Eagles. Vince is a 30-year-old bartender that decides to go for his dream and not to let anything get in the way of it. Invincible is an inspiring movie that all football fans should watch.



Remember the Titans Football Movie Gift

Remember the Titans

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $5

About Football Gift: You can’t list great football movies without including Remember the Titans. Coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) is the new African-American head coach at the freshly integrated T. C. Williams high school in Virginia.

Coach Boone and the Titans will have to overcome racial prejudices and other off-the-field issues to come together and be a great football team. This movie is also based on a true story, which makes it all the better.



Rudy Football Movie Gift


Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $7.71

About Football Gift: Being told that you are too small or too slow to play can cause some people to give up on their dreams, but not Rudy. Determined to overcome the odds and play college football, Rudy has been inspiring people for years. So not only is this movie going to be entertaining, it will inspire viewers to take on new challenges with the hope that they can succeed. 



The Blind Side Football Movie Gift

The Blind Side

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $3.42

About Football Gift: The Blind Side is based on the true story of NFL player Michael Oher. It is going to show what can be accomplished with just a little help. Michael Oher started out homeless as a young high school boy but was able to become an All-American in college and a first-round NFL draft pick. His story is sure to inspire and help to bring some faith back into the world.



Glow in the Dark Football Gift

16. Glow in the Dark Football

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $23.99

About Football Gift: What is better than playing catch? Playing catch in the dark with a glow-in-the-dark football, of course! This GlowCity football is going to light up the night sky and provide plenty of nighttime fun. And, as it is still a quality football, it can be used during the daytime as well.



Nike Hyperstrong Football Shirt Gift

17. Nike Hyperstrong Football Shirt

Recommended For: Football Players

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: With breathable Dri-Fit fabric, this Nike Hyperstrong football shirt is one of the best football gifts for players. The padding on the ribs and shoulders will help to protect from impact, and the flat seams prevent irritation. This is the perfect undershirt for football players of all levels. As the famous Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.”


NFL Junior Team Logo Football Gift

18. NFL Junior Team Logo Football

Recommended For: Football Players and Fans

Gift Price: $12.99

About Football Gift: Great for both decoration and playing with, this football is going to allow fans to have a football with their favorite team on it. Along with being a great-looking ball, this football is made by Wilson, so it is going to be well made as well. This is the perfect gift for football fans of all ages.



NFL Team Logo Folding Chair Football Gift

19. NFL Team Logo Folding Chair

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: This gift is going to allow fans to display their favorite team proudly. This chair is perfect for tailgating, camping, or any other outdoor event. Not only does this chair proudly display the team of choice, but it is also comfortable and well made. It doesn’t get much better than sitting around a tailgate in a comfortable chair with good friends and a good beverage in your hand.



Nike Elite Vapor Cushioned Football Socks Gift

20. Nike Elite Vapor Cushioned Football Socks

Recommended For: Football Players

Gift Price: $14.99

About Football Gift: From sport to sport, Nike Elite socks are a cut above the rest. These football-specific cushioned Nike Elite Vapor socks are going to provide a player comfort, style, and socks that won’t fall apart. They also come in a variety of different colors as well, which will allow you to customize this gift better. If the player you are looking for has a specific team color scheme, consider getting them socks that are going to match their team colors.


Gameday Football Field Tablecloth Gift

21. Gameday Football Field Tablecloth

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $6.95

About Football Gift: This football field tablecloth is a perfect gift for those who love to host football parties. It will be an added football decoration for their table of delicious snacks and food. The tablecloth is made of durable cotton linen cloth as well, so this gift can be used time and again.


Women's T-Shirt Football Jersey Gift

22. Women’s T-Shirt NFL Football Jersey

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: Are you looking for a gift with a little bit more of a feminine touch? This women’s t-shirt jersey is going to allow for both proudly displaying a favorite team while also looking stylish. Perfect for both game day and everyday use, this gift is sure to be a hit. And, if you are really looking to make this gift special, consider pairing it with tickets to the next big game!



Nike Club Team Swoosh Football Backpack Gift

23. Nike Club Team Swoosh Football Backpack

Recommended For: Football Players

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: A great backpack is stylish while also being both practical and durable. This Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack will accomplish all three of these things while also being one of the best football gifts. With the different compartments, the player will be able to store their cleats, ball, and wet clothes. The design and the adjustable curved shoulder straps will also provide added comfort when carrying the backpack.



NFL Team Bed Set Football Gift

24. NFL Team Football Bed Set

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: What kid wouldn’t love a bed set with their favorite team’s logo plastered all over it? This bed set is going to be the centerpiece of the room and is perfect for any young football fan that can’t get enough of their favorite team. And, if their room is already decked out with football gear, this bed set will pull the whole room together.



Madden 22 Game

25. Madden 22 Game

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: Varies

About Football Gift: Playing or coaching on an NFL team is not a reality for the majority of the world, unfortunately. With Madden, though, the average person can feel like they are right in the game with their favorite team and players. Every year the newest game seems even more lifelike, and it is no different with this version of Madden.


Bonus Football Gift Idea:



Hovering NCAA Helmet Football Gift

Hovering NCAA Football Helmet

Recommended For: Football Fans

Gift Price: $89.99

About Football Gift: This hovering football helmet is one of the best football gifts and will allow football fans to be able to display their favorite team’s helmet proudly. Perfect for an office desk, man cave, or as a night light, this piece will be the talk of anyone who sees it.