Best Dental Floss

Best Dental Floss: Finding the Perfect Dental Floss for You

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to floss your teeth regularly. But many people don’t know that different types of dental floss are available, each with its unique set of benefits. And with this list of the best dental floss, you can make sure to find the right dental floss for you.

This list of the best dental floss will highlight the top options and allow you to better clean between your teeth. Whether you are looking for a more traditional dental floss string or a dental floss pick, this list will have a number of quality options for you to select from.

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Top 8 Dental Floss:



Oral-B Glide Dental Floss

1. Oral-B Glide Dental Floss

Price: $19.91 (6 Count)

Highlights: A silky-smooth, shred-resistant texture, a light layer of natural wax, and slides easily into tight spaces.

About Floss:  Looking for one of the best dental floss out there? Look no further than Oral-B Glide Dental Floss. Its silky-smooth, shred-resistant texture slides more easily in tight spaces than regular floss, making it perfect for removing tough plaque between teeth and just below the gum line. Plus, its light layer of natural wax helps with grip.



Listerine Ultraclean Dental Floss

2. Listerine Ultraclean Dental Floss

Price: $13.99 (6 Count)

Highlights: Mint-flavored, shred-resistant, and uses Micro Grooves technology.

About Floss: This refreshing mint-flavored floss uses shred-resistant technology to flex, stretch and glide easily for an ultimate clean. Plus, it features Micro Grooves technology that removes up to two times more plaque than Glide Mint Floss.



Solimo Mint Dental Floss

3. Solimo Mint Dental Floss

Price: $2.72

Highlights: Comes in a convenient 40-meter pack, is shred-resistant, and has a mint flavor.

About Floss: This superior dental floss will slide easily between teeth without shredding, and the mint flavor will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and minty-clean. Best of all, their Solimo Extra Comfort Mint Dental Floss comes in a convenient 40-meter pack, so you can always be sure to have floss on hand when you need it.



Reach Waxed Dental Floss


4. Reach Waxed Dental Floss

Price: $5.24

Highlights: Impregnated with wax, is proven to remove plaque between teeth, and helps prevent gum disease.

About Floss: This high-quality floss is impregnated with wax, making it easy to slide between teeth and clean those hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the minty flavor will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and smelling great. Best of all, regular flossing with Reach Waxed Dental Floss is proven to remove plaque between teeth and help prevent gum disease – so you can keep your smile looking its best.



DrTung's Smart Dental Floss

5. DrTung’s Smart Dental Floss

Price: $23.45 (6 Count)

Highlights: All-natural, expanding waxes floss, designed to stretch and expand, and gives a 55% cleaner smile.

About Floss: This all-natural, expanding waxed floss is designed to stretch and expand, easily cleaning both tight and wider spaces for a 55% cleaner smile. Plus, it’s flavored with cardamom for a pleasant, fresh feeling after use. And because they know that safety is important to their customers, their floss is also naturally free of allergens and BPA, PTFE, and petrochemical wax.



GUM Dental Floss

6. GUM Dental Floss

Price: $17.15 (6 Count)

Highlights: Cleans effectively in more regular gaps between the teeth, is lightly lubricated with wax, and has a texturized nylon construction.

About Floss: This floss will clean effectively in more regular spaces between the teeth, as well as in larger gaps that can occur due to gum recession or papilla loss.

The floss is lightly lubricated with wax for easy handling and insertion and expands during use to provide a more thorough cleaning. Additionally, the texturized nylon construction is gentle on your gums and helps to prevent irritation.



Colgate Total Dental Floss

7. Colgate Total Dental Floss

Price: $16.77 (10 Count)

Highlights: Comfortable, effective, and makes daily flossing a breeze.

About Floss: This floss will slide easily between teeth without shredding, making daily flossing a breeze. The advanced technology ensures that your flossing experience is comfortable and effective. Dentists and hygienists recommend brushing and flossing daily to maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums.



COCOFLOSS Woven Dental Floss

8. COCOFLOSS Woven Dental Floss

Price: $25.00 (3 Count)

Highlights:  Woven with 500+ fibers, tastes great, and comes in refillable full-sized containers.

About Floss: Cocofloss is woven with 500+ fibers, making it super effective at removing plaque and debris from your teeth. Unlike other flosses that are too slick to be effective, Cocofloss’s unique weave gives it the ability to really clean your teeth, leaving them fresh and sparkling.

All of their full-sized containers are refillable, and they are Leaping Bunny certified, so you can feel good about using their product. Cocofloss is safe to use, is infused with natural coconut oil, and makes taking care of your smile easier than ever.


Best Dental Floss Conclusion

Figuring out the best dental floss for you is not the most exciting thing, but it is important for the health of your teeth and gums. With the right dental floss, you can make sure that your oral health is top-notch.

This will keep your teeth looking their best, but more importantly, it will improve your overall oral hygiene. This will help to keep you from having to visit the dentist as much (outside of regular cleanings).

If you have tried any of these dental floss options before, we would love to hear your feedback below in the comments.