Baseball Gifts: The Top 25 List

Best Baseball Gifts


Baseball Gifts: Perfect for Giving or Receiving

Known as America’s favorite past time, baseball is a sport that is loved all around the world, but especially in America. Whether you know a player, coach, or just a true fan of the game, this list of the best baseball gifts is going to have something for everyone.

With baseball training equipment to stadium blueprints, there is going to be a wide variety of different baseball gifts in this list. So whether you are looking for a friend, family member, or maybe even yourself, you will be sure to find something great.

We offer a couple of other different sports gifts lists as well, so make sure you checkout our list of the best football gifts and best soccer gifts.


Top 25 Baseball Gifts:



Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer


1. Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer (link)

The official bat sensor of the MLB, this baseball gift is going to allow the player to track and analyze different swing metrics like; time to contact, bat path angle, swing speed, and more. It is straightforward to use as well and pairs up with most smartphones through Bluetooth.




Rawlings Baseballs


2. Rawlings Baseballs (link)

Playing the game of baseball without an actual baseball is hard. These baseballs by Rawlings are some of our favorite baseballs and are perfect for a player wanting to work on their game or for a coach that needs more baseballs for their team.





SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Baseball Trainer



3. SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Baseball Trainer (link)

It has never been easier to get quality repetitions at hitting. The SKLZ Zip-N-Hit requires a partner, but it can pretty much be set up anywhere that there is something sturdy to hook the cord to. This baseball training tool is going to allow the player to work on stance, tracking the ball, and overall swing. This is a simple but very effective training tool.





Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove


4. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove (link)

There are a lot of gloves out on the market, and there are a pretty wide price and quality range between different brands of gloves. This Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove is one of our favorites because of the quality, durability, and bang for your buck. With different gloves for every position, color styles, and glove sizes, you will be able to customize the glove perfectly for the baseball player you have in mind.




Baseball Cap Holder

5. Baseball Cap Holder (link)

The more you play baseball, the more hats you end up with, it is just how it goes. Unfortunately most of the time those hats end up all over the place. This baseball cap holder though solves that problem and will allow the player to display their favorite hats and have easy access to them.




6. Baseball Books

If you know someone that loves baseball and also reading, these four books are a must. These books are going to teach, inspire, and provide some cool baseball stories, stats, and more.





Big Book of Who


Big Book of Who (link)

Geared for kids but interesting for all ages. The Big Book of Who is going to be filled with stats and trivia of past and present Major League players. The greats of the game and what they have accomplished are all in this one “big” book.





The Baseball Codes


The Baseball Codes (link)

There is a set of unwritten rules that flow throughout the game of baseball. It is something that every player and coach continues to learn as they play the game. This book is going to give you an insight into some of these “baseball codes” like never before.




The Mental Game of Baseball


The Mental Game of Baseball (link)

Every sport has a lot to do with being mentally strong, but baseball is a sport that separates the mentally tough from everyone else. This book by H. A. Dorfman is going to provide insights from major and minor league players on the mental side of the game. The ideas will be broken down with illustrations and anecdotes to make it easy to understand and apply.




Baseball: Great Records, Weird Happenings, Odd Facts, Amazing Moments and Other Cool Stuff


Baseball: Great Records, Weird Happenings, Odd Facts, Amazing Moments & Other Cool Stuff (link)

Baseball fans are going to love this book because of all the different unique and cool stories. Author Ron Martrano does a good job of providing some great baseball info in a way that will keep you turning the page, and will also help you show off your baseball knowledge next time you are around friends and family.




SKLZ Baseball Pitchback Trainer


7. SKLZ Baseball Pitchback Trainer (link)

This product is going to be perfect for baseball training without having to have a partner. The pitchback net is going to allow the player to work on throwing, but then also fielding as the ball comes back off the net at different angles and speeds.





Baseball with Speed Sensor


8.Baseball with Speed Sensor (link)

It has never been easier to test out your throwing speed. This baseball is going to come with a speed sensor built into the ball that tracks speeds up to 120 mph. It is a great gift for players of any age or skill level or for a coach to use with their team.





Popsocket Baseball


9. Popsocket Baseball (link)

One of the newest fads out there, popsockets are here to stay. If you know someone that loves baseball, get them a baseball popsocket for their smartphone that will allow them to show off their love for the game.





Varo ARC Baseball Bat Training Weight


10.Varo ARC Baseball Bat Training Weight (link)

This training tool is the official bat weight of the USA national team and is going to allow for the player to develop their swing. The extra weight on the end of the bat is going to allow the player to simulate a game like swing which will help them in developing specific muscles used for swinging a bat.





Baseball Glove Chair and Ottoman


11. Baseball Glove Chair and Ottoman (link)

By far and away the comfiest baseball gift on this list. This leather baseball glove and baseball ottoman are perfect for a players room or the man cave. You could be watching baseball, while sitting in a baseball glove, with your feet propped up on a baseball, it doesn’t get much better than that.




Strike Zone Pitching and Hitting Baseball Net

12. Strike Zone Pitching and Hitting Baseball Net (link)

This baseball training gift is going to serve a dual purpose. The player will be able to work on their pitching and throwing accuracy with the strike zone and net to gather the ball, and they will also be able to work on hitting by using the net to gather the ball. Try pairing this gift with the Tanner Tee listed below.




Baseball Compression Arm Sleeve


13. Baseball Compression Arm Sleeve (link)

Compression sleeves help to relieve muscle stiffness and extra soreness; they also help to keep the player’s arm and elbow warm which helps to improve performance. These sleeves come in different colors and sizes, so you will be able to customize the sleeve specifically for the player in mind.




Hurricane Category 4 Baseball Batting Trainer

14. Hurricane Category 4 Baseball Batting Trainer (link)

One of the bigger baseball training products on this list, the Hurricane Category Batting Trainer is going to allow the player to work on developing their swing. They will be able to work on developing better mechanics, power, and get quality rep after rep to cement a great swing motion.





15. Baseball Movies

There are a lot of great baseball movies out there, and it wasn’t easy narrowing our picks down to these five baseball movies, but these five are sure to be winners for anyone that enjoys and loves the game of baseball.




The Rookie


The Rookie (link)

Based on a true story, this movie is going to follow a high school baseball coach and teacher as he tries out for the big leagues. This is one of those movies that is going to inspire you to chase your dreams and never give up, while also providing some good laughs along the way.




The Sandlot


The Sandlot (link)

It almost would’ve been impossible to list great baseball movies without including The Sandlot. This movie is a tried and true classic that is enjoyable the 1st time watching and the 100th time.




42 The Jackie Robinson Story


42 The Jackie Robinson Story (link)

The story of Jackie Robinson is one that transcends sports as it tells of the first African-American to play in the big leagues. Jackie Robinson overcomes obstacles on and off the field and inspires a nation with his character and his baseball talent.






Hardball (link)

With a coach and team that are both unlikely matches for each other, Hardball is about second chances and overcoming obstacles. Conor O’Neill (Keanu Reaves) is put in charge of the worst team in the league, but what comes of it all is what sports and baseball are all about.




Million Dollar Arm


Million Dollar Arm (link)

Based on a true story, Million Dollar Arm is the story of two Indian cricket players that try to make the Major Leagues as pitchers. It starts out as a game show in India, but before you know it they have a real chance of making it on an MLB roster.




Impact Baseballs


16. Impact Baseballs (link)

Made to withstand thousands of hits, these impact baseballs are designed to work on hitting while not having to chase down an actual baseball each time. Similar to a whiffle ball, they are made out of a much more durable material that will keep them from breaking.





Baseball Phone Cover


17. Baseball Phone Cover (link)

Allow the baseball fan in your life to show off their love for the game with one of these baseball phone covers. This phone case is both stylish and will help to protect the user’s smartphone if accidentally dropped or mishandled.




Baseball Trading Cards


18.Baseball Trading Cards (link)

It doesn’t get much better for a kid than opening up a pack of baseball cards hoping to find their favorite players card. If you are having a baseball themed birthday party, these individual packs of baseball trading cards would be perfect party favors.





Baseball Tanner Tee


19. Baseball Tanner Tee (link)

Known as the “original Pro style batting tee,” this tee is going to be perfect for working on hitting. The patented hand rolled rubber ball rest allows for hitters to feel the ball when they make contact. With adjustable heights and a high level of durability, this is a great baseball gift for both players and coaches.




Nike Baseball Socks


20. Nike Baseball Socks (link)

If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good (well). That is how the saying goes, but it is true. These Nike socks are going to look good, feel great, and are very durable. They also come in different colors and styles which will allow you to choose the perfect pair for the person you have in mind.





21. Baseball Bats

Finding the right baseball bat has a lot to do with preference and the different regulations based on different age groups and leagues. With all that though there are still a few bats that set themselves apart from the competition with weight, balance, etc. Here are a couple of our favorite bats for both adults and youth players.



Easton Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat


Easton Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat – Adult (link)

This bat was made with a two-piece design that allows for keeping a bigger barrel while also being incredibly light weight for faster swinging. Easton’s ConneXion technology and handle design will help with generating power behind every hit.






Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat


Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR Baseball Bat – Adult (link)

As you would guess from the name of this bat, it is well balanced. This equates to the player being able to have a more fluid swinging motion. It is also a hybrid bat meaning it consists of both composite and pure alloy. Lastly, Rawlings has included it’s Precision-Optimized-Performance technology to help with accurate and powerful hitting at the plate.



Easton Beast X Hybrid Baseball Bat

Easton Beast X Hybrid Baseball Bat – Youth (link)

With a larger barrel and great balance, it is easy to see why the Easton Ghost X is a favorite for youth baseball players. It also has one of largest selections of sizes, drops, and lengths, which will allow you to customize the bat for a specific hitter.





Mizuno Ghost Baseball Bat


Mizuno Ghost Baseball Bat – Youth (link)

With the largest barrel in the youth bat market, the Mizuno Ghost is going to allow for a large “sweet spot” on the bat that equates to more hits. Mizuno is making a name for themselves with this youth bat, and it would be a great gift for a youth baseball player.



Nike Trout Edge Baseball Batting Gloves


22. Nike Trout Edge Baseball Batting Gloves (link)

These Nike batting gloves are endorsed by MLB All-Star Mike Trout, so I am not sure how much more convincing you need from us. A perfect baseball gift for players of all levels, these gloves are sure to have teammates asking where they got them from.




Easton Baseball Bat Pack


23. Easton Baseball Bat Pack (link)

There are a lot of different backpacks out there, but one of our favorites is the Easton Bat Pack. It is going to provide a space for everything that the player needs while also being both stylish and durable. It also comes in a variety of different colors as well.




Pitch Training Baseball


24.Pitch Training Baseball (link)

Learning the hand and finger placement for different types of pitches has never been easier. This baseball is going to come with different color finger tabs for different types of pitches. Perfect for both right-handed and left-hand pitchers this ball also comes with detailed flashcards breaking down each pitch as well.




MLB The Show


25. MLB The Show

Even if you aren’t in the Majors, you can still be out on the field with your favorite team and players with MLB The Show. If you know someone that loves baseball and also videos games, this is the perfect gift for them.



Bonus Baseball Gift Idea:



Baseball Stadium Blueprints


Baseball Stadium Blueprints (link)

Who wouldn’t want to have the stadium blueprints of their favorite team? This baseball gift is great for all ages and is sure to impress even the most discerning baseball fan. Try getting it framed for even a little more touch.

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