List of the Best Water Slides

Best Water Slides: Highlighting the Top Water Slides in the World

Thrill-seekers all over the world love will love this list of the best water slides. These water slides will provide an adrenaline rush like no other and will leave you smiling and wanting to ride down the slide again.

In this list of the best water slides, we detail 20 over-the-top waterslides that are sure to impress. With everything from breakneck speeds to towering drop-offs to gravity-defying loops, this list of the top water slides from around the world has it all.

Some of the water slides are even indoors. This means that no matter what time of year it is, you can still enjoy the fun of water slides. For a little adventure and a true adrenaline rush, check out this list of the best water slides!

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Top 20 Water Slides:



1. Wildebeest Water Slide

Waterpark: Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

Location: Santa Claus, Indiana, USA

Highlights: One of the Longest Water Slides in the World, Covers More than 2 Acres

About Water Slide: Wildebeest lasts an impressive two-and-a-half minute ride, which is one of the longest water slides in the world. A conveyor ride brings riders to the top of the slide. After that, a four-story drop propels the raft through a series of tunnels, hills, and around a helix. This slide covers more than 2 acres! The Wildebeest is an impressive slide that should not be missed.



2. Twister and Speedy Water Slide

Waterpark: Sonnertherme

Location: Lutzmannsburg, Austria

Highlights: Speedy Has a Near 500 Foot Drop, Twister is One of the Longest Indoor Slides in Europe

About Water Slide: With a spa and a waterpark, the Sonnetherme in Austria has something for everyone. For those inclined to adventure, the Twister slide and the Speedy slide should not be missed. A lift takes riders up to the top of the Speedy, where a close to 500-foot descent is made at breakneck speed. The Twister, while a bit slower, is one of the longest indoor slides in Europe and is fun for the whole family.



3. Jumeirah Sceirah Water Slide

Waterpark: Wild Wadi Waterpark

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Highlights: Riders Reach Speeds of 50 MPH, 32 Meters High

About Water Slide: A fun and adventurous tandem water slide, the Jumeirah Sceirah propels riders at speeds of 50 mph. Riders make the journey from the 32-meter-high tower in capsules. Since the slides are tandem, friends and family can challenge each other to make the ride even more fun.



4. Leap of Faith Water Slide

Waterpark: Atlantis

Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Highlights: Riders Travel Through a Transparent Tube that is Submerged in a Pool of Sharks

About Water Slide: With a 60-foot, nearly vertical drop, the Leap of Faith is aptly named. With a transparent tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon, the word ‘faith’ takes on a whole new meaning. For a unique waterslide experience, the Leap of Faith is a no-brainer. Paradise island is also home to one of the best tropical vacations as well. So outside of the park, you will have plenty to see and experience as well. 



5. Scorpion’s Tail Water Slide

Waterpark: Noah’s Ark Waterpark

Location: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA

Highlights: Riders Will Drop at More Than 5o Feet Per Second

About Water Slide: At ten stories high, Scorpion’s Tail drops riders more than 50 feet a second. The vertical drop is a pure adrenaline rush. The loop provides something unexpected for thrill-seekers as well. As America’s first nearly vertical waterslide loop, Scorpion’s Tail is not to be missed.



6. The Cyclone Water Slide

Waterpark: World Waterpark

Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Highlights: 85 Feet Tall, Riders Hit Speeds of 40 MPH

About Water Slide: This 85-foot tall slide is going to use gravity to propel you around a “near 360-degree loop before sliding you down onto a high-speed landing ramp.” While plummeting down the slide, riders can hit speeds up to 40 mph. Needless to say, this is one waterslide that is not for the faint of heart.



7. Master Blaster Water Coasters

Waterpark: Wild Wadi Waterpark

Location: Dubai, United Emirates

Highlights: Part Slide and Part Water Coaster

About Water Slide: The Master Blaster Water Coaster is a part slide and a part water coaster. This gravity-defying ride is perfect for thrill-seekers. With a variety of Master Blasters to choose from, each slide/coaster offers something different. Be sure to allow for plenty of time for these Master Blasters – you won’t be satisfied with just one ride! And outside of the park, Dubai has so much else to offer as one of the best cities to visit as well. 



8. Summit Plummet Water Slide

Waterpark: Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Highlights: Begins 120 Feet Off of the Ground and Riders Regular Reach 50 MPH

About Water Slide: A popular Disney World attraction. The Summit Plummet is a free-fall water slide that begins 120 feet off the ground. The near-vertical drop brings sliders along a 360-foot flume where speeds of over 50 miles an hour are regularly recorded (speedometer included!). If you love free-fall slides, Summit Plummet is the slide for you!



9. AquaLoop Water Slide

Waterpark: Everland Resort

Location: Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

Highlights: A 360-Degree Loop

About Water Slide: For a unique water slide experience, the AquaLoop is not to be missed. At the South Korea location, the AquaLoop drops from a height of 18 meters and then loops 360 degrees. This is going to ensure that thrills are had all around. For a once in a lifetime experience, the AquaLoop is not to be missed.



10. Faser Water Slide

Waterpark: Galaxy Water Slide World

Location: Erding, Germany

Highlights: 70 Meters Long and 19 Meters High, Riders Can Reach Speeds of 50 MPH

About Water Slide: Faser is a high-speed water slide designed for the thrill seeker. The Faser showcases German engineering and ingenuity. At almost 70 meters long and 19 meters high, slide goers can top speeds of almost 50 miles per hour. Be prepared for one (or more!) awesome slide experience!



11. Big Thunder Water Slide

Waterpark: Rapids Water Park

Location: Riviera Beach, Florida, USA

Highlights: Group Slide, Drops Into a Giant Funnel

About Water Slide: This slide is a group ride that is going to allow you to experience fun and thrills with friends and family. Sharp turns through the dark, speeds of 20 mph hour, and a drop into a giant funnel are all part of this slide. As you ride up the sides of the funnel and then drop back down, you will be able to experience a momentary Zero-G feeling. For group fun and big thrills, Big Thunder is an epic slide. While in Florida, also make sure to visit one or a few of Florida’s amazing beaches.



12. Boomerango Water Slide

Waterpark: Vana Nava Water Jungle

Location: Hau Hin, Thailand

Highlights: Group Slide, Riders Can Reach Speeds of 45 KM Per Hour

About Water Slide: Boomerango is the longest water slide in Thailand. It is going to start you out at the top, send you barrelling down the slide, and then right up into an angled wall. When you hit the top of the wall, you will pause for a brief second (just long enough to let your heart catch in your throat). From here you will plummet back down the wall at 45 km an hour into a pool at the bottom. The Boomerango is a perfect mix of thrills, excitement, and water.



13. Caribbean Corkscrew Water Slide

Waterpark: Adventure Island

Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

Highlights: High Speeds and Twists and Turns in the Dark

About Water Slide: Nothing says excitement quite like hurdling through a tube of water in near darkness. Now add in the fact that the tube twists and turns, and you have a whole new ball game. Caribbean Corkscrew is going to be perfect for thrill-seekers. The matching tubes will even allow you to race a friend.



14. Whanau Way Water Slide

Waterpark: Aquatica

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Highlights: Allows for Both Solo Riders and Partners Riders

About Water Slide: Whanau Way is going to be the perfect mix of excitement and enjoying the ride. It is great for both solo riders and partner riders. It has the thrill of a great water slide, but it isn’t going to leave you doubting your life choices at the top. If you ever find yourself in Orlando, make sure that you make time for Aquatica and Whanau Way.



15. Tornado 60 Water Slide

Waterpark: Wet n Wild

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Highlights: Giant Funnel that Allows Riders to Feel Weightless at Times

About Water Slide: Similar to Big Thunder when it comes to the shape of the slide. Tornado 60 in Las Vegas is deserving of this list all on its own. Having won a variety of awards, this is one slide that is sure to live up to the hype. Speed, a weightless feeling at times, and a giant cone slide all come together to make this an excellent slide.



16. Wavy and Vertical Fall Water Slide

Waterpark: Wonderla Bangalore

Location: Karnataka, India

Highlights: A Straight Down Descent or an Up and Down Slide

About Water Slide: Wavy and Vertical Fall are two different slides that are right next to each other. Vertical Fall is going to be a straight-down descent that will rocket you down towards the pool at the bottom. Wavy is an up and down slide that will help take away some of the rocket-like speed that Vertical Fall offers. Both water slides are great though and well deserving to be on this list.



17. Aquazoid Water Slide

Waterpark: Busch Gardens

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Highlights: Group Slide, Full of Twists and Turns, and Can Reach Speeds of 20 Feet Per Second

About Water Slide: Aquazoid will have you cheering and smiling the whole way down. This slide comes with a variety of twists and turns and even some waterfalls. You will also be traveling at a lightning-fast speed of 20 feet per second. You will be able to experience all of this with your friends and family as well since each raft holds 4-5 people.



18. Mayday Falls Water Slide

Waterpark: Typhoon Lagoon

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Highlights: Feels Like You Are Tearing Down a Rushing River

About Water Slide: Mayday Falls will have you feeling like you are traveling down a rushing river. Powerful water will propel you forward through the slide’s different twists and turns. The lush scenery on the banks of the slide will also help to give the rushing river feeling. This water slide is going to be thrills and excitement at every bend all the way down. After enjoying this slide and all that the park has to offer, there will be excellent dining and some of the best outlet malls in America outside of the park waiting for you.



19. The Smoke that Thunders Water Slide

Waterpark: Kalahari Resort

Location: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA

Highlights: Twists and Turns in the Dark and a Giant Funnel

About Water Slide: Clearly marked “not for the faint of heart,” The Smoke that Thunders is a thrill seeker’s dream slide. With twists and turns in the dark, a funnel, and a giant wall, you will have all you can handle. The Smoke that Thunders is a must for ride fanatics. It will leave you wanting to get right back in line after each ride.



20. XXL Monster Ride Water Slide

Waterpark: Sonnentherme Park

Location: Lutzmannsburg, Austria

Highlights: Indoor Group Slide, Twists, Turns, and Speed

About Water Slide: You may not think of an indoor slide as being that impressive. As the name states, though, this is one water slide inside or outside that deserves a spot on this list. The XXL Monster Ride is going to live up to every part of its name. This slide has all the essential factors, speed, twists, turns, and a whole lot of water.


Best Water Slides Conclusion

There is just something about water slides that brings the child out in each of us. So whether you are looking to take your kids or are looking for yourself. This list of the best water slides is sure to have you wanting to make a couple of trips here shortly.

And when you are done with this list, make sure to visit our list of the best water parks for all of the water fun you can handle.

There are a lot of excellent slides out there. So, if you feel like we have left any off that deserve a spot on this list, please comment below, and we will check them out. Also, if you have been on any of these water slides, we would love to hear your feedback as well.