Best Travel Blogs: The Top 30 List

Best Travel Blogs


Best Travel Blogs: Travel Tips, Inspiration, and More

In the words of Hans Christian Anderson, “To travel is to live.” Indeed, for many wanderlusts, it is an all-consuming passion. However, when traveling is just not feasible the next best thing is a travel blog. In this list of the best travel blogs, we have detailed some of the most colorful, fun, and exciting travel blogs on the web.
If you are in search of some inspiration for your next adventure, look no further than this list. There is sure to be a blog that speaks to you and inspires your next excursion!
When you finish with this list, make sure you visit our list of the best travel sites. This list will be able to help with all of your travel needs and maximize your savings and convenience.


Top 30 Travel Blogs:


Nomad Revelations


Nomad Revelations (link)

Written by blogger João Leitão, a native of Portugal, Nomad Revelations features Leitão’s extensive travel (over a hundred different countries). According to Leitão; inspiration for the site comes from talks, gastronomy, history, music, dance, and nature. Checkout his travel blog for travel inspiration and tips.






The Blonde Abroad (link)

The Blonde Abroad is a well-laid out blog that is going to offer a lot of travel know how. You will be able to search by destinations, travel tips, activities, and interests. The Blonde Abroad is the creation of California native Kiersten. And in her blog, Kiersten features the 40+ countries she has visited since giving up her career in corporate finance. Kiersten’s favorite destinations include Jordan, Thailand, Bolivia, Australia, and Belgium.




Poor Traveler


The Poor Traveler (link)

The Poor Traveler is one of the most prominent travel blogs in the Philippines but is beneficial for readers all over the world. It is a collaboration between bloggers Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos. Examples of site articles include “Eight Ways to Save While in India” and “Six Signs You’ve Survived a Trip to Scotland.”






Every Footstep an Adventure (link) 

Primarily focused on Asia and Europe, blogger Cynthia showcases her wanderlust adventures. In the words of Cynthia, she made all of her traveling possible by stepping outside of her comfort zone. Her goal is to “inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and do the things you truly love to do too!”






Somewhere Slower (link)

Featuring Courtney, her husband Michael, and their children. Somewhere Slower is going to showcase their adventures around the world, and what it is like to travel as a family. Some of the places they have visited are Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe, and the US. With travel recommendations, homeschool tips, and gorgeous photography, Courtney’s blog is a cut above the rest. For anyone interested in family travel, Somewhere Slower is the definitive how-to blog.








A Little Adrift (link)

After leaving to travel around the world in 2008 blogger, Shannon O’Donnell began the blog A Little Adrift. O’Donnell is going to cover topics that include; local travel, practical tips for long-term travels, and tools for living and working abroad. She also has an overview of her year-long trip around the world and tips for those who would like to do the same.





Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet (link)

Lonely Planet provides travel information for destinations all around the world. They are one of the bigger players when it comes to travel information, but they kept their personal touch. This is going to allow them to put the individual traveler first in everything that they do. If you are looking for a one-stop travel blog, the Lonely planet is going to have pretty much everything you need. 






Adventure (link) believes that travel is for everyone, and that is why we exist. Their mission is to share first-hand experiences of different destination. If they didn’t personally experience something, they will talk with someone who did. As a result, they provide accurate travel resources that will provide you with useable information and also leave you inspired to travel.





Stuck In Customs


Stuck In Customs (link)

An image can speak a thousand words, especially when it comes to seeing something new. Trey Ratcliff and his stunning photography are going to allow you to be able to get a glimpse into different cultures and destinations. His photography will leave you wanting to travel and better appreciating other places. Trey has established Stuck In Customs as one of the premier travel blogs. He is a must follow if you love to travel and also enjoy great photography.






Loophole Travel



Loophole Travel (link)

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I would love to travel more, but it is just so expensive.” Well, the team at Loophole Travel is going to help to eliminate that excuse. They are going to provide you travel tips and help you find loopholes that wil make travel more affordable. Loophole Travel is going to be your go-to source for finding and using cost-efficient travel tips. Along with money savings, this travel blog is also going to provide a lot of other great travel insights as well. So make sure to give them a read.





Expert Vagabond


Expert Vagabond (link)

Matthew Karsten has been traveling and exploring the world full time for the last 8+ years. So you could say that he is an expert vagabond. Matt travels to various destinations all over the planet. While he does, he is going to share with you his different travel tips, entertaining stories, and so much more. The Expert Vagabond will not only inspire you to travel but also give you some helpful travel tips.






Adventurous Kate



Adventurous Kate (link)

Have you ever thought about quitting your job and traveling the world? Well, Kate McCulley did precisely that when she was 26. Over the following seven years, she was able to explore 75 different countries across seven continents. While traveling she was able to experience life in different cultures and pick up useful travel tips. Her blog features these destinations and tips, as well as new places and new tips that she picks up. Kate travels solo around the world and is looking to inspire others to take a chance and travel the world as well.






Frequent Miler


Frequent Miler (link)

Frequrent Miler is designed to help you take advantage of travel deals and discounts. So you if you love hunting for a good deal, then this is the travel blog for you. They will provide you with their top travel saving perks as well as industry secrets that could end up saving you big money. With multiple authors and a large following, Frequent Miler should be a regular travel resource for you.




Alex In Wanderland


Alex In Wanderland (link)

Another full-time traveler on this list of the best travel blogs. Alex decided to become a full-time traveler in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. With an incurable wanderlust diagnosis, Alex continues to travel the world. As she does, she continues to share what she loves and has learned from the different destinations she visits. Alex In Wanderland will allow you to learn about travel destinations and cultures from a personal and unique point of view.





Frugal Travel Guy


Frugal Travel Guy (link)

Frugal Travel Guy is going to point out the travel savings that you should be taking advantage of. From a rookie travel guide to expert information, there is something for all levels of travelers on the Frugal Travel Guy blog. Having the right information can make a huge difference in your budget. So spend some time checking out these frugal travel tips. Who knows? Maybe that trip you have been saving for is closer than you thought!






Ordinary Traveler


Ordinary Traveler (link)

Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore both had a love for travel and photography. This led them to start chronicling their travels in 2009. The Ordinary Traveler is living proof that you don’t have to quit your day job to be a world traveler. Christy and Scott are firm believers that anyone can travel, and that it is something that everyone should be looking to take advantage of. So get inspired for your next adventure with the Ordinary Traveler.






Well Traveled Mile



Well Traveled Mile (link)

The Well Traveled Mile is going to show you how to take advantage of all the different airline mile deals ou there. Author Rand will show you how he visited over 40 different countries at a fraction of the typical cost using credit card miles. Rand will also show you how to take advantage of different luxury travel savings on your trip as well.






Globetrotter Girls



Globetrotter Girls (link)

Globetrotter Girls started out as two girls that just wanted to get away and travel the world. It is now run solely by globetrotter Dani, but is still inspiring a countless number of travelers from around the world. Dani is going to be able to provide a wealth of travel information for readers. Whether you are looking to follow in Dani’s footsteps and travel full time or not, this is one travel blog that is worth following.






Go See Write


Go See Write (link)

Go See Write is run by professional traveler Michael Hodson. However, the site also has several other travel authors that regularly contribute as well. Having multiple authors is going to allow for more destinations and different perspectives. Go See Write is going to provide full-time travel tips as well as information on interesting destinations. It should be towards the top of your list of must follow travel blogs.






Dan Flying Solo


Dan Flying Solo (link)

Traveling solo can open up a lot of doors for meeting new people and getting to experience a culture. Dan Flying Solo is all about the different travel experiences that you can have when you travel solo. Dan has spent over 1,000 days on the road, and his motto is “getting lost in new places and meeting new faces.” If you enjoy reading about travel stories from very personal experience, Dan Flying Solo is going to be an excellent fit for you.





My Life’s a Movie


My Life’s a Movie (link)

A self-proclaimed adventure junkie, Alyssa Ramos is the writer behind My Life’s a Movie travel blog. As a solo female adventure traveler, she has visited over 85 different countries and seven continents. Just take a quick look at her Instagram photos. You will see that she definitely makes the most of her trips and has earned the “adventure traveler” title. If you would like to share in her regular adventures, make sure that you check out her travel blog. Be warned though, some of that adventure may spread to you and leave you planning your next trip!






Travel Break



Travelbreak (link)

Starting out with the goal of taking a gap year from work, Stephanie decided to turn travel into her full-time job. Travelbreak aims to inspire and ignite a passion for traveling. With 40+ countries under her belt and hundreds of destinations, Stephanie will be able to help part-time and full-time travelers. She offers a variety of different tips and resources for making the most out of your future travels.




Amatuer Traveler


Amateur Traveler (link)

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, then the Amateur Traveler is a must. Along with his travel blog, Chris Christensen also hosts an award-winning travel podcast. The podcast is enjoyed by people from all around the world and will highlight a variety of destinations. They will also feature a destination expert or someone who recently visited the area. This will allow you to get all the travel tips and resources that you need for a specific destination.






Girl Gone Travel


Girl Gone Travel (link)

Are you nervious about family travel? Well give Girl Gone Travel a read for some inspiration. Carol is the author behind Girl Gone Travel, and she is going to highlight not only some great destinations but family adventures and much more. Featuring much more than just family-friendly destinations, Girl Gone Travel is going to have you wanting to travel ASAP.









Miss Vacation (link)

Miss Vacation is a blog for those who don’t have unlimited time to travel. Using only 15 vacation days a year, Miss Vacation details the plans she uses on her travels. Her goal is to provide inspiration and to help others be able to maximize their travel time. So if you are planning your next trip on a time budget, make sure that you visit the Miss Vacation travel blog for some inspiration.








A Luxury Travel Blog (link)

As the name implies, A Luxury Travel Blog focuses on luxury travel – namely the best hotels and restaurants to visit while traveling. While the blog is organized by Dr. Paul Johnson, over 400 writers and guest bloggers help to add content to the blog. The Luxury Travel Blog is going to focus on the finer things when it comes to travel. So whether you are planning a trip or enjoy reading about luxurious locations, give them a read.








Packed Suitcase link)

Packed Suitcase is written by a National Geographic Channel producer. It will focus on quick, quality trips in the mid-Atlantic, and is great for readers looking for weekend-worthy trips in the Northeast. The site features itineraries, inspiration, and great photography. Articles like “Richmond’s Underground Kitchen” or “Holidays in the Brandywine Valley” highlight the blog.








Breakaway Backpacker (link)

With two two year trips around the world under his belt, blogger Jamie’s blog Breakaway Backpacker features over 30 countries. Examples of articles include things like “What to See after the Eiffel Tower” and “Five Reasons to Visit Kotor, Montenegro.” His travel insights will leave you inspired to travel and feeling confident in your travel skills.







12 Hours Travel Blog (link)

For those short on time, bloggers Anna and Soren give condensed 12-hour itinerary destinations. They discard the usual recommendations, and instead, Soren and Anna provide destinations off the beaten path. These destinations are perfect for the traveler who wants something “different” out of their trip.







Classe Touriste (link)

Written by power couple Debbie and David (freelance travel writers and photographers). Classe Touriste consists of Debbie and David’s selections of their favorite spots and hideaways. Article examples include “Three Inns in Salzburg Land” and “22 Remote Places to Stay.” If you are looking for some insider travel tips for your next trip, make sure that you give the Classe Touriste a visit.



Best Travel Blogs Conclusion

Whether you are a professional traveler or looking to plan a vacation, this list has something for you. The travel blogs listed will provide you with resources, travel tips and recommendations. Even if you aren’t planning a trip but love travel. These travel blogs are going to be perfect for you.
Make sure that you have everything that you need for your trip with our list of the best travel accessories.
If there is any great travel blogs that you feel we left out, let us know in the comments below and we will check them out.


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