Top 25 Stylish Walking Shoes for Women

Best Stylish Walking Shoes for Women: Finding the Perfect Stylish Walking Shoes for You

Gone are the days when your feet have to suffer for the sake of style. In this list of the best stylish walking shoes for women, we detail 25 different shoes that will get you from A to B in both comfort and style.

This list of the best stylish walking shoes for women will highlight a number of great footwear options. From ballet flats to boots to sandals, all of the shoes on this list are stylish enough to wear with your favorite outfit but also comfortable enough to allow you to spend hours on your feet.

And, whether you are exploring the cobblestone streets of Europe or chasing down wayward kids all day, there is sure to be a pair of shoes on this list that hit the mark for comfort and style.

So what are you waiting for? Find some stylish and comfortable shoes and allow your feet and fashion to thank you. And, for even more style know-how, check out our list of the best fashion blogs.


Top 25 Stylish Walking Shoes for Women:



Avarca Pons Classic Style Women's Walking Shoes

1.  Avarca Pons Classic Style Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $89

Shoe Highlights: Available in a large selection of colors, All-natural leather.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: Crafted in Menorca, Spain, by local artisans, these super comfortable and stylish all-natural leather Avarca sandals are perfect for hot weather walking. A lightweight rubber sole and durable materials make this sandal a footwear choice you will keep coming back to.

Also, these shoes go great with pretty much any outfit. So you can make sure that you are looking great and staying comfortable for any occasion.



ECCO Women's Bluma Slip On Ballerina Flat

2. ECCO Women’s Bluma Slip On Ballerina Flat

Price: $68

Shoe Highlights: Delivers a superior fitting shoe, The perfect combination of fabric and leather.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: Featuring an innovative microfiber inlay designed to keep your feet fresh, this pretty and comfy ECCO flat is flexible and lightweight. A wedge insert provides extra support, and the leather is breathable, making this shoe an excellent choice for warm or cold weather.

Also, the base of the shoe offers a half-inch heel for added support and height. And, with three different colors to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect color for you.



Dansko Women's Addy Flat

3. Dansko Oksana Addy Flat Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $78-$188

Shoe Highlights: 100% leather, Arch support, Memory foam soles.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: While Dansko is perhaps best known for its clogs, it also makes some very comfortable and sophisticated flats. This shoe blends classic Dansko comfort with a timeless style. They are made of 100% leather upper and a synthetic sole.

Inside the shoe, there is arch support and memory foam that will contour to your foot. And, while a little dressier than some of the shoes on this list, they are no less comfy and durable.



Aerosoles Women's Solitaire Slip-On Loafer

4. Aerosoles Solitaire Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $39-$100

Shoe Highlights: Double-padded insoles, 100% textile, Unique and stylish look.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: This espadrille loafer is the perfect stylish slip-on for warmer climates. Aerosoles “Stich ‘N Turn” technology provides extra flexibility, and the durable sole makes this shoe something you will turn to time and time again. With a double-padded memory foam insole, you will not be sacrificing any comfort for style, either. Also, with a three quarter inch heel, these shoes will give you a little lift as well.



Tieks Ballet Flat Women's Walking Shoes

5. Tieks Ballet Flat Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: Varies

Shoe Highlights: Large selection of colors to choose from, Folds in half, Made with Italian leather.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: Made in almost every color, these designer flats by Tieks have a split-sole design that allows the shoe to fold in half. Super comfortable, this ballet flat is made with fine Italian leather and features a cushioned back and non-skid outer soles.

Also, another great thing about these walking shoes is that they pack extremely well. So if you are planning a trip or consistently are traveling, they make excellent travel shoes.


Geox Women's Annytah 2 Leather Bit Loafer Flat

6. Geox Annytah Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $92-$132

Shoe Highlights: 100% leather, Waterproof exterior, Memory foam, and arch support.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These stylish walking shoes consist of 100% leather and are going to be a little more dressy. They are perfect for business dress or any time you are looking to dress professionally. Also, they are made to last with a waterproof exterior. Inside the shoe, you have the latest comfort technology.

The Geox Annytah offers both, top-of-the-line arch support and memory foam for maximum comfort. With both a brown and black color option to choose from, you might want to consider getting a pair of each.


Arche Womens Jimara Stylish Walking Boots

7. Arche Jimara Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $425

Shoe Highlights: Has a one-and-a-quarter-inch heel, Made from premium leather, Leather-lined, and cushioned footbed for comfort.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: If you are looking for a shoe with a little bit more of a heel, this is the shoe for you. And, even though it offers a heel that is an inch and a quarter high, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

The premium leather upper of the shoe provides a great fitting shoe, and the leather-lined and cushioned footbed provides all the support you will need. These shoes are perfect for dressing up or for everyday wear.


Clarks Womens Candra Blush Flat

8. Clarks Candra Blush Flat Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $38-$170

Shoe Highlights: Ortholite footbed and cushion technology, Available in a variety of different colors.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: Made from premium materials, this is one shoe that can dress up any outfit all on its own. This shoe comes from the Artisan Collection from Clarks and is available in a variety of different colors.

And, while the outside of the shoe is sure to draw compliments, your feet will also be thanking you. With an ortholite footbed and cushion plus technology, it will feel like you are walking around on clouds all day.



New Balance Womens Stylish Walking Shoes

9. New Balance Women’s 415 Sneakers

Price: $23-$97

Shoe Highlights: Offers a large selection of color choices, Excellent comfort, and style for a sneaker.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: Sometimes, the outfit of the day calls for a more casual-looking sneaker. And, while most sneakers offer a good amount of comfort, these New Balances are at the top of the comfort spectrum; while also providing excellent style.

The New Balance memory sole comfort insert allows for next-level comfort and support. And, with a number of different colors to select from, you will be able to customize your look.



Aerosoles Women's Along Driving Style Loafer

10. Aerosoles Loafer Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $23-$100

Shoe Highlights: Large selection of colors and patterns, Comfortable, stylish, and durable.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These stylish loafers are going to provide an equal amount of style and comfort. On the comfort side, they offer a foam footbed and a padded insole to “soothe and pamper” your feet.

The style of the shoe offers a leather and synthetic mix, several colors and patterns to choose from, and metallic hardware as a final touch. Along with being both stylish and comfortable, they are also strong and durable as well. These shoes are made with the highest quality materials and will stand the test of time.



Superga Women's 2210 Cotu Fashion Sneaker

11. Superga Women’s 2210 Cotu Fashion Sneaker

Price: $29-$60

Shoe Highlights: Available in several different colors, Machine wash friendly, 100% cotton canvas.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These stylish walking shoes are made with a 100% cotton canvas and are going to offer a little bit more of a casual look. They are perfect for everyday use and will provide the needed support as you go throughout your day.

Also, with several different color selections to choose from, you might want to consider getting multiple pairs to coordinate with your different outfits. And, maybe most importantly, these shoes are machine wash friendly, so you will be able to keep that fresh look over the years of wear.


Keen Presidio MJ Stylish Womens Walking Shoe

12. Keen Presidio MJ Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $57-$175

Shoe Highlights: 100% leather, Offers a one and a quarter inch heel, and Comes in several different colors.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These 100% leather shoes are perfect for the outdoors or walking around completing daily tasks. On top, they feature a stylish adjustable buckle that will allow for a better fit.

Underneath, the sole of the shoe is made up of durable synthetic material and offers a one and a quart-inch heel. These stylish walking shoes were explicitly made for those who like to live a hybrid life. Looking great and feeling great has never been easier, especially if you consider the fact that these shoes come in a variety of different color options.



Aerosoles A2 Women's Back Driving Style Loafer

13. Aerosoles A2 Women’s Back Driving Style Loafer

Price: $47-$101

Shoe Highlights: Dressy and comfortable, Offers several colors and styles to choose from.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These loafers are some of the dressier shoes on this list. They provide a textile look with a metallic front clasp for added style and design. On the inside is where the real masterpiece is, though.

With core comfort technology and a memory foam insole, your feet are going to feel as good as they look on the outside. And, with options in black, white, tan, snakeskin, and more, you will be able to find the perfect pair for you.



Adidas Stylish Walking Shoes for Women

14. Adidas Cloudfoam Qt Racer Running Shoe

Price: $29-$120

Shoe Highlights: Light and great fitting, 20+ colors to choose from.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: Sneakers continue to step their game up when it comes to style, and Adidas is one of the leaders in this pursuit. These Cloudfoam shoes by Adidas are going to allow you to look your best and also walk around all day on, well, clouds.

And, with 20+ colors to select from, you will be able to find the pair of shoes that speak to you. So whether you are headed to the gym or looking to run errands, give the Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers a try. Another great option when it comes to more athletic-looking walking shoes that feel and look great are the women’s Air Force 1 shoes from Nike.



Vionic Women's Chill Larrun Loafer

15. Vionic Chill Larrun Loafer

Price: $100

Shoe Highlights: Leather top and rubber sole, Offers three different colors and patterns to choose from.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: Made up of a leather top and a rubber sole, these shoes are the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are perfect for a special night out, or with your favorite pair of jeans. And, as with all of the shoes on this list, you won’t have to worry about sore feet after. The hardest part will be deciding which of the three colors you are going to choose.



UGG Womens Sammy Sneaker

16. UGG Sammy Sneaker

Price: $44-$123

Shoe Highlights: Maximum comfort on the inside, Sleek and simplistic outside design, Nine different colors available.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: You may have heard of UGG boots, but what about stylish, casual UGG sneakers? These 100% textile shoes are going to provide a unique look and the comfort that only a pair of UGGS can offer. They also come in nine different colors that you can choose from as well.

Inside, each pair of UGG sneakers comes with 5mm of cushioning foam and 3mm of PORON lined with leather. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the UGG Pure wool that is in the heel. If you are looking for the ultimate mixture of comfort and style in a shoe, these UGG Sammy Sneakers may be the right choice for you.



Vionic Linden Slip-On Women's Walking Shoes

17. Vionic Linden Slip-On Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $35-$119

Shoe Highlights: Scientifically designed to improve comfort and support, Stylish leather and fabric upper, Comes in three different colors.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These slip-on shoes consist of an upper that is both leather and fabric and a durable rubber sole. Inside the shoe, there is a support system that includes a memory foam cushioned footbed.

Also, these shoes were specifically designed to help hug your arches and use Orthaheel technology to help support natural foot alignment. These shoes are a scientific masterpiece when it comes to improving foot comfort.



NAOT Gwyneth Sandals

18. NAOT Gwyneth Sandals

Price: $145-$150

Shoe Highlights: Leather straps, Arch support, Several color options to select from.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: Whether it is a trip to the beach or walking around town, these sandals offer all of the style and support you could ever need. They offer leather straps, a synthetic sole, and a cork/latex footbed. In the base of the sandal, there is arch support and shock absorbing technology as well.

With all of this, you will make sure that you not only look your best but that you can also take on whatever the day brings.



Ahnu Merritt Sporty Skimmer Sandal

19. Ahnu Merritt Sporty Skimmer Sandal

Price: $100

Shoe Highlights: Comfort technology, Durable outsole.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These lightweight, stylish sandals are perfect for those looking for comfort and style. They are 100% leather and come with a base that provides excellent shock absorption.

Also, the footbed is made from eco-friendly materials and is treated to help minimize odor-causing bacteria. The outsole is non-marking and offers excellent traction and durability. All of this combines to create a unique, stylish walking shoe for women.


UGG Aureo Boot

20. UGG Aureo Boot

Price: $70-$140

Shoe Highlights: Leather and suede exterior, Metallic zipper for added style and ease, Available in three different colors.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These are not the UGG boots of the past. And, while they are going to carry that trademark UGG comfort on the inside, they bring a whole new sense of style in the look. With a combination of leather and suede, the UGG Aureo Boot is sure to turn heads.

The metallic zipper on the side of the boot allows for added style and an added ease when it comes to putting on or removing each boot. Inside the boot, cushioning foam with a faux-leather lining highlight the boot’s comfortability.


Clarks Ashland Spin Q Slip-On Loafer

21. Clarks Ashland Spin Q Slip-On Loafer

Price: $42-$130

Shoe Highlights: Very lightweight and flexible, 100% leather upper, Five different color options to choose from.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: With a little bit more of a unique style, these slip-on loafers are still loved by many. They offer a 100% leather upper, a synthetic sole, and an Ortholite footbed for comfort. Along with style and comfort, they also provide an inch and a quarter plus heel. So if you are looking for a shoe with a unique look to it, this might be the perfect option for you.


TOMS Canvas Classics Women's Walking Shoes

22. TOMS Canvas Classics Women’s Walking Shoes

Price: $21-$123

Shoe Highlights: Stylish, comfortable, and durable, Large selection of color options.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: A favorite travel shoe of many, these TOMS Canvas Classics are stylish, comfortable, and durable. The breathable textile lining will make sure that your feet are comfortable in whatever you are doing.

Inside the shoe, the suede leather footbed provides light cushioning, while the latex arch insert will provide support. And, as with all TOMS shoe purchases, for every pair that you buy, one pair is given to a child in need. So look through all of the different available color options, and find the perfect pair of TOMS for you.


Steve Madden Loafer Flat

23. Steve Madden Loafer Flat

Price: $42-$73

Shoe Highlights: Sleek and stylish look, Available in more than twenty different colors and patterns.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: If you enjoy a shoe with a sleek style, these Steve Madden Loafer Flats are for you. They will provide an elegant and minimalistic-looking shoe that will go great with so many different types of fashion styles.

And, while they look amazing, they are also going to hold up well when it comes to comfort and durability. These casual, pointed-toe loafers are going to be perfect for so many different occasions. They also come in over twenty different colors and patterns. This will allow you to be able to find the perfect pair (or pairs) for you.


Naot Aroha Mary Jane Flat

24. Naot Aroha Mary Jane Flat

Price: $118-$200

Shoe Highlights: Hand-sewn, 100% leather upper, durable and slip-resistant.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: These hand-sewn flats consist only of the highest-rated materials. With an upper of 100% leather, a high-quality rubber heel, and a padded lining, this shoe has everything you could ask for in a stylish walking shoe for women.

They also come with a one-inch heel and are incredibly lightweight, durable, and slip-resistant. With all of these excellent shoe qualities and five different colors to choose from, this shoe is the complete package of style and comfort.


Merrell Women's Dassie MJ Slip-On Shoes

25. Merrell Women’s Dassie MJ Slip-On Shoes

Price: $100

Shoe Highlights: Stylish leather upper, Thee quarter inch heel, Air cushion technology.

About Stylish Walking Shoe: A twist on the traditional Mary Jane, this Merrell flat has a stylish leather upper. Inside the shoe, a trail-inspired grip and cushioned insole provide wearers of this flat all-day comfort and support.

Along with comfort and support, this stylish walking shoe also comes with three-quarters of an inch heel. Two other essential features of this shoe are the breathable mesh lining that helps stop odors and the Merrell air cushion in the heel that helps absorb shock.


Best Stylish Walking Shoes for Women Conclusion

Finding the perfect balance between style and comfort can sometimes be difficult, especially when it comes to selecting footwear. Unfortunately, it usually comes down to making a sacrifice on either style of comfort; this doesn’t have to be the case, though!

That is why this list of the best stylish walking shoes for women was created. It will provide you with excellent options for women’s shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. This list will also cover a variety of different styles of shoes as well. And while there are always more traditional options like Nike gym shoes, a lot of these shoes you wouldn’t even know that they are walking shoes until you take a closer look.

So whether you are looking for a traditional flat, sneaker, boot, sandal, or whatever, you will be able to find what you need. Gone are the days of having to choose or sacrifice one for the other! Are you looking for more clothing or fashion-related lists? Make sure to visit our list of the best shoe websites and best clothing websites. These lists will keep you looking your best above the ankle.

And, of course, these shoes also make excellent gift ideas for the women in your life.

Also, have you tried one of these shoes before? If so, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.