Top 10 Pull Up Bars

Best Pull-Up Bars: Finding the Perfect Pull-Up Bar for You

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a pull-up bar. With so many different models on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you, but not with this list of the best pull-up bars. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, this list will help you choose the best pull-up bar for your needs.

This list will highlight the best pull-up bars and will help you find the perfect pull-up bar for you and your fitness needs. With this list, you can search based on how the bar is mounted, space needed, budget, and more. 

One of the first things to consider when selecting a pull-up bar is where you will be hanging it. Will it be in a doorway, free-standing, from a beam, or something else? Whatever you decide, this list will have you covered with the perfect option for you. And many of these pull-up bars can be easily put up and taken down. This will allow you to leave the decor of your home intact while still being able to work on your fitness at home.

And when it comes to safety, all of these pull-up bars have been tested and are built to be sturdy. This will allow you to trust your pull-up bar and focus on getting fit and enjoying your workout.

After you have finished with this list of the best home pull-up bars, make sure to visit some of our other fitness-related lists. Our lists of the best push-up variations, best bodyweight exercises, and best yoga poses will help to compliment your pull-up bar exercises.


Top 10 Pull-Up Bars:



Multi-Grip Doorway Pull-Up Bar

1. Multi-Grip Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Price: $35.99

Highlights: Extra foam to protect walls, holds up to 440lbs, and no screws or holes required.

About Pull-Up Bar: Looking to amp up your strength training? Look no further than this Multi-Grip Doorway Pull-Up Bar! This sturdy, premium bar is built with 1.5mm heavy-duty steel and can support up to 440lbs. The extra-thick foam padding protects your wall frame without scratching or damaging it, while the tight screw connection between the main steel tubes prevents slippage and cracking.

Additionally, this pull-up bar can help you work out your biceps, triceps, chest, back, and other upper body muscles. And thanks to our quick and easy installation – NO screws or holes required – setup is a breeze. All of this combines to make this one of the top pull-up bars on the market.



Adjustable Width Doorway Pull-Up Bar

2. Adjustable Width Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Price: $41.99

Highlights: Automatic locking ensures safety while using, a heavy-duty pull-up bar, and comfortable hand grips.

About Pull-Up Bar: This top-of-the-line pull-up bar is perfect for home, garage, or office use and can be adjusted to fit most door frames between 28.3 inches- 37.8 inches (72cm-96cm). The automatic locking protection feature ensures your safety while using the bar, while the half arc structure ensures that it can bear heavier weight.

Never worry about over-tightening or doing damage to your door frame again – with this heavy-duty pull-up bar, you’ll be able to do any strength training exercises you want with ease!




Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

3. Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Price: $89.99

Highlights: Wall-mounted pull-up bar, multiple handles to grip, and resistance bands for extra exercise options.

About Pull-Up Bar: Looking for a versatile and space-saving pull-up bar? Look no further than the JZBRAIN Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar. This top-quality bar is designed for easy installation and foldable storage, making it perfect for any home fitness enthusiast.

With multiple grip positions and built-in resistance bands, this bar offers a variety of targeted workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals.




Multifunctional Pull-Up Bar

4. Multifunctional Pull-Up Bar

Price: $45.99

Highlights: Multifunctional pull-up bar, extra-thick foam padding to protect door frames and walls, and resistance bands for more exercise options.

About Pull-Up Bar: Looking for the perfect pull-up bar? Look no further! This Multifunctional Pull-Up Bar is perfect for any home gym. With a 42″ length and wide range of fit (24″ to 40″), it provides a stable, solid platform for all your pull-up and calisthenics needs.

And with the easy-to-install, hassle-free design, it’s an ideal solution for renters or anyone who wants to avoid complicated hardware. Plus, with our extra-thick foam padding and additional foam pads, you can be sure that your workouts will be safe and stable.



Smart Clamp Pull Up Handles

5. Smart Clamp Pull-Up Handles

Price: $109

Highlights: Attaches easily to any door in seconds, patented spring-loaded clamp ensures safety, and has multiple grip options.

About Pull-Up Bar: Looking for an easy and convenient way to get a great workout in at home? Look no further than Smart Clamp Pull-Up Handles. These innovative handles attach to nearly any door in seconds, without screws or damage, and allow you to perform various exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, and more.

They’re made of sturdy stainless steel and can hold up to 250 lbs., making them perfect for people of all fitness levels. Plus, the patented Spring Loaded Clamp ensures a secure fit on any door. Get your own set today and start getting fit in the comfort of your own home.



Adjustable Width Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

6. Adjustable Width Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

Price: $64.95

Highlights: Multiple grip options, easily slides into most doorframes, and won’t leave any damaging marks behind.

About Pull-Up Bar: Tone your body and build muscle using one of the best door frame pull-up bars out there. Door frames aren’t just for doors anymore! The Adjustable Width Door Frame Pull-up Bar will fit easily into residential doorframes and provide a stable, comfortable platform for a variety of exercises. With quick installation and no drilling required, this high-quality pull-up bar is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape fast.




Multi-Level Doorway Pull-Up Bar

7. Multi-Level Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Price: $48.99

Highlights: Multi-level pull-up bar, easy to assemble and disassemble, and has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

About Pull-Up Bar: The XGEAR Multi-Level Doorway Pull-Up Bar is perfect for athletes of all levels. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, and it features premium steel construction with three adjustable height settings.

Whether you’re looking to tone your muscles or improve your athletic performance, this pull-up bar is the ideal choice! Also, it’s portable, so it can be set up in any doorway of your home, and it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Plus, the bar is adjustable to fit standard doorways from 30 to 34 inches wide.



Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar

8. Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar

Price: $179.99

Highlights: Free-standing pull-up bar, perfect for home gyms, and adjustable for other exercises.

About Pull-Up Bar: Looking to get ripped at home without having to go to the gym? Then you need a free-standing pull-up bar. This bar allows you to develop powerfully defined arms and is an excellent core exercise tool.

Tone up those biceps, triceps, and the rest of your muscles in no time. Plus, it dismantles into smaller tubular lengths so you can easily store it at home or in your car. It even comes with a large storage bag with a shoulder strap, so you can take it anywhere you like.



I-Beam Pull-Up Bar

9. Beam Pull-Up Bar

Price: $189.99

Highlights: Fits I-beams and H-beams from 3.5″ to 10″, quick and easy installation, and multiple grip options.

About Pull-Up Bar: Looking for one of the best beam pull-up bars on the market? Look no further than the PB-100 by PRO Mountings! This innovative product will fit I-beams and H-beams from 3.5″ to 10,” making it perfect for any home gym.

The quick and easy installation process takes minutes, with no drilling required! And don’t worry – this product comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Give this pull-up bar a chance and start getting in the best shape of your life.



Doorway Portable Pull-Up Bar

10. Doorway Clamp Pull-Up Bar

Price: $121.50

Highlights: Strong and lightweight material, easy and safe to use, and won’t cause damage to your doorframe.

About Pull-Up Bar: Looking for a sturdy, safe pull-up bar that won’t damage your door trim? Look no further than this doorway clamp pull-up bar option! This aerospace composite material is strong and lightweight, perfect for most users.

These doorway clamps are more unique than some of the pull-up bar options on this list, but they are an effective piece of home exercise equipment and a great way to get in pull-ups and chin-ups. Also, their CLAMP SAFE feature ensures that the bar will be securely attached to your door trims.



Multipurpose Pull-Up Bar Workout Equipment 

Bonus: Multipurpose Pull-Up Bar Workout Equipment

Price: $185.99

Highlights: Stand-alone pull-up bar, offers more than just a pull-up bar, and is extremely sturdy.

About Pull-Up Bar: This sturdy power tower is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape. The 14-gauge steel frame can hold up to 400 lbs, and the scratch-resistant coat finish ensures that it will last you a long time.

Eight support points provide double stability and make this power tower a solid choice for your home workout equipment needs. And when it comes to all the exercises you can do, the multi-functional design supports vertical knee raises, push-ups, dips, pull-ups, and so much more, making it the perfect all-in-one choice for your fitness goals.


Best Pull Up Bars Conclusion

Getting fit in your own home has never been so easy. With very little setup, you can use one of these pull-up bars to start developing your strength and improving your health and fitness. This is perfect for those wanting to save money from cutting out a gym membership or those that don’t always have time to make it to the gym. Either way, this list of the best pull-up bars will have something for you.

When it comes to pull-ups, it can sometimes be hard to execute a large number of repetitions. So if you want to get more repetitions in, or work your way up to being able to do a full pull-up, think about adding in a resistance band. With a resistance band, you can do resistance band pull-ups, which are a great way to get in shape and will help you work your way up to doing more traditional pull-ups or chin-ups.

And for even more great exercise options, you can pair up your new pull-up bar with TRX exercises and core exercises.

Have you used one of these pull-up bars before? If you have, please feel free to share your feedback below in the comments.