Best Dog Insurance Companies

Best Dog Insurance Companies: Finding the Perfect Dog Insurance Company for You

Taking out pet insurance is a great way to protect your four-legged friend in the event of an accident or serious illness. With the right plan, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to cover any medical expenses – so you can keep your pup happy and healthy for many years to come. But it all starts with this list of the best dog insurance companies and finding the right plan for your best bud.

This list of the best dog insurance companies will feature the top options and will help you find the perfect dog insurance company for you. With this list, you can ensure that your furry best friend is better protected and that you can have peace of mind. 

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Top 15 Dog Insurance Companies:



Lemonade Pet Insurance

1. Lemonade Pet Insurance

Highlights: Created by a team of vets and pet owners, comprehensive insurance plans, and cover a variety of tests.

About Dog Insurance Company: Lemonade Pet Insurance might be the answer to all your dog’s healthcare needs. Created in collaboration with a vet team and many devoted pet owners, Lemonade provides you with some of the best coverage you can ask for with your beloved canine family member.

They offer comprehensive insurance plans that cover various diagnostic tests such as blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds, along with emergency care procedures like hospitalization, surgery, and prescription medications.



Embrace Logo

2. Embrace Pet Insurance

Highlights: Coverages cover accidents, illnesses, and conditions, cover breed-specific needs, and dental coverage.

About Dog Insurance Company: Introducing Embrace Pet Insurance, one of the best dog insurance companies. Their plans offer coverage for accidents, illnesses, and conditions for all dog breeds. Plus, they provide dental insurance, and no dental exam is required.

With Embrace, there’s no need to worry about breed-specific health issues, either, as congenital and genetic conditions are covered. So if your pet has hip dysplasia, allergies, or IVDD, you can rest easy knowing they’re covered.



Wagmo Pet Insurance

3. Wagmo Pet Insurance

Highlights: Easy-to-understand insurance, offer separate wellness plans, and access to the best vets.

About Dog Insurance Company: For dog owners, nothing’s more important than making sure their furry friends stay safe and healthy. That’s why there’s Wagmo Pet Insurance – an easy-to-understand pet insurance plan with flexible coverage options and fast reimbursement speeds to ensure your dog is covered in case of an emergency.

Unlike some other pet insurance plans, Wagmo offers complete pet wellness packages separate from their traditional pet insurance coverage. This gives you the freedom to pick only what you need – allowing you to create a plan tailored just for your family. And if you need additional coverage down the line, Wagmo makes it easy to add on extras.

Plus, no matter where you go, Wagmo allows you to choose the right licensed vet or service provider for your dog’s individual needs – whether you’re utilizing telemedicine or in-office or at-home services domestically within the U.S.



MetLife Pet Insurance

4. MetLife Pet Insurance

Highlights: Access to licensed vets, freedom and flexibility, and easy to submit claims.

About Dog Insurance Company: With MetLife Pet Insurance for your pup, you can have peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, you’re covered. Their policy allows you to take your dog to any licensed vet in the U.S., giving you freedom and flexibility.

And when it comes to submitting claims, just pay your pet’s vet bill and send your claim along with all necessary paperwork, and they’ll take care of it from there (most are settled in under two weeks).



AskVet Pet Insurance

5. AskVet Pet Insurance

Highlights: Modern approach to dog insurance, plans unique to your pup, and expert support and advice.

About Dog Insurance Company: Welcome to AskVet Pet Insurance, one the best dog insurance companies for today’s canine parents. Their modern approach to pet healthcare and wellness makes it easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective than ever.

The AskVet team are experienced pet lovers who understand each pet is unique and every parent-pet relationship is special. That’s why they offer customized experiences, with expert support and advice each step of the way. Their mission is simple: to empower you to confidently address your fur family’s needs and life stage transitions so you can simply enjoy being a pet parent.


6. Fetch Pet Insurance

Highlights: Access to coverage for illness, injury, and routine care, plans tailored to you, and access to quality treatment.

About Dog Insurance Company: When it comes to your furry friends, you want to give them the best – and Fetch Pet Insurance has you covered. This top-rated dog insurance company knows the dedication and love that comes with dog ownership – which is why their dog insurance is tailored specifically to protect your four-legged companions.

With Fetch, you get coverage for things like illness, injury, and even routine care – all with the goal of making sure your pup always has access to quality veterinary treatment.


Pumpkin Pet Insurance

7. Pumpkin Pet Insurance

Highlights: Covers breed-specific issues, a wide range of options, and multi-pet discounts.

About Dog Insurance Company: Do you have a dog and want to ensure they are always taken care of, despite the unexpected? Pumpkin Pet Insurance is here to help. They provide some of the best dog insurance for a wide range of medical needs and expenses, from vet exam fees to surgeries to dental illnesses.

Also, you don’t have to worry about an extended waiting period for issues like hip dysplasia or knee injuries either; with Pumpkin Pet Insurance, your dogs will get the best care as soon as possible. What’s more, their coverage comes with discounts for insuring multiple pets.



Spot Pet Insurance

8. Spot Pet Insurance

Highlights: Low deductibles, multi-pet discounts, and access to a 24/7 pet telehealth line.

About Dog Insurance Company: Introducing Spot Pet Insurance, one of the best dog insurance options out there for all your canine friends. Don’t worry about breaking the bank for pet care – Spot is here to help you fit pet insurance into your budget by offering lots of ways to adjust your benefits levels.

Plus, that’s not all. With Spot, you’ll get low deductible plans plus helpful extras like coverage of the veterinarian office visit fee in the event of an illness or accident, microchip coverage, and a multi-pet discount of 10%. And if that wasn’t enough, you can add their optional wellness plan and get access to their 24/7 pet telehealth line.



Pets Best Pet Insurance

9. Pets Bes Pet Insurance

Highlights: Unique range of deductibles, short waiting period on claims, and you can have them pay your vet directly.

About Dog Insurance Company: At Pets Best, they understand the importance of dog insurance and put an emphasis on providing comprehensive coverage at a great price. No need to worry about finding the deductible that fits your budget – their unique range of deductible choices will make sure you find a plan perfect for you and your furry friend.

Their Best Benefits Plan is jam-packed with features, such as accident coverage with a waiting period of just three days, allowing you to have immediate help for anything that might occur. Furthermore, if your vet consents, they can pay them directly and spare you the trouble of having out-of-pocket reimbursement costs.



Figo Pet Insurance

10. Figo Pet Insurance

Highlights: 1-day waiting, 100% reimbursement option, and a 24/7 telehealth line for any dog issues.

About Dog Insurance Company: At Figo Pet Insurance, they believe in offering the best possible coverage for your pup. Their range of insurance plans allows you to choose whatever fits your budget and lifestyle.

And they understand how important it is to provide the most effective care if something unexpected were to happen, which is why their accident coverage offers a short 1-day waiting period and a 100% reimbursement option.

Plus, with their 24/7 telehealth line and routine wellness plan options, you can access quality medical assistance and treatment that can give your pet the long healthy life they deserve.

Many Pets Pet Insurance

11. ManyPets Pet Insurance

Highlights: Accident and illness plans, routine care, and comprehensive coverage.

About Dog Insurance Company: As a dog parent, your furry friend’s health is one of the most important parts of your life. With ManyPets Pet Insurance, you can rest assured that your pup will always get the care it needs.

ManyPets offers an accident and illness plan that covers a wide variety of medical expenses, including broken bones and cancer treatments, routine care such as vaccinations and nail trims, X-rays, MRIs, and hospitalization costs. This comprehensive coverage helps to make sure that your pup is always taken care of.



Trupanion Pet Insurance

12. Trupanion Pet Insurance

Highlights: Flexible reimbursement options, direct payments to your vet, and no extended waiting period.

About Dog Insurance Company: When it comes to taking care of your furry family members, Trupanion Pet Insurance provides you the peace of mind and assurance that you need. Trupanion pet insurance offers an unbeatable combination of no-deductible unlimited annual coverage that is adjustable to fit any budget, flexible reimbursement options, and exclusive access to direct payments to your vet if they have our software.

The best part? As your dog ages and becomes more expensive to insure, its rates stay the same. Plus, there’s never an extended waiting period for common conditions such as cruciate ligament issues and hip dysplasia.



Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

13. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Highlights: Hassle-free claims process, 24/7 telehealth line, and no cap on coverage in a year.

About Dog Insurance Company: As one of the best dog insurance companies in the market, you can rest assured that your dogs will be well taken care of if they’re ever hurt or injured. Not only are they one of the most affordable dog insurance providers around, but you also get unlimited annual coverage, meaning there’s no cap on how much we’ll help cover in any given year.

Plus, they make it easier on you with a hassle-free claims process that sends payments straight to your vet (no cutting checks), and if you’re ever stuck trying to figure out what to do for your dog’s health issue, they offer a 24/7 pet telehealth line.



ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

14. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Highlights: Multi-pet discount, has no special waiting periods, and offers an additional wellness plan.

About Dog Insurance Company: Do you want to show your furry best friends some extra love? With ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, you can ensure that they are provided with the care they need in times of physical, medical, or health-related issues. They offer great options such as no special waiting periods for cruciate ligament and other conditions, cover pet microchipping, and more.

What’s more, there is a multi-pet discount of 10% for those who have multiple pets. An optional wellness plan is also available to provide additional coverage for routine visits, prescriptions, and vaccinations. And to maximize your peace of mind, a 24/7 pet telehealth line is also included so you can seek assistance day or night should any questions arise.



Nationwide Pet Insurance

15. Nationwide Pet Insurance

Highlights: Large insurance company, reimbursement options, and access to the specialists that you want.

About Dog Insurance Company: You may have heard of Nationwide when it comes to home insurance or car insurance, but they are also a great option when it comes to dog health insurance as well. You will get the backing of a big company and also access to a number of great features that will better keep your pup protected and allow you to sleep easily.

With a 24/7 free vet helpline, reimbursement options, and access to any licensed vet, specialist, or emergency provider you want, you can have everything you need.


Best Dog Insurance Companies Conclusion

When it comes to pet insurance, you want to ensure that you have the best coverage for your beloved pup. And with this list of the top 15 dog insurance companies, you can be sure to find the perfect plan for your furry friend and rest easy knowing that their health is taken care of.

This will allow you to have peace of mind and allow you to find the best plan for your pup. After that, you can enjoy providing them with the coverage they need.

If you have tried any of these dog insurance companies before, we would love to hear your feedback below in the comments.