Best Golf Cart Accessories

Best Golf Cart Accessories: Finding the Right Golf Cart Accessories for You

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, there’s no doubt that having the right golf cart and accessories can make 18 holes of golf a lot more enjoyable. These handy items can help you stay comfortable and organized on the course, from coolers and extra seating to Bluetooth speakers and storage bags. So if you’re looking for ways to take your game to the next level, be sure to check out some of the best golf cart accessories on the market today.

This list of the best golf cart accessories will help you find all the items that you need to deck out your golf cart. Whether you are a golfer or not, these top golf cart accessories will allow you to drastically improve the look and feel of your golf cart. 

And even if you don’t play golf but are looking for a way to get around your neighborhood or community, a golf cart can be an excellent option. So while golf carts may be designed for the course, they are also an excellent way to cruise around with family and friends. With this list of the top golf cart accessories, you can ensure that you do this in style.

The other great thing about these golf cart accessories is that they are easy to install, many of them without any drilling. This will allow you to quickly enjoy any new upgrade you would like to add to your cart.

And last but not least, several of these golf cart upgrades also provide for better safety. With mirrors, better lighting, and more, you can make sure to stay safe while you enjoy cruising around.

When you are finished decking out your golf cart, make sure to visit our lists of the best golf gifts and best golf training aids for all of your other golfing needs.


Top 20 Golf Cart Accessories:



Golf Cart Rear Seat

1. Golf Cart Rear Seat

Price: $349.95

Highlights: Adds two extra seats, folds up for easy storage, and is very comfortable.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking to add a little extra comfort and style to your golf cart? Look no further than the Flip4 Rear Seat! This easy-to-install accessory features contoured seat cushions and removable armrest covers, available in all OEM color options. Plus, the Fold D design makes it easy to fold up for storage when not in use. So make your next round even more enjoyable with the Flip4 Rear Seat.



Golf Cart Lift Kit

2. Golf Cart Lift Kit

Price: $446

Highlights: Adds extra height and style, easy-to-follow instructions, and allows for bigger tires.

About Golf Car Accessory: Add a little extra height and style to your golf cart with this lift kit. This easy bolt-on kit includes everything you need to lift both the front and rear of your cart and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

With a 6″ lift, this kit allows for up to 23″ tall tires, making your golf cart stand out from the rest. So whether you’re looking to take your game up a notch or just want to show off your unique style while you cruise around, this Golf Cart Lift Kit is just what you need.



Side Mirror Kit

3. Side Mirror Kit

Price: $35

Highlights: Durable, offers better safety and visibility, and doesn’t require any drilling.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking for a great way to improve your golf cart’s safety and visibility? Look no further than this Side Mirror Kit. These mirrors are easy to install without drilling and adjusting 180 degrees to give you the best vision possible. Plus, they’re made of durable materials that will last through years of use.



Golf Cart Armrest

4. Golf Cart Armrest

Price: $45.90

Highlights: Sturdy and comfortable, easy to install, and are easy to keep clean.

About Golf Car Accessory: Golf Cart Armrests add comfort and support to your ride. These sturdy, universal-fit armrests attach easily to the rear seat of your golf cart and are perfect for those who like to take a break on the golf course or enjoy riding in comfort.

The integrated construction means no extra screws or assembly is required – they’re ready to go right out of the box! And thanks to the PU leather covering, they’re easy to keep clean.



Full Coverage Floor Liner

5. Full Coverage Floor Liner

Price: $135

Highlights: Patented design, offers full floor coverage, and is easy to install.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking for one of the best golf cart accessories for the floor of your cart? Check out this full-coverage floor liner. This patented design protects your factory flooring from the dash down to the base of the seat.

No tools are required for installation – it’s as easy as clip and go! Plus, their Xtreme Clip ensures that your mat stays in place, even on rough terrain. So if you’re looking to keep your cart in tip-top shape, look no further than a full coverage floor liner.



Extended Roof Kit

6. Extended Roof Kit

Price: $635

Highlights: Offers more shade from the sun, is scratch-resistant, and is easy to install.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking for some extra protection from the sun and wind? This Extended Roof Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to extend the coverage on their golf cart.

The 80″ blacktop is thermo-formed from solid colored plastic with a textured scratch-resistant finish, and it’s designed to fit Double Take track-style enclosures. Plus, it comes pre-drilled, so installation is a breeze!



Headlight and Taillight Kit

7. Headlight and Taillight Kit

Price: $166

Highlights: High-performance, brighter and more durable than standard lights, and provides extra safety.

About Golf Car Accessory: This Headlight and Taillight Kit is the perfect accessory for your gas or electric model golf cart. The high-performance LED headlights are much brighter and more durable than halogen or HID headlights, and the amber turn signals provide extra safety while driving. The kit includes two LED front headlights with turn signals, two LED taillights (brake lights), and all necessary wiring.



Portable Speaker Mount

8. Portable Speaker Mount

Price: $13.96

Highlights: Easy to install, offers a secure mounting, and is easily adjustable to fit your speaker.

About Golf Car Accessory: This portable speaker mount is perfect for enjoying your favorite music while golfing. The non-slip design ensures that your speaker stays in place, while the adjustable straps make it compatible with any type of golf cart railing. To find the perfect speaker to take along with you, make sure to visit our list of the best Bluetooth speakers.



Golf Bag Holder

9. Golf Bag Holder

Price: $85.99

Highlights: Easy-to-use bracket, resistant to corrosion and rust, and won’t scratch your golf bag.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking for a golf cart accessory that will make your life easier? Look no further than the Roykaw adjustable golf bag holder bracket. This easy-to-use bracket fits most golf cart models and is perfect for holding your golf bag in place.

The electroplated metal material is resistant to corrosion and rust, making it a long-lasting addition to your golf gear. And the high-quality nylon webbing prevents scratches on your golf bag. So grab one of these handy brackets today and make your next round of golf even more enjoyable.



Golf Cart Front Basket

10. Golf Cart Front Basket

Price: $67.99

Highlights: Easy to install, holds all of your smaller items, and is made of durable material.

About Golf Car Accessory: This accessory is perfect for storing golf clubs, balls, and other gear while you’re out on the green. It’s also great for keeping your car organized and clutter-free. The basket is made of heavy steel mesh with a rubberized coating, and it features a high gloss black powder coating that will look great long after installation.

Plus, the basket comes with two sets of installation accessories to make sure it fits your cart perfectly. So don’t wait – order your Golf Cart Front Basket today!




Golf Cart Steering Wheel

11. Golf Cart Steering Wheel

Price: $44.99

Highlights: Ergonomic design, durable material, and is easy to install.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking for a golf cart accessory that will add some immediate style to your cart? Look no further than Roykaw’s universal golf cart steering wheel. This ergonomic design is comfortable to grip and offers a nice touch and feel. The high-strength aluminum spoke is durable and makes your cart look good too. Installation is easy, and you can start enjoying your new steering wheel in no time.



4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

12. 4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

Price: $164

Highlights: Provides full coverage, 100% polyester, and is easy to put up and takedown.

About Golf Car Accessory: This 100% polyester enclosure provides full protection against wind and weather while keeping your golf cart clean and dry in storage.

Zippered doors and panels adjust quickly and easily to any weather condition, and the windshield and doors roll up to stow out of the way. The quick zip-off windshield can also be stared in the front hideaway pocket, and the zippered rear window and roll-up rear panel allow easy access to your golf clubs.



Underglow LED Light Strip Kit

13. Underglow LED Light Strip Kit

Price: $61.50

Highlights: Comes with 14 different modes, is controlled wirelessly, and is water-resistant.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking to add some personality to your golf cart? This Underglow LED Light Strip kit is just what you need! It comes with 14 modes, including 7 color fade modes, 2 color flow modes, and 4 colorful flash modes.

You can control the lights using the included wireless remotes, so you can switch up the mode whenever you want. The lights are also water-resistant, making them perfect for use in any weather conditions.



Sand Bottle Holder

14. Sand Bottle Holder

Price: $39.99

Highlights: Mounts easily, sturdy metal holder, and the bottles are durable as well.

About Golf Car Accessory: Whether you’re an avid golfer or just like to hit the links now and then, you know that having the right golf cart accessories can make all the difference. With this sand bottle holder, you can easily fill divots on the course and keep your surroundings looking great.

Made with a durable ABS bottle and a sturdy metal holder, this accessory is built to last. Also, installation is a breeze – just drill holes on your golf cart tub, and you’re good to go!



Personalized Mini License Plate

15. Personalized Mini License Plate

Price: $12.95

Highlights: Personalized by state, easy to install, and is made of high-quality material.

About Golf Car Accessory: Give your golf cart a personal touch with this fun and easy-to-use license plate. You can choose between all 50 states, making it the perfect addition to any cart. It’s high quality and lightweight, with predrilled holes for easy attachment.



Front and Rear Golf Cart Fenders

16. Front and Rear Golf Cart Fenders

Price: $58.88

Highlights: Adds extra styles, protects from debris, and is easy to install.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking to keep your golf cart looking its best? These golf cart fenders are just what you need. Made from high-quality molded black plastic, they not only protect you from dirt, stones, and mud splashes but also give your cart a more aggressive look. Also, installation is easy – simply remove the old fenders and replace them with the new ones.



12 Quart Cooler and Bracket

17. 12 Quart Cooler and Bracket

Price: $74.42

Highlights: Mounts securely to your cart, 12-quart cooler, and won’t tip or fall.

About Golf Car Accessory: Stay hydrated and enjoy your favorite beverages or snacks while you are enjoying 18 holes of golf with this golf cart accessory. This 12-quart cooler will mount safely and securely to your golf cart, and you won’t have to worry about it falling or tipping. All you will need to worry about is what to stock it with!



Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover

18. Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover

Price: $26.99

Highlights: Offers comfort and style, can warm your hands on cold days, and allows you to personalize your golf cart.

About Golf Car Accessory: This steering wheel cover is the perfect way to keep your hands warm on those chilly days out on the course. It’s also a great way to add some style and personality to your ride! It is also lightweight and folds up small, making it easy to store in any bag or glove box. This will allow you to leave it on all the time or only use it on those cold days when needed.



Golf Cart Rims

19. Golf Cart Rims

Price: $549

Highlights: Safe to use on multiple surfaces, add some lift to your golf cart, and don’t require a lift kit.

About Golf Car Accessory: Looking to give your golf cart a fresh new look? Check out our Terminator golf cart wheels! These 12″x7″ aluminum wheels come in a shiny chrome finish and include matching lug nuts and center caps. They’re also DOT approved for safe use on asphalt, pavement, and turf.

Best of all, they’re easy to install – no lift kit required. Along with rims, you could also consider new hub caps as well if you want to add some style to your wheels.



Club Cleaner and Ball Wash Station

20. Club Cleaner and Ball Wash Station

Price: $42.66

Highlights: Easy installation, provides easy club and ball cleaning, and is durable.

About Golf Car Accessory: The Club Cleaner and Ball Wash Station is the perfect addition to any golf cart. It’s a trusted product that helps improve your game by providing better ball flight, cleaner club grooves, and better backspin.

The patented single chamber unit is easy to use, and the T-Drain Plug is easy to remove and replace. The Club Cleaner and Ball Wash Station also comes with a Universal Mounting Bracket for easy installation.


Best Golf Cart Accessories Conclusion

When it comes to golf carts, there are a lot of different accessories you can add on to make them more functional and better looking. So it is really up to you what you would like to do with your golf cart. You can go all-in or decide on a few different items. Either way, most of these accessories are easy to install and will allow you to enjoy them shortly after.

So figure out which items from this list of the best golf cart accessories you want for your cart, and then start building out your dream golf cart. Just be ready for lots of compliments and maybe a few jealous stares as you cruise by.

And along with your cart looking better than ever, it will also be more functional as well. With better lighting, more seating, bigger tires for rough terrain, and so much more, your golf cart will be able to do so much more with these added upgrades.

Have you tried any of these golf cart accessories before? If you have, please feel free to share your feedback below.