Best Earbuds for Running

Best Earbuds for Running: Finding the Perfect Running Earbuds for You

Just like finding the best shoes for running, it’s important to find the best earbuds for running to ensure you have a great experience while pounding the pavement. There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the perfect pair of earbuds for running, so we’ve compiled a list of the best earbuds for running.

This list of the best earbuds for running will highlight the top selections and will help you discover the right pair of running earbuds for you. Whether you’re a professional athlete or fitness enthusiast, the right pair of earbuds will help you stay motivated and focused, which means a better run for you. 

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Top 20 Earbuds for Running:



Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 Touch Earbuds

1. Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 Touch Earbuds

Price: $109.99

Highlights: Waterproof, come in seven different shapes and sizes of silicone ear tip, and is lightweight at just a few grams each.

About Earbuds: With cutting-edge features designed specifically for runners, these lightweight earbuds make all the difference when it comes to comfort, sound quality, and usability. The waterproof earbuds come in seven different shapes and sizes of silicone ear tips – making sure that everyone can find a perfect fit – and once they’re in, they stay put.

Weighing just a few grams each, the O5 Plus will make your days of running or active movement a true joy – free from pesky drops or loss of sound caused by misaligned earpieces. And with a battery life of up to six hours between charges, you can be sure to keep your tunes playing throughout those longer runs.



Beats Fit Pro Earbuds

2. Beats Fit Pro Earbuds

Price: $199.95

Highlights: Secure ear wings to keep them in place, tactile buttons that provide responsive control, and designed specifically for athletes.

About Earbuds: These Beats Fit Pro Earbuds come with secure ear wings that keep them in place and make sure there is no discomfort. With that being said, they understand that sweat can be a problem for runners – not anymore.

You can forget about having to worry about your earbuds slipping off due to sweat; these will stay put with no issues at all. In addition, they boast delightful tactile buttons that provide responsive control – play/pause with a light press, two presses to skip, three presses to go back – and a long press makes it simple to access noise cancellation and transparency modes or Siri if desired.

For style and functionality, look no further than Beats Fit Pro Earbuds. Not only do they provide the best sound quality available on the market today, but they are designed specifically to cater to athletes and their needs.



Shokz OpenRun Pro Earbuds

3. Shokz OpenRun Pro Earbuds

Price: $179.95

Highlights: Bone-conduction technology, no bulky headphones or ear plugs, and sound comes through your cheekbones.

About Earbuds: At Shokz, they know that serious running requires serious gear. That’s why they’re proud to introduce their newest headphones for runners: the Shokz OpenRun Pro Earbuds. The revolutionary design behind these earbuds means that not only do you get superior sound quality for all your music and podcasts, but you also get the safety of being able to hear the world around you while you run.

Their patented bone-conduction technology ensures maximum sound quality without sacrificing safety. Sounds come through your cheekbones, so there are no bulky headphones or earplugs blocking out traffic and other potential dangers. And thanks to this 9th-generation model’s improved bass performance, your tunes will take you to a different level as you hit your pace.



Jabra Elite 7 Earbuds

4. Jabra Elite 7 Earbuds

Price: $179.99

Highlights: Top of the line chipsets and firmware, straightforward controls, and an excellent balance of high and low tones.

About Earbuds: With these innovative earbuds, your busy life doesn’t have to take a toll on your sound quality. These earbuds come with top-of-the-line chipsets and firmware that ensure a reliable and consistent connection no matter where you go.

They also offer simple and straightforward controls – so switching tracks or answering calls while running is a breeze. Not only are the sound levels great for running, but they’re also fantastic overall – producing an excellent balance of high and low tones that will keep you motivated and engaged – no matter how intense your workouts get.



Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds

5. Jaybird Vista 2 Earbuds

Price: $119.99

Highlights: An IP68 rating to protect against moisture, eight hours of power, and provides both Active Noise Canceling and surround-sense ambient noise pass-through.

About Earbuds: Outrun your limits in style with slick, comfortable earbuds designed to keep up with your every step. Protected against dust and moisture with an IP68 rating, the Vista 2 is more durable than ever before. Whether in the gym or on a long run, these earbuds provide eight hours of power for you to defeat any distance. The additional sixteen hours provided by their charging case ensures that you can go further than ever.

On top of superior sound quality, Vista 2 earbuds ensure you stay aware of your surroundings – utilizing both Active Noise Canceling and Surroundsense ambient noise pass-through modes. Its intuitive design means that all it takes is a double tap to switch between settings, giving you better control over what you want and when.

Allows joggers to become completely immersed in their training program without having to miss out on traffic or other signals essential for safe running.



Shokz OpenMove Earbuds

6. Shokz OpenMove Earbuds

Price: $79.95

Highlights: Bone-conduction sound quality, a battery life of up to 6 hours, and comes with a convenient carrying pouch.

About Earbuds: These sleek and lightweight headphones provide a comfortable fit and are perfect for any sports or outdoor activity. With sound quality that is relatively good for bone conduction, these earbuds allow you to enjoy your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, and news broadcasts while on the go.

And with a battery life of up to 6 hours, they’ll keep up with your active lifestyle. Plus, they charge via USB-C and come with a convenient carrying pouch.



Bose Sport Earbuds

7. Bose Sport Earbuds

Price: $129.00

Highlights: Up to 8 hours of battery life, a reliable Bluetooth 4.1 chipset, and a variety of colors to choose from.

About Earbuds: From Bluetooth connectivity to battery life, these buds provide superior sound quality for any activity. Boasting advanced engineering, this innovative product offers up to 8 hours of battery life, so your tunes will keep going even when you’re on the go.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about interruptions thanks to its reliable Bluetooth 4.1 chipset. And the range of color options lets you customize your listening experience with a hint of fun – choose from bright, bold, and stylish shades to match your style and personality.



Apple AirPods Pro Earbuds

8. Apple AirPods Pro Earbuds

Price: $194.99

Highlights: An ergonomic design to fit perfectly, an extremely short stem, and noise-canceling to block out street noise.

About Earbuds: These superb sound machines are specifically designed for runners, providing amazing audio quality even with intense physical activity. The ergonomic design allows them to fit perfectly in your ear and stay put during long runs without losing sound quality or comfort.

With the shortest stem in our AirPods family, you can forget about pesky wires getting in the way of your performance. And if you’re looking for that extra noise-canceling boost to block out street noises and other distractions, this is definitely the product for you.

With a more rounded housing shape for maximum security, Apple AirPods Pro promises fantastic sound – no matter how far and fast you go.



JBL Endurance Peak 3 Earbuds

9. JBL Endurance Peak 3 Earbuds

Price: $99.95

Highlights: Classic black and white colors, up to 10 hours of battery life, and an IP68 rating with a dust-proof design.

About Earbuds: JBL’s Endurance Peak 3 Earbuds will bring convenience and comfort to athletes everywhere. Whether you’re an experienced runner or getting in shape for the first time, these updated earbuds have everything you need to take your training experiences to the next level.

For starters, they come in classic black and white colors, so they can easily match your style. With up to 10 hours of battery life, you won’t have a single worry when it comes to powering through a tough session. When that isn’t enough, you can use their unique case to get four extra charges as well. Plus, with an IP68 rating and dust-proof design, any running partner will always be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

But there’s more. Our signature Ambient Aware transparency mode pairs perfectly with the Talk Thru mode so that on busy roads or trails, you can stay connected without ever removing the buds from your ears. And don’t forget about the amazing sound quality: Powerfully balanced bass keeps your running playlist fresh throughout every lap. The JBL Endurance Peak 3 Earbuds are simply perfect for any journey.



Sony WF- 1000XM3 Earbuds

10. Sony WF – 1000XM3 Earbuds

Price: $149.99

Highlights: Active noise canceling technology, simple user interfaces, and great battery life and charging capabilities.

About Earbuds: Whether you’re running along a city street or on an isolated trail, you can count on the WF1000-XM3 to keep you in perfect rhythm with your favorite music while blocking out unwanted noise. Thanks to years of research and development, Sony has given us an extremely high-performing product that’s packed with features.

Active noise canceling technology dramatically reduces background sounds so that you can better focus on your run, and the sound quality is superb. Plus, they feature simple user interfaces that anyone can understand without much hassle. Plus, it comes with great battery life and charging capabilities that ensure you’ll be listening all day long.

If you want to get serious about running and take your audio experience to the next level, the Sony WF 1000-XM3 Earbuds are the obvious choice. They provide an unparalleled combination of performance, innovation, and portability for any active lifestyle – giving runners exactly what they need to stay motivated.



Beats Studio Earbuds

11. Beats Studio Earbuds

Price: $149.95

Highlights: A flat profile design, wicks away sweat during your run, and tactile buttons make it easy to operate.

About Earbuds: Welcome to an era of listening convenience and comfort with the Beats Studio Earbuds. These earbuds offer optimum sound quality, comfort, and practicality – perfect for runners and everyday active users.

With their flat profile design, they fit snugly in your ears while wicking away sweat during your run. But know that these small buds are designed to stay securely in place no matter how much you move. The tactile buttons make it easy to play/pause, skip, or go back with just a single light press.



Skullcandy Push Earbuds

12. Skullcandy Push Earbuds

Price: $59.99

Highlights: Rechargeable batteries, 3D audio quality, and a voice-driven platform with hands-free voice commands.

About Earbuds: These amazing earbuds are designed specifically with active individuals in mind. Offering rechargeable batteries and a secure fit, with Push Earbuds, you can stay connected as you run without having to worry about them slipping or getting damaged by sweat.

And thanks to their voice-driven platform and hands-free voice commands, these earbuds make listening during your workout even easier. On top of that, the Skullcandy App allows you to update these earbuds’ firmware effortlessly. So now, when the latest version rolls out, you won’t have any problems accessing it.



Raycon Fitness Earbuds

13. Raycon Fitness Earbuds

Price: $119.99

Highlights: IPX7 certification and totally waterproof, cVc 6.0 noise cancelation technology, and hear-through mode.

About Earbuds: Take your workouts to the next level with super comfortable buds that actually stay in your ears. Don’t let sweat slow you down – they are totally waterproof and feature IPX7 certification so you can power through rain and shine.

Plus, 10 hours of playtime ensures that you can match the energy of your favorite tracks all day long. Enjoy nature without compromising sound quality thanks to the cVc 6.0 noise cancellation technology built into them.

Plus, it even has a hear-through mode, so when on a crowded run path, you don’t forget about your surroundings. Our Fitness Earbuds will keep up with every jump and sprint, giving you exceptional sound and clarity without missing a beat.



LG TONE Free Earbuds

14. LG TONE Free Earbuds

Price: $176.99

Highlights: A snug and secure fit, active noise canceling and transparency mode, and a UV-C light built into the charging case to kill bacteria.

About Earbuds: Tone by LG brings an excellent combination of sound, style, and fit with their new set of Earbuds for Running. A sleek design and snug fit mean that these earbuds provide a secure fit every time, even when running.

Plus, active noise canceling and transparency mode make it easy to stay focused, no matter what your surroundings. What’s more, with UV-C light built into the charging case that kills bacteria and a dongle to allow you to listen to audio from non-Bluetooth sources – such as an airplane headphone jack – the LG TONE Free Earbuds are just what you need to take on any adventure.



Oraimo Open Earbuds

15. Oraimo Open Earbuds

Price: $99.99

Highlights: An open-ear design, sound quality that is full of deep bass, and noise-canceling technology that provides clear calls.

About Earbuds: The Oraimo Open Earbuds make enjoying the sound of your favorite tunes effortless so you can focus on working out or tuning into the world around you. With speakers creating a crisp, high-quality sound that is full of deep bass and surrounded by an impressive open-ear design, these earbuds sound like traditional headphones without the cumbersome bulk to pull you away from your activities.

Designed for the athlete in need of a lifestyle buddy, these earbuds are comfortable and stable enough to move with you – whether it’s during a jog or an intense HIIT session. As if that weren’t enough, they also come equipped with noise-canceling technology to provide clear calls while catching every beat of your favorite music.



Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Earbuds

16. Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro Earbuds

Price: $199.95

Highlights: Long-lasting battery life, a large clamshell charging case that can power them nine times, and stay snug in your ears even through intense workouts.

About Earbuds: With their sleek design, comfortable fit, and long-lasting battery life, you won’t find a better pair of earbuds to hit the track with. These wireless earphones are perfect for running as they stay snug in your ears, even during intense workouts or long distances. Plus, their signature noise-canceling technology ensures that you stay focused on your run without any distractions from outside noise.

Their large clamshell charging case has enough power to charge these earphones up to nine times, making sure you never run out of juice when you hit the trails. Everything is designed with comfort and convenience in mind so that your runs are always seamless and enjoyable. Every beat will be there with you whenever you need it – day or night.



adidas Z.N.E 01 Earbuds

17. Adidas Z.N.E 01 Earbuds

Price: $119.97

Highlights: A secure wireless connectivity, crystal clear music quality, and state-of-the-art touch controls.

About Earbuds: Take your music with you wherever you go with secure, wireless connectivity that won’t come loose or disconnect—even when you’re pounding the pavement. Delight in crystal clear music quality that captures every note and nuance of your favorite songs. Enjoy clarity, power, and volume up to uncomfortable levels without any distortion so that all your playlist submissions can be heard while out on the track or trail.

Featuring state-of-the-art touch controls, take full command of your sound without ever picking up your phone. With just one tap, play/pause songs seamlessly without any disruption to rhythm or focus; double tap advances to the next song; triple tap skips back one track. No mess, no stress -just pure, clean sound.



EarFun Free Pro 2 Earbuds

18. EarFun Free Pro 2 Earbuds

Price: $79.99

Highlights: Aluminum alloy caps, two extra external microphones included, and extreme durability.

About Earbuds: These earbuds come with aluminum alloy caps, providing more durability than the competition, and improved noise canceling so that the only thing you hear while out on your run is the music. Not only do these earbuds include larger, open sound, but they also include two extra external microphones so that crystal clear calls are a guarantee even when out on the move.



Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

19. Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Price: $86.44

Highlights: A super lightweight design, pair perfectly with Galaxy devices using Bluetooth, and has up to 6 hours of battery life.

About Earbuds: The Samsung Galaxy Earbuds offer the ultimate in sound quality, comfort, and portability, making them an excellent choice for runners and gym goers. Made with a super lightweight design, these earbuds stay put no matter what speed you are running. Plus, they feature noise-canceling technology so you can focus on your music without any external distractions.

For true wireless convenience and mobility, these earbuds pair perfectly with your Galaxy device using Bluetooth and feature up to 6 hours of battery life – ideal for those long runs or workout sessions. Featuring unique intuitive controls on either bud, you can adjust volume and music selection without ever having to take out your device.

What’s more, when you do need to recharge them, they come with a sleek charging case that doubles as a power bank so you can charge multiple devices in style.



JLab Go Air Earbuds

20. JLab Go Air Earbuds

Price: $19.99

Highlights: A snug fit, no “thud” during foot strikes, and three sizes of silicone tips included.

About Earbuds: With their snug fit and lightweight design, they are truly some of the best earbuds for running. They have three sizes of silicone tips included to make sure everyone has a comfortable fit. And if you tend to work up a sweat, these buds still won’t let you down due to the tight seal.


Best Earbuds for Running Conclusion

If you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds to take your running experience to the next level, be sure to keep the above considerations in mind.

A lot of the options on this list of the best earbuds for running strike the perfect balance between price, features, and performance, and they’ll help you power through your runs like never before.

Have you used any of these earbuds before when you went for a run? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.