Best Small Coffee Makers

Best Small Coffee Makers: Finding the Perfect Small Coffee Maker for You

In the market for a new coffee maker? If you have a small kitchen, you may be looking for one of the best small coffee makers. These devices are smaller in size than traditional coffee makers, which makes them a good fit for smaller kitchens, or just if you want a smaller coffee maker.

This list of the best small coffee makers will spotlight the top options and will help you find the perfect small coffee maker for you. With a variety of features and brewing capabilities, these small coffee makers will ensure you get your caffeine fix in no time.

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Top 15 Small Coffee Makers:



Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker

1. Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker

Price: $105.99

Highlights: A removable water reservoir that is easy to clean, has a 5-inch wide design, and comes with a pod storage bin that holds up to nine K-cup pods.

About Small Coffee Maker: This delightfully compact yet powerful single-serve coffee maker packs in all kinds of amazing features designed to make your morning routine that much easier. Boasting a 5-inch wide design, the K-Mini Plus fits into the tightest of spaces with ease.

You’ll never be short on options either, as it comes equipped with a pod storage bin that holds up to nine K-Cup pods so you can explore a variety of teas and coffees. Filling the removable water reservoir is especially easy – simply pour in 6 to 12 ounces for a perfect cup every time, or go ahead and fill it to match your mug size if you’re uncertain.

And if you want your coffee a bit more intense, all you have to do is push a button for extra flavor.



AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

2. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Price: $39.95

Highlights: Manual operation, makes both hot and cold brews, and easy to travel with due to being lightweight and portable.

About Small Coffee Maker: Get an excellent cup of coffee in a matter of minutes with the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. This must-have for all coffee connoisseurs is a favorite among baristas, and for good reason. Experience stellar results every time with its durable, compact design that produces fantastic flavor and quality without compromising ease of use or cleanup.

The manual operation ensures a balance between convenience and controlled precision in brewing that can be tailored to your taste so you can get your ideal cup of Joe. Make traditional hot brews easily and quickly—or with the cold-brew mode, whip up unique cold brews year-round.

And it’s so lightweight and portable, this little device won’t take up much room in suitcases when you want to bring it along on your travels.



BUNN GRX-B Velocity Brew Home Coffee Brewer

3. BUNN GRX-B Velocity Brew Home Coffee Maker

Price: $119.99

Highlights: A 10-cup capacity, only takes four minutes to make a pot, and an easily refillable water reservoir that keeps water constantly heated.

About Small Coffee Maker: For serious espresso and drip coffee aficionados, the BUNN GRX-B Velocity Brew Home Coffee Maker is an excellent choice. This state-of-the-art 10-cup coffeemaker provides maximum performance in a remarkably durable and compact design.

With its professional quality construction, you can rely on it to deliver delicious, bold coffee in next to no time – taking only around 4 minutes per pot. It also features a water reservoir that can easily be refilled, so you’ll always have boiling hot water available for the next pot. Its simple but effective spout design ensures that your glass carafe remains spotless after each pour.

Cleanup is a breeze due to its removable basket for grounds which makes recycling easy and efficient. For exceptional convenience, this brewer keeps water consistently heated, so you never have to wait around for it to reach optimal temperature before brewing your cups.



Black+Decker Coffee Maker

4.  Black+Decker Coffee Maker

Price: $24.99

Highlights: Brews up to 5 cups of coffee, a permanent filter to prevent buying paper filters, and a drip-free pouring spout.

About Small Coffee Maker: This small yet mighty machine is perfect for those mornings when you need delicious coffee and don’t have time for the hassle. Just flip the switch and let it brew – your taste buds will thank you later.

This amazing little device brews up to 5 cups in one go and comes with a hot plate that will keep your carafe warm for hours without needing any assistance from you. You can even stop and start the brewing cycle to get a cup faster – no mess involved.

And don’t worry about messing up the kitchen – the carafe is designed for ergonomic use with a drip-free pouring spout, while an included permanent filter spares you from having to buy paper filters.



Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker

5. Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker

Price: $34.99

Highlights: Can be paused mid-brew, programmable clock timer, and a permanent dishwasher-safe filter.

About Small Coffee Maker: Welcome to the modern world of coffee-making; allow us to introduce you to the Mr. Coffee Programmable 5-Cup Coffee Maker – your favorite cup of Joe made conveniently and efficiently with one touch of the button.

This outstanding machine is designed with the small space customer in mind, yet it still offers some of the highest features available on any coffeemaker today. You can now wake up each morning to a freshly brewed pot or pause mid-brewing and fill up your mug without waiting for it to finish.

All of this can be set simply and quickly using the programmable clock timer – both a stylish as well as functional feature. Enjoy freshly filtered coffee thanks to its easy-to-use permanent dishwasher-safe filter too.



Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

6. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Price: $19.99

Highlights: Manual brewing method without pumps or water heaters, a sleek design, and a reusable filter to make cleanup easier.

About Small Coffee Maker: Unlike most electric coffee makers, this manual brewing method uses no pumps or water heaters – simply boil your water and pour it over your grounds. Not only is it incredibly affordable compared to other electric machines, but you’ll be able to taste the difference in flavor too.

With this Coffee Maker setting up your brew is a breeze, and with its sleek design, it’s sure to mesmerize even the most discerning of eyes. And its reusable filter eliminates much of the mess created, making cleanup easy-peasy.



Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

7. Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Price: $115.81

Highlights: A built-in grinder that can grind 1-4 cups of beans, a quick-touch selector panel, and is programmable up to 24 hours in advance.

About Small Coffee Maker: This small but mighty machine has all the bells and whistles to make sure your morning brew is as delicious and fresh as can be. With a built-in coffee grinder, you can have freshly ground beans for an elevated coffee experience – no need for extra kitchen countertop space.

With its ability to grind 1-4 cups of beans and program up to 24 hours in advance, you really can’t go wrong. But that’s not it – this small but mighty machine also comes equipped with a quick-touch selector panel to customize your brew cycle without difficulty while also allowing maximum versatility with single-serve functions like hot water on demand or hot tea dispersion.



Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker

8. Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker

Price: $46.68

Highlights: A manual brewing system, looks great, and takes up less space than an electric appliance.

About Small Coffee Maker: Welcome to the world of convenience and flavor with the Chemex Classic Series Coffee Maker. The designer-style pour-over brewing system is an affably stylish piece for your kitchen counter. It represents a manual brewing system, but that’s not all – it takes up far less space than a traditional, electric appliance. This is why it’s one of the best small coffee makers available.

Brewing great-tasting coffee has never been this easy. All you need is the pre-wet #2 filter, along with some coarsely ground coffee, then pour boiling water into the filter multiple times until you get your desired cup of joe. With each brew, you’ll experience that clean flavor and sweet aroma that only a carefully crafted filter can bring – no bitterness or acidity like other drip makers.



Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee Maker

9. Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee Maker

Price: $196.99

Highlights: Automated features, a removable water reservoir for refilling and cleaning convenience, and uses pre-measured capsules.

About Small Coffee Maker: Say goodbye to the days of spending hours perfecting your coffee brewing skills. With Nespresso’s VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee Maker, you can experience coffee-shop taste right in your own kitchen. Offering effortless automated features and a highly appealing design, this small brew maker is all you need to enjoy delectable cups of espresso.

The Vertuoplus Deluxe has one button functionality that makes brewing java as simple as can be. Just insert pre-measured capsules into the holder, tap the button once, and enjoy richly aromatic, fresh-tasting coffee with varying volumes when it’s ready.

It doesn’t require any milk steaming, but it can make specialty drinks from black to flavored espressos in just minutes. Plus, cleaning up after use is hassle-free due to its removable water reservoir for refilling convenience.



Coffee Gator Espresso Coffee Maker

10. Coffee Gator Espresso Coffee Maker

Price: $116.72

Highlights: Makes espresso shots in 20 seconds, optional steam wand attachment for lattes and cappuccinos, and is easy to use.

About Small Coffee Maker: Brew an excellent café-quality espresso in the comfort of your own home with the Coffee Gator Espresso Coffee Maker. This small yet powerful machine is no larger than a traditional drip coffee maker but packs a punch that will surprise and delight even the most die-hard espresso fan.

In 20 seconds, you can have hot, thick-bodied espresso shots – topped with an enviable golden-brown crema for that professional finish. It doesn’t stop there, either – add one of their delicious flavors to get creative and make endless varieties of flavored drinks or impress guests with creamy cafe lattes or cappuccinos thanks to the optional steam wand attachment.

With a convenient size, ease of use, and unrivaled quality, you can now truly enjoy high-end barista-level drinks every day.



OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

11. OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Price: $51.95

Highlights: Rainmaker chamber that distributes water evenly, reusable stainless-steel mesh filter, and remaining concentrate can be stored in the bottom carafe.

About Small Coffee Maker: Creating your own cold brew coffee has never been easier with this fantastic OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker. If you’re looking for the best small coffee makers on the market, this might be the one for you.

This compact and stylish coffee maker makes it easy to find space in your kitchen, no matter what size it is. The Rainmaker chamber distributes water evenly over the grounds while the reusable stainless-steel mesh filter holds back most of the sediment.

Enjoy a full batch of beautiful tasting concentrate within 12-24 hours and dilute it with water or milk as you, please. Not only are you able to make delicious cold brew coffee, but if you don’t use it all at once, store any remaining concentrate in the bottom carafe upon completion.



Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker

12. Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Price: $52.85

Highlights: Convenient single-scoop filter, two different boldness options, and 8 to 14 oz options for coffee cups.

About Small Coffee Maker: If you’re looking for a small coffee maker that can help you prepare delicious cups of coffee quickly, the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker is just what you need. The unique single-scoop filter is not only convenient and fast but also cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Plus, with two different boldness options available, you can customize each cup to your taste. Plus, with an 8 to 14 oz option within seconds, you’ll never find yourself waiting around again. Though this machine may not heat the water to optimal temperatures nor be consistent with pump pressure, it won’t bear on the flavor of your coffee too much.

In fact, because of the easy-to-clean single-serve filter, you can even use freshly ground beans with ease. And if refilling the non-removable reservoir becomes a drag, feel free to use a carafe or cup instead.



Ratio Six Coffee Maker

13. Ratio Six Coffee Maker

Price: $295.00

Highlights: Stainless steel shower head, an automated blooming cycle that helps release CO2 from the grounds, and detachable parts for easy cleaning.

About Small Coffee Maker: This top-of-the-line brewer makes it easy to get the rich, full flavors of your favorite beans with minimal effort. The Ratio Six’s stainless steel shower head dispenses water evenly over the entire surface of the grounds, ensuring maximum extraction and flavor. Plus, for added complexity, the Ratio Six features an automated blooming cycle that helps release CO2 from the grounds and further enhance flavor.

Your mornings will never be mundane with this sleek, modern machine. After plugging in the Ratio Six, watch as it brings enough hot, freshly brewed coffee for up to six cups into your life with ease. Also, all of the parts that touch water or coffee are detachable for washing and easy cleaning.



AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

14. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

Price: $23.96

Highlights: Made from high-quality materials, intuitive controls make it easy to use, and it comes with a convenient travel mug.

About Small Coffee Maker: Whether you’re on the go, in a rush to get out of the house, or even on vacation, this brewing machine can provide you with an invigorating cup of fresh-brewed coffee that is sure to give you an energy boost wherever you may be.

No more having to wait in long lines for overpriced cafe drinks— this small and compact appliance will provide you with a single serving of flavorful coffee in just minutes. And it consists of high-quality materials that ensure durability for all your needs. Not only does it feature an easy-to-use design with intuitive controls, but it also comes with a convenient travel mug so that you can easily enjoy your java wherever you are.



Zojirushi Zutto Drip Coffee Maker

15. Zojirushi Zutto Drip Coffee Maker

Price: $79.95

Highlights: Makes up to 5 cups of coffee, has a removable water tank, and a 1-year warranty.

About Small Coffee Maker: This stylish little brewer can make up to 5 cups worth of coffee with just the push of a button. The water tank is removable, making it easy to fill, and the keep-warm plate lets you ensure that your brew is always hot and fresh.

The switch on the side makes it super convenient to turn on and off. Plus, this machine lets you use your own freshly ground coffee beans, saving you money compared to using pods.


Best Small Coffee Makers Conclusion

These devices are smaller in size than traditional coffee makers, which makes them a good fit for cramped quarters or if you only want a smaller appliance. But even though they are smaller, they still come with a number of excellent features that will allow you to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee.

So if you are looking for the perfect small coffee maker, take advantage of one of the excellent options featured above and start enjoying your favorite roast.

Have you used one of these small coffee makers? If you do, please feel free to share that below in the comments.