Best Organic Baby Formulas: The Top 10 List

Best Organic Baby Formulas

Best Organic Baby Formulas: Finding the Perfect Organic Baby Formula for You

When it comes to feeding your baby, choosing an organic formula can be a great way to ensure their nutritional needs are met. But with so many different options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. To help make the process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best organic baby formulas currently on the market.

This list of the best organic baby formulas will highlight the top options and will help you find the perfect baby formula for you. With this list, you can ensure your child has the best ingredients and the proper nutrition to grow up big and strong. 

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Top 10 Organic Baby Formulas:


HiPP Dutch Organic Baby Formula

1. HiPP Dutch Organic Baby Formula

Price: $46.99

Highlights: Natural probiotic lactic acid cultures, certified organic, and supports biodynamic farming.

About Organic Baby Formula: HiPP Dutch Organic Baby Formula is one of the best organic infant formulas available. Carefully formulated to understand the composition of breastmilk, it maintains its unique quality of providing a formula that resembles the closest thing to the real thing. With natural probiotic lactic acid cultures extracted from real breast milk, your baby will be closer to the goodness of mother’s milk.

Unlike some other formula brands, HiPP Dutch Formula is certified organic and contains no starch in any product – only lactose as its main carbohydrate. As a bonus, this formula also supports biodynamic farming practices as well as animal welfare and environmental sustainability – truly making it an excellent choice for your little one.



Holle Bio Organic Baby Formula

2. Holle Bio Organic Baby Formula

Price: $25.99

Highlights: Clean ingredients, the highest standards of production, and Demeter-certified organic.

About Organic Baby Formula: At Holle, they understand that your baby deserves the best. That’s why they proudly offer their organic formula made with clean ingredients and naturally produced milk, just like nature intended.

Their formula is held to the highest standards of production – it is Demeter-certified organic, meaning it is free of any artificial sweeteners or GMOs and uses chemical-free agricultural practices that promote sustainability and respect animal welfare.


Holle Goat Milk Organic Baby Formula

3. Holle Goat Milk Organic Baby Formula

Price: $31.99

Highlights: Uses goat milk, perfect for babies with sensitive stomachs, and contains 89% less Alpha S1 Casein than cow’s milk.

About Organic Baby Formula: Holle Goat Milk Organic Baby Formula offers parents an excellent option in organic baby formulas. It is designed to keep babies healthy and content. Unlike traditional cow’s milk, research has shown that goat’s milk can be much easier for babies to digest.

Holle’s formula utilizes A2 goat milk protein which is composed of smaller fat molecules and less lactose to make digestion even easier, which is especially beneficial for babies with serious digestive sensitivities. The formula also contains 89% less Alpha S1 Casein than cow’s milk, creating a safe and highly digestible alternative without sacrificing nutrition.



Holle Organic Baby Formula

4. Holle Organic Baby Formula

Price: $49.99

Highlights: Non-GMO, certified organic ingredients, and has been in business for over 85 years.

About Organic Baby Formula: For over 85 years, Holle has been a trusted partner in providing the very best in organic baby food products for your little one. All of their formulas are non-GMO and have only certified organic ingredients.

They are sourced from the highest quality German suppliers who practice sustainable farming practices following Demeter biodynamic methods, which are free of any chemicals or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Their formula provides your baby with complete nutrition for its growth and development through all stages of life.



Baby's Only Organic Baby Formula

5. Baby’s Only Organic Baby Formula

Price: $19.76

Highlights: Designed for sensitive stomachs, uses brown rice syrup, and helps prevent gas.

About Organic Baby Formula: As one of the few organic formulas on the market specifically designed for sensitive stomachs, this product has what you need to ensure your baby gets all the nutrition they need while staying healthy.

Parents rave about its taste, and it helps keep gas away – who wouldn’t want that? Plus, it uses brown rice syrup instead of whey, so you can feel good about giving your child a wholesome formula.


Jovie Goat Milk Organic Baby Formula

6. Jovie Goat Milk Organic Baby Formula

Price: $64.99

Highlights: Uses goat milk, helps with sensitive stomachs, and helps babies absorb fat and calcium easier.

About Organic Baby Formula: For generations, families around the world have trusted goat milk formulas to support their babies’ healthy growth and development. And there’s a good reason why. Goat milk is often easier to digest than cow’s milk, making it a great alternative for babies with cow’s milk sensitivities.

The proteins in goat’s milk are softer and gentler on tummies, so digestion is smoother. Goat milk fat is also high in palmitic acid, which helps babies absorb fat and calcium more easily. So you can rest assured knowing that your little one is getting the nutrition they need without any digestive discomfort.



Happy Baby Organic Baby Formula

7. Happy Baby Organic Baby Formula

Price: $119.96 (pack of 4)

Highlights: Easy to digest, has all the essential nutrients, and no harmful byproducts.

About Organic Baby Formula: As the perfect start for your growing little one, this gentle Stage 1 organic infant formula is tailored to be easy to digest in order to give them a happy beginning.

With all of the essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, iron, DHA, ARA, folic acid, and choline, you won’t have to worry about any major nutrient deficiencies. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that there are no taurine, L-methionine, L-carnitine, or carrageenan added.



Hipp HA Combiotik Organic Baby Formula

8. Hipp Hypoallergenic Combiotic Organic Baby Formula

Price: $39.99

Highlights: Designed to help reduce allergic reactions, certified organic ingredients, and helps to naturally fight infection and inflammation.

About Organic Baby Formula: HiPP Hypoallergenic Combiotic Organic Baby Formula is often hailed as one of the best organic baby formulas available. Designed to reduce the potential of allergic reactions, this partially hydrolyzed formula breaks down cow’s milk proteins by approximately 86-87% to help gently nourish your little one’s sensitive stomach.

It contains Bifidus, a probiotic that has been clinically proven to ensure proper digestion, strengthen a baby’s immune system, and help them to naturally fight infection and inflammation. Consisting of certified organic ingredients that are free from synthetic hormones, this premium baby formula gives you peace of mind when it comes to feeding your little one.



Earth's Best Organic Baby Formula

9. Earth’s Best Organic Baby Formula

Price: $32.49

Highlights: From grass and grain-fed cows, full of nutrients, and is excellent at helping with child development.

About Organic Baby Formula: Give your little one the nutritional support they need with Earth’s Best Organic Baby Formula. Their organic milk is from grass and grain-fed cows, meaning their formula is full of vital nutrients like lutein, prebiotics, and DHA and ARA that’ll give your baby immunity and brain/eye development support.



Bellamy's Organic Baby Formula

10. Bellamy’s Organic Baby Formula

Price: $35.00

Highlights: Organic, safe nutrition, scientifically advanced ingredients, and contains no artificial growth hormones.

About Organic Baby Formula: Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula is your guaranteed source of organic, safe nutrition for the well-being of your little one. Professionally formulated with scientifically advanced ingredients and essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, this formula provides exactly what your baby needs to develop in their early months.

Made with certified organic milk sourced from Australia, this non-GMO, clean-label product contains no artificial growth hormones or unnecessary additives.


Best Organic Baby Formulas Conclusion

We hope this list has been a helpful guide in helping you determine which organic baby formula is best for your little one. Remember that while all of these products boast quality ingredients and provide essential nutrients, it’s important to choose the option that suits your family’s needs – whether it’s based on budget, taste preferences, or convenience.

Whichever formula you decide is the right fit for you and your baby, rest assured knowing you’ve found an option that will provide optimal nutrition for their growth and development.

Have you used any of these organic baby formulas? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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