Best E-Readers

Best E-Readers: Finding the Perfect E-Reader for You

If you enjoy reading, this list of the best e-readers is a no-brainer. An e-reader will allow you to take all your favorite books with you in a small compact reader, rather than carrying around a huge stack of books.

This list of the best e-readers will highlight 10 great e-reader options for you and will allow you to find the perfect choice for you. With this list, you can pick an e-reader based on functions, budget, size, and more, all of which will allow you to find the right e-reader for you. 

Also, e-readers prevent eye strain and make it easier to read, especially in poor lighting conditions. Because the last thing you want to do is put hours and hours of strain on your eyes if you can avoid it.

Before you know it, you can travel to faraway lands, learn new things, and so much more with your new e-reader!

To find some great reading content to use with your new e-reader, visit our list of the best sports books, best mystery books, and best young adult books. All of these lists are full of must-read books.


Top 10 E-Readers:



Kindle Paperwhite

1. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Price: $139.99

Highlights: Sleek design, powerful E ink display, upgraded lighting scheme, and USB-C charging.

About E-Reader: The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best e-readers on the market, period. With its sleek design, powerful E Ink display, and upgraded lighting scheme, the Paperwhite is perfect for anyone who loves to read. Plus, with USB-C charging, you can keep your Paperwhite charged and ready to go whenever you need it.



Kobo Clara HD

2. Kobo Clara HD E-Reader

Price: $97.95

Highlights: Comfortlight PRO feature, 8GB storage, and long-lasting battery life.

About E-Reader: The Kobo Clara HD has a unique ComfortLight PRO feature that allows you to adjust the brightness or temperature of your screen, so you can read without any glare – just like real paper. You can also customize your reading experience with different font options and margins, and there’s even a built-in dictionary.

Plus, with 8GB of storage, you can take thousands of books wherever you go. And the best part? The battery life lasts for weeks, so you can keep reading even when there’s no outlet in sight.



BOOX Max Lumi2

3. BOOX Max Lumi2 E-Reader

Price: $879.99

Highlights: Large screen, octa-core processor, a built-in stylus, and multiple compatible note-taking apps.

About E-Reader: For students, professors, and avid readers alike, the BOOX Max Lumi2 is the perfect e-reader. With its large screen and an octa-core processor, the BOOX Max Lumi2 is quick and easy to use, making it ideal for viewing PDFs and textbooks.

The built-in stylus is perfect for taking notes during class, and the multiple compatible note-taking apps make it easy to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. Also, extras like a protective case and different pen tip options make the BOOX Max Lumi2 the perfect choice for those who want the best possible reading experience.



Kindle Oasis

4. Kindle Oasis E-Reader

Price: $249.99

Highlights: Has an integrated light, is easy to hold, and allows you to schedule the screen warmth.

About E-Reader: This top-of-the-line device is perfect for anyone who loves to read, whether you’re looking to catch up on your favorite novels or keep up with the latest news and blog posts. The integrated light allows you to customize the color tone from cool to warm, depending on the time of day, and you can also schedule the screen warmth to update automatically with sunrise and sunset.



Kobo Libra H2O

5. Kobo Libra H2O E-Reader

Price: $138.54

Highlights: Support for 14 file and e-book formats, a built-in Kobo store, and an OverDrive service.

About E-Reader: Introducing the Kobo Libra H2O, one of the best e-readers on the market. With support for 14 file and e-book formats, this device is perfect for reading any digital document. The built-in Kobo store provides thousands of books to choose from, and the OverDrive service makes it easy to check out e-books from your local library.



BOOX Note Air 2 Ink Tablet

6. BOOX Note Air 2 Ink Tablet E-Reader

Price: $479.99

Highlights: 10-inch screen, multi-touch capabilities, brightness and color temperature control, and runs on Android.

About E-Reader: The BOOX Note Air 2 is the perfect e-reader for students and professionals who need a larger screen to read textbooks, PDFs, and other documents. With a 10-inch screen and multi-touch capabilities, the Air2 offers plenty of space for taking notes in the margins, bookmarking pages, and adjusting text size.

The brightness and color temperature control lets you read in any lighting condition, whether dark or bright sunlight. And since the Air2 runs on Android, you can install productivity apps like Google Drive and Dropbox from the Google Play store.



Amazon Kindle 2019

7. Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Price: $89.99

Highlights: Self-illuminated screen, an upgraded design, and long battery life.

About E-Reader: No matter where you are in your reading journey, the new Amazon Kindle is a great way to enjoy books without spending a lot of money. This e-reader has a self-illuminated screen that makes reading in any light easy and an upgraded design that looks great and feels comfortable to hold. With all of this, it’s easy to see why the Kindle is one of the most popular e-readers on the market today.



Kobo Forma

8. Kobo Forma E-Reader

Price: $209.99

Highlights: 8-inch display, tech-forward features, and access to dropbox.

About E-Reader: If you’re looking for one of the best e-readers on the market, the Kobo Forma is a great option. It’s lightweight and sleek, with a large 8-inch display that makes reading books and documents easy on the eyes.

The Kobo Forma also comes with tech-forward features like lighting options, text adjustment, margin size, and highlighting options. Plus, it has access o Dropbox for viewing documents and e-books.



Apple iPad mini (2019)

9. Apple iPad mini E-Reader

Price: $349.95

Highlights: Multi-purpose, has a high-resolution Liquid Retina Display, and features True Tone technology.

About E-Reader: The iPad mini is the perfect device for anyone who wants a multi-purpose device that is still small and lightweight. The 8-inch screen is perfect for reading, surfing the web, scrolling through social media, and watching videos.

The high-resolution Liquid Retina Display with True Tone technology ensures that you always have the best viewing experience, no matter what you’re doing. And because it runs on iOS, you have access to all of your favorite apps, making this the perfect device for work, play, or both. If you’re looking for an e-reader that can do it all, the iPad mini is an excellent choice.



Kobo Elipsa

10. Kobo Elipsa E-Reader

Price: $399.99

Highlights: 10.3-inch, sharp E Ink display, 1,404×1,872 resolution, and a dark mode.

About E-Reader: If you’re looking for a large, sharp E-Ink display to read books on, the Kobo Elipsa is a great option. It has a 10.3-inch display with 1,404×1,872 resolution (227 PPI) and a dark mode, making it easy to read for extended periods of time.

The Elipsa also comes with a stylus, making it perfect for those who want to take notes or highlight passages while they’re reading. And with a quad-core 1.8 GHz processor and 32GB of storage, the Elipsa has plenty of power to keep you going.


Best E-Readers Conclusion

Whether you’re busy and don’t have the time to sit down with a traditional book or you have trouble reading traditional books due to eye strain, an e-reader is a great solution. It is also a great way to carry several books with you simultaneously, without having to lug around physical books.

Whatever your reasoning (most likely all of the above), an e-reader is a game changer when it comes to reading. Also, if you know someone that enjoys reading, consider getting them one of these e-readers as a gift. It will be the gift that continues to give as they can use it for years.

After you try out one of these E-readers, please come back and share your thoughts in the comments below.