List of the Best Boy Names

Best Boy Names: Finding the Perfect Boy’s Name for Your Newborn

While personal preference and family history are usually the deciding factors in the choice of a name, some names just work. For this list of the best boy names, we have added popular names as well as less popular names that carry a good meaning or have a pleasant “ring” to them.
This list of the best boy names will highlight 25 different boys’ names for you to choose from. With strong meanings and a large variety of names, there is sure to be a name or two on this list that will appeal to you and your newborn child. 
For a little naming inspiration, read through this list and see if any of the names speak to you. Also, if you are looking for the perfect name for a girl, our list of the best girls’ names will be able to help you out as well. 

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Top 25 Boy Names:




1. Gavin

Origin: Scottish and Welsh

Name Meaning: White Hawk or White Falcon

About Name: A moderately popular name in the United States, Gavin is of Scottish and Welsh origin. Gavin also means “white hawk” or “white falcon.” It is most likely a variation of Gawain, one of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table.




2. Noah

Origin: Hebrew

Name Meaning: Comfort or Wanderer

About Name: Noah can mean either “comfort” or “wanderer.” Hebrew in origin, one of the most famous Noahs, is undoubtedly the biblical Noah.




3. Soren

Origin: Denmark

Name Meaning: Stern or Warriors Name

About Name: Soren is popular in Scandinavia, especially in Denmark, where the name originates from. As a variant of the name Severus, Soren can mean “stern,” but with its Norse heritage, it is also a warrior name.




4. Levi

Origin: Hebrew

Name Meaning: United

About Name: Levi is of Hebrew origin. Levi also has a good meaning: “united.” In recent years, several celebrities have also named their child Levi. Both Matthew McConaughey and Uma Thurman have chosen this name for a child.




5. Lucas

Origin: English, Greek, and Latin

Name Meaning: Bringer of Light

About Name: The name Lucas has been strongly represented in a variety of cultures. Lucas means “bringer of light” and in Greek also represents the patron saint of doctors and artists.




6. Marek

Origin: Polish, Slavic, Latin

Name Meaning: Warlike

About Name: A popular name in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, Marek is less prevalent in the United States. A form of ‘Martin,’ Marek is a unique alternative that means “warlike.” If you have Central European heritage or are looking for a unique but pronounceable name, Marek is a great choice.




7. Justice

Origin: Latin

Name Meaning: Form of Justus

About Name: A synonym for fairness and equity, Justice is an excellent gender-neutral name. As a bonus, Justice is easy to spell and pronounce but is not so prevalent as a name that everyone else will have it.




8. Elijah

Origin: Hebrew

Name Meaning: God the Lord or The Strong Lord

About Name: A Hebrew name, Elijah, has gained popularity in recent years. Elijah is also a character in the Bible, acting as a prophet of God and a miracle worker. For a strong name with a good origin, Elijah is a great choice.




9. Grant

Origin: Scottish

Name Meaning: Tall or Great

About Name: Used as both a surname and a first name, Grant is a strong Scottish name. Meaning tall, or great, Grant is an excellent choice for a tall family or a child with big ambitions.




10. Avett

Origin: English and Irish

Name Meaning: N/A

About Name: An uncommon first name, Avett is perhaps best known as a surname of the Avett Brothers, a folk-rock band. For those looking for something a bit different, Avett is an excellent choice. And, as a bonus, the name goes well with most middle names.




11. Ryder

Origin: English

Name Meaning: Warrior or Knight

About Name: Meaning mounted warrior or knight, Ryder is an adaption of an English surname. Ryder is also a great gender-neutral name, which makes this a good name choice for those who like gender-neutral names.




12. Zaiden

Origin: Hebrew

Name Meaning: Lucky One

About Name: With the meaning of “lucky one,” Zaiden is a unique name that has gained some popularity in recent years. Hebrew in origin, Zaiden is an excellent choice for those wanting a unique name with a happy meaning.




13. Atlas

Origin: Greek

Name Meaning: Mythical Titan

About Name: A Titan in Greek mythology, Atlas is a strong name that suits an adventurous boy. For those who like Greek mythology or want a unique name, Atlas is a solid choice.




14. Clark

Origin: English

Name Meaning: Cleric or Clerk

About Name: Initially, an English surname, Clark has gained popularity recently as a given name. Clark evolved from ‘clerk,’ hence the meaning of scribe or scholar, making this the perfect name for a studious child (or for those who want that for their child!).




15. Remy

Origin: French

Name Meaning: Oarsman

About Name: Another great gender-neutral name, Remy, is a strong French name. With the meaning of ‘oarsman,’ Remy is an excellent choice for those who live by the sea or love the water.




16. Matthias

Origin: Hebrew, German, and Scandinavian

Name Meaning: Gift of God

About Name: A variation on “Matthew,” Matthias means “gift of God.” For those who want a traditional name with a twist, Matthias is a great idea.





17. Sebastian

Origin: Latin

Name Meaning: Venerable or Revered

About Name: A Latin name, Sebastian, is a popular given name in several cultures. With the meaning of venerable or revered, Sebastian is also the patron saint of soldiers. This makes the name Sebastian a good choice for those with a military background.




18. Gianni

Origin: Italian

Name Meaning: God is Gracious

About Name: A variation of the Italian Giovanni, which is a form of John, Gianni is a great name for a fun, adventurous child. And, add in the meaning of Gianni (God is gracious), Gianni is a great name with a solid meaning.




19. Atticus

Origin: Latin

Name Meaning: N/A

About Name: An old Latin name, Atticus originates from Attica, a region in Greece. Perhaps its most famous use is in Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” However, in recent years the name has also gained more traction in the public.




20. Edison

Origin: English

Name Meaning: Prosperous

About Name: Originally an English surname, Edison means son of Edie or prosperous. Edison is also a great name because it is easily spelled, but not overused. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want a unique name.



21. Dante

Origin: Italian

Name Meaning: Lasting or Enduring

About Name: A moderately popular name in the United States, Dante means “lasting” or “enduring.” Italian in origin, the most famous Dante was also Italian – Dante Alighieri, the 13th-century poet and author.



22. Xavier

Origin: Spanish, French, and Arabic

Name Meaning: Bright, Enlightened, or New Home

About Name: With Spanish, French, and Arabic origins, the name Xavier was in the top 100 names for 2014 in the United States. Depending on the origin, Xavier means “bright,” “enlightened,” or “new home.”



23. Raylan

Origin: Variant of Ray or Raymond

Name Meaning: Protecting Hands

About Name: Not a popular name in the United States, Raylan or Raylen is a contemporary American variant of Ray or Raymond. Raylan means “protecting hands.” Its alternate spelling is also the name of fictional character Raylan Givens of the television show Justified.



24. Jesse

Origin: Hebrew

Name Meaning: Gift

About Name: A popular name in the United States, Jesse means “gift.” While of Hebrew origin, Jesse is popular in both the United States and the Netherlands. Famous people with the first name of Jesse include Jesse James, the notorious outlaw, and Jesse Owens, an American athlete.




25. Owen

Origin: Irish

Name Meaning: Born to Nobility or Warrior

About Name: Irish in origin, the name Owen means “born to nobility” or “warrior.” It has gained popularity in the United States in recent years.


Best Boy Names Conclusion

Whether you came here for new baby boy name ideas or to check to see if your name was on the list, this list of the best boy names has provided you with 25 names that are strong and have a good meaning. So hopefully, we have been able to help with you choosing a name for your baby, and we wish you good luck with name hunting!
If you have a boy’s name that you think should be on the list, don’t hesitate to comment below so that we can check it out.