Best Girls Names

Best Girls Names: Narrowing Down the Search

Names are very personal choices. However, there are some names that just seem to work, regardless of family history or background. For this list of best girl names, we have compiled some of the most popular names, as well as some less popular names and names that carry a strong meaning.

This list of the best girl’s names will feature 25 different names that may work for your newborn. With this list, you can make sure that you find a girl’s name that you like and that has a quality meaning behind the name. 

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Top 25 Girl Names:



1. Dahlia

Origin: Scandinavian

Name Meaning: Valley

About Name: The name Dahlia means “valley” and is also the name of Mexico’s national flower. It is Scandinavian in origin and is a less popular name in the United States. So if you are looking for a name that isn’t quite as popular, Dahlia may be the choice for you.



2. Sophia

Origin: Greek

Name Meaning: Wisdom

About Name: Greek in origin, Sophia means “wisdom.” Some of the famous people with the name Sophia include Sophia Lauren and Sophia Bush.




3. Kylie

Origin: Irish and Australian

Name Meaning: Graceful or Boomerang

About Name: Meaning “graceful” or “boomerang,” Kylie is of both Irish and Australian origin. A moderately popular name in the United States. The name Kylie is perhaps best associated with singer Kylie Minogue or Kylie Jenner. 




4. Wren

Origin: English

Name Meaning: A Lilting Songbird

About Name: Not just for bird lovers, Wren is a sweet name that is unique, but still pronounceable. Perfect for the free-spirited, Wren is a great name for those looking for a less traditional name. If you love all things nature, Wren is a great name choice.




5. Jubilee

Origin: Hebrew, Latin, and French

Name Meaning: Celebration

About Name: Babies are a joyous occasion, and the name Jubilee celebrates that. The word Jubilee is usually in reference to a commemoration or yearly anniversary. If you name your daughter Jubilee though, you will be able to celebrate her every day!




6. Sloan

Origin: Gaelic

Name Meaning: Warrior

About Name: A strong, gender-neutral name, Sloan is a perfect name for a girl that is going to do great things. Sloan was originally a surname and can be spelled with or without an ‘e’ at the end. It is a less popular name that is perfect for those wanting a unique name.




7. Lila

Origin: Hebrew, Arabic, and French

Name Meaning: Dark-Haired Beauty

About Name: A variation on Leila, Lila means dark or dark-haired beauty. This is the perfect name for the little dark-haired beauty in your family. Lila is also the ideal name for purple lovers, as Lila means lilac or purple in several languages.




8. Amelia

Origin: German

Name Meaning: Industries

About Name: Amelia is an older name that has gained popularity in recent years. Meaning industrious or defender, Amelia is an excellent name for those who want a traditional name with a significant meaning.




9. Selena

Origin: Latin and Greek

Name Meaning: Heavenly or Moon

About Name: Selena is a beautiful name that is perfect for a fun and playful girl. It is inspired by Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. As a bonus, several popular celebrities have the name Selena, which makes Selena a great name for those who also like pop culture.




10. Rosalie

Origin: Latin

Name Meaning: A Flower

About Name: Another older name that has had a surge in popularity in recent years, Rosalie, is a great, traditional name for the sweet girl in your life. With ‘rose’ as the base of the name, Rosalie is also a great alternative to traditional floral names like Lily or Dalia.




11. Margo

Origin: Greek and French

Name Meaning: Pearl or Child of Light

About Name: A variant of Margot, this French name is unique without being hard to pronounce. Perfect for the independent, adventurous girl, Margo is a great name choice for those looking to stand out in a good way.




12. Ophelia

Origin: Greek

Name Meaning: A Helper, Useful, or Wise

About Name: Conjuring up images of class and grace, Ophelia is an older name that works just as well in modern times. Try this name out with a fun, gender-neutral middle name like Parker or Morgan.




13. Nora

Origin: Latin, French, and Greek

Name Meaning: Dignified, Noble, or The Bright One

About Name: A sweet name that toys the line between popular and unique, Nora is a good choice for those who want a short, pronounceable name that not everyone has.




14. Cora

Origin: French and Greek

Name Meaning: Beloved or Heart

About Name: Cora is an older name that has spiked in popularity in recent years. And for a good reason – Cora is a pleasant-sounding name that is easy to spell and works well with most middle and last names.




15. Winter

Origin: English

Name Meaning: Winter Season

About Name: Not just a season, Winter is an excellent name for baby girls born in the winter months or for those who just love the winter season. As a bonus, Winter works well with most middle names. This makes it a good choice for those who want to use a unique middle name.




16. Stevi

Origin: Greek

Name Meaning: Crown

About Name: Often spelled as Stevie, Stevi is a fun alternative. Perfect for the daughters of Steves, Stevi is a strong name that is a great choice for those who want a good gender-neutral name.




17. Charli

Origin: Italian and English

Name Meaning: Little and Womanly

About Name: Another gender-neutral name, Charli, is the perfect name for the sweet, funny girl in your life. And, for twin girls, Charli is the perfect pairing to Stevi.




18. Adele

Origin: French

Name Meaning: Noble or Kind

About Name: A French name, Adele, is a name that can also be spelled, Adelle. With either spelling, the name is pleasant to hear and to see, making Adele an excellent choice for sweet, playful girls.




19. Charlotte

Origin: French

Name Meaning: Little or Womanly

About Name: The name Charlotte is of French origin. It means “little” or “womanly,” and variations of the name include Carlotta and Charlette.




20. Camilla

Origin: Italian

Name Meaning: Attendant or Helper

About Name: Italian in origin, the name Camilla means “attendant” or “helper.” The alternate spelling, Camila, also is one of the more popular girl’s names.




21. Violet

Origin: Italian

Name Meaning: Purple

About Name: One of the first flower names to become popular, the name Violet ranks in the 100 most popular girl names from year to year pretty regularly. Italian in origin, Violet means “purple.”




22. Lillian

Origin: English and Italian

Name Meaning: Lily

About Name: An older name that has gained increasing popularity in recent years, Lillian means “Lily.” It is of English and Italian origin and is a variant of Lila.




23. Genesis

Origin: Greek

Name Meaning: Birth

About Name: A less popular name, the name Genesis means “birth.” Greek in origin, Genesis is also the name of the first book of the Bible.




24. Hannah

Origin: Hebrew

Name Meaning: Gift of God’s Favor or God is Merciful

About Name: Hebrew in origin, the name Hannah means “gift of God’s favor” or “God is merciful.” Hannah is also the name of a biblical character.




25. Evangeline

Origin: Greek

Name Meaning: Good News

About Name: Meaning “good news,” the name Evangeline is Greek in origin. Evangeline is not as popular in the United States and will allow for some uniqueness. The name Evangeline is perhaps best known from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “Evangeline.”


Best Girl Names Conclusion

When it comes to picking a name for a child, it pretty much all comes down to personal preference. We hope that this list may have inspired you with a particular name, or maybe at least got the ball rolling for you.

If you did decide on any of the names above, we would love to hear them in the comments below!