Best Dog Toys: The Top 15 List

Best Dog Toys


Best Dog Toys: The Perfect Toys for Your Fur Baby

When it comes to loving unconditionally, it is hard to beat a dog’s love. Getting home at the end of the day or waking up to your pup, a dog is always there to greet and love you no matter what else is going on in your life. So it only makes sense that you would want to spoil them now and then (or more often than you should) with the perfect dog toy. And that is exactly what this list of the best dog toys is designed to help you do!

Regardless of the size or dog breed, there will be something on this list of the best dog toys for your fur baby. A lot of these items will also benefit your dog as well. Whether it is allowing them to burn some extra energy, protect and strengthen their teeth and gums, or keep them from chewing on things they shouldn’t, this list of the top dog toys has it all.

A lot of these toys for dogs are durable as well (I know what you are thinking, “not for my dog they aren’t.” But they really are!). With brands like Kong, you will be able to trust that your dog toy will stand the test of time and teeth. So start looking through this list of the best dog toys and find the perfect gift for the one that gives you so much happiness and joy.



Top 15 Dog Toys:



Nerf Dog Flyer Frisbee

Nerf Dog Flyer Frisbee (link)

Price: $9.99

About Dog Toy: Whether you have a dog or a puppy, they probably go through their toys pretty fast. This durable frisbee is the perfect option for a playful pup. With this weather and water-resistant dog toy, you’ll get hours of exercise and playtime. It comes in a variety of bright colors too, not just red. It’s made for medium to large size dogs, but that doesn’t mean small dogs can keep up with the big ones, so you can try it out with any size dog.





Dog Chew Toy Multi Pack



Dog Chew Toy Multi-Pack (link)

Price: $25.88

About Dog Toy: Just like babies, puppies teethe too. If you don’t want them to chew on your hands, then you need to buy them toys to chew on instead. Dogs and puppies need a variety of textures for chew toys, especially when teething. This doggy toy pack includes ropes, rubber bones, and toy balls you can put treats in. Using this 18-variety pack of dog toys, you’ll definitely keep your dog occupied and chewing only on the things they are supposed to. Textured chew toys also help keep your pup’s teeth clean by removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria. A bonus of these dog toys is that removing the build-up on your dog’s teeth will help freshen their breath.





Flavored Dog Chew Toy


Flavored Dog Chew Toy (link)

Price: $11.99

About Dog Toy: Maybe your pup won’t chew their regular toys, but if you find the right flavor, then maybe they will. Two flavors your dog is guaranteed to love are chicken and bacon. You can introduce them both at the same time or one at a time if you want your dog to learn to finish off the whole thing. Nylabone is high-quality and helps prevent destructive chewing patterns. It also comes in a variety of sizes, from medium to large or even giant. And chewing on bones helps with your dog’s dental health. So if your pup won’t let you brush his teeth, this is an excellent alternative.






Animal Squeaky Toys


Animal Squeaky Toys (link)

Price: $22.99

About Dog Toy: Squeaky toys can sometimes be a bit much, but they’re typically popular with dogs because they keep them entertained. Additionally, not all dog toys hold up when a dog tries to dig the squeaker out of it. These plush animal squeaky toys are durable and made to last. If your pup has anxiety, then you could also give them one of these plush pups to snuggle with in their dog bed instead of using it as a chew toy. Or you could leave it with them in their kennel when you’re not home to keep them occupied (and you don’t get a headache from hearing it).





Flying Squirrel Spinning Dog Toy


Flying Squirrel Spinning Dog Toy (link)

Price: $6.67

About Dog Toy: Not all dog toy frisbees are built the same. While some are thick and heavy, this frisbee is lightweight and waterproof. It’s perfect for your adventurous pup that loves to swim. Plus, most frisbees are round, whereas this one has curved edges to allow your dog to pick it up more easily. The edges are purposefully bright orange so your dog can see it in the water or wherever you throw it.





Kong Chew Toy


Kong Chew Toy (link)

Price: $10.99

About Dog Toy: Kong toys are very versatile. The classic Kong dog toy is hollow and can be filled with different kinds of treats. Peanut butter is a great option and a favorite of most dogs. It’s made of rubber and highly durable. Also, if you toss a Kong, it tends to bounce in unexpected ways. Both of these features help with stimulating your dog’s intelligence and make the game of fetch all the more fun. Dogs must figure out how to get the treats out and anticipate where it’ll bounce when it is thrown. As a bonus, it is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.





Knotted Dog Rope Toy


Knotted Dog Rope Toy (link)

Price: $14.98

About Dog Toy: This is an excellent alternative to playing tug-of-war with a rope because now your dog can keep themselves entertained without you. This extremely durable toy is also perfect for dogs that are aggressive chewers. It will help put your faith back in dog toys lasting more than a few minutes, hours, or days. This dog toy is also made with no chemicals or plastic and is perfectly safe for your furry family member. So don’t worry about any accidental pieces of rope that are eaten.





Durable Flying Frisbee


Durable Flying Frisbee (link)

Price: $10.99

About Dog Toy: This durable flying frisbee is another Kong toy favorite. As mentioned before, you can count on Kong brand dog toys to be very durable. Most dogs love playing frisbee and will run after it even if they are completely exhausted (which is excellent for high-energy dogs that may need to burn some extra energy). Something else to love about this frisbee is the soft rubber material that it is made out of, which will keep your dog from being in danger of hurting its mouth when catching it out of the air. As a bonus, you can get it in multiple sizes, which makes it perfect for small or large dogs.





Stuffed Animals and Ropes Dog Toys


Stuffed Animals and Ropes Dog Toys (link)

Price: $17.88

About Dog Toy: Here is another dog toy multi-pack that includes textured toys to keep your pup happy. Most dogs love chewing on ropes, so the fact that this pack includes five different types of ropes (with multiple lengths and knots) is great. This will give you the option to give your dog all the toys at once or introduce them one at a time. Buying these packs of dog toys will save you money in the long run as you will end up spending roughly the same amount that you would for one dog toy, but you get a total of ten different dog toys.





Squeaky Tennis Balls


Squeaky Tennis Balls (link)

Price: $7.99

About Dog Toy: If your dog is like most, they love spending hours running after tennis balls and seem to have endless amounts of energy. And while you could use just any tennis ball, these ones are a cut above the rest. These tennis balls are brightly colored and made with squeakers to stimulate your pup. Also, a classic yellow tennis ball is one size, but these range from XS-L for even more fun. Plus, these tennis balls are made with rubber that specifically makes them bounce higher and farther, which will only lead to more chasing fun.





Giant Dog Rope


Giant Dog Rope (link)

Price: $13.99

About Dog Toy: If your dog has a favorite rope, then just imagine how much more fun they will have with one ten times its size. This rope is XXL and is 42 inches long! Recommended for large to extra-large dogs, this is one of the best dog toys for larger breeds. Sorry, all you small dog owners. This toy is considered nearly indestructible, which is the best you can hope for as no dog toy is truly indestructible. It’s woven tightly together and has 6 knots, so your dog won’t get easily bored. Plus, when you purchase this large rope, the company throws in a free roll of doggy bags with hilarious sayings on them.






Rope and Ball Dog Toy


Rope and Ball Dog Toy (link)

Price: $25.08

About Dog Toy: This toy is great because it combines two of a dog’s favorite things – a ball and a rope. Not to mention it comes in all varieties of colors and sizes. You can use the ‘Romp-N-Roll’ size chart to determine which one is right for your dog. This toy also floats, so it’s perfect for a pup that enjoys swimming and fetching. All of this adds up to hours of play-time fun and makes this one of the best dog toys out there.





Suction Cup Dog Toy Rope


Suction Cup Dog Toy Rope (link)

Price: $25.99

About Dog Toy: Now, this is an interesting and fun dog toy. As the name implies, the toy suctions to the ground and withstands up to 200lbs of pulling force. It’ll keep your dog busy (even when you’re not home). You can suction it to the wall or your floor, and it also comes with a sticker you can put underneath it to protect your hardwood floors. Another great thing about this toy is that it comes with two ropes. So if you have multiple dogs, they can both play. And the ropes detach from the suction cup so that you can use them as regular chew ropes as well.





Dog Food Toy


Dog Food Toy (link)

Price: $14.99

About Dog Toy: This dog toy will provide fun and help slow down dogs that tend to eat too quickly. All you need to do is fill it with kibble and watch as your dog rolls it around the house, eating as they go. Unlike some dog toys, this one is quiet because it has soft rubber wheels on both ends. Not only can you slow your dog’s eating speed down with this toy, but you can also use it for training. And when you leave your dog home alone in his kennel, you can give them this toy to keep them stimulated.





Sports Balls Dog Toys


Sports Balls Dog Toys (link)

Price: $13.99

About Dog Toy: Okay, so you have some durable and strong toys for your dog, now you need some cuddly ones. These sports ball dog toys are simply adorable. Beware, though, these toys do squeak. These toys are brightly colored and come in a multi-pack of a football, tennis ball, and soccer ball. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, then this probably isn’t the toy for them as it is made of soft material that could be easily torn apart.






Foldable Dog Toy Basket


Bonus: Foldable Dog Toy Basket (link)

Price: $16.88

About Dog Toy: After looking through this list of the best dog toys, you will now need somewhere to store all of them. This basket is modern, cute, and will go with most interior decorations in your living room or bedroom. You don’t have to use it for just toys either, as you can also use it to hold your pup’s leashes, doggy bags, blankets, and more. When it’s not in use or if you feel like putting it away, you can fold it up for easy storage. Plus, it is easy to clean as it is washing machine safe!



Best Dog Toys Conclusion

The dog toys on this list are sure to provide hours and hours of fun for your furry loved one. And with so many different options, you should’ve been able to find the perfect toy or toys for your dog. If you are like most dog owners, you will have just as much fun as your dog as you watch them enjoy their new toy.

For even more animal-related lists, make sure to visit our list of the best house pets and best cat toys.

Have you tried out one of these dog toys? If so, make sure to leave your feedback below for our other readers. I am sure they would greatly appreciate it.


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