Best Surge Protectors: The Top 12 List

Best Surge Protectors

Best Surge Protectors: Finding the Perfect Surge Protector for You

In our digital age, protecting your devices from power surges is more important than ever. A good surge protector can save you from costly repairs or even a destroyed device. So, what’s the best surge protector for your needs? Well, with this list of the best surge protectors, you can find exactly what you need.

This list of the best surge protectors will highlight the top surge protectors and will help you find the perfect option for your electronics. Whether you are looking for an option that is more heavy-duty or simplistic, this list of the top surge protectors will have you covered.

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Top 12 Surge Protectors:



APC Surge Protector

1. APC Surge Protector

Price: $34.09

Highlights: 4,320 joules of protection, 12 electrical plugs, and two USB ports.

About Surge Protector: If you’re looking for one of the best surge protectors on the market, you can’t go wrong with the APC Performance SurgeArrest 12. This compact and slim unit offers 4,320 joules of protection, making it ideal for use behind media consoles or TVs.

It also features 12 electrical plugs and two USB ports, meaning you can power multiple devices at once. In addition, it features a built-in fail-safe mode that will cut off power to your electronics if the internal components are compromised. And if that wasn’t enough, APC offers a lifetime warranty on the product.



Kasa Smart Surge Protector

2. Kasa Smart Surge Protector

Price: $46.99

Highlights: Has six switched AC outlets, an away mode, and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

About Surge Protector: If you’re looking for one of the best surge protectors, Kasa Smart has got you covered. With six switched AC outlets that can be programmed with complex schedules, this smart home device is great for home or office use.

And with the away mode, you can simulate someone present in your home even when you’re not there. This surge protector also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for added convenience. Plus, the outlets can be combined in scenes with other Kasa Smart devices making it easy to create a customized lighting experience.



Tripp Lite Surge Protector

3. Tripp Lite Surge Protector

Price: $49.89

Highlights: Coaxial and telephone connectors, a critical auto-shutoff feature, and an 8-foot cord.

About Surge Protector: The Tripp Lite Protect It 12-Outlet Surge Protector is a superb way to keep your home office or entertainment setup safe from power surges. With enough outlets to power all your gadgets, plus coaxial and telephone connectors, this surge protector has you covered.

It also features a critical auto-shutoff feature to protect against household surges or fluctuations from the power company. With a generous 8-foot cord, this surge protector is sturdy and reliable, making it one of the best ways to keep your devices safe from power surges.



Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

4. Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

Price: $33.94

Highlights: Has 12 outlets, two USB charge ports, and a compact design.

About Surge Protector: With 12 outlets and two USB charge ports, this surge protector can handle just about anything you throw at it. Whether you’re looking to protect your home theater setup or just need a reliable way to keep your devices powered, the Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector is up to the task. And thanks to its compact design, it can easily fit into tight spaces.



Philips 6 Outlet Surge Protector

5. Philips 6 Outlet Surge Protector

Price: $13.43

Highlights: High-end features, an anti-tangle braided cable, and an auto-shutoff feature.

About Surge Protector: This surge protector offers higher-end features. With a compact design and anti-tangle braided cable, it’s easy to use and store. Plus, this surge protector will automatically shut off when power protection fails, ensuring that your electronics are always safe.



Accell Power Surge Protector

6. Accell Power Surge Protector

Price: $30.39

Highlights: Two USB ports and six AC outlets, a sleek, compact design, and a 6-foot cord.

About Surge Protector: With two USB ports and six AC outlets, this is one of the best surge protectors and is great for charging your phone, tablet, or alarm clock. The sleek, compact design is excellent for any home or office, and the 6-foot cord means you’ll never have to worry about being too far from an outlet. The Power Surge Protector is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to keep their devices safe from power surges.



Anker Power Strip Surge Protector

7. Anker Power Strip Surge Protector

Price: $25.99

Highlights: Includes an overload protection feature, is UL listed, and has a high rating among users.

About Surge Protector: This surge protector features the surge energy rating and equipment protection you need to keep your electronics safe. Plus, it’s UL listed and comes with an overload protection feature that will automatically shut off during a major power surge.



AUSTERE VII Series Surge Protector


8. AUSTERE VII Series Surge Protector

Price: $229.99

Highlights: A brushed aluminum enclosure, polished beveled edges, a braided-fabric power cord, and five USB charging ports.

About Surge Protector: Introducing the Austere VII Series Surge Protector. This beautifully designed device is crafted from premium materials, including a brushed aluminum enclosure, polished beveled edges, and a braided-fabric power cord.

It’s not just a pretty face, though – this surge protector also features five USB charging ports (including a USB-C PD port capable of delivering 45 watts), a 15-amp circuit breaker, EMI/RFI noise filtration, and outlets that are electrically isolated to protect your devices from harmful surges.



Furman Surge Protector

9. Furman Surge Protector

Price: $130.67

Highlights: 5,000-volt surge rating, a sturdy aluminum body, and an 8-foot cord.

About Surge Protector: The Furman Power Station 8 (PST-8) is one of the best surge suppressors on the market. It boasts an impressive 5,000-volt surge rating, meaning it can handle even the strongest surges with ease.

The PST-8 also features a shutdown circuit that automatically cuts off power when a surge is detected, protecting your electronics from damage. Plus, its sturdy aluminum body and 8-foot cord make it one of the most durable and user-friendly surge suppressors around.



Monoprice Power Surge Protector

10. Monoprice Power Surge Protector

Price: $39.98

Highlights: Has transparent rails, a sturdy base, and is UL listed.

About Surge Protector: The Monoprice 12 Outlet Power Surge Protector is a top-of-the-line option for anyone in need of a reliable surge protector. With two built-in USB charger ports, it’s great for keeping all your devices charged and protected from power surges.

The transparent rails on the side of the unit light up to indicate both proper grounding and surge protection, while the sturdy base ensures stability. Plus, if protection fails following a major surge, the light will shut off automatically to prevent damage to your electronics. UL Listed for safety; this surge protector is a must-have for anyone with sensitive electronics.



Amazon Basics Surge Protector

11. Amazon Basics Surge Protector

Price: $13.49

Highlights: 6 outlets, a 3-line surge protection rating, and a red “protected” LED indicator light.

About Surge Protector: This top surge protector comes with six outlets, great for protecting small appliances, phones, and lamps. With a 3-line surge protection rating, you can rest assured that your devices are safe from power spikes.

Plus, the red “protected” LED indicator light lets you know that the surge protector is working properly. And in the event of a power outage, the built-in 15 amp circuit breaker will keep your devices safe.



GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector

12. GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector

Price: $14.99

Highlights: Six grounded and protected 3-prong outlets, an extra-long 10-foot power cord, and an 800 Joules protection rating.

About Surge Protector: This surge protector features six grounded and protected 3-prong outlets, ideal for creating a centralized hub for your electronics. Plus, the extra-long 10-foot power cord ensures that you have plenty of reach for all of your devices.

With an 800 Joules protection rating, this surge protector will safeguard your electronics from harmful voltage spikes. Plus, the integrated circuit breaker and automatic shutdown technology help to prevent damage to your devices in case of overheating or overvoltage.



ALESTOR Surge Protector

Bonus: ALESTOR Surge Protector

Price: $17.58

Highlights: 12AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports, a 6-foot Heavy Duty power extension cord, and a wide range voltage design.

About Surge Protector: This power strip surge protector has a 6-foot Heavy Duty power extension cord and is surge-protected up to 2700 Joules. With its wide range voltage design, it can be used on 120v to 240v circuits. The two special design widely spacing AC outlets are great for large adapters, and the ten standard spacing outlets provide plenty of room for other devices.

The 4 USB ports have a total output of 3.4 A/17W, and each USB A port features a 2.4A Max output. With its built-in smart technology, this surge protector detects charging devices and delivers optimal charging speed automatically. It’s also compatible with Kindle and most USB devices.


Best Surge Protectors Conclusion

Overall, finding the best surge protector depends on your needs. If you have a lot of devices that require a lot of power, look for a surge protector with more outlets and higher wattage. If you want extra protection for your devices, choose a surge protector with features like overload protection and surge protection.

Whichever surge protector you choose, make sure it has the right amount of power and outlets for your needs. After that, you can rest easy knowing that your electronics are safe from electrical surges, but it all starts with this list of the best surge protectors and finding the right choice for you.

After you try out any of these surge protectors, please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below.


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