Best Sports Streaming Services

Best Sports Streaming Services: Finding the Perfect

With so many sports streaming services available, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. It’s important to consider factors like price, number of content offerings, and quality of streaming when making your choice. And that is where this list of the best sports streaming services can help.

This list of the best sports streaming services will highlight the top options and will allow you to find the perfect choices for you. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, an occasional viewer, or somewhere in between, these streaming services will help you do it.

Enjoy this list of the best streaming services!


Top 15 Sports Streaming Services:



Hulu Plus Live TV

1. Hulu Plus Live TV

Highlights: Comes bundled with an ESPN Plus subscription, features the Disney bundle, and includes the NFL Red Zone program.

About Sports Streaming ServiceWith all the major networks plus ESPN, TBS, TNT, and FS1&2 included in the $70/month package, you won’t miss a second of action. Plus, this hot service comes bundled with an ESPN Plus subscription and NFL Network that includes the hit NFL Red Zone program. Get ready to enjoy all your favorite sports with crystal clear clarity anytime and anywhere.

As if that weren’t enough, Hulu Plus Live TV also features the Disney bundle which means extra channels and even more great entertainment options, ensuring there’s something for everyone in your household. All of this at one unbeatable price.



Fubo TV

2. Fubo TV

Highlights: A robust package of sports networks with the option to upgrade, including 35 RSNs, and extra tantalizing sports updates.

About Sports Streaming ServiceIf you’re ready to level up your sports streaming experience, FuboTV is here for you. For just $75 a month, it offers the most robust package of sports networks that’ll keep even the fussiest sports fans entertained — whether life takes you on a journey around the world or from your sofa.

FuboTV starts with a base package that includes 35 RSNs, ESPN, and virtually every major network, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Did they mention all those extra tantalizing sports updates?

You’ll also have FS1, FS2, BeIn Sports, the Big 10, and the Golf channel— and if you want even more pro-level coverage, you can get it with Fubo Extra Package for only $8 per month or upgrade to the elite tier at $85 a month to really maximize your viewing pleasure.



DirecTV Stream

3. DirecTV Stream

Highlights: A broad selection of regional sports networks, access to major networks, and the option to upgrade for an even broader selection of channels.

About Sports Streaming ServiceAt DirecTV Stream, they understand that being a sports fan is more than just following scores and highlights—it’s about connecting with your team and traditions and cheering them on when they need it the most.

With this streaming service, you can do all of this in real time, no matter where you are. And with the broadest selection of regional sports networks available anywhere, there’s no shortage of content to keep you engaged.

The Plus package offers access to major networks as well as ESPN, TNT, FS1, and TBS. But for ultimate sports fans, they suggest upgrading to the Choice plan for an even broader selection of channels, including many league channels such as Big Ten Network and NBA TV.



YouTube TV

4. YouTube TV

Highlights: 85+ live cable channels, the option for a Sports Plus add-on, and an individual option for other networks.

About Sports Streaming ServiceEnjoy 85+ live cable channels, including some of the most popular networks like ESPN, TBS, and TNT. Get even more with the Sports Plus add-on for just $11/month, which provides NFL RedZone beIN TVG Fox Soccer Plus and more.

Going beyond that is their individual option to other networks like NBA League Pass or MLB.TV. All of this is available at a low price of only $64.99 a month, making it one of the most competitive platforms in the market.

Get ready to tune into your favorite teams, leagues, and players live – YouTube TV has you covered. Put aside your heavy contract commitments from traditional cable providers and don’t get tied down with expensive premiums.




5. Peacock

Highlights: Sunday Night Football available, IndyCar and WWE included, and wagering insights with a live PGA Tour betting show.

About Sports Streaming ServiceExperience the most comprehensive game coverage with Peacock. Get ready to be immersed in every thrilling second of Sunday Night Football and Premier League soccer. Feel like you’re right there as IndyCar, WWE, and more put on a prime-time show just for you. And get wagering insights with Peacock’s very own live PGA Tour betting show.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got favorites or if you’re a die-hard fan of all things sports–Peacock has it all. Catch the action on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.




6. ESPN Plus

Highlights: All out-of-market NHL games, the ability to be included with Disney’s bundle, and heavily invested in global soccer.

About Sports Streaming ServiceFor just $10 a month or $100 a year, you’ll be able to watch all out-of-market NHL games. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also included with Disney’s bundle for just $13 per month.

Not only does ESPN Plus provide coverage for all 21 National Hockey League games, but it is also heavily invested in global soccer, including LaLiga from Spain, Germany’s Bundesliga, the F.A. Cup, and the Carabao Cup from England, as well as the EFL Championship below the Premier League.

With extensive coverage of your favorite sports combined with reliable reporting and analysis, ESPN Plus makes sure that you always stay in touch with world news on sports.



Sling TV

7. Sling TV

Highlights: Package options from basic Sling Orange to Sling Blue services, 30+ channels, including ESPN with the Orange package, and exclusive promotions like free trial offers.

About Sports Streaming ServiceWith packages starting at just $40 per month, you can choose from basic Sling Orange and Sling Blue services or combine both for an even wider variety of channels and options.

Sling Orange offers 30+ channels, including ESPN, so you’ll never miss a game or highlight. With Sling Blue, get 42+ channels that include fan favorites like the NFL Network. Both include TBS and TNT, but not ABC.

Plus, with exclusive promotions like free trial offers available throughout the year, it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date on all your favorite teams. And if that’s not enough sports excitement for you, upgrade to the Sports Extra package for just $11 each month. It includes all networks that broadcast live NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games, so you won’t have to miss a second of the action.



Amazon Prime Video

8. Amazon Prime Video

Highlights: Select Yankees games and Thursday Night Football, the ability to add channels like Paramount+, and college football classics to Wimbledon.

About Sports Streaming ServiceAs a member, you’ll enjoy access to Thursday Night Football, WNBA matchups, and select Yankees games. Plus, you can add channels like Paramount+, NBA League Pass, and PGA Tour Live to your subscription. And that is not all – they also provide an exclusive inside look at work-life with the All or Nothing sports series.

With Amazon Prime Video, you will never miss out on any of the action. Join today for hours of uninterrupted binging – from college football classics to Wimbledon, there’s something for everyone.



Paramount Plus

9. Paramount Plus

Highlights: Access to AFC football games every season, most matches from the NWSL women’s soccer league, and the ability to customize your viewing experience.

About Sports Streaming ServiceWelcome to Paramount Plus – the only place you need to be for top-of-the-line sports streaming services. With an incredible value at just $5 a month, they give Essential subscribers access to AFC football games every season, plus most matches from the NWSL women’s soccer league and UEFA Champions League soccer.

If you’re ready to get access to all your local channels without spending a ton of money, then look no further than Paramount Plus. This impressive arsenal of options allows you to customize your viewing experience with maximum satisfaction. Immerse yourself in nonstop action and enjoy watching your favorite sports at any time.




10. DAZN

Highlights: Action-packed boxing, and MMA matches, no additional PPV fees, and exclusive live coverage and replays.

About Sports Streaming ServiceDAZN is the ultimate one-stop streaming service that not only provides you with all the best action-packed boxing and MMA matches, but also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

At just $19.99 a month, DAZN gives you access to tons of fights from around the world without any additional PPV fees. From exclusive live coverage to replays of the best sports programming on TV, like “Change Up” and “Sweet Scientists: AK and Barak,” – this is your chance to experience all your favorite matchups at an unbeatable rate.

And don’t forget about cricket and darts, too – never miss a match when it suits your schedule best.




11. Twitch

Highlights: Viewing options you wouldn’t find anywhere else, professional eSports and random streams from passionate gamers, and exclusive deals with top league and fighting promotions.

About Sports Streaming ServiceWelcome to Twitch, the premier choice for live sports streaming. With one of the largest selections of sports events, this service is your all-in-one destination for viewing options you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking to watch professional eSports or some random streams from passionate gamers, Twitch has got you covered – no signup required. You can also explore exclusive deals with the top league and fighting promotions for unique broadcasts.

Plus, if you’re interested in supporting your favorite streamers, paid subscriptions offer enhanced benefits such as ad-free viewing, exclusive streams, emoticons, and more.



Apple TV+

12. Apple TV+

Highlights: Exclusive MLB games broadcasts, Major League Soccer offered, and an ever-expanding library of sports content.

About Sports Streaming ServiceWith Apple TV+, they understand the importance of giving you quick and easy access to your favorite teams and athletes, and that’s why they’ve partnered with the MLB to exclusively broadcast two games each Friday night for six more seasons. That’s not all.

They’re also thrilled to announce that as part of their commitment to bringing you live sports programming, Major League Soccer—MLS—will be joining forces with us, too. An ever-expanding library of sports content awaits, which you can enjoy at a slight discount when you join the Apple TV+ family.




13. Vidgo

Highlights: A Spanish Mas package for access to international matches, a TV Everywhere feature, and a BeIn Sports app.

About Sports Streaming ServiceWith the Spanish Mas package ($39.95/month), you can access international matches for a variety of sports and universities with Spanish-language commentary. You won’t miss out on any major events and will be able to watch your favorite teams at all times.

Plus, with the TV Everywhere feature, you get access to even more sports coverage with just your Vidgo credentials. Watch your preferred sporting events in real-time on the beIN Sports app. With this convenient streaming service, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the action or needing to run around town trying to find matches being broadcasted.




14. Philo

Highlights: A slimmed-down selection of channels, top networks such as Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, and Comedy Central, and the ability to stream on multiple devices at one time.

About Sports Streaming ServiceNamed after Phili T. Farnsworth, inventor of the electronic television, Philo offers a slimmed-down selection of channels without sacrificing quality. Since launching in 2017, this reputable service has grown to include 800,000 subscribers – and with the Best Live TV Streaming Services of 2022 rating in its favor, it’s no wonder why.

Don’t spend extra money on endless channels you don’t need – save by signing up for Philo today. This budget-friendly subscription gives you the best bang for your buck, an excellent balance between affordability and all your favorite entertainment.

Enjoy subscribing to top networks such as Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, and Comedy Central – plus many more. Plus, stream on multiple devices at one time, allowing you and your family to watch what you love from anywhere in the home.




15. AT&T TV

Highlights: An Ultimate Package to watch sports at home, channels like MotorTrend, ESPN, CBS Sports Network, NBA TV, and much more, and the ability to customize your channels.

About Sports Streaming ServiceSports are always on with AT&T TV. Whether you’re a football fan, a basketball fan, or an enthusiast of all things sports, they’ve got what you crave. The Ultimate Package has everything you need to enjoy athletics at home and then some.

With channels like MotorTrend, ESPN, the CBS Sports Network, NBA TV, Time Warner Sports, and the NBC Sports Network, you can customize your channels to provide an excellent mix of live events and original sports-related content. You’ll also get HBO Max free for one year when you select specific packages.


Best Sports Streaming Services Conclusion

Finding the right sports streaming service can be an important part of enjoying your favorite sports. With so many options available, it can be hard to know which one is the best fit for you.

We hope this list has provided some insight into the top sports streaming services and how they differ from one another – giving you the knowledge necessary to make the best decision and enjoy your favorite sports in the most convenient way possible.

Is there a sports streaming service that you think should be on this list but isn’t? Please feel free to share it below if so.