Best Smart Door Locks

Best Smart Door Locks: Finding the Perfect Smart Door Lock for You

Making your home safe and secure has never been easier or smarter. With this list of the best smart door locks, you can ensure that your home and valuables are better protected. You can monitor the comings and goings of your home, double-check locks, and so much more.

This list of the best smart door locks will highlight the top smart door lock options for you to select from. Whether you are looking based on features, lock strength, app control, or whatever, this list will have you covered and will allow you to find the perfect smart door locks for your home.

Along with more security, there is an added level of convenience that these smart door locks will offer. You can see who is at the door without getting up, lock and unlock your door without a physical key, unlock the door remotely for guests when you aren’t home, and more. Also, many of these smart door locks are a breeze to install and set up. So don’t feel like it is above what you can do.

In addition, these types of home security systems are much less expensive than many people would think. So even if you have a smaller budget, there will still be an option for you on this list of the best smart locks for your home.

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Top 15 Smart Door Locks:



August Smart Lock

Price: $154.00

Highlights: Fits on the inside of any door, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

About Smart Door Lock: The August smart lock is one of the best keyless door locks. Your lock is ready to operate almost immediately with a quick ten-minute installation. It also has two forms of control: in range with the Wi-Fi hub or remotely with the August app.

Best yet, this lock has auto-lock and unlock functions and permanent, temporary, or scheduled access. Perfect for your friends and family while you are on vacation or out of town and not able to be there to unlock your door.



Schlage Smart Lock

2. Schlage Smart Door Lock 

Price: $222.33

Highlights: Fingerprint-resistant, built with an easy-to-use touchscreen, and pairs well with Amazon Alexa.

About Smart Door Lock: The Schlage smart lock offers versatile door control. Firstly, with the Schlage home app or Key by Amazon, you can store and use up to one hundred access codes for individual and shared access. Secondly, using Alexa, you can check the door’s status at any time with voice control.

Thirdly, this lock has built-in alarm technology to sense potential security breaches. It’s no wonder this lock is one of the best smart locks available!



3. ULTRALOQ Smart Door Lock 

Price: $199.00

Highlights: ANSI Grade 1 certified lock, with an eighteen-month warranty, compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IFTTT, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

About Smart Door Lock: This smart lock ranks high on the best electronic door locks list. Why? Because it features 6-in-1 keyless entry options. These options include a touch-and-go 360° Fingerprint ID, an auto-unlock function, a shake-to-open feature, and a mechanical key option.

This product also includes a Wi-Fi bridge for remote use and monitoring with smart devices. You can also easily share your E-key or access code with friends and family for temporary or permanent access.



eufy Security Smart Door Lock

4. eufy Security Smart Door Lock  

Price: $129.99

Highlights: Weatherproofing for use in all types of weather, features compatibility for Wi-Fi Bridge and a Bluetooth electronic deadbolt, and is made of drill-proof steel.

About Smart Door Lock: One of the best smart locks for home use, this lock has fingerprint recognition technology that takes only 1.3 seconds to read and unlock your door and is ideal for individuals on the go. All fingerprinting data is saved locally, not on the cloud, to keep your information safe and private.

And no worries if you don’t want to use fingerprinting because there are three other forms of locking and unlocking available, including remote control through the eufy Security App.



Array Smart Door Lock

5. Array Smart Door Lock

Price: $183.56

Highlights: Solar-powered battery, compatible with Android and iOS devices, and the lock works with Amazon Echo.

About Smart Door Lock: The Array smart door lock lets you control your home security from anywhere. You’ll never have to worry about being locked out again with its solar-powered battery. And because it’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, you can easily send E-keys or E-codes to authorized users no matter where you are. Plus, the lock works with Amazon Echo, so you can simply say, “Alexa, lock my door” to secure your home.



Lockly Smart Door Lock

6. Lockly Smart Door Lock

Price: $229.99

Highlights: Fingerprint and code activations, has a touchscreen keypad that rearranges numbers, and is unique in the fact that it’s a lever lock.

About Smart Door Lock: The Lockly Secure Plus is the perfect smart lock for anyone looking for an easily accessible, fingerprint-activated lock. With no key needed, this deadbolt-style lock can be opened with just one touch of the fingerprint reader on the right side of the body.

And if you don’t want to use your fingerprints, you can also open it using a code – the touchscreen keypad even rearranges the numbers so that thieves can’t guess your code by looking at finger smudges! The Lockly Secure Plus is also unique in that it’s a lever lock; most other smart locks are deadbolts. If you’re looking for a versatile and secure lock that works with other smart home systems, then the Lockly Secure Plus is for you.



Bosma Smart Door Lock

7. Bosma Smart Door Lock

Price: $119.99

Highlights: Retrofit smart lock, has a ton of features, and receives high marks from users and testers.

About Smart Door Lock: If you’re looking for one of the best smart door locks, look no further than the Bosma Aegis. This retrofit lock is straightforward to use and comes with tons of features, including auto-locking, auto-unlocking, voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, electronic keys, an access log, a door open/close sensor, and a tamper alarm. Plus, it receives high marks from users and testers alike.



LockState Smart Door Lock

8. LockState Smart Door Lock

Price: $230.36

Highlights: Bluetooth capability, up to 1000 user or guest codes available, and is compatible with several vacation rental platforms.

About Smart Door Lock: The LockState Smart Door Lock lets you control your home security with ease from anywhere. This lock is perfect for any modern home with a sleek stainless steel design and Bluetooth compatibility. Without any extra hardware needed, you can also connect to the lock using your existing wireless router.

And with up to 1000 user codes or guest codes available, you can keep track of everyone who enters your home – in real-time! The LockState Smart Door Lock is also compatible with several vacation rental platforms, so you can easily manage access to your property while you’re away.



Google Nest Smart Door Lock

9. Google Nest Smart Door Lock

Price: $279.00

Highlights: Minimalist aesthetic, works with Google Assistant, and is compatible with other smart home devices.

About Smart Door Lock: This lock is designed with a minimalist aesthetic, and it’s one of the few locks that work seamlessly with Google Assistant. So whether you’re out of town and want to check in on your home, or you’re just looking to automate some tasks around the house, the Nest X Yale is perfect for you. Plus, it’s even compatible with other smart home devices, so you can create a truly interconnected home ecosystem.



Sifely Smart Door Lock

10. Sifely Smart Door Lock

Price: $129.99

Highlights: Ideal for landlords, features remote passcode generation and sharing, reversible door handles, and a one-year warranty.

About Smart Door Lock: Sifely makes one of the best Wi-Fi door locks. They offer a smart lock that has a 1+ year battery life, can hold up to 150 passcodes, 200+ fingerprints, and 200+ key fobs. Moreover, although there are five key-less options for access, you can still open this lock using a physical key.

As such, it is ideal for Airbnbs or short-term rental units. And with the option for pairing with the Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway add-on, you can manage this lock at any time from anywhere.



Yale Smart Door Lock

11. Yale Smart Door Lock

Price: $261.60

Highlights: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, comes with a Wi-Fi Connect Bridge for remote control, and comes with a one-year electronic warranty.

About Smart Door Lock: Yale offers this smart lock that automatically locks when the door is shut and unlocks when you arrive home. And with the Yale smart door lock, you can access the app and can manage your door remotely from anywhere.

This smart lock is easy for the whole family to use with a touchscreen Wi-Fi feature. Best of all, you can easily share access with others, never having to put a key under the doormat again! No wonder it made our list of best smart door locks.



Wyze Smart Door Lock

12. Wyze Smart Door Lock

Price: $98.45

Highlights: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled locking, works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and has multiple add-on features available through Wyze.

About Smart Door Lock: This smart lock works with your door’s current deadbolt. It is simply installed on the inside of the door and is ready to use. And you and your family can easily set and manage auto-locks and auto-unlocks from anywhere using the Wyze app.

Also, this smart lock has a unique built-in gyroscope feature that allows you to know if the door is open or closed. It is also an option to purchase the Wyze Lock Keypad and Wyze Cam add-ons for added security and surveillance with this smart lock.



Kwikset Smart Door Lock

13. Kwikset Smart Door Lock 

Price: $143.98

Highlights: Bluetooth-compatible, quick door operation and control, and it contains space for 250 unique programmable codes.

About Smart Door Lock: When this smart lock is paired with the Kwikset app, it is a powerful tool for those wanting to manage and control door entry. For example, you can effortlessly set schedules for entry codes or even create, delete, or temporarily disable entry codes when in range.

With the Kwikset app, you will also receive notification of the lock’s activity and will have a record of the lock’s history. And, of course, unlocking and locking your door takes just the tap of a button.



hornbill Smart Door Lock

14. hornbill Smart Door Lock

Price: $116.44

Highlights: Features an electronic Bluetooth deadbolt, perfect for all-weather types, and has smart low-battery reminders.

About Smart Door Lock: One of the best smart deadbolts, this lock is easy to install on wooden doors and even easier to operate. This lock has three types of keyless entries: keypad, mechanical key, or with your smartphone. With your smartphone, you can grant access to anyone for long and short periods.

This will allow access to be granted for just minutes if necessary. This door will also automatically lock when you leave and has an anti-break-in automatic lock feature.



SMONET Smart Door Lock

15. SMONET Smart Door Lock 

Price: $134.99

Highlights: Supports Wi-Fi and remote control management, has a 6-month battery life, and has an intuitive OLED display.

About Smart Door Lock: Create secure door management with five different options for opening this smart lock, including APP, Fingerprint, and IC Card. The fingerprint unlock takes only 0.5 seconds, and all other forms only take one second to complete.

The result is an extremely quick and secure option for any household. In addition, when used with the SMONET app, you can manage access, your settings, and create customizable passcodes. And last but not least, this lock comes with a one-year warranty.


Best Smart Door Locks Conclusion

As you can see, there are many great options when it comes to the best smart door locks. Whether you are looking for added security or convenience, one of these top-rated locks will surely fit your needs. With so many features and benefits available, it has never been easier or smarter to protect your home and family.

Along with keeping you safe while you are home, these smart door locks also add some significant convenience for allowing friends and family to enter your home when you cannot be there. With a click of a button on your phone, you can allow access to guests even when you aren’t home. This feature alone is worth having a smart door lock!

If you have already tried one of these smart door locks, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. So please feel free to share.