Best Disc Golf Courses in the USA

Best Disc Golf Courses in the USA: Discovering the Top Disc Golf Courses in the Country

There is no doubt that disc golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA. There are also a number of great disc golf courses around the country, and this list of the best disc golf courses in the USA will highlight these top courses.

This list of the best disc golf courses in the USA will highlight the top courses in the US so you can start planning your trip. With this list, you can not only see if any of these courses are close enough for you to play but also just appreciate some of these amazing disc golf courses.

When you finish this list of the best disc golf courses in the USA, visit our lists of the best disc golf discs and best disc golf bags. Both of these lists will help you play your best if you are ever able to visit one of these courses.


Top 15 Disc Golf Courses in the USA:



Snowmass Mountain Disc Golf Course

1. Snowmass Mountain Disc Golf Course

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Highlights: Mountain backdrop, beautiful wildflowers, and a gondola ride.

About Course: Looking for an unforgettable disc golf experience? Look no further than the Snowmass Mountain Disc Golf Course in Colorado. This course is located at the top of Snowmass Mountain and offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. You’ll have to take a gondola ride up to get to the course, but it’s definitely worth it.

The entire course is surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, making it one of the most scenic courses in the country. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot one of Colorado’s 14ers – Pyramid Peak or Capital Peak.



Hilltop Disc Golf Course

2. Hilltop Disc Golf Course

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Highlights: Stunning views, world-class course, and best to play during the summer months.

About Course: This world-class disc golf course is set on twenty picturesque acres, featuring eighteen holes and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The best time to play is during the summer months when the fields are bursting with wildflowers, but the course is also open late into the night during June and July when the midnight sun is in full effect.

And you never know what kind of wildlife you’ll spot while playing, from moose and bears to eagles.



Idlewild Disc Golf Course

3. Idlewild Disc Golf Course

Location: Burlington, Kentucky

Highlights: Challenging course, play through hills and wooded areas, and home to some of the top tournaments in the country.

About Course: This top disc golf course will be challenging, but the difficulty makes the challenge pretty irresistible for all, and in true Kentucky fashion, the course is set amongst green, rolling hills and lightly wooded areas with just enough water to throw players off their game. This popular spot is also home to some of the country’s top disc golf tournaments.



Fountain Hills Park Disc Golf Course

4. Fountain Hills Park Disc Golf Course

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Highlights: Well-manicured grassy fields, warm all year long, and beautiful mountain scenery.

About Course: This course offers beautiful mountain views, well-manicured grassy fields, and a stunning manmade lake framed by a fountain and palm trees. It’s the perfect place to track your progress and enjoy some stunning scenery. And with consistently warm weather, you can enjoy this course for a long season. Just be mindful of the heat if you’re visiting during summertime in Phoenix.



Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course

5. Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course

Location: Conifer, Colorado

Highlights: Forty-one holes, two different courses, and rotating pins.

About Course: Looking for one of the best disc golf courses in the country? Look no further than Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course in Conifer Community Park, Colorado. With twenty-one main holes and forty-one total holes across two different courses, this is a great place to test your skills and have some fun.

Additionally, the course features concrete tees and is rotating pins weekly for added challenge. Best of all, you can enjoy unlimited play for just $12 per day or $100 for a season pass.




Basecamp Disc Golf Course

6. Basecamp Disc Golf Course

Location: Moab, Utah

Highlights: Breathtaking scenery, diverse terrain, and situated by the Colorado River.

About Course: This incredible course is situated in the desert and offers breathtaking views of the Colorado River. The course itself is no walk in the park – it winds through box canyons, down cliff faces, and over boulder fields. But that’s all part of the fun. You’ll also encounter yucca plants, cacti, and even the occasional scorpion or two.



Harmony Bends Disc Golf Course

7. Harmony Bends Disc Golf Course

Location: Columbia, Missouri

Highlights: Established in 2016, eighteen-hole course, and it is fun and challenging.

About Course: If you’re looking for the best disc golf course in the USA, look no further than Harmony Bends. Established in 2016, this stunning eighteen-hole course is located within Stawn Park and offers free competitive and recreational fun for all.

The scenic course is full of rolling hills and wooded holes, with concrete tee pads for the perfect tee-off. Many of the holes offer high-risk/reward shots, making for a fun and challenging round. You’ll also find water hazards on six of the eighteen holes.



Whistlers Bend Disc Golf Course

8. Whistler’s Bend Disc Golf Course

Location: Roseburg, Oregon

Highlights: Nestled in the woods, challenging course, and offers twenty-seven holes.

About Course: Nestled in the woods of Oregon’s Umpqua River, Whistler’s Bend Disc Golf Course is twenty-seven holes of beautifully challenging fun. It’s perfect for someone that wants to really test their skills in a heavily wooded area and doesn’t mind getting a little bit of exercise walking between holes.

But trust us, it’ll be worth it when you get to experience some of the most stunning scenery the sport has to offer. Win or lose; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a prettier place to retrieve discs and discover lost power shots anywhere in the disc golf world.



Rollin Ridge Disc Golf Course

9. Rollin Ridge Disc Golf Course

Location: Reedsville, Wisconsin

Highlights: Eighteen holes, mixed scenery, and a beginner-friendly course.

About Course: Experience one of the best disc golf courses in the USA when you play at Rollin Ridge. This eighteen-hole course is unlike any other, with a mix of wooded and open field holes, plus challenging man-made structures to add an extra level of difficulty.

No matter your skill level, you’ll find a tee box to suit you, with concrete tee boxes at each hole. And for your convenience, there are benches along the well-groomed walking paths between holes.



Flip City Disc Golf Course

10. Flip City Disc Golf Course

Location: Shelby, Michigan

Highlights: Twenty-four holes, all skill levels supported, and stunning views of nature.

About Course: This world-renowned course features twenty-four holes of challenging play, technical shots, elevation changes, and impeccable greens. It’s no wonder this course is a destination for players from all over the country. And the best part? You can play unlimited rounds for just $5 per day.



Maple Hill Disc Golf Course

11. Maple Hill Disc Golf Course

Location: Leicester, Massachusetts

Highlights: Diverse area, offers eighteen holes, and is very challenging.

About Course: Maple Hill is one of the most popular and well-renowned disc golf courses in the United States. Situated in Massachusetts, this eighteen-hole course is challenging for even the most seasoned of players with its mixture of wooded areas, elevation changes, long holes, ponds, and fields.

Each hole on the course presents a different challenge, meaning that players never get bored or find themselves in a rut. And with five different configurations available, you can mix things up each time you play. Despite being a premier course, Maple Hill is very reasonably priced at just $8 per round – although you will need to book a tee time in advance.



Harmon Hills Disc Golf Course

12. Harmon Hills Disc Golf Course

Location: Fall Branch, Tennessee

Highlights: Twenty-seven holes, peaceful scenery, and a privately-owned course.

About Course: Harmon Hills is one of the best disc golf courses in the USA. The course is located in the northeastern tip of the Volunteer State. The course features twenty-seven holes, DISCatcher baskets, concrete tee pads, and a variety of wooded and open holes. And even though the course is privately owned, it is open to the public for $10 a day or a yearly membership of $100.



Blue Ribbon Pines

13. Blue Ribbon Pines Disc Golf Course

Location: East Bethel, Minnesota

Highlights: Diverse scenery, well-groomed course, and offers a number of challenging holes.

About Course: Located in eastern Minnesota, this private course features twenty holes of challenging play. You’ll need to be precise on your shots, as many of the holes are lined with narrow fairways through tall pines and mixed woods. And thirteen of the holes feature water hazards. But don’t worry, you’ll be playing from concrete tee pads, and the course is always well-groomed.



Moraine State Park Disc Golf Course

14. Moraine State Park Disc Golf Course

Location: Portersville, Pennsylvania

Highlights: Stunning surroundings, well-positioned trees to add to the challenge, and all skill levels supported.

About Course: The Moraine State Park Disc Golf Course is one of the best disc golf courses in the country and provides a challenging and beautiful round for all players. The par-66 course features two par 5s, eight par 4s, and eight tough par 3s that will test your accuracy and shot-making ability.

The scenery on this course is spectacular, with fairways covered in grass, ferns, or moss carpets. Many of the holes have elevated tees or greens, providing stunning views of the surrounding area. The fairways are mostly open, with well-positioned guardian trees adding to the challenge.



Bucksnort Disc Golf Course

15. Bucksnort Disc Golf Course

Location: Pine, Colorado

Highlights: Twenty-eight holes, sunning Colorado scenery, and unique rock formations to play around.

About Course: The Bucksnort Disc Golf Course is one of the best in the country, offering stunning views of Colorado’s natural scenery. The course is wooded with unique rock formations and elevation changes, making it a challenging yet fun experience for all. A 1-day membership is available for $20, and there is just one tee time per day for unlimited play on the twenty-eight-hole course.


Best Disc Golf Courses in the USA Conclusion

No matter your skill level, if you’re looking for a great disc golfing experience, be sure to check out one of the courses on this list. From beginner-friendly to extreme, there’s something for everyone on this list of the best disc golf courses in the USA.

And for help planning your trip, visit our lists of the best travel sites and best travel accessories. Both of these lists will ensure that you save money and time on your trip and have everything you need for it.

Have you visited any of these disc golf courses? If so, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.