Best Speed Bags

Best Speed Bags: Finding the Perfect Speed Bag for You

Whether you are a seasoned boxer or just getting started, using a speed bag can improve your hand-eye coordination and overall boxing skills. But with so many different speed bags on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? That is where this list of the best speed bags can help you out.

This list of the best speed bags will feature the top selection of speed bags for any level of boxer and will help you find exactly what you need. So if you’re looking to take your boxing game to the next level with a quality speed bag, you’ll want to check out this list.

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Top 10 Speed Bags:



Everlast Speed Bag

1. Everlast Speed Bag

Price: $47.50

Highlights: Reinforced seams, a medium size perfect for kids of all ages, and a specially designed PVC cover.

About Speed Bag: With reinforced seams, it is built for long-lasting durability and accuracy with each rebound. The medium size makes it appropriate for kids of all ages who are just starting to learn punching techniques. Thanks to its specially designed PVC cover, it can take a beating like no other, literally defying anyone who tries to take on its challenge.

The Everlast Speed Bag rocks back and forth with each punch for a knock-down/instant-up action that’s unbeatable in terms of joy, amusement, and satisfaction. And with two sizes available, 9×6 inches (medium) or 10×7 inches (large), you’re sure to get the optimal training bag for every aspiring puncher out there.



HUNTER Speed Bag

2. HUNTER Speed Bag

Price: $38.99

Highlights: An included swivel hook to hang, guarantees durability, and impeccable balance that prevents erratic rebounds.

About Speed Bag: This premium-grade speed bag guarantees durability—so you can hit it as hard as necessary without worrying about wearing it out. Additionally, its impeccable balance ensures that even erratic rebounds won’t unsettle your rhythm when training. Plus, unlike many other speed bags, this one comes with a swivel hook to hang it in your home gym or recreational area.



Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

3. Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

Price: $94.00

Highlights: Comes in four different sizes, no welts or laces on the exterior finish, and a leather construction.

About Speed Bag: A great all-around bag for everyone, this leather speed bag provides an unbeatable combination of quality and durability. Built with strong craftsmanship and expertise, each bag comes in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra size – meaning everyone gets an excellently-proportioned unit. With no welts nor laces on the exterior finish, you can train hard without the risk of injury or bruising.



Contender Fight Speed Bag

4. Contender Fight Speed Bag

Price: $32.37

Highlights: A premium quality leather material, reinforced seams, and extra thick swivel loops for a stable and secure attachment.

About Speed Bag: For all professional and avid boxers, the Contender Fight Speed Bag is the ideal choice for those looking to hone their boxing skills. Constructed with premium quality leather material, you can trust that this bag has been designed to last. The reinforced seams give extra resilience against wear and tear, while the extra thick swivel loops provide a stable and secure attachment.

Make your practice sessions more efficient by using this true rebounding speed bag. This medium-sized (6″ x 9″) bag provides perfect feedback so you can predict and adjust your strikes accordingly in order to maximize your results. Plus, when you buy the Contender Fight Speed Bag, you get an inflator bladder included, so you can start working out right away.



Meister SpeedKills Speed Bag

5. Meister SpeedKills Speed Bag

Price: $39.99

Highlights: A perfect balance, a smooth rebound, and a simple setup of just attaching a swivel hook.

About Speed Bag: Crafted from some of the most durable materials, this speed bag can withstand serious abuse no matter what skill level you’re at in boxing. With its perfect balance and smooth rebound, it can help improve your coordination and accuracy as you practice. The beauty of this speed bag is that it requires minimal setup– simply attach a swivel hook, and you can start training right away.




6. CLETO REYES Speed Bags

Price: $98.49 -$99.99

Highlights: Handmade with every single stitch inspected, available in three colors, and comes with a unique genuine leather scent.

About Speed Bag: These reputable bags are crafted from the finest leather and handmade, with every single stitch inspected for superior quality. Featuring all-around leather construction, this bag will last through round after round of intense workouts while making sure you stay stylish in the process.

Not only do the CLETO REYES Speed Bags offer extreme durability and comfort, but they also come with a unique scent inseparable from genuine leather—making this purchase not only lucrative but significant.



TITLE Boxing Speed Bags

7. TITLE Boxing Speed Bags

Price: $54.99

Highlights: Precision Gyro Balanced engineering, a butyl rubber bladder inside, and made with top grade leather shells and triple reinforced seams.

About Speed Bag: TITLE’s Speed Bag has precision Gyro Balanced engineering that gives you true rebounds and incredibly rapid recoiling, helping you to perfect your reflexes and hone your quickness and hand-eye coordination.

It doesn’t stop there – each bag is made with top-grade leather shells with triple-reinforced seams for unending reliability, giving you a balanced workout each time. Inside every bag is a butyl rubber bladder with internal balancing for excellent performance, making this the equipment choice for even the pros.



Pro Impact Speed Bag

8. Pro Impact Speed Bag

Price: $27.00

Highlights: A durable genuine leather, heavy-duty latex bladders, and reinforced stitching for extra durability.

About Speed Bag: Crafted with durable genuine leather and reinforced stitching, these speed bags are designed to offer the ultimate endurance in boxing training. With heavy-duty latex bladders, each bag will offer an excellent feel and comfort when punching, no matter where your workout takes you.



TITLE Boxing Super Speed Bag

9. TITLE Boxing Super Speed Bag

Price: $59.99

Highlights: 100% genuine cowhide leather, a reinforced top loop for longevity, and a triple-reinforced deep pile loop.

About Speed Bag: Made with 100% genuine cowhide leather, you’ll be able to enjoy your workout like a pro. This bag has tough construction from top to bottom and boasts a reinforced top loop that extends its longevity – plus, it offers an extra layer of protection and durability.

The seams are reinforced for extra stability, which prevents fraying or splitting. Best of all, you’ll appreciate the triple-reinforced deep pile loop for even more resilience during hard-hitting sessions.



Ringside Heritage Speed Bag

10. Ringside Heritage Speed Bag

Price: $63.38 – $89.99

Highlights: A thick AA drum, dyed genuine cowhide leather, and size options available in 5″ x 8″ or 6″ x 9″.

About Speed Bag: Lace up your gloves and get ready for the ultimate speed bag workout with Ringside’s Heritage Speed Bag. Expertly crafted using only the finest materials, this speed bag is built to last through all your toughest training sessions.

The iconic leather design features thick AA drum-dyed genuine cowhide leather and triple-reinforced seams, which gives the bag unparalleled quality, durability, and accuracy when it comes to rebounding. Plus, a riveted swivel loop ensures that you’ll be able to keep going round after round without worry.

And don’t forget to admire the classic engraved logo detailing before you begin. With options available in both 5″ x 8″ or 6″ x 9″, the Ringside Heritage Speed Bag is perfect for anyone looking to take their speed, reflexes, and endurance to new heights.


Best Speed Bags Conclusion

Speed bags are a great tool for improving your hand-eye coordination and overall boxing skills. When choosing a speed bag, it is important to consider the size, material, and shape of the bag.

With this list in mind and this list of the best speed bags, you should be able to find the right speed bag for your needs. Before you know it, you can improve your hand speed, hand-eye coordination, and more with one of these top boxing speed bags.

Please make sure to comment below if you have feedback on any of these speed bags. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.