Best Spearguns

Best Spearguns: Finding the Perfect Speargun for You

For the thrill of underwater hunting, you’ll want a quality speargun. These powerful tools offer a range of features and styles so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. From adjustable bands to ergonomic handles and rail guns, this list of the best spearguns will feature the top-rated choices.

This list of the best spearguns will feature the top options and will help you find the right speargun for you. With this list, you’ll find the perfect speargun for any type of underwater fishing situation, from shallow reef dives to deep sea adventures.

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Top 15 Spearguns:



Meandros B28 Speargun

1. Meandros B28 Speargun

Price: $339.95

Highlights: A reinforced barrel for added stability, an adjustable handle, and corrosion-resistant materials for saltwater use.

About Speargun: This top-of-the-line gun features a reinforced barrel for added stability and durability, as well as an adjustable handle that allows you to find the perfect fit for each hunt. Not only that but it’s constructed with corrosion-resistant materials for optional saltwater use, so you won’t need to worry about rust anymore.

Plus, due to its easy-to-modify design, it can easily be customized according to your exact needs. Whether you’re an experienced spearfisher or just beginning, the Meandros B28 Speargun is the gun of choice. Its lightweight construction will make sure you stay agile on all dives while still feeling secure with its powerful punch.



Rob Allen Aluminum Tuna Speargun

2. Rob Allen Aluminum Tuna Speargun

Price: $283.50

Highlights: Aircraft-grade aluminum, a wall thickness of 1.45 millimeters, and a Vecta 2 Trigger Mechanism that ensures rapid firing.

About Speargun: The Rob Allen Aluminum Tuna Speargun offers the peak of precision and power to even the most demanding spearfisher. Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum for rugged reliability and strength, it has a revolutionary wall thickness of 1.45 millimeters providing superior rigidity.

The advanced Vecta 2 Trigger Mechanism ensures rapid firing with ultimate accuracy, guaranteeing you’ll never miss your mark. The real secret behind this speargun’s performance is its two power bands: 5/8″ (16mm)-band configuration that launches trident shaped 7mm spring steel shafts up to fantastic speeds with devastating force — perfect for big game hunting.

With unmatched accuracy, incredible range, and unparalleled power, the Rob Allen Aluminum Tuna Speargun sets new standards in spearfishing and will give you an edge in whatever conditions you face.



AB Biller Special Series Wood Mahogany Speargun

3. AB Biller Special Series Wood Mahogany Speargun

Price: $232.00

Highlights: Three coats of polyurethane for a smooth finish, perfect buoyancy underwater, and classic mahogany wooden construction.

About Speargun: If you’re searching for an unbeatable speargun, look no further than the AB Biller Special Series Wood Mahogany Speargun. With its classic mahogany wood construction and three coats of polyurethane for a smooth finish, this speargun is as beautiful as it is powerful.

Created by one of the most acclaimed brands in spearfishing, this model offers perfect buoyancy underwater, so the gun feels almost effortless to use. Plus, it’s very accurate and designed with long-lasting durability in mind — perfect if you want to go on frequent trips or join competitions.



Riffe Marauder Speargun

4. Riffe Marauder Speargun

Price: $1021.00

Highlights: Laminate purpleheart and mahogany wood, four different models, and a closed band slot design for maximum power.

About Speargun: The sleek design and gorgeous combination of laminate purpleheart and mahogany wood stock make this a visually beautiful product that will last through even the toughest of conditions. It’s also highly accurate with four different models, from 47 to 63S, so you can tackle any environment with ease.

Plus, thanks to its closed band slot design – complete with Tie In Power Bands – and Euro Style M-Tab Spear Shaft, you’ll get extra band stretch for maximum power when aiming for those bigger targets. And for added safety, the rifle-style Push Button provides a smooth and quick release, so nothing gets away from you.



BEUCHAT Espadon Sport Speargun

5. BEUCHAT Espadon Sport Speargun

Price: $145.95

Highlights: Tubular aluminum barrel, robust composite trigger, and an adjustable rear muzzle loaded with a double bridle system.

About Speargun: The lightweight tubular aluminum barrel and the robust composite trigger ensure maximum accuracy at range while you’re hunting. An adjustable rear muzzle-loaded with a double bridle system offers stability on all shots and even works wonderfully with short bands to give your gun extra power on those longer dives into deeper waters.

Not to mention, its ergonomic design allows for maximum comfort and precision when shooting.



Hammerhead E2 Speargun

6. Hammerhead E2 Speargun

Price: $303.49

Highlights: Aerospace-grade aluminum, a comfortable grip handle, and state-of-the-art engineering.

About Speargun: With its state-of-the-art engineering and unparalleled accuracy, this speargun will have you quickly perfecting the art of underwater hunting. Not only does this speargun provide excellent precision, but it also packs a powerful punch when firing off shots. It’s made from aerospace-grade aluminum for added strength and stability, and yet it’s lightweight and easy to handle despite its power.

And with its ergonomic design and comfortable grip handle, you’ll never want to let go once you’ve gotten your hands on it. This remarkable speargun is considered the very best on the market today – offering superb performance in any condition while keeping your fatigue and discomfort to a minimum.



Pathos Laser Open Pro Speargun

7. Pathos Laser Open Pro Speargun

Price: $269.95

Highlights: A path-breaking design, a trigger mechanism constructed of super wear-resistant steel, and pinpoint accuracy.

About Speargun: A combination of power, accuracy, and precision make this speargun an irresistible choice for even the most experienced underwater hunter. The versatility of this weapon allows you to target with pinpoint accuracy from up close or far away. The path-breaking design of this gun makes it a sought-after item for many passionate spearfishers.

The trigger mechanism is constructed of super wear-resistant steel that’s resistant to seawater corrosion and the occasional scratch. This ensures you get the maximum performance out of your investment over time – never worry about degrading quality when you’re out making a catch.



Mares Bandit Sling Speargun

8. Mares Bandit Sling Speargun

Price: $387.95

Highlights: A spring steel shaft, a trigger lock mechanism, and a rubber bungle line to minimize recoil and ensure maximal accuracy.

About Speargun: Dive into a sea of excitement with the powerful Mares Bandit Sling Speargun. Rated among the best spear guns on the market, this one is perfect for novices or intermediates looking to hit the sea for a successful hunt.

With built-in features like a spring steel shaft, Dyneema wishbone, trigger lock mechanism, and rubber bungle line to minimize recoil and ensure maximal accuracy, reel in that catch with confidence that your gun won’t let you down. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, this speargun offers stellar performance.



SALVIMAR Hero Speargun

9. SALVIMAR Hero Speargun

Price: $341.92

Highlights: A unique handle for better grip, a metal trigger mechanism, and an anti-corrosion Teflon coating on an aluminum barrel.

About Speargun: Take your underwater spearfishing game to the next level with the revolutionary SALVIMAR Hero Speargun. This is one of the best spearguns on the market, featuring a unique-looking handle for a better grip and a metal trigger mechanism.

This gun also has an anti-corrosion Teflon coating on the aluminum barrel for maximum protection against corrosion. With superior efficiency and sleek design, there’s no doubt that this Salvimar Hero will give you everything you need in order to become a better spearfisher.



Cressi Apache Speargun

10. Cressi Apache Speargun

Price: $108.95

Highlights: Perfect for beginner divers, a wishbone assembly for safety, and molded handles for comfort and stability.

About Speargun: Get ready for your next underwater adventure with the Cressi Apache Speargun. This incredible speargun is one of the best on the market and perfect for beginner divers. It has all the features you need to make sure you’re safe and accurate on your dives.

This speargun comes with an amazing wishbone assembly, providing superior safety while you enjoy your pursuit of aquatic life. Not to mention its uniquely molded handles which give supreme comfort and stability even in challenging conditions. You won’t have to worry about hand cramps or misfiring with this gun because it’s so lightweight you can easily maneuver it in all directions.

It also offers an impressive closed muzzle function, providing tight accuracy that is reinforced by angled handles giving you an extra edge when going after larger fish. Plus, don’t forget its awesome Tahitian-style flopper shaft included to give a quick incapacitating effect — allowing you to bring home big catches from each dive.



JBL D7 New Carbine Speargun

11. JBL D7 New Carbine Speargun

Price: $111.00

Highlights: Aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel, great for short distances, and a quick reload.

About Speargun: The JBL D7 New Carbine Speargun is an excellent tool for any level of spearfishing enthusiast. Crafted with aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel, this durable speargun won’t let you down in even the toughest conditions.

With outstanding accuracy and power, you’ll be able to take every shot with confidence. Thanks to its quick reload, you’ll also have a shorter learning curve than some other spearguns.



YNNAOY Speargun

12. YNNAOY Speargun

Price: $130.00

Highlights: Adjustable engineering plastic grip, durable aluminum material, and a safety line and trigger designed for shock resistance.

About Speargun: With its black barrel, adjustable engineering plastic grip, and durable aluminum material, this speargun is built for lasting power and accuracy. Its double-garter system ensures that you can fish without any difference in results – no matter what kind of catch you’re after.

The safety line and trigger are designed for shock resistance, guaranteed to help you Pile with maximum reliability and functionality every time out on the water. Best of all, this speargun is incredibly easy to handle and shoot, making it ideal for those new to the sport.



Apnea Speargun

13. Apnea Speargun

Price: $119.99

Highlights: Easy to reload, twin dipped-latex bands for exceptional precision and power, and stainless steel construction.

About Speargun: This European-style railgun is easy to load, efficient, and accurate, with loads of upgraded features that experienced spearfishers will love. Powered by twin dipped-latex bands, Apnea Competition Spearguns have exceptional precision and power – so you can hold your breath, dive in, and be assured you’ve got the right speargun to get the job done.



PacificReef Speargun

14. PacificReef Speargun

Price: $99.99

Highlights: Durable stainless steel and aluminum, an innovative Fish Caller feature, and a 12-month warranty.

About Speargun: Constructed from durable stainless steel and aluminum, these spearguns are designed with rust and saltwater corrosion resistance in mind – so you can be sure your investment is ready for all types of fishing excursions. This line of PacificReef spearguns has an innovative Fish Caller feature designed to attract fish closer for an improved shot.



Koah Battle Axe Speargun

15. Koah Battle Axe Speargun

Price: $725.00

Highlights: 48″ wood speargun, can switch between free shafting and line shafting, and comes with an installed GoPro mount.

About Speargun: Perfect for those who want a fast and efficient rig, this 48″ wood speargun has something special in store. Not only is it ready to be used as one of the best lineshafting spearguns available, but it also can switch between freeshafting and lineshafting with ease.

Plus, this incredible tool comes with a spare speargun shaft, spear shaft holder, and an installed GoPro mount – perfect for capturing all your underwater exploits. Ideal for diving enthusiasts of any level, the KOAH Battle Axe comes highly recommended.


Best Spearguns Conclusion

Picking the best spearfishing gun can be a difficult task with all of the different models available on the market. However, by taking into consideration your level of experience and what you hope to use the gun for, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect option for you on this list.

With this list, you will be sure to find the best spearfishing gun for your next fishing adventure and will be able to create plenty of spearfishing memories under the waves.

Please make sure to comment below if you have feedback on any of these spearguns. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.