Best Hunting Apps

Best Hunting Apps: Finding the Perfect Hunting Apps for You

If you’re a hunter, there’s a good chance you rely on your smartphone to help you in the field. Whether you’re looking for information about the game you’re hunting or trying to find your way to your next spot, there are plenty of great apps out there that can make your hunt easier, and this list of the best hunting apps will highlight them.

This list of the best hunting apps will feature the top options and will help make your next hunt more enjoyable and successful. With this list, you’ll be able to find the best apps for tracking game, planning trips, and keeping up with the latest hunting news. 

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Top 10 Hunting Apps:




1. HuntStand

Highlights: Satellite imagery and detailed topographical maps, accurate visuals of your surroundings, and comes with free parcel boundaries.

About Hunting App: Introducing HuntStand – a revolutionary hunting app that has been awarded Editor’s Choice for its impressive feature set and great mapping technology. From satellite imagery to detailed topographical maps, HuntStand will provide you with clear, accurate visuals of your surroundings so you can proactively plan your approach in the best way possible.

And the best part is that it comes with free parcel boundaries, meaning you’ll know precisely who owns what and where. Don’t worry if unreliable cell coverage leaves some areas inadequate -HuntStand makes up for it with detailed maps backed by robust information tracking.



onX Hunt

2. onX Hunt

Highlights: Can be used both on- and offline, a three-dimensional view, and displays public land and boundaries.

About Hunting App: OnX Hunt is an excellent tool for hunters heading into unknown territory or unfamiliar ground. With its premier mapping software, onX Hunt can give you the confidence to head into any outdoor adventure with precision and accuracy.

Utilizing a three-dimensional view, onX Hunt’s maps can show you features like benches and pockets that may hold wild game. OnX Hunt also ensures that your hunt stays legally sound by displaying public land and boundaries. Plus, you will now have the ability to share this information with friends who may be accompanying you.

The best part about using onX Hunt is its ease of use both online and offline. So even if there’s no service available, feel secure knowing that your onX map will still work.



Garmin Earthmate

3. Garmin Earthmate

Highlights: Does not require phone reception, easy-to-navigate, and no subscription is required.

About Hunting App: The Earthmate app is designed to keep you safe in remote areas without any phone reception – an important feature when out in the wilderness. It’s simple and easy to navigate, with big maps that are full of useful information. Plus, there’s no subscription required, so all of your needs are taken care of at no extra cost.

One of its best features is the Advanced Topo Map coverage. It comes preloaded with North American topo maps, plus additional maps for particular areas throughout the country. With these powerful capabilities and reliable mapping data, you can be confident that you won’t lose your way out in the wild.




4. ScoutLook

Highlights: Pinpoint satellite imagery, GPS marking features, and instant weather forecasts with indicators like wind direction and barometric pressure.

About Hunting App: The ScoutLook Hunting App is the ultimate tool for a successful hunt. With their ScentCone system, stay updated on the direction of the wind to ensure your scent isn’t blowing in the wrong direction.

They know all about visibility too, which is why they offer pinpoint satellite imagery and GPS marking features to make sure you can always find where you need to go and when. Get an instant weather forecast so you can plan your hunting trips perfectly with indicators like wind direction, barometric pressure, and moon phases included in the report.

With ScoutLook Hunting App, don’t worry about being caught off guard by an unexpected change in weather or terrain. This will allow you to never miss a beat and maximize your chance of success.




5. GoWild

Highlights: An easy-to-navigate platform, an interactive shopping experience, and social channels to share photos of hunts or personal tips.

About Hunting App: Introducing GoWild – the only hunting app you need to shop for all your outdoor gear and find local hunters. The GearJunkie has all the gear you could ever wish for, with shops like Bob Wards, Gritr Outdoors, and Moosejaw in one easy-to-navigate platform.

Plus, the interactive shopping experience allows you to quickly check off those must-haves and add them to your Gearbox. But it doesn’t stop there; Be sure to share your photos of hunting success or your personal tips on their social channels within the app – get ready for a vibrant community of passionate hunters.

GoWild is truly an invaluable source of adventure, news, and networking – making life outdoors much more enjoyable.



Topo Maps+

6. Topo Maps+

Highlights: Superior scaling when zoomed in, an easy-to-use design, and helps locate pinch points and funnels quickly.

About Hunting App: This top hunting app is an excellent tool for hunters looking to get the most out of their scouting sessions. They offer a crisp and detailed Topo base map with superior scaling when you zoom in.

Plus, the app boasts an easy-to-use design. Whether you’re using aerial imagery or topographic features, the app will give you everything you need to plan for success during your hunting trips. Find pinch points and funnels quickly to make sure your time spent outdoors isn’t wasted.




7. Quiver

Highlights: A user-friendly interface, automatically locates your spot when you tap “Start Hunt,” and the ability to track events such as deer sightings.

About Hunting App: Say hello to Quiver – the advanced hunt planner specifically designed for hunters like you. Forget relying on guesswork and inefficient tactics; this app makes hunting more efficient than ever with its user-friendly interface.

Start your hunt by simply tapping “Start Hunt” – the app will automatically locate your spot and update the weather forecast to keep you informed. Keep track of events during your excursion, such as deer sightings, and add notes, images, etc. Every time you record an event, data like the weather, time, and moon phase will also be recorded so that pattern detection becomes easier as the season progresses.



Google Earth

8. Google Earth

Highlights: A 3D mapping system that is incredibly accurate, has a sleek design, and syncs to your smartphone.

About Hunting App: For all the outdoorsmen and women out there, Google Earth Pro is an excellent tool for scouting your adventure. Its 3D mapping system is incredibly accurate, and with its sleek design, navigating any kind of terrain is a breeze. Plus, the top-notch imagery makes it easy to study seasonal changes in vegetation from your home or on the go.

Did we mention that you can sync it up with your smartphone so you never lose access to property boundaries when venturing in and out of service? Google Earth Pro gives you access to great features like historical data and satellite imaging so you can gather information quickly and easily. Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE to download and unlock even more exciting opportunities.




9. Powderhook

Highlights: Access to public land boundaries, links to online resources, and satellite images of your surroundings.

About Hunting App: Put the power of PowderHook in your pocket and take a species-hunting journey you’ll never forget. With an arsenal of features tailored to maximize your hunting experience, PowderHook is one of the premier hunting apps on the market.

PowderHook makes finding a place to hunt or fish easy by giving you access to public land boundaries right in one interactive map. Effortlessly check satellite images of your surroundings with just one tap and discover acres of hunting ground with ease.



GoHunt Insider

10. GoHunt Insider

Highlights: Yearly memberships, satellite image overlays, and the ability to create personalized field plans.

About Hunting App: With GoHunt Insider, you have access to all the best hunting applications available out there. With a yearly membership, this all-in-one service offers features that no other paper guide or website can provide.

You can manage draw odds and scout using their advanced mapping system with satellite image overlays. Additionally, you can create personalized field plans and access up-to-date data on land status and public and private access, including water rights.


Best Hunting Apps Conclusion

With the help of these apps, you’ll be able to track your game, navigate your way around the field, and stay up-to-date on all the latest hunting information.

These top hunting apps will help to save you time and effort when hunting and, most importantly, help you stay safer and more successful as you hunt.

Please comment below if you have feedback on any of these hunting apps. We know that all of our readers would appreciate your comments.