Best Bike Helmets: The Top 10 List

Best Bike Helmets

Best Bike Helmets: Finding the Perfect Bike Helmet for You

A good bike helmet can make a huge difference when it comes to your safety while cycling. The right helmet will also fit well and match your style. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best bike helmets.

This list of the best bike helmets will highlight the top options and will help you and your loved ones stay protected. With this list of the best bike helmets, you can find the perfect option for you based on size, style, design, and more while you cruise around on your bike.

When you are finished with this list of the best bike helmets, make sure to take advantage of our lists of the best mountain bikes and best kid’s bikes if you need a bike to go along with your new helmet.


Top 10 Bike Helmets:



Schwinn Bike Helmet

1. Schwinn Bike Helmet

Price: $13.25-$48.72

Highlights: Stylish and protective, 360 Comfort System, and offers maximum ventilation.

About Helmet: The Schwinn Thrasher Bicycle Helmet is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish and protective helmet. With its 360 Comfort System, dial fit, and full range padding, the Thrasher can be easily customized to fit your head perfectly. Plus, its full-shell coverage provides extra protection against impacts. And with 20 vents, the Thrasher offers maximum ventilation on warm summer rides.



OutdoorMaster Bike Helmet

2. OutdoorMaster Bike Helmet

Price: $29.99-$44.99

Highlights: Very sturdy, superior comfort, and an adjustable fit for different head sizes.

About Helmet: This sturdy bike helmet has a reinforced ABS shell and thickened EPS core to provide superior comfort and protection. And with two removable liners, it’s easy to adjust the fit for different head sizes or wash away sweat and dirt.

Plus, the well-attached and long-lasting adjustment dial makes it easy to get a perfect fit every time – while the skin-friendly adjustable chin strap ensures hours of comfortable wear.



Giro Bike Helmet

3. Giro Bike Helmet 

Price: $64.95-$65.00

Highlights: MIPS technology for extra protection, snug and comfortable fit, and easy-to-adjust sizing.

About Helmet: Looking for a safe and comfortable bike helmet? Look no further than the Giro Bike Helmet. This top-rated bike helmet is equipped with MIPS technology to provide extra protection in the event of a crash, plus InMold Construction to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

It is also certified to meet US CPSC safety standards, so you can rest assured you are protected. And the Roc Loc Sport system makes it easy to adjust the fit, so you can customize it for each ride. This will allow you to stay comfortable while also knowing you are protected.



FROFILE Bike Helmet

4. FROFILE Bike Helmet

Price: $36.99

Highlights: Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit, well-ventilated, and very stylish.

About Helmet: This FROFILE bike helmet is one of the best options on the market, perfect for both adults and teens. These helmets are made with tough PVC and EPS foam to protect your head from impact, and they come with adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit.

Plus, the helmets are ventilated to keep your head cool while you ride. This will allow you to put your helmet on and then forget about it, rather than having to constantly mess with it and get overheated.



POC Bike Helmet

5. POC Bike Helmet

Price: $129.99-$204.90

Highlights: Multipurpose helmet, protective technology, and a streamlined design.

About Helmet: This multipurpose helmet is designed for road cycling, weekend rides, and the daily commute. The protective technology uses an optimized-density EPS liner for crash protection, and the patent-pending silicone pad technology system (SPIN) uses innovative materials and design to complement POC’s whole helmet approach.

The streamlined design is slim and lightweight, with a clean aesthetic. And the adjustable fit allows for a customized fit so you can be even more secure and comfortable when riding your bike.



BASE CAMP Bike Helmet

6. BASE CAMP Bike Helmet

Price: $30.56

Highlights: Sleek and stylish, nine cooling vents, and a detachable light.

About Helmet: The BASE CAMP Bike Helmet is engineered for urban performance with sleek styling and thoughtful features like an integrated sun visor, nine cooling vents, and a detachable taillight.

The strategically placed vents on this bike helmet will really help to keep your head cool on even the hottest days. Plus, the LED light has two lighting modes (steady & flashing), which will provide Max visibility and safety while riding on the city streets in the dark.



JBM Bike Helmets

7. JBM Bike Helmet

Price: $24.65

Highlights: Versatile, tough and durable, and is well-ventilated to help reduce overheating.

About Helmet: Looking for a top-quality bike helmet that will provide you with excellent protection during your rides? Look no further than the JBM Bike Helmet. This versatile helmet is adjustable to fit different head sizes and is made from tough, durable PVC and PC materials.

It also features EPS foam, which helps absorb the impact in case of a crash. And thanks to its specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design, this helmet allows air to circulate freely, keeping your head cool and comfortable even on long rides.



VICTGOAL Bike Helmet

8. VICTGOAL Bike Helmet

Price: $39.99

Highlights: Rechargeable LED light, 21 breathable vents, and a visor to protect your eyes from bugs and debris.

About Helmet: This top-of-the-line helmet features a rechargeable LED light that helps make you more visible to riders behind you. It is also cool and lightweight, with 21 breathable vents to keep you comfortable while cycling. What’s more, the helmet is impact-resistant and comes in several fun colors, which will allow you to stay protected while also looking your best.



PHZ. Bike Helmet

9. PHZ. Bike Helmet

Price: $19.01-$31.99

Highlights: Excellent airflow, soft and comfortable inner lining, and sleek and stylish.

About Helmet: The PHZ bike helmet is perfect for commuters and weekend riders. It features internal channels to manage airflow to reduce overheating, the soft and comfortable pads provide comfort, and the high-quality PC shell material offers excellent protection. The EPS foam provides superior shock absorption upon impact, making this helmet that much more of a safety feature.



BELL Bike Helmet

10. BELL Bike Helmet

Price: $75.00-$139.00

Highlights: Generous ventilation, extended rear coverage, and an adjustable visor.

About Helmet: Featuring generous ventilation and extended rear coverage, this helmet is perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts and riders of all levels. Plus, with integrated MIPS protection and an adjustable visor, you can rest assured that your head is well protected on even the most challenging trails or riding your bike downtown.


Best Bike Helmets Conclusion

A big part of these bike helmets is having the right balance. You want a helmet that will, number one, keep you safe, but you also need a helmet that won’t annoy you the whole time you are wearing it.

Well, with this list of the best bike helmets, you can definitely find that perfect helmet for you. You can also find a bike helmet that fits your style and look.

Have you tried one of these bike helmets before? If you have, please comment below with any feedback that you may have.


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